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    From the album: PC Grow Case

  2. rampageZA


    From the album: PC Grow Case

  3. Hey all First I would just like to say when I first found out about Sannies, I checked out the shop and my mind was blown away by the strains. Then Africanbullet suggested I check out Opengrow and was amazed by the awesome community this is This is when I found out on top of the quality strains offered you also get freebees with your order wow Ok so here's my question, in the original list of freebees was The Mask F2 (Herijuana X Sannie's jack) however I see its no longer in the shop list of freebees? Is this strain still available, because some of the bud shots of Clepter's Mask grow are haunting my dreams and I was planning to get this with my order. Thanks to anyone who can help
  4. hahaha I thought the same thing
  5. Hey Dogsonleads I'm sure your seeds will be with you soon, looking forward to see them grow
  6. Wow saxo I love the purple leaves with the bright green buds in the centre of the Dutch Toxic, she's also got lots of trichs
  7. Looking forward to see your grow, Lady Cane is one of my favorites
  8. rampageZA


    From the album: PC Grow Case

  9. Looking nice Focal, what are your thoughts on the hempy hybrid so far? I'm gonna be getting KF myself soon...
  10. Wow Whazzup the Kronocaine looks so amazing I see its just hit the store http://www.sanniesshop.com/kronocaine.html very good price for 15 seeds
  11. Yeah man massive respect to Sannie and all his crew I have never seen such excellent attention to care and good customer relationships in ANY industry not just breeders/seedbanks I wish I could work for a company like this one day
  12. Wow I think I'm also in love the size of the leaves are just insane!!
  13. Welcome silver surfer I found that language doesnt matter because everyone understands pics of dank buds
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