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  1. deviatio

    Mother plants ("mums") in hydro

    hidronesia: let me share some story first yes, we are now growing our mothers in coco + airpots. superb combination of grow/mobility of mothers! hand watering because hands will never fail... nutrients go back to the reservoir. but i want to automate little bit, rise to maximum production on 1sq meter and i love simplicity ! so drip system is not an option. so i want to try EBB & Flow system to water coco + airpot but there is a problem that you need 400+ liters secondary reservoir to water 1sq meter 30 cm high. so option numero duo is use dwc or aero. 1 reservoir only. long lasting (1-2 weeks) without maintenance. but last time i had aeroponic grow and i discover problems with hollow stem in that system. so i need to be beware this time of this problem. somebody say that is nutrition problem, somebody say that it is genetic problem, as you said, i will post pictures of process, but need like month when i can take first cuttings and put them into the hydro...
  2. deviatio

    Mother plants ("mums") in hydro

    fuh, it was done and they are ok. so it is possible (transfer from soil to coco , 3weeks old plants.)
  3. deviatio

    Mother plants ("mums") in hydro

    just for laugh: now i am trying to take small 10-15 cm tall thin seedlings from soil (soil is contaminated with white bugs) , wash the roots and transplant them in to the Coco media to mother room. " DON´T TRY IT AT HOME FOLKS! " i am scared as fuck to take those bugs to mother room.but those seeds was a gift and i do not want to throw them away. So i am fighting for them ! ( Blue Hash - Dinafem , Bubba Kush - Green house seeds, White widow- Nirvana) i dont have big expectations from them, but it was a gift so give them a try. maybe they will surprise us at all. jet , they grow as they should.
  4. deviatio

    Mother plants ("mums") in hydro

    ok, my crappy picture from mobile phone camera. coco + air pots , selection: Barneys farm: LSD, Cookie Kush + bonuses: Peyote Cookie, Ayahuasca purple,Pineapple chunk, G13 Haze, Liberty Haze , Blue cheese.
  5. deviatio

    All mix

    all mix of photos
  6. deviatio

    Mother plants ("mums") in hydro

    looks like you guys are unified Hamme Hydro: can you please post image of mothers (plants, setup etc, just to make this thread more interesting) ? how you treat them and some shot of cutting. you never experienced hollow stem in hydro for mothers? DesertGrown: well, i never experience hollow stem so much ( 1 genetic from 20 in past ) , but we made selection from regular seeds and mostly soil medium for mothers (with grow even +-2cm per night,not bad for soil, humidity was the key) now i have feminized only mother plants (because seed banks stop to do new popular strains in regular variants), and i experience much bigger ratio of hollow stem even on outdoor plants in soil (now like 50-80% have hollow stem). cuttings, lets say we had 500+ cuttings with 99.9 - 100% ratio , and yes, we use clonex1(btw use powder not gel) for soft wood plants. so we can say that other factors are not in game of this problem (temperature,humidity,cloning technique .-) next year we had plants in hydro and hollow stem was on i think almost every plant (2 different genetics) and the ratio of cloning drop from 100% to ~ 50-60%. so i think ,based on this experience! that hollow stem is problem with cloning. i dont say you cant, but its not superb easy (like if you have regular full stem). if you have dropout ratio 3-4 plants from 10 peaces. and secondary, but its more destructive was rot (diying peace of stem) on mother plants on places where the hollow stem was,, bucause then there is a big hole to the stem of the plant. just to make this thread educative more, we use EC 1,0ms ,because we experience faster grow. With EC 1,4+ms you have dark green leaves but slower grow.
  7. deviatio

    Mother plants ("mums") in hydro

    Hempyfan: those plants were healthy (lets say no signs on leaves) but what i took from your post: 1) add better nutrients combo ( NPK + focus on macro nutrients) 2) i will wait longer than 3 weeks to take first cuttings (whole plant development process, roots etc.) . take bottom clones: i love to take just tops of branches because they are superb strong clones .-) it can be just that one genetic bitch, maybe... i had couple of clones from my hydro plant and this issue wasn´t there, but the plant was much much older...like 2 months and it was blue cheese with very very slow grow even for hydro.
  8. deviatio

    Mother plants ("mums") in hydro

    i think that this problem is caused to some nutrient deficiency, i used just basic nutrients, no additives. but have no idea what i should add.
  9. deviatio

    Mother plants ("mums") in hydro

    hi,thank you for your 2 cents elwin. hollow stem problems: a ) root ratio of cuttings drop from 99,9% to 40% or less b ) plants start to rot around those places where you take cuttings. never ever experince that problem on normal mother plants with full stems.
  10. deviatio

    Mother plants ("mums") in hydro

    Hi, i think about move my mother plants to hydro. ( please skip those comments : backup in soil ) last time a took some cuttings from my aeroponic system (General hydroponic´s Rainforest + 3 part fertilizer), but i had problem because those cuttings were hollow (hole in stem). Its a big big problem for many reasons. you can imagine. i have some reasons in my mind, a ) too fast grow (plants were like 3 weeks old from seed, 40 cm so . like 3-4rd floor) b ) missing some nutrients in hydro which caused this problem.?!? c ) maybe plant not from seed but from cutting can help? so now i am scared to put genetic in dwc or aero. any experiences or some ideas ? Thanks