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  1. Lat45

    Hey brother... is this a spent Keurig coffee cup?


  2. Lat45


    I was thinking a spent Keurig cup. I'd love to know for my cloning. God knows I drink enough coffee. I've made net pots out of the cups for small hydro grows. It would be good to reuse the whole cup.
  3. Lat45


    wth!? Is this a spent Keurig cup?
  4. Lat45

    Outdoor 2021 Plans

    Plans change right up until planting time. But now I'm committed. lol Got my hands on a single Pink Lemonade seed, and was gifted an amazing Blue Dream. I started taking clones in March so I have about 50 to go out. It's a reveal party this year. Pink Lemonade Blue Dream Woot Woot! Let the games begin!
  5. Another fantastic grower was/ Julian. This thread inspired me to go big. MASSIVE OUTDOOR GROW https://www.icmag.com/forum/marijuana-growing/cannabis-growing-outdoors/58145-massive-outdoor-grow?view=thread While it discusses growing in huge quantities, the thread also helps with small guerilla grows. It covers everything from germination to transporting and harvesting. It's a huge thread in itself, but you really only need to read the first few pages. Need more specific info? Read the whole thing.
  6. I think I already answer this for you. The gradual decrease in the amount of light will trigger your plants to flower. Get rid of your supplemented lighting June 1st and your plants will be ready. If you are *really worried, you can start covering them up to put them in darkness 12 hours a day starting August 1st. In your location, if you're having trouble with bud structure, change your genetics.
  7. I may be wrong, but I don't think plants *need 12/12 to flower. It's the increase in the amount of darkness that triggers it. I have some start to flower outdoor in July https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/canada/cornwall (not my city) Mid July with 9hrs of darkness. That said, I have a Swazi that won't start flowering until September 1st at the earliest. So that's about 13/11.
  8. Lat45


    Someone could have swapped them out. I always compete with a buddy to see who grows the best cucumbers. Last year he was bragging and being all alpha about it, so I went over to his place when he was at work and swapped out his Cucumber plants with Cantaloupe plants. He was bummed when he saw them start coming out Round! I never told him. I'll do the same this year but I'll do Squash. lol
  9. When I built my raised beds, I loaded it up with logs first, then my soil mix. I have to add 6 inches of soil every year because the logs get eaten up by microbes. As the logs rot, they act as sponges reducing the need to water. It's called hugelkultur.
  10. With any soil, you have reamend every year. I'm not talking No Till here. Still, I've used No Till and it still wasn't where I wanted it to be. Reamending soil is quite easy. The main missing ingredients after a season are Nitrogen and Potassium. Get some 4-4-4 or 20-20-20, or any all purpose tomato fert is perfect. Sprinkle, and scratch it in.
  11. Lat45


    Blue Jag worked well for me. Heavy yields and a great high. (on special now) Sorry. I don't have bud pictures. Nirvana's Original Glue was amazing. Tight buds and hard hitting. (on special now)
  12. These were Boreal Cloud last year. I had to sex them before putting them out because they were regular. But small and heavy. Loved them. Blue Jag females are going in there this year. @ $100 for 100, they're hard to beat. These girls were huge producers last year so that'll be my main crop in a couple spots. Going for 200
  13. Fixed the video link. https://youtu.be/dvTnG_UN3ac https://www.borealseeds.com/videos/supersoil.mp4
  14. I use this. (from BorealSeeds.com) Drying room Humidity is 60-65% managed with a dehumidifier and a humidifier (swamp cooler). Drying room Temperature is about 70f. Chop branches and hang for 5-6 days. Lots of fans top and bottom, never blowing on the flower. Branches get trimmed and it's back into the drying room for another 7-10 days. So total drying time is about 2 weeks. (it's a few days less for wet trimmed bud.) Buds get clipped and into 1 gallon FDA Food safe curing containers. Pump comes on for 15 minutes every 24 hours. They stay in the curing containers for 3 full weeks. That's it. I like weed at 50-55%rh. More than that and it's hard to grind and roll. You can test your buds by rolling a joint and sparking it up. If it stays lit, you're good to go. If it doesn't stay lit, it needs a little more time drying/curing. Peace.
  15. Lat45

    EC ppm PH

    EC 2.5 for soil isn't bad but your plants already look healthy. Only increase it if they start looking hungry (pale green). PH should be 6.5-7 in soil. If you have well water, check it. Mine is 7 on the button. Whatever you do, don't use RO water. It has no minerals. As a rule of thumb, don't start messing with things mid grow if everything is going well. You can measure stuff, but that's it. Don't change what you've been doing. Have fun with your new toy.
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