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  1. Fixed the video link. https://youtu.be/dvTnG_UN3ac https://www.borealseeds.com/videos/supersoil.mp4
  2. I use this. (from BorealSeeds.com) Drying room Humidity is 60-65% managed with a dehumidifier and a humidifier (swamp cooler). Drying room Temperature is about 70f. Chop branches and hang for 5-6 days. Lots of fans top and bottom, never blowing on the flower. Branches get trimmed and it's back into the drying room for another 7-10 days. So total drying time is about 2 weeks. (it's a few days less for wet trimmed bud.) Buds get clipped and into 1 gallon FDA Food safe curing containers. Pump comes on for 15 minutes every 24 hours. They stay in the curing containers for 3 full weeks. That's it. I like weed at 50-55%rh. More than that and it's hard to grind and roll. You can test your buds by rolling a joint and sparking it up. If it stays lit, you're good to go. If it doesn't stay lit, it needs a little more time drying/curing. Peace.
  3. Lat45

    EC ppm PH

    EC 2.5 for soil isn't bad but your plants already look healthy. Only increase it if they start looking hungry (pale green). PH should be 6.5-7 in soil. If you have well water, check it. Mine is 7 on the button. Whatever you do, don't use RO water. It has no minerals. As a rule of thumb, don't start messing with things mid grow if everything is going well. You can measure stuff, but that's it. Don't change what you've been doing. Have fun with your new toy.
  4. The most important thing is digging a good hole. It doesn't have to be deep at all. 24 inches at the plant, and 12 inches as wide as you can get it. You can help things along by digging your holes now and adding carbs like raw sugar (Sugar In The Raw, aka Turbinado Sugar available at your grocery store) OR plain Large Flake Oatmeal for the microbes to feed on. Top with a piece of cardboard from a box to attract worms. Cover that with straw if you can get your hands on it (not hay!). If you do it now, you'll have a nice earthy bed in the spring. Here's my recipe for my soil. Simple, but it works. You can easily use Ocean Forest soil for this and scale up the recipe if you need more soil. Use the hot/bloom mix in the bottom of the hole, then the "normal" mix to fill and plant. Here's mine from BorealSeeds.com from last year. I just covered it with a tarp and kept it moist for 4-5 weeks to cook.
  5. No worries. It's a valid question that can help people playing around with growing during lockdown.
  6. Boreal Freak. She's a beauty and in the hopper. Rubbing the stem releases a mouth watering scent. Super fun to grow and super stealthy. I've had people (and other growers) stand right next to it and they had no idea. lol
  7. We reship all the time. This year we reshipped at least 3 dozen packages. Everything goes out Expedited with Tracking so seeds should arrive in 7-10 days in the US and 15 days in the EU. 5 days in Canada, but for some strange reason, shipping is almost double to a destination in Canada (we're in Canada) then it is for us to ship to the US. 99.9% of the time, packages make their way to '"Your item has been processed through our sort facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) at TIME on DATE."' and never comes out of it. Shit just gets lost or stolen by contract workers (I was told by an employee at jfk isc). We sell cheap, so re-shipping wipes out our profit, but we can still resend without losing money. Our customers always come back, so it's worth it. We can do this because we only sell strains we breed (borealseeds). Companies like HD are seed banks have to pay the breeders for the seeds they sell. Re-sipping for them costs them money and not many banks will reship if they lose money. If they do re-ship, it's regular mail and in the spring when money is rolling in for them. From June to December, they're more likely to not resend. Having said that, there are some who ALWAYS reship intercepted seeds. Just take a picture of the package/letter with the customs "green tape", or the letter from Canada Post and they should reship. It's just good business. Cheers and stay covid safe.
  8. Hi. Can put Root-Stim in my seed starter mix (peat + perlite)? or is that a bad idea?
  9. I'm going crazy to pop seeds and start growing, but it's a month early. So I started growing lettuce. lol
  10. Thanks. I'll give it a shot. 30x30 Window for light. 14 days? That's a long dry. I plan on exchanging air at noon when RH is lowest (50%, but 75% in Oct.). Example city for my source: https://ottawa.weath...ty-monthly.html
  11. My dad had the largest natural Strawberry patch I've ever seen. But it took him 4 years to get it. Year one: Plant. Year two: Bugs start showing up and eat berries. Year three: Patch all but decimated, but new bugs attracted to bad bugs move in. Year four: All bad bugs gone. Patch recovered. Year five: Bad bugs check in, but don't check out. Resident good bugs eat them all. It would be an expensive weed experiment.
  12. lol. My neighbors are raccoons and skunks (really). Last year I had a Revolver that dwarfed so I stuck it in the garden 100 feet away. Even at 12", it was the stinkiest weed I ever grew. People were over for a BBQ one saturday and the wind would occasionally come our way. I'd say "That skunk must be around again." It was funny watching people looking into the bush to see if they could see it. It was that strong. Then it went into the garage along with a few others I had growing in the bush. I'd tell the kids (20 yrs +) "Don't go near the garage. A skunk has a den in there." lol. The garage is 12x12x8 (just under 1200 c ft), poured concrete floor, insulated and vapor barrier up. My dehumidifier is good for 6000 sq feet, and I have an AC unit for it too. Historical RH here in September is always 50-75% in the daytime, and above 75-80% for 6 hrs in the wee hours. But it jumps to near 100% for 18 hrs a day in October, so that's when my dehumidifier has to earn its keep. I might get another dehumidifier just to make sure. Costs just keep going up. lol I grow a few Autos that finish in July-Aug, mid Sept Photos, but this year I'm trying a few late finishing Sativas. I'm worried about them going bad on me. I don't want to spray anything to kill mold. Hell, I hesitate to spray them with an organic tea.
  13. This might be a really stupid question but I dry in a shed (new sealed garage). Is there a reason for an exhaust port to the outside? Can't the air just be recirculated?
  14. We're allowed 4 plants, but I have 500 acres of bush to play in so... That's like telling a kid "You can only have 4 cookies." Ya right. lol
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