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  1. Best 4x4 (1.2m x 1.2m) grow tent?

    From all my research the choice is either Gorilla Grow Tent Bud Box Pro XL White HydroLab
  2. Nutrients for the first time grower

    Please see attached as this does seem relatively helpful...
  3. Nutrients for the first time grower

    Would you say just to grow without nutes completely then? What do you mean by "few amendments" ?
  4. Nutrients for the first time grower

    Growing in soil buddy.. I can actually source any of them locally they all sell everything around me.. Anyone heard of Snoops Premium Nutrients?
  5. Best 4x4 (1.2m x 1.2m) grow tent?

    going to be buying a bud box pro any one have any reviews on it?
  6. So i have read around alot and found out that i shouldnt go for advanced nutrients.. ..From all my research I have come to a conclusion of the following nutes but not sure which to use as a first timer.. Shogun Advanced Nutrients Canna Biobizz Plant Magic Earth Juice Dutch Pro Hydrotops Bloom Mammoth P House and Gardens I am going to be growing with the HLG 550 in a 4x4 (1.2mx1.2m) in soil.
  7. HLG 550 in the UK

    Like the title says.. I have finally managed to find an official source for HLG 550.. If you are interested please pm me. You can also get the details from HLG directly.
  8. Shopping List

    What I am looking to purchase for my first grow.. and many to come.. advice would be appreciated as I cant decide on a few things.. Tent Gorilla Grow Tent Bud Box Pro Green Qube Lighthouse Max Hydrolab Growbox Secret Jardin Bloomroom Alien Green Room Fan Hyperfan Hyperfan Stealth Iso Max Carbon Filter Mountain Air Carbo Air Phresh Rhino Pro Ducting Phonic Ducting Acoustic Ducting Grow Medium Soil? Which one? Coco? Nutrients Advanced Nutrients Canna Bio Bizz Plant Magic Shogun Dutch Pro Hydrotops Bloom Light I will be using is HLG 550. Please do let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advanced.
  9. Hi there, I am based in the UK and I am looking for a place to buy the HLG 550 as I have to pay Duties & Taxes on this which makes the product quite expensive. I am also looking into the HLG 600H but I believe, correct me if i am wrong, the HLG 550 is better. Please do help me and let me know how to proceed...
  10. Exhaust fan, intake and carbon filter

    AC or EC fan?
  11. First time grow, 4x4 and can’t decide which led to go for

    Anyone heard of Enlite Sundisk?
  12. Soil & Nutrients

    what sort of pests or diseases am i going to be prone too ?
  13. Soil & Nutrients

    Just wondering if i am supposed to buy a certain soil or if any will do. What would be the best nutrients to go for? I was thinking not to use it so it does not effect my taste and flavour of buds.
  14. I am getting a 4x4 tent with HLG 550 and HLG 40/65 strip in the middle. I need help on sorting out an intake and outake and a carbon filter please.. if anyone could direct me on how and where to start would be grateful.
  15. Best 4x4 (1.2m x 1.2m) grow tent?

    Gorilla Grow Tent £350-£400 Budbox Pro £140-180 Growlab £130-£150 Secret Jardin £140-£150 If I cant get the Gorilla Grow Tent going to get Budbox Pro but not sure to get white or silver.