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  1. iGrow420710

    tent temps ....helpppp

    Being from the UK, and UK temps are all over the place... the indoors temp is affectted by outdoor weather... something i do not have control over.. im guesing i would need an air cooler or something..
  2. iGrow420710

    tent temps ....helpppp

    Would you advise me to buy something like this for my fan? would it help
  3. iGrow420710

    tent temps ....helpppp

    How are people in Jamaica growing at high temps? ambient temp went down from 25 to 24 and my grow tent when from 31/33 to 28/29 and now the ambient temp dropped to 20 and grow room at 25... but this is all due to outdoor weather... which means my temps will fluctuate due to weather...
  4. iGrow420710

    Finally setup but i really struggled...

    changed the setup ... have really bad temp issues cant resolve it....
  5. iGrow420710

    tent temps ....helpppp

  6. iGrow420710

    tent temps ....helpppp

    made some changes..
  7. iGrow420710

    tent temps ....helpppp

  8. iGrow420710


  9. iGrow420710


  10. iGrow420710

    tent temps ....helpppp

    Basically first timer here.. im all set up.. put my seeds for germination paper towel method.. soon as tap root came out i put into peat pellet and put into tent... the temps i am getting is 32/33 degree's max and about 19 at night with lights off what can i do? or will this be okay?
  11. iGrow420710

    Finally setup but i really struggled...

    Bomb seeds. THC Bomb.
  12. iGrow420710

    When is day 1 , day 1 ?

    First time growing, I would like to keep a track of what I do so for future can learn from it.
  13. iGrow420710

    When is day 1 , day 1 ?

    just started germination, but dont know when day 1 is day 1
  14. Not sure if everything is done correctly but i tried my best... what do you think?
  15. iGrow420710

    Biobizz Nutrient question

    First time looking to grow in biobizz soil with biobizz nutes and was wondering if I use the full line of biobizz nutes will i still need to use such things as; Palm Tree Ashes, Bat guano, Eco Charge, Eco Biosys, Great White, PK Booster, Enzyme or anything other beneficial bacteria?