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  1. I have watched and done my own research so i know the basics. Wanted to get some help on making bubble hash. Got a 4 bag bubble bag kit 220u, 160u, 75u and 25u. i have 5 kilos of ice thinking to get another 5. any help advice or links to check out would be highly appreciated.
  2. unfortunately i am unable to get hold of paper bags. have to make do with what i have
  3. Okay! Drying conditions are 24C with 50% humidity using a humidifier to bring it up to about 60% for a slow dry.
  4. I dont know how I should cut the branches up etc. Should I just cut everything to its own individual stem. im confused..
  5. ahhh i didnt think about that.. How should i cut them?
  6. I am planning to cut from stalk and trim individual branches in an V shape (upside down) to use that to hang with clothing hangers. then freeze all my trim for bubblehash. i didnt manage to get jars but buckets with a lid. and burp from that. i am in a 4x4 tent with an led ( HLG 550 ) I would like to mention i am on day 6 of flush and got ec down to 0.6 can i harvest after a 7 day flush? also found a tiny grasshopper today =\ should i be worried.
  7. I have temps about 18-22 and humidity at about 50-65% will this be okay for drying? SHould i cut branches and hang in a V shape or single stems or whole plant...
  8. Coming towards end of flower currently flushing. I am getting foxtailing everywhere is this normal? How do i proceed i dont fully understand if i should leave plants for 24 or 48 hours of darkness before harvest.. or when to stop watering.. or how to harvest and dry ... or cure... first time... any advice you guys can throw at me please pls go for it.
  9. I am near to harvest my first grow my humidity has been 50% during the day(lights on) at night time. 65% night time (lights off) during the day. I have tried many ways to bring it down nothing has worked.. Should i be worried
  10. I am near end of flower.. I am looking to make bubble hash with bubble bags from the trim and tiny buds/undeveloped buds but dont know if i should go for a 4 bag kit (220u, 160u, 73u, 25u) or the 8 bag kit (220u, 190u, 160u, 120u,90u, 73u, 45u, 25u) I will be getting a 5 gallon kit but cant figure out which would be better to go for.. i feel if i was to get the 4 bag kit i would need to buy the 90u seperately... any adviced and help would be highly appreciated.
  11. But RO water would be better right? Plants arent too bad i suppose but i found some small black peppery sized seeds last week and yesterday found a small white seed.
  12. OK i understand so what about a flush with ro water for 14 days or 4 days tap water andd then 10 days ro water
  13. OK give me your address will send it now. going to pay express shipping dont want to take any chances
  14. Thanks alot everyone for the postive feedback.. Going to start flush now, thinking of using plant magic flush for 4 days and then ro water for 10 days
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