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  1. not so modest saxo, maybe you work harder by harvesting and smoking
  2. that sounds like a very professionell preparing and a lot of hard work, respect saxo. do you think you must fertilized your plants later in the year?
  3. or is your method; the stupidest farmers get the biggest potatos
  4. great job saxo, please tell us more about your way to get such healthy plants.
  5. imo the taste of durban is like grated carotts, but i like it.
  6. after reading this posts must eat.
  7. @saxo maybe he is looking for new outdoorspots for next year
  8. rightyright saxo, but it was only a joke
  9. not bad, but you can better and dont forget, after the grow is before the grow
  10. oh yes saxo, thats realy cool and much more interessting than an boring indoorgrow. ;
  11. gauf saxo, i think it works all sprayed plants change the sex. it looks very hopefull.
  12. oh yes, thats the question!
  13. very interessting grow, do you think that quantity was higher with your 2x 120 w led system than with a normal lightning system?
  14. gauf saxo, where is your lebanese? picture please
  15. hey saxo, plants looking great. dont worry about the nl cause you need some cashcropplants too.
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