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  1. Great to have you back, Whazzup! You´ve been hardly missed!! Hope you´re fine, Sir! Wilbur
  2. Well, you just can´t have it all, can ya?! As long as you keep up your humor and not running out of weed, you should take it with a smile! Not much else you can do, really! All the best for you! Wilbur
  3. Dude, it seems to me you never went into a large greenhouse at all - lights are 10 feet + away from the corp! No comparison to a indoor grow!! In nature you will get excellent results, even it´s not a great summer with pure sunlight! Same with indoor grows in a small environment - chances of fucking up with pulling out too much photon pressure are very high, especially with today´s quality HIDs and CMHs! Chill on light pressure and you´ll be save! It just doesn´t need a PPFD of 1000 umol/s per square meter!!! What is your setup again, JC?
  4. Like JJ is always saying: It´s ALL about environment!! And a bit less of light intensity will serve you much better than pushing always to the max!! "Less is more" - so true!!
  5. Mahalo RedD! CMH won´t give any heat reduction to a 400 W HID, but will serve you a much better spectrum (as you prolly know already)! To get the best out of TopBin LEDs, you need such a well designed setup like Griot is presenting, cause they will produce quite some heat as well! Still, the penetration of either HID and CMH is much higher than any LED setup at the same distance to the corp! Keep it green! Wilbur
  6. Wonderful! I never went personal, just for the record!!
  7. Why so sensitive, bro?? How about NOT taking things so serious?? And when you´re going to start to laugh upon yourself?? I know , you´re having a HUGE EGO, but gimme a break - it´s all FUN!! Who´s the child now??
  8. or is it topic?? You have to excuse my bad english - it´s just not what it has been, anymore
  9. Btw, crushing your selfish thread really is a ton of fun!! LMAO
  10. Not a biggy, but needs to be recognized and adjusted!
  11. I already know, you´re having blue eyes, but being a Gentleman I never would ask you that (a second time lol)!
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