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  1. The first one is killing me, man - I feel a little sad now They need more of your love, and your love! Keep it stable! Wilbur
  2. Wilbur


    Santero! You´re such a baaad man - looks like you´ve open up another candy store Lovin´it, mate - all of it!! Keep it green! Wilbur
  3. This is what I was missing the most: A feminine touch, with warmth and understanding, but also with that clarity and strictness in her voice, emphatically reminding: BEHAVE, or there will be no dessert for both of you and you´re going to bed right now!! Damn it!!
  4. Is that a gang-bang or a straight dude, dude??
  5. Leafs look strange, pal - too much warm airflow around the little one. Why not right in the center of the pack?? They should now be used to the HPS - at which height, again?
  6. It´s actually a well known fertilizer over here! The used pads or filters with all in it - works great!! Give it a try, mate!
  7. And I have to second that! The only thing that´s really up the ass here, are your manners, guys! At least, please try to behave like gentlemen, even though you´re not!
  8. Howdy @Gardener! Dude, your babies begging for light! Why so greedy on the sunshine? Are you going straight 12/12?? @Shoeless Are you going 12 right from the start - LST that early?? And, are you try´n out different grow-media on all five?? @Justcozz Please man, dry your eyes - they look way better than Gardeners @RAS-T Looks like a perfect start for you, my friend! Your girls seem to be very hard to compete with - vital as Oprah! Lucky me, we´re in the same team Is @JetDro still in??
  9. Wilbur


    Well done, Mr.G - delicious looking buds!! Looks like, you´re flushing with destilled water?! Like that a lot, simply because it´s really working and it will give you the extra 10% in taste! Keep it tasty! Wilbur
  10. Howdy folks! My weekly update (for those who woke up late) I´ve replaced the older girls by a couple of little watertrays, to keep up humidity at 70% The other girls had to leave, because they were getting really mean to the poor little babyberry, with pulling leafs and throwing dirt, saying Mummy was a whore and shit!! Naa man, they had to go, pronto!! lmao
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