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  1. Wilbur

    Red's garden photo album

    Pretty much WOW, Redman! What´s missing are the Killa-bees Keep it comin, mate! Wilbur
  2. Wilbur

    New Sanniesshop

    Yeah, very nice indeed, Sannie - looks like your effort is payin off! With NAW comin back on board it almost would be as sweet as the old shop Keep it green! Wilbur
  3. Wilbur

    2018 NAW christmas party

    Holly fucking Jesus - you must be kidding me?!! Awesome, absolutely AWESOME - thank you sooo much guys!! (and I never even won a loaded piaper yet) Well I guess, NOW I really have to make my first A to Z grow report, don´t I?? And I just ordered two packs of your StrawberryBlues last week, when Sannie announced NAW will be off the list - seriously, no joke! DAMN, this will be a hell of a year to come! Let the good times roll - YEAH BABY!!!!! Keep it green, very!! Wilbur
  4. Wilbur

    2018 NAW christmas party

    Thanking the the lord of dope you guys are still alive and not busted - pulling out that long really made sad! From a 100 pots a week to zero in a hole year (felt like it) is so much more than just a cold-sweat-turky!! Shame on you lol!!! Lets see, if xmas is even getting better, maybe with some AAA NAW beans ?!! I´d like to go with: G-39 F3 pineapple x Airborne jack Shaze x Airborne jack Blue Hammer F3 Fingers crossed and please show up more often - I really missed you two!! Keep it green, folks!
  5. Wilbur

    New strains / Restocking seeds

    At least you won´t run out of weed I love your genetics and appreciate your time and effort very much, mate! Keep it green! Wilbur
  6. Wilbur

    Nutrients for the first time grower

    Maybe this will help ya, mate?! Keep it green! Wilbur
  7. Wilbur

    Day12 from seed on 20/4 and water

    10 Sanefune F2 and 10 Sloth F2 by Santero in a DP90 under a 100W Led floodlight
  8. Wilbur

    Opengrow is online again

    Welly, welly, welly...........no Sir, I don´t like the new outfit! Far too cleany and lost all the oldschool charme! Please Sannie, at least bring back the old colour settings - its really hard to enjoy reading this way! Keep it green! Wilbur
  9. Wilbur

    Forum offline on 08-04-2018 for two days

    Hey Sannie! Hope that will help you a bit, but please don´t change the basic picture/colours! It´s just too good and works perfect for reading! Thanks, mate! Wilbur
  10. Wilbur

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Hey Indican! What´s the story on the `69 Skunk?? Does she sucks when I lick her?? Keep it green! Wilbur
  11. Wilbur

    What is the best AK -47?

    Well, I would put my money on Joti´s AK - definitely wounds you baaad! Keep it green! Wilbur
  12. Wilbur

    NAW Test Center

    Get outta here, man - you make us all look like amateurs! lol Looks like you were shopping at Tiffany´s! Damn! Keep it green! Wilbur
  13. Wilbur

    NAW Test Center

    Hey Polder! What a beauty already! You really do have a lot of "Fingerspitzengefühl"! Did you train her or does she grows that freakin´ way? Thanks, mate and keep it green! Wilbur
  14. Wilbur

    Growing Graphics...See it , Know it

    Damn, I missed Gardenartus making her natural organics ferts! Would you do it again? For me, please?? In love, Wilbur
  15. Wilbur

    New kid on the block

    This is wonderfull, Bogart! So touchy, man - you almost made me cry! For rest of you: Thanks for the warm welcome! Party ON Wilbur