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  1. Seriously pal - you really wanna leave us like that??? Keep it green! Wilbur
  2. An air-puffed envelope is all that´s needed - plain and simple (they´re actually made for this reason) Keep it green Wilbur
  3. no words.................... Better have a map of Alpha Centauri ready BEFORE lift-off!!! Have a good flight
  4. BakedMan Rhino Dude, why don´t you get those dead leafs out of the tent?? They certainly won´t give you better environment - worse airflow and the chance of mold Keep it baked! Wilbur
  5. Yes, last week. Unfortunately, a lot of seeds got crushed due shipping Never mind, if the rest made it, there should be enough left to fill a 4ft tent - hopefully (fingers crossed) Keep it green! Wilbur
  6. Well.......how about https://youtu.be/Ex7NnPAoa6U Have a good weekend, mate! Wilbur
  7. Damn, Rhino.........have you been smokin that DMT again?? Duuuude........ Keep it rainbow! Wilbur
  8. Clean and healthy - excellent job, Smoky! Keep it green! Wilbur
  9. I´m quite sure Santa was hangin´ with you having a ball ALL DAY LONG!! And this, my friend, again speaks loud and clear of the fine genetics and the awesome results of your work with´em - pure niceness!! Thank you so much NAW! Keep it green! Wilbur
  10. Looking great, vakman! How long did you veg them and did you train them already?? Whats with the mulch?? Keep it shiny Wilbur
  11. Very, very nice, BeachBud! Lots of skills are shining through, mate! Which spectrum did you choose on your two cob-panel? Keep it green! Wilbur
  12. Looks like they did not lie at all.....XXL Well done, Sir! Keep it donkey! Wilbur
  13. Wilbur

    Paps 2018 run

    Wait a minute - are we still talkin´ about weed here??
  14. I don´t get it - which other way??
  15. Wow - thats quite a bush you have there!! Very nice, Gardenartus! I bet it smells like heaven! Keep it green! Wilbur
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