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  1. Hey people! Sorry life changing things were happening here thats why I didn't write in the past days. Even now I won't write I big post, but I just want o say thanks again for all your help. Since I raised the pH they got way better. There isn't a problem with water standing in the pots, it was just in the bad days where they didn't use much. I didn't searched for mites anymore since my last post on this ... There are just a few flys but it isn't a problem. Every ~3 days there is 0-1 fly in the cab. But I don't think of this, it doesn't bother me right now. With my last watering I give a little bit too much nutes but hey - not a big problem at all. You can see it on the tips like they a going down. (But in front they are also going down because they are pressed to the door.) All 4 "girls" are hermies. It didn't suprise me after the stress at the beginning of flowering and I also already knew that this strain is prone to herm. But I'm still satisfied and let them grow. Not absolutely perfect - but no one has to be. Have a nice weekend and let it grow!
  2. Hey guys, I'm very busy these days that's why I didn't answer yet - but they're looking already much better! I will post an update including pics this weekend or maybe this night. But now it's friday after a hard week and my girlfriend is waiting in the living room. So, I just wanted to stop by for a few seconds and inform you that I will post pics and more infos soon. Thanks to all of you!
  3. Not more than before starting this thread. So, thanks again for all your tips! Still coudn't find any bugs/mites and so I'm thinking (hoping) too, that there aren't any. R4ff was right, that the soil had a pH lower than 6 from beginning -> 5.7! So ya, if I like to have soil pH of ~6.5, I should go a bit higher with my watering pH. This morning they got feeded with a few nutrients and a pH of 6.8. I didn't want to shock them with a pH jump from 6.5 to 7.0 but will probably move up to 7.0 with the next watering. I try to correct the pH slowly with normal watering, because they don't need that much water these days and if I would flush, they would have really wet foots a few days long. Maybe too wet... and it didn't seem that bad, that they need a radical flushing. edit: just noticed the like button - of course i like your posts
  4. Hi everyone, today I took 2 hours for searching for mites or something similar again. But found nothing. And as another male popped out his balls, I cut it and checked the upper part in deep detail too: Nothing looked like a mite or something with the 100x microscope. The white things really seem to be leavings of the magnesium sulfate spraying. Of course I can't tell for sure if I could distinguish a tiny part of magnesium sulfate from broad mite eggs with a 100X scope. But: If there would be that many eggs, I think I should be able to find at least one mite!? @hiwatt, do you think I could recognize them when staying with this small microscope over them for a few minutes? I also checked the roots and the whole soil for strange things, but nothing. I digged also in the soil from the last males I cut. The soil bag was opened a month ago before using it, so yes - theoretically there could bugs get into it. But as I said, I found nothing in the pot soil / on the roots. Of course I can't guarantee that I didn't overlook some tiny eggs between the perlit stuff in soil. At least the roots weren't damaged. As I already backed the light, the max temp on the tops was 25°C. So if it was a heat issue, it should be resolved. But I had heat issues earlier when using 250w in the same cab and it looked different and not that uniform like now. I also checked the pH of the runoff: Watering with a pH of 6,5 so that there was ~200ml runoff, resulted in a pH of 6,0. Think it should be okay, or is it too low? I also checked the calibration of my pH meter today, everything is fine. But what I noticed is, that older water that was staying around for ~7 days, raised it's pH to 6,8. Is it still okay to use, or do I have to adjust it again? Additionally I spotted this today: Thanks for all your attention! Still thankful for any input. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-gRnneC7Ps
  5. Ok, I spent over 5 hours on searching mites! (not kidding) But it delivered me nothing but a big headache. The reason why I didn't stopped searching is, that there are many very tiny white things on the plants. There are some on the leafs, some under. It could be eggs but it was not clear to identify because they all differ in form. As I coudn't find anything moving or really looking like a mite, I gave up and it could be also possible that these are leavings from the magnesium sulfate mix I sprayed yesterday. Coudn't it? I killed two plants with male preflowers and picked leaf for leaf searching them for mites with a 60x-100x microscope. After that I also cut a big leaf from a female plant because it was looking strange and had many white things on the bottom. It was not possible to identify anything for sure. (Used google pictures of mites/eggs.) And it was also not possible to make helpful photos of it, because it was all way too small. But here's a picture of the leaf I cutted from the female: The pots of the male plants weren't fully rooted yet, but what was already there looked strong and healthy: During my search for mites, I found a small 'fly' coming from the soil. It wasn't able to fly, at least it didn't try to. It was just running away, plant up and plant down... Hope they won't spread so that it turn to a trouble. Anyone know them? So ya - after spending a lot of time that I don't have these days, I don't know much more. I watered them today a bit with a small dosage of nutrients - let's see what's going to happen...
  6. Hi hiwatt, thanks for your hint! You are scaring me a bit and of course I will check it later.... Hope you are wrong.
  7. Yep, I already increased the distance to the bulb today after it turned off. Thought that they won't need maximum light when they are dealing with problems like this and cooler temps on the tops are never bad. As you telling me to 'backing the light' too, I think it was a good decision. Of course, I won't let water on the plants when light is on. I sprayed the mixture (0,2% magnesium sulfate) just a minute before the light turned off. If it isn't a magnesium problem, the 0,2% mixture woudn't harm it even. Here's is pic just after the light turned off, so that you can see the real colors: Ok - I will go on normally and if there is a big change, I will post an update again. Maybe a mod can move this thread to Micro-Fluo and change the title to Orange Bud with 150w on 0,4m² - Help me growing!, so that I can use the thread to report the further process of my grow and can get help where I need it. Thanks!
  8. Hola, the reason why I want to stick to the soil is my stealthness. I live in a small village and the house owners (landlords) have full excess to my basement where the soil bags are. The "Compo Sana" soil is the most common high quality soil here and everyone uses it for his normal plants/flowers. (Me too.) Nobody will notice anything strange if I buy these and move through the whole village. (Don't have a car, so I have to carry everything by my self.) I also don't want to order special "grow soil" via internet, cause the most of the time the postman gives my packages straight to the landlords, plus - as I said - I can't stock it in the basement. All other hidden places in the apartment are already filled with perlite, nutrients and so on... But, it's not like the soil is carbage. It's good quality and I've already read many positive comments about it for using with cannabis. Many are happy with it, but for some strains it's just too 'hot' and I also read about that it's better working with some worm humus. That's why I mixed it with potting soil and the worm humus. The water usage decreased rapidly. The pots are still heavy but the last watering was already 5 days ago. I was sure I have to water at least today, but negative... So I'm a bit scared if flushing is the write choice right now. Maybe they would stand in the wet soil for too long and the roots can't get enough oxygen. My exhaust vent can move 180m³/h at maximum, but I am running it only at ~65%. It's because the noise (stealth) and I can't make it louder. It's really hard to grow here in my small student apartment because it must be able that there are people in the same room as my cab without taking notice. It's all build in as a part of my clothing cab. But my cab has only ~0,6m³, so it should be enough? The room, where the cab is in, get aired several times a day. Here are new pics from today... (I tried to get a bit more accurate colors via flash and white balance.) I will spray the leafs with some magnesium sulfate mixture today right before the lights turn off. Hope it will help a bit... So, what do you think? Would you still suggest to flush/feed/adjust pH? Thanks for your time!
  9. Hey you two, thanks for your attention! I'm watering with a pH of 6.5 and only if the pots are light enough. As it's a small grow, I can lift up every pot and just feel if there is need for water. Then I try to give that much that they are satisfied for ~3-4 days. My temps on the tops go up to ~27°C during day (max value). The light + cam let them seem more pale than they are. For me the green looks mainly good. For sure, it's not that yellow-green as it seems on the pics. As you can see on the pics, the upper leafs are curling upwards. But today there was also one leaf with tips showing downwards, what looks like overdoze: This leaf is 1-2 level below the top. On the same plant you can see the other issues on the top leafes. I also spotted this: So, "def lockout due to ph"? Next time when I'll give them water, I will measure the pH after the water were running through the soil. Do you think I should also add some epson salt? (Already have some here.) I'm scared of giving them nutrients too early. Maybe the lockout is because there are already too much? The last grow I had strong nute burns because of the soil. That's why I mixed it with potting soil. Also the worm humus is a new component for me. Or maybe it's a K deficiency and at the same time N overdoze due to the worm humus?
  10. Really like your outdoor pics. Keep on sharing! As there is not much to say, I will leave just a bit music in here.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84RdqM4vkU4 peace and love edit: SORRY! Didn't read your last post. So please ignore my "Keep on sharing!" Thought you were growing legally with that kind of outdoor grow. Aren't there legal "Cannabis Clubs" in spain?
  11. Hey people, I'm currently growing some Orange Bud (Dutch Passion) from seed in my ~0,4m² cab. Generally they were doing well and growing fast. On day 30 after germination they were ~45-55cm tall and two days ago I just flipped to 12/12. The pics are from yesterday and it's day 32 after germination. They are getting light from a 150W HCI bulb (during veg just 70W). The pots are 6,5L in which they got repotted one week before changing daytime for bloom. For the soil I mixed: 38% Compo Sana (230 mg/l N, 180 mg/l P2O2, 230 mg/l K2O) 25% Potting Soil 18% Worm Humus 18% Perlite I think the problems occur because of an overdoze from the soil / worm humus. I didn't gave any additional nutes yet and don't think I need to, because the probs are only on the upper leafs. But I'm not 100% sure and just wanted to let the pros have a look on this: What do you think? What would you do? I would just go on normally and observe what happens, but maybe you already know what is really to do.... Thanks!
  12. There are some special ones that come with a thermostat. e.g. http://www.biogreen.de/en/propagation/heatmats/ But they are much more expensive....
  13. But thats also a point why I want to regulate them. I know that they can accumulate a lot of heat over time when they are in continuous operation, what you aren't expecting after a few hours setting it up. With a dimmer or thermostat, you can counter that kind of problems. A thermostat just turns the mat off, as soon the max temp is reached. So if there is any danger for the plants, it's the possible fail of the thermostat, which isn't part of the heating mat. And with a dimmer I woudn't give that much power, that there can be an overheat development. I'm not that much feared of a 50W mat which runs only on 20W for example. Or did I miss some point in my argumentation and you would continue to advise agains a heating mat? Don't want to give a fuck about your experience, but I really want to try it because I see no other good option to get the cab efficiently a bit warmer. As I'm already out of weed for many many months now, I want to avoid that my upcoming grow will take a month longer just because of cold temps. flip
  14. Thanks for your tips... I already thought about placing some small wood bars under the pots, so that the warm air can circulate and they aren't directly on the pool liner (it's over the mat). That way I could use the mat more for heating the room without putting too much heat directly on the pots. But I won't use any temp damming material on top of the mat, because this would just decrease the warming function. I can't let it run all time, it goes up to 35C. But instead of putting more stuff between it and the pots I would prefer regulating the wattage to safe power. (power is expensive here) And I think I will go with a dimmer. At least I will try it at first. Just ordered one for 8€ so it's ~30€ cheaper than the thermostat solution. So I can set a fixed floor temp around 25C. If it was the wrong choice, I can return it for free. I expect a fluctuation from the thermostat, because the heating mats need a lot of time to heat up completely.... So maybe a static lower wattage and temp 24/7 is more efficient than turning the mat on and off.
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