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  1. Mad Kush Candy Kush Huckleberry Kush KO Kush Cheeseberry x Jillybean Cheeseberry x Killing Fields Killing Fields x Jackhammer Chocolate Berry
  2. Beautiful garden Archer........I'm very jealous!
  3. I will continue the BB project with what I have left which is the #3s. I still have 1 Jackhammer female, some Killing Fields f3, Cheeseberry, Chocolate Berry, KaliMist and Jillybeans. Maybe I'll do some crosses, not sure yet. In the mean time, keep your eyes in the sky, and I'll dust off my camera #3 Blueberries outside......Yay!!
  4. I decided to check out my old tread last night of my dream grow. How fricking depressing. Well I got beans and I'm pissed. I have been vindicated at great pain to my wife and I, not to mention my wallet. We are both state card holders and legal as we can be. Never even got to enjoy the fruits of my passion, but I shall return
  5. I saw it and it reflects what is happening statewide. There is a full on marijuana eradication effort going on regardless of the Cali law.
  6. You are amazing La Vie........wonderful plants !
  7. Took a few pictures this weekend of the garden and was wondering what I was thinkin planting so damn much. Got the Killing Fields and the CheeseBerrys cut and hangin and taking some samples of some others. Here are some BB buds from the purple stripped stem girl Some shots of some # 2's I planted late. Got 3 females out of this batch, all showing signs of foxtailing.....pretty cool I think ! Jackhammer Vanilla Sky Psycho Haze- CBD-crew test grow.......the heritage is still a mystery Got lots more to show, so till next time......Happy harvest !!
  8. Here are some BB Project #2 girls and they are all [ 3 ] showing the same signs. I wish now that I would have started them earlier, but I can stick them in my little greenhouse if need be. It has all day southern exposure, so I'm hoping it will work. Please take a look, and if some snipping here and there is needed, then feel free to advise. This growth is new to me, so your recommendations are most welcome. There are more pictures on my PROJECT thread also. Thanks much !
  9. They are just babies LVER, but very different and maybe special Yea Rev, the #1's are definitely big girls I haven't tried the # 3's, they will have to wait but of all the # 2's, i got three females. Be posting pics very soon
  10. Good luck on your indoor grow Misterdirt. I really enjoyed your outdoor grow this last summer. I used the Dr Earth fertilizer exclusively this year on my outdoor grow and I'm very pleased with it. Hope it works for ya, I'll be watching.
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