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  1. Karott


    Killing Field and Bluberry sativa
  2. Hello Sorry for my English. I tested a lot of variety of Sannie's Seeds in recent years. I loved the Killing Field F2. A great blend of blueberry and sativa. A taste close to the berries and return more spicy. Effect light enough to relax in the evening. Much in common with the Jackberry I like very much also A very good varieties that I recommend to many of my friends good week
  3. Karott


    thank you for the welcome I have not make not report here because my english is very bad But in french , you could find in french forum if you need, mine and a lot other. Jackberry flo + 65 cut Nycd F2 flo + 75 cut ++
  4. Karott


    Hello All My name is Karott. I'm french cultivators and moderator on the french forum Cannaweed... In this forum the topic of Sannie's has 1611 comments I discovered sannie's 4 years ago on this forum French I have grown since Jackberry, Herijuana, Killing Field, NYCD F2, F3, El Monster Killing Kush .... and many others ... Right now I have a Blueberry sativa at 30 or 40 days of flowering and a Killing Field. ++
  5. hello my friend I just see your culture by what you do spend more on CW. I found a really Bluberry sativa sativa thanks to you who made me discover good weekend ++
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