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  1. Gnome

    Blue Chocolate

    Testers?! Shouldn't it have already been tested as it's being sold in Sannie's shop?! I bought 10 Blue Choc and had deformed growth on 4 of those 10. 2 were culled very early due to the first true leaves being mutated, then zero growth. The other 2 were binned a couple of weeks later because of deformed growth. From the remaining 6 plants 1 was weak so was culled and I ended up with 2 nice looking females from the remaining 5. Not ideal to say the least. I wonder whether this variety has been tested properly and is stable? Here's a pic of the first 2 that hardly saw the light of day. Maybe I was just unlucky. Hope yours turn out OK.
  2. Nice report feroce! Glad I've got some of these on the go
  3. Gnome

    Root pouch

    I'm thinking of getting some of the soft material smart pots to do a side-by-side comparison with the air-pots. Then if results match use the soft variety as well. Look less messy and easier to store than the solid air-pots, though I doubt they'll last as long. These degradable root pouches look great for outdoor ops but fack using 'em indoors. Having to replace ur entire selection of pots every 18 months would be a pain in the ass and cost a fortune.
  4. Very nice... they look tasty Good work man
  5. Hi Hill, nice setup man Those gavita units look the business. Plants are enjoying it by the looks of things. I'll be checkin in... wanna see how ur blueberry's turn out.
  6. Gnome

    Death By Chocolate (RIP x Choc Rain)

    Fusion Seeds Test Run T5's & 1kw hps / soil + organic - short veg
  7. Can't wait to see these in flower..... Good job
  8. Colombian gold X jamaican lambsbread and Kaman Mix got my votes. Nice one
  9. Gnome

    Gnome's Nuggs

    Cheers Hill Hopefully I can keep 'em that way. Stay tuned man, lotsa porn coming this way Hi! Thanks They all have at least 2 main colas like that. They doubled in height during flower but still kept banging out nice tight nodes. No horrible stretch to speak of so long single colas in the making Can't speak of the final product yet but so far I'm liking these plants. Strong, vigorous, smell great, and frosting up nicely during early flower. A couple are oozing that typical spicy haze smell. Another, pungent sweet with spice undertones. Lovely aromas. Good luck on ur hunt. These beans sell out quick so grab some while you can, think they're still in stock at most places though. Grab a seat and I'll show ya how these turn out.
  10. Well ya girls haven't been well from what I've read so they need ur attention, sure ur missus will understand
  11. Gnome


    Yeh Esko, that's definitely the worst kind Being called a hack is putting it mildly though for that behaviour
  12. Damn! Now I know why they're called SUGAR punch! Nice.
  13. Gnome

    Blue Chocolate

    Hey Leo, nice grow... Might be worth filling the pots right to the top with soil, will help stabilize the stretch.
  14. Hey Santero! Any update on the way?!
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