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  1. Opengrow is online again

    wow, truly awesome work done.
  2. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

  3. Hi all :)

    Thanks for warm welcomes!
  4. Hi all :)

    Nice to meet you! Recent few years, I was spending the most of time on reading/searching linage or breeding history of cannabis plants for a hobby. It maximizes my interest in cannabis plants. Now, I've been growing around 2 years but still doing many mistakes. I will need much advice for growing and believe many experienced grow teachers are here! From last year, I tried Xocolope and Boudica. Currently, Chocolate Rain fem is ongoing. A pack of Xocolope didn't germinate at all but I suspect it was my mistake. From a pack of Boudica, I found two great smelling plants. One smelled like blood orange and the other one smelled like grape. In the end, they didn't go well, but right after the drying, grape smelly one actually tasted same as the smell. After the experience of Boudica, I feel like falling into love with Esko's gear.