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  1. This is the discussion topic for the Growguide article: Sannie jack This topic is automatically created when a user clicks "Reply" in the GrowGuide. Due to a bug in the software it might look like the topic is started by an unexpected user. Add your discussion or information below. If you didn't mean to start a discussion topic, just leave this page and the topic will be removed in the nightly clean up.
  2. If I use Bayer or merit 75: do I use this in he feeding water or as a spray? Or both?
  3. So against my own good judgement I received some starts from a friends. They were about 3 weeks into bloom and I could tell they were heavily mite infested do I trashed them. There were 2 of my own herijuana plants next to these tht I kept going as they did not show signs of pests. I didnt notice anything while these were growing but as soon as I chopped I noticed a heavy root aphid population on the stems of the plant...motherfucker.. I know there is a lot of threads on this shit, and I have read a great post for hours on IC Mag with a lot of different answers and I still have a few very specific answers. I am seeing some root aphids in my flower but my plants are about 10 days out and are doing well still so Im not treating at thiss point. I looked in my veg room and there seems to be yellow squirmies under the lower leaves of some of the plants. Are these root aphid Larvae? If I take cuts from plants with root aphids do they go to the cutting? These plants in veg are still about 2 weeks from being put into bloom and I am growing for my own smoke. Without all the organic politics, what will eradicate these motherfuckers. Im not against organics or for chem's, it just always seems to be the topic instead of what actually works. Lets assume I dont give a shit, and since it can only hurt me; well I guess thats fair:) First thing is, are those yellow squirmies aphids? From what I read it seems Imidacloprid works and also Bayer works. Please help
  4. Thank you for the input. Ive never really dealt with air cooling for this type of setup. Im assuming if I have a strong vent system for the lights it should be less of a problem. The last time I tried this vented lights were not invented, just parabolic. Anyone have input on the cooling system that might be required, and where to shop for it. Thanks
  5. I am debating whether or not I should use a completely sealed grow room. The main reason is I feel I can control the room more and also have a higher co2 ppm in the room. I currently have 10 x 600w Lumatek's and I am growing soil. Im looking at getting the undercurrent system and maybe running another 5 x 600 so total will be 15x600 vented ( they are magnum 6 inch hoods). I was planning on using a couple chillers on 2 large under current systems and ac for the room. Anyone have any input I would really appreciate this.
  6. that looks very nice, and also looks like it will take the pain away. I really like sativas, but indicas seem to make the pain go away completely. Better than getting strung out on the shit the doctor's prescribe me! Ill take the natural solution any day of the week!
  7. ok. Just ordered them.. Will show pics as soon as they come:) Thank you guys! Always helping, and I sure do appreciate it.
  8. this is why I love this forum. You guys are always on point with no bs. I really appreciate the help. I had Jack from sensi when my friend took a trip there about 12 years ago. It was one of the best strains I remember, but sadly it was lost. Do you have a link fo the website to g13 (manalishi f1)? is it cannacollective.co.uk? So thumbs up on ordering from these guys? Happy new year to you all!
  9. I have been looking to get the g13 from Sensi, and even though I am a medicinal patient with a terminal illness they will not ship to the USA. I was looking at a few places like Hemp Depot, but I am weary of these places because of mixed reviews. I have bought tons of seeds from Sannie, and they are AWESOME! This g13 is a strain I have needed for a long time. Any advice?
  10. fenix

    Under Current ?

    Thank you. Happy holidays everyone.
  11. fenix

    Under Current ?

    One of the details I am not understanding is what you use to make the seal of the pvc to the bucket. I see current culture has some proprietary method(uniseals I believe). Also if you have a bigger space, what is the equation for pump size? Do you have a target gpm? My room is much larger than most of the grows I have I have seen and I will probably want to run a 20-30 plant system. I am thinking of using my waterfarms for veg and under current for bloom.
  12. fenix

    Under Current ?

    Thank you for taking the time to post this info. I will be trying to build a kit soon. I will post my results
  13. fenix

    Under Current ?

    Does anyone have any personal experience with these tables? I know they are expensive, but they seem to bypass alot of the bs associated with standard drip systems.
  14. Im wondering if anyone has had an issue with these tables drip ring clogging up? I usually run a very low ec and I still have a huge amount of salt build up on the top of the drip rings from splash. I checked one of the hoses that pushes water up to the ring and it was completed clogged at the joint with salt residue. This is a brand new system so its pretty disappointing that it will clog while I have only ran this thing about 8 weeks(veg and bloom total). The other really shitty thing is that I have the system fully scrogged out so its near impossible to get to all the drip rings to clean them. Any advice?
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