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  1. Cannarie's Trees

    But I dont see the link with the look of the buds, @gardenartus. They look like that specifically on the top of the canopy and not lower on. Also the first plant looks like that the most and thats the first plant in front of that fan up high and also the fan on trunk level. I did some minor "lollipopping". But anyway, I harvested yestereday after 63 days. I did have to flush a couple more buds down the toilet because of some more mold spots. But in total it shouldnt be more then about 30 grams of dry weight lost. My rough estimate of the final result is a little over a kilo. Thats from an average of 1320 watts during the 12/12 cycle. I will keep you guys posted on the final number And the little autoflower was moved to the vegetable terrace
  2. Cannarie's Trees

    Ah ok, I see what you mean. I did notice that and I really didnt like the look of it (esthetically). I just interpreted it as a pheno thing, though. You reckon its because of something else, like ventilation?
  3. Cannarie's Trees

    I have to admit, @Hamme Hydro, those buds look perfectly fine I do have a clue how I got the mold, yes. In the first pic of week 8, you can see that a couple buds of the first plant started to get yelow brownish "little bud leaves". I think this was somehow due to the high nutrient level, because this plant seemed to suffer from that the most. The bud that was affected the most also turned out to have the mold. @gardenartus and its not really in a spot where it lacked circulation. What bud exactly did you mean with the popcorn look to it? So my theory is that a dying leave opened up a little wound where the bud could get infected. And off course the size of the bud didn't help. I will now try to make time to harvest tomorrow because of fear the mold will spread. Thats day 63. exactly 9 weeks and thats a day longer than my previous run. But that time it was because vacation I harvested a little bit premature.
  4. Cannarie's Trees

    Haha don't worry about it. I generally assume a "like" is a friendly thing. I was just making sure you didnt miss the mold on the picture
  5. Cannarie's Trees

    Did you just "like" the fact that I've got mold, @SiCKNeSs!?
  6. Cannarie's Trees

  7. Cannarie's Trees

    I get that trimming can be an ok chore. But if there's a timelimit and a lot of trimming to do, I just hate it. And wet material won't stay wet forever. I could never just fully trim 2 to 3 pounds (dry weight) in one or two days. I've considered something like a tumble trimmer, but its just that I like my shit neatly trimmed. Maybe I'll end up getting one, one day.
  8. Beach's Backroom

    nice pics, my man
  9. Cannarie's Trees

    RH is around 40 most of the time, and never really above 50%. If necessary I've got a dehumidifier to keep it down. Given the size of the buds I'd rather be worried about botrytis then mildew. Never had either indoors, though. Im not a really fast trimmer and I always tend to get nervous breakdowns while I trim So generally during wet trimming, the first plant is all neat and after that I want to get it over with as fast as I can
  10. i cant load up my pics on wietforum ??

    Looks like this is sannies way of saying he filed for a divorce and ran off with this juicy young thing called opengrow
  11. Cannarie's Trees

    Well yeah, for a maximum of 3 weeks. Maybe a little less. The buds of the yellow plant seem to be a bit riper then the rest, but I still haven't checked the trichomes. Last round the riper looking ones didnt really have a different trichome development then the rest. I first cut off the bigger leaves before drying and then I trim them when they're dry
  12. Cannarie's Trees

    Yet another week has passed. Week 9. 3 more to go. I decreased the EC to 1.8 in the course of the week. It does show more yellowing, but strange enough also a lot of burned leaves all of a sudden. Maybe some sort of delay from the soil buffer, because they did fine for 2 weeks on EC 2.5 This is not really noticeable on the pics btw. The end of this week they will be watered nute free The bud development slowed down a bit the last 2 weeks. Again dont really notice the explosive growth in the final weeks, that the breeder promises.
  13. Cannarie's Trees

    Thanks Crimson! At the moment I give each plant 8 liters, every 3 days (in 110 liters of medium) Would you suggest giving 5 liters every 2 days or something? Also when the humidity stays low? Because I would be afraid I'd dry out part of the medium by doing that
  14. Cannarie's Trees

    I try to avoid going in there with the plants at this stage to avoid damaging them. So I don't really see the backsides of the buds too often. Relative humidities stay around 40% though and I can kick in the dehumidifier if that changes. Also never had any rot with this strain. So fingers crossed
  15. Cannarie's Trees

    Oh btw, its week 8, day 1 today According to the breeder 1 to 3 weeks left. My aim is for 4 more weeks I've pulled some branches in front of the hole that was appearing due to the dying leaves I just noticed on this picture that I've been watering the little autoflower a little too reckless for the porous coco