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  1. Good evening, my friends from Opengrow. Its day 49 and the weather conditions are far from ideal in this stage. Relative humidity has been through the roof the last weeks. During the day, when the lights are off, I keep it at around 50% with a dehumidifier, but when I'm ventilating with the lights on, thats not of much use. This morning, right before the lights turned off, I went in and the RH was over 70%. And to make things worse, we're gonna have a heatwave next week (the last week), with temperatures over 33 degrees Celsius. Not sure what thats in Fahrenheit, but its HOT! Last week the 2 plants in the front really started hanging. Especially the one on the left, so I used some rope to keep em up. Just my complete luck its the 2 plants in front, cause I wouldn't have been able to reach the two in the back. I feel they totally should be ready next week at the 8 week mark, but I might just wait a little longer till harvest, if that means they wont have to dry in these extreme temps.
  2. Skipped an extra week, and we're at day 42. Two more weeks to go. Im a little disappointed by the development of last week. However I had that feeling the entire flowering cycle last round with this strain, and then the weight turned out a lot better then expected. So all should be good. As long as my old friend Botrytis doesnt decide to show up, that is. Branches are starting to hang more and more. It doenst negatively affect the positioning of the buds though, so as long as they dont snap, thats fine. That last round I already had a few snapped ones at this stage, eventhough there was a lot less bud weight. However they had stretched a lot more back then. Thats it for now. Till next week
  3. Thanks guys! The aim is to get 1,5 kilos out of it. Its way too early for congratulations though, since theres still al lot of oppurtunity for disaster to strike. Mold, bug investations, nuclear apocalypse, what else can go wrong
  4. Im a little late with my day 28 update, but the pics are from 3 days ago which was day 28. Halfway point of the 12/12 cycle. All is going well. Only thing is that the leaves directly underneath the leds are noticeably lighter then the rest. The light intensity is the highest there, and there's the least amount of heat radiation there. Temps have been very high here recently, but the humidity as well. So I just think they lag a bit of evaporation at those sites. But I'd be happy to hear if any of you has another point of view. Especially the leaves from the plant in the left front are affected (which is lighter in general). Btw, this was the problem plant, which now has the biggest buds. That probably has to do with the fact it stretched the most, so its not necessarily going to bring more weight then the rest. Still I'm happy to see its producing fine. The yellowing you see in the left front on the picture below is exaggerated by the reflection of light of the flash, but that is the yellowest bud of the bunch. Also the one closest to the light.
  5. Some pics from yesterday (day 14) As a comparison.. the pic below is from the last grow with this strain at day 14 (obviously not the autoflower in the middle). As you can see its quite the difference!
  6. @Mr Goodfellow, Its "Critical Orange Punch" from Dutch Passion. Its a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Orange Bud, crossed with Critical. I'm not all that impressed by its growth vigor, but that early flower development though. Funny thing is that last round the flowers actually developed slower in the beginning then what I was used to with other strains. I guess they respond well to high light intensity, cause last round I had to dim al lot, and this round I'm actually pretty high in my light output. Another nice thing about this strain (for seed growers) is that there's generally very little phenotype variance.
  7. These pics are from yesterday on the 9th day 12/12. Based on my previous grow I feared that this strain doesn't grow after flipping, like the stain that I'm used to. And indeed it looks like I'm not going to be able to take full advantage of the surface of my grow room. But Because I can slide the led fixtures from and to the sides, that doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be wasting a lot of light on the floor. The flower development is doing a whole lot better than that of the last round though.
  8. clock's switched to 12/12
  9. @oldschoolsg yes ive done that before but that has too many downsides for me. First of all I find it very frustrating working with nets. They always get all tied up and all. Theire a pain during harvest as well. But also, I have a room thats 1.6 x 2 meters with a single opening in the middle, so its really hard to reach the back with a net in place. And then if lets say one cable on a led fixture (that are on the sides of the grow area) gets loose, it will be hard to reach without a net when the room is full, but virtually impossible with one
  10. Been busy yesterday spreading the plants out as much as possible with some rope. before: after: Because of the increased width of the plants, the led strips alone weren't sufficient anymore, so I turned on the hps at 400W (plus 609W from the leds). This will go up to eventually 750W as the plants will be spread further apart over time.
  11. @Hamme Hydro Light intensity could have played part in it. Even though I had the strips dimmed maximally (50%), I was lighting the plants from 2 sides, and the amount of light from my fixtures on full blast is a bit overkill. Then again would it make sense that the plant that has the biggest tendency to stretch (by far), is the one that's affected the most? I Also wasn't using the lamps in the most efficient setup. They sure dont mind a lot of light right now, but Its something to experiment with if it happens again. Flushing isn't really an option with my medium. And I always use fresh soil and coco, so it wouldn't have made sense anyway @Mr Goodfellow no I had never heard of that. But since all plants were affected, 3 fully recoverd, and the other seems to be on its way to full recovery, I doubt thats the problem
  12. @Mr Goodfellow I had thought of co2, because I didn't ventilate the room in the beginning. But the tneons where in the same room and as soon as I put them under there, the leaves would rise up again. I had a vpd of around 0.95, which got to 1.05 yesterday after turning up the lamps intensity (more heat > more ventilation > lower relative humidity), and feeding is as usual, so theres no problem there. The ideal height of LEDs is based on how far the LED's are spread. In case of these strips thats 50% of the distance between the strips. I have a strip every 12 cm's, so that would mean that in normal circumstances I could hang them at a minimum of 6 cm's for good light distribution. Now, if the intensity is too high you could also hang them higher, but that would just mean you waste more light on the walls decreasing the intensity, so you might as well just dim. I have them hanging higher than 6 cm though, because the lamps are tilted and I have to light a bigger surface then just the length of the strips. At the other side of the plants there are also led fixtures btw, but you don't see them because they're raised for the picture.In the picture I think they're at 10 tot 12 cm and yesterday, because of the increasing size of the plants, I put them at around 20cm's (at an increased light output) As far as the plants health, I'd say that all 3 other plants are in similar condition. Its just the one on the rear left that had these issues to this degree. But it really seems, that after bending them, the tide has turned. I do have some theories about that, but who knows why exactly. I'm really glad about this though, because it could mean a huge decrease in yield otherwise with just 4 plants.
  13. Time for another update.. About a week after the last one, I noticed the leaves under the LED's started hanging. I selected the two smallest plans to move to a garden later, and temporarily put them under tneon light. These plants werent as saggy. And when i swiched plants, it reversed. After a while, 3 of the 4 LED plants recovered, but the one that had been really stretchy from the start didnt. It got worse in stead. Even after topping it 2 extra times it also stayed way smaller and taller. So I bended the highest tops with some tie wraps, and for some reason it had recovered (for a big part) the next day. and the next day.. This is what it all looks like now. Or at least yesterday. And these have been in the garden for 8 days now (the pic is from 4 days back)
  14. Yeah i could have just used the leds for underlighting and use both my hps's fromup top. I think it wont be as efficient though
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