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  1. I hope so. Last round they where just a little smaller when switching the clock, and then they eventually only filled up the room 3/4. How do you mean? I feel like the density only decreases during 12/12 due to streching? Obviously the plants will be spread further apart when they increase in size
  2. Its been a while since I posted on here. Been having some issues slowing down the growing pace a bit, but tomorrow the plants are finally going into 12/12. Im not home a lot these weeks, so I have put my dehumidifier in with the plants to control the night time temperatures a bit. Usually I open and close the windows all the time, but now I cant. And thankfully its continuously raining these days, so when the lamps turn off the humidity will rise, and the dehumidifier will turn on and generate some heat.
  3. That depends on the amperage that the driver can run through them. The drivers I use run at a maximum of 1050mA, making 23,4W per strip (times 26 strips). And I can dim them to 50% of that. The maximum amperage that the strips can handle is 1.6A, making 35,7W per strip. But that will increase the temperature of the strips decreasing the efficiency, so nobody really runs them at their maximum. So the more strips you use to run at a certain total Wattage, the more efficient they become and vice versa. I use samsung h-influx strips btw. The most commonly ones used (to my knowledge) are samsung gen 3 f-series strips, which are pretty similar.
  4. haha there we go. Thats just the light though
  5. @Hamme Hydro just throw in an insult here and there, and you cant go wrong my friend @JetDro ideed, theres nothing wrong with 0,9/1. Especially if you're not using ultra efficient led's like I use for half my lighting, thats a solid score! day 8..
  6. Everything is dry and neatly trimmed. Well the last 100 grams is semi neatly trimmed (so i deducted 10% before adding it to the final weight) So in total its 1445 grams, plus a whole bunch of the fluffy stuff I didn't weigh. That was under constantly 609Watts of led light (max power), and an average of 568W of hps light (of max 825W), making a total average of 1177W during 56 days of 12/12. Which makes. 1,23grams per Watt. Cant be happier about the result! Especially considering my room only got 3/4 full, temps were really high around here, and I got mold issues. Before I started my goal was to get at least a gram per watt (for the first time), but I raised this goal mid grow to 1,5 kilos of total weight. Probably would've made that if I didn't get te mold. So thanks everyone for watching, "reacting" and commenting! Yes, really! And I hope to see you all during the next one, of which you'll be seeing more updates very soon. This will be mostly the same of what I did this last round, only hopefully with a filled up room. And then the round after this I think I'm gonna go hydro (still in the orienting phase).
  7. Looks like you completely misread what I was actually saying @Hamme Hydro. to avoid misinterpretations, I specifically said in that comment that I didnt mean to say a bad word about the people here because everybody is so kind. What I did say is that I feel more at home in a more direct environment because it doesnt make me feel like I have to be polite all the time myself. Where the dutch forum is a lot more direct, here its more supportive and kind. I think thats just a representation of the Dutch and the American culture. Theres nothing wrong with either. I just happen to be from a part of Holland where people tend to be even more direct then in other parts. So thats just the reason I spend more of my time on the dutch forum. Thats all. But that doesnt mean I dont appreciate it when people are nice to me. I actually appreciate the shit out of anybody commenting in my topic! Positive or negative. Even from the people on the dutch forum that I cant stand and that I am in arguments with all the time. But one thing thats so great about this forum is how active people are. On the other hand in the dutch forum a lot goes by totally ignored by everybody. I mentioned this as well btw
  8. Sorry guys, been a bit too busy to report on several forums at once. So this is where we're at.. Right after last update I discovered some mold. But because the plants really werent read yet, i risked not to harvest until a week later. In this week I had to cut out 1 or 2 new rotten buds every day. Fortunately the rot was at an early stage everytime, so the amount I had to throw away was relatively small. During harvest (saturday 27th of june at day 57) I found a couple more spots, but I reckon I didnt throw away more then a total of 50 grams of dry weight. So the gamble of waiting one more week payed off. This is right before harvest.. @Hamme Hydro to answer your question, the main cola's were very hard, like they were last round. However with the lower ones I was a bit disappointed. Of course the canopy was a lot more compact this time, which must have affected the light penetration to these buds. So what I wanna do next round is harvest in 2 stages. The main buds first and the rest a week or so later. I ended up with about 2.5 of these nets.. A couple of these bouquets.. And then about 1- to 200 grams of untrimmed bud hanging on the plant (of which I have no pic ) I harvested over a period of 5 days. The first 1/3 is dry by now and the rest will be in a couple of days. I will report a final score by then Just planted the seeds for the next round yesterday. I'll do roughly the same, only this time I can hopefully fill out the entire room in stead of only 3/4. Btw guys, thanks a lot for all the nice comments. Really appreciate it!
  9. Good evening, my friends from Opengrow. Its day 49 and the weather conditions are far from ideal in this stage. Relative humidity has been through the roof the last weeks. During the day, when the lights are off, I keep it at around 50% with a dehumidifier, but when I'm ventilating with the lights on, thats not of much use. This morning, right before the lights turned off, I went in and the RH was over 70%. And to make things worse, we're gonna have a heatwave next week (the last week), with temperatures over 33 degrees Celsius. Not sure what thats in Fahrenheit, but its HOT! Last week the 2 plants in the front really started hanging. Especially the one on the left, so I used some rope to keep em up. Just my complete luck its the 2 plants in front, cause I wouldn't have been able to reach the two in the back. I feel they totally should be ready next week at the 8 week mark, but I might just wait a little longer till harvest, if that means they wont have to dry in these extreme temps.
  10. Skipped an extra week, and we're at day 42. Two more weeks to go. Im a little disappointed by the development of last week. However I had that feeling the entire flowering cycle last round with this strain, and then the weight turned out a lot better then expected. So all should be good. As long as my old friend Botrytis doesnt decide to show up, that is. Branches are starting to hang more and more. It doenst negatively affect the positioning of the buds though, so as long as they dont snap, thats fine. That last round I already had a few snapped ones at this stage, eventhough there was a lot less bud weight. However they had stretched a lot more back then. Thats it for now. Till next week
  11. Thanks guys! The aim is to get 1,5 kilos out of it. Its way too early for congratulations though, since theres still al lot of oppurtunity for disaster to strike. Mold, bug investations, nuclear apocalypse, what else can go wrong
  12. Im a little late with my day 28 update, but the pics are from 3 days ago which was day 28. Halfway point of the 12/12 cycle. All is going well. Only thing is that the leaves directly underneath the leds are noticeably lighter then the rest. The light intensity is the highest there, and there's the least amount of heat radiation there. Temps have been very high here recently, but the humidity as well. So I just think they lag a bit of evaporation at those sites. But I'd be happy to hear if any of you has another point of view. Especially the leaves from the plant in the left front are affected (which is lighter in general). Btw, this was the problem plant, which now has the biggest buds. That probably has to do with the fact it stretched the most, so its not necessarily going to bring more weight then the rest. Still I'm happy to see its producing fine. The yellowing you see in the left front on the picture below is exaggerated by the reflection of light of the flash, but that is the yellowest bud of the bunch. Also the one closest to the light.
  13. Some pics from yesterday (day 14) As a comparison.. the pic below is from the last grow with this strain at day 14 (obviously not the autoflower in the middle). As you can see its quite the difference!
  14. @Mr Goodfellow, Its "Critical Orange Punch" from Dutch Passion. Its a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Orange Bud, crossed with Critical. I'm not all that impressed by its growth vigor, but that early flower development though. Funny thing is that last round the flowers actually developed slower in the beginning then what I was used to with other strains. I guess they respond well to high light intensity, cause last round I had to dim al lot, and this round I'm actually pretty high in my light output. Another nice thing about this strain (for seed growers) is that there's generally very little phenotype variance.
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