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  1. Gorilla Mike

    Cloners , Cloning And Clones

    Amazing work Dequelo! You are an awesome cloner! Even more impressive is that you’ve “cloned” the EZ-Clone machine! I’m coming back to re-read this until I got it figured out and am following you 100%. When I saw the EZ-Clone machine at a trade show I thought right away there’s not much to it and I could make my own too. But you beat me to it. And I’m glad you did because you described very well in detail exactly how to do it so its totally dependable. You use rockwool cubes for your cutting plugs. What I don’t understand yet is how you can do it without a humidity dome. Can you describe in detail why your fresh clones don’t wilt in your system without one? On the EZ-clone website they say its the bubbling airitated water kissing the cuttings sticking through the bottoms of the plugs. I usually clone in dirt cause I’m a soil growing guy. Its always worked for me but I don’t clone a lot anyway. But when I saw this system I thought the trick was in the water and so I soaked my clones’ dirt to accomplished the same effect but I fucked up my clones with this bad move! They may not survive my dumb mistake. So I’m definitely using your blueprint for my next round. Besides I’m not used to cloning anyway, just once in a Blue Moon. I’m a big grower and have always depended on fresh seeds to grow maximum Bud potency but now you’ve got me wanting to try your plan! I saw a cool auto-trimmer the same time as I saw the EZ-clone machine at that trade show that really hooked me too. So I got one. Now I got 4 it works so good and NEVER breaks down but spent the whole afternoon at the tradeshow seeing if and how I could copy the auto-trimmer I liked too. It’s a Tom’s Tumble Trimmer and you can check it out on their website or Youtube to see what I mean. Cause it looks so simple like the EZ-clone, for a while there I thought I could made my own too. But the more I thought about it, the more dicey my copy idea got. There’s just too many little things I’d have to scrounge to make my own and have it work right. I even got a chance to talk to Tom at the trade show and he’s a pretty straight-up guy and said a lot of people have tried to make their own but could never get it to work right. He promised me that would never happen if I bought one of his. He said his tumbler is so dependable and maintenance-free he doesn’t offer a warranty or guarantee because you just don’t need one. He said he’s sold hundreds of them through his dealer connections and not one of them have ever needed to get back to him with complaints. But if for any reason anybody (like me for example) ever did have a problem he’d stand behind his invention 100% and see for himself what the problem was and fix it or just flat out replace it without any cost to me. So I believed him and I’m glad I did cause mine have all been running steady every harvest without a hitch. I get the same feeling about your careful instructions and really believe I can depend on them just like my TTT’s to help me build my own “Tubbler”! But if you get back to me about my question of how your clones don’t wilt without a dome, I really appreciate it. If you don’t get a chance though, I’m just gonna go for it and see it work after I’ve built it with my own eyes! You rock Dequelo!
  2. Gorilla Mike

    My New Mission Quest and an S.O.S

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my first “SOS” post! Even “gardenartus” who said my first post struck her as “wrong”. I’m an old timer so I’m new to forums in general and the internet itself strikes me as “wrong” and I feel kind of weird talking to strangers in different countries but its weird in a cool kind of way and I’m enjoying it. And that’s why its taken me so much time, (like a whole month!) to get back to you all because I still don’t understand how forums work. And thanks to those of you who stuck up for me in this regard. So I’m going to try and say “Hey” back and respond to all of you to catch up. Like the dumb joke that made everybody laugh in the theatre when we saw Pulp Fiction for the first time: Mamma tomato, Papa tomato and Baby tomato where walking along and Baby tomato started dragging behind and Papa tomato stomped on Baby tomato and said, ‘KETCHUP’! That’s why I mentioned Jeff Sessions: we’ve made huge advancements in legalization over the last forty years and this asshole wants to put us all back into the stone age by making MJ illegal again in states where its already legal. He fucked up a lot of MJ businesses but now I’ve learned that huge numbers of people are fighting him and he won’t last long. The Premier of Manitoba Canada did the same to us here: even though our whole country is going legal, our premier found a loop hole in Trudeau’s new legislation that gave each Canadian province the option to oppose legalization and he took it! Doesn’t matter to me though cause I’m a big time underground grower and I hate any government and will continue growing illegally and still make my tax-free money. I have no guilt. The Canadian government is the biggest Gang in the country and they just want our money and take, take take! But enough about my political rant. Just so you good folks outside of North America know, if political bullshit happens on this side of the ocean, it’ll definitely happen in your countries on the other side. Politicians are the same everywhere, eh? Remember when all drugs were legal in Holland, and then they reversed that in the 90’s? Thanks to you guys who recommended those great auto-trimmers like Twister and Spin and Trim. I say ‘great’ cause I know they work for lots of people but they don’t go down good with me. Twister’s too complicated and jammed up on me and the Spin and Trim I saw work at a trade show or somewhere, just seems like a cheap rip-off of the original I finally found. And that’s my big news for today you guys! I FINALLY FOUND A GREAT AUTO-TRIMMER that doesn’t use blades, doesn’t break down and doesn’t even need any cleaning! It’s called a Tom’s Tumble Trimmer and comes from California. I’ve done 2 harvests in two of my separate locations with it since I posted here a month ago, and it’s amazing. It costs only around a grand while Twister cost me several grand and needed heavy maintenance. My new TTT needs ZERO maintenance cause its got no blades, just a mesh drum and a silent motor to spin it! I got it at a grow shop in SC and the dealer there warned me it has no guarantee, but it doesn’t need one cause he’s been selling them out of his shop for 3 years now and his customers only rave about them never gave him any complaints-- instead, they come back for more additional ones! I’m thinking of doing the same thing so I have one in each of my secret locations so I don’t have to cart it around from grow to grow. Here’s how it works: It's not just a drum with a mesh. It is a three part system. It trims with a half-inch holed mesh. It separates popcorn pieces from the trim with the 1/4 inch mesh and it extracts kief with the 110 micron mesh. Tom's got several sized models. They are all designed to use inter-changeable meshes. The way it works is the buds actually trim each other as they tumble in the soft mesh barrel environment. This thing is quite and never breaks down and basically needs no maintenance, just a bit of Pam cooking spray on the zippers once in awhile. I've been using natural hemp oil spray. It paid for itself in a day at my first Op I used it in. Ten of my friends came over to see it in action and now they've bought their own, and I see nothing but great reviews on the internet. So Cheers to you all for trying to help me with my SOS! Best of luck to all of you out there who've found their own great trimmer, cause I know there is room for everybody in this new blossoming industry. Hope my thoughts help! Gorilla Mike
  3. I am a pro grower and want to see how my fellow growers are dealing with the ramifications of the Jeff Sessions issue and sharing my own special growing and harvesting techniques. When I was learning to grow 30 years ago, pure learning was my biggest thrill in growing. (Besides smoking my finished Buds!) I keep learning and applying all the latest science in growing bigger better Buds but now my new mission is learning how to streamline my harvest techniques. And along with that, I’m on a quest to find the perfect automated trimming machine! With over 2500 plants at anyone time (and that number just keeps on growing!) production used to go smoothly because my grower gang simply switched over to hand-trimming after harvest and drying. But when the new automated bladed trimming machines came on the market I bought a pair to open up the bottleneck hand-trimming created. They weren’t cheap and for the first year, when they were running great my growers/hand-trimmers switched over to operate the machines and there was no bottleneck. But then these expensive little bastards would break down even after regular maintenance pit-stops and we were back to the bottleneck situation. I’d just buy another pair of bladed trimmer from another brand while my originals where sent back to the factory for repair to get us out of the bottleneck. But that routine was getting to be an expensive pain in the ass. After a year the new machines would break down and right on cue a new brand of bladed trimmer would jump on the market and I’d buy that pair to replace the broke-down ones. These things were supposed to be saving me time and money but they were making me spend more! That’s why my new mission and quest in life is to find the perfect automated trimming machine that don’t breakdown after the first year. Now, I believe I’ve tried every EVERY bladed trimmer on the market and I’m still not happy with their performance...Anybody got any suggestions?