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  1. When we got back home after the Portland Marijuana Trade show last weekend, we found our homes and operation BURN FREE! Luckily, our solar panels and wind turbines hadn’t been touched by flames and the fire didn’t even get close enough to even melt anything. We mounted them originally on the bald face of our mountain for that reason and it really paid off this time! They were pumping electricity into our mine shaft grow 24/7 and our generator never had to kick in once! Our grower neighbours farther down in the valley got decimated. A wicked forest fire like the one we had strips trees of their foliage like a bucking machine strips our marijuana plants of their Buds. At the trade show it was funny overhearing a lot of newbies and people who sounded like they had never even grown one MJ plant in their lives get mixed up in their heads about what all the trimming machines on display at the trade show could and could not do. These newbies thought you could stick a whole plant into a trimming machine and it would strip the plants stalk and stems of leaves and Buds like a forest fire...without destroying anything important of course! So they thought the huge price tags on these machines were fair. Finally, I just had to laugh at one couple standing next to me who were talking just like this while we were looking at a new trimmer called the, “Zoom Pro”. Its not exactly new but was new to us as we’d never heard of it before. It cost over $20, 000 with taxes! This naive couple was saying shit like, “Oh, it must be worth it if it does everything—bucks the Buds off stems and stalks and then trims the Buds.” That’s when I piped up and let them in on the bad news: Bucking and trimming are too different stages in the harvest and no one machine can do both. You should have seen their faces! They immediately changed their tune and started ragging on about what a rip off that Zoom trimmer was! And I of course agreed with them and told them our trimming machine only costs a fraction of the Zoom at under 3 grand and that, “we use a separate machine called the, ‘Munch Machine’ for our bucking—the stage where you gotta take all the Buds off the plant.” I told them that, at the end of the day, any trimming machine can only achieve one thing: trimming the Buds of their leaves. It’s a matter of quality difference how these trimming machines compare in how well they do that without stripping the Buds of their natural shape and all the trichomes and resins that go to waste with it. You should have really seen their faces then! The husband asked me, “So what kind of a trimming machine do you use?” “A Tom’s Tumble Trimmer”, I told him. “It’s way better than this monstrosity. It trims 60lbs an hour dry compared to this Zoom Pro which claims to dry trim only 45lbs an hour! “Plus”, I said, “the price tag on this thing reads $18, 990 while our Tom’s 2600 only set us back $2900 before taxes. Which would you rather buy?” The guy said, “Well, where is the Tom’s here?” I told him Tom’s wasn’t at this trade show. He must sell so many of his machines he doesn’t need to advertise much, but you can look him up on your phone right now. “Holy shit!” the guy and his wife said, “This Tom’s 2600 looks so simple there’s no way it could trim 60lbs an hour compared to the Zoom.” His wife added, “The Zoom looks like a rocket ship engine and should do a better, way faster job of trimming.” “That’s why its good to compare prices,” I said. “We have 5000 plants to trim every harvest and we love our Tom’s so much, we got 5.” “Five?” “That’s right, and at only around a little over $3000 grand with taxes, our Tom’s Tumble Trimmers never break down, need zero cleaning and the only maintenance we need to do after every harvest is spray some hemp oil on the zippers!” The guy just looked at his wife, shook his head and said, “This Zoom Pro has blades and looks like it would tear the shit out the Buds and need a ton of maintenance and replacement parts like a fancy sports car.” “Exactly, and the killer thing about Tom’s is that we’ve had ours for 4, going on five years now and they’re still running like brand new—cause there’s no fancy moving parts to break down—the only moving part on our Tom’s is the motor that spins the tumbling trimming drum.” So you guys, in the case of the Zoom Pro, the old saying that says, “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. I didn’t even think about buying one these just to test it. Just looking at it and whopping big price tag, made me think its a nightmare headache waiting to happen.
  2. I just noticed, they got me up here as a "Beginning Grower". Hell! I've been growing without ever getting caught for almost 30 years now! How they came up with that Tag beats me (off)! Oh well, let's get down to some "Binnez" with a review! It’s August 18, 2018 and I love it when the numbers in the date are the same. To me its a sign of good luck! And up here in north western BC with forest fires raging all around us, we need all the luck we can get! Couple of weeks ago we had to do an emergency evacuation of all our greenhouses and moved thousands of our plants into our winter mine shaft for protection. We even dismantled every one of our greenhouses and stashed the works in our old gold mine shaft until next spring. We got a giant bio-diesel generator the size of a Hundyi for power and a pure spring water stream right inside the mine so we’re all set and our plants will continue on as if nothing ever happened! All we’re worried about is our wind turbines and solar panels. We’ve managed to squeeze by every summer with the forest fires here without them coming too close to our operation, but this summer everything might get fried to a crisp! Oh well, we’ve got our shit together and are budgeted for disasters like this. So when the fire was at its worst, and creeping ever closer to our grow, we decided to take a break and go down to the latest Portland MJ Tradeshow for some R&R. While perusing all the cool and not so cool new gadgets and products at the show I thought the only thing missing here was our beautiful all-organic Buds on display...and sale! With our name plastered all over our booth for customers to remember. We’re not hurting for sales but the only thing about being an underground grower without a license from Health Canada: you can’t show off your wares...even in the States! We saw most of the big trimming machine companies I’ve been reviewing here and this time I saw a new one called the “Speedee Trim Trimmer.” This is a perfect example of how Americans can get away with bullshitting right through every part of their advertising: the Speedee Trim is the last thing from being “speedy”! Obviously I didn’t buy one. The only fast thing about the “Speedy” is that its faster than hand-trimming. But not by far. So this review is just to warn hobby growers about “junk” like this. If you’re a hobby grower with only a few plants, and growing just for yourself, this is the last thing you need! When I first started out growing my own I only had four plants. Why even bother trimming them Buds? The sugar leaves left on my little harvest just made for a better smoke! The fan leaves I’d just pick off gradually in the last days of bloom and smoke ‘em after they were dry instead of tobacco. That’s how I was able to quite smoking toxic tobacco! When I got just a little bigger and was growing eight plants at a time, that’s when I wished there was a faster way to hand-trim. The Speedee Trim would have been great then, cause I was starting to grow so much surplus my good friends started begging me to sell it and that’s when I went “commercial” on a tiny scale! That was just a few years before the first auto-trimmer came out. Now looking back, and from what I now know about harvesting, I’m glad I did what I did and the way I did it. I sold my Buds with the sugar leaves still on them and nobody complained. I actually got compliments instead! By the time I was growing 50 plants at a time, the first auto-trimmers came out but they seemed too big for my needs. I didn’t like hand-trimming because of how handling the Buds to trim them, the nice sticky resin wore off on my figures and I hated wasting it so I’d suck it off my fingers! By the time I got finished I was as HIGH as a kite! They say the trichomes don’t have any effect “raw” but that’s not true! Your own body heat is enough to activate the THC! At least mine was anyway. And the Speedee Trim isn’t gonna solve this “problem”. Because its hand-held like a barber’s trimmer, you still gotta touch the Buds and waste all those trichomes. Now that I’m harvesting over 5000 plants per harvest we use 5 Tom’s Tumble Trimmers the best auto-trimmer out there cause nothing sticks to a Tom’s. It gently trims Bud by tumbling it in a patented food/medical grade mesh material. The dried Buds trim each other by bumping all the dried leaves off as they tumble which get collected at the bottom and we use that trim and kief for hash. These TTT2600’s are real honkers and can perfectly trim 60lbs an hour without any maintenance or cleaning. What a time saver! But for you hobby growers turning commercial and need to speed your trimming up, Tom’s has a “Table Top” small version that does the all the great things his big ones that we use do. So if you’re getting up to that point of growing over 20 plants to grow a small commercial operation, you might wanna try them. They’re way faster then the hand-held Speedee and they trim 1-3lbs in about 5 minutes and the Speedee could never keep up to that! I just stood there at the trade show looking at that thing, shaking my head, thinking of how trying to trim 60lbs worth of Bud would gum up those little blades on the Speedee like nothing! You’d have to stop every half hour just to clean off all the wasted resin. I can think of one great use for the Speedee. If you’re a dispensary owner and like to “Showcase” your “designer” Buds in display glass containers it would be great to perfectly trim those few that came in needing touch ups. So even though the Speedee looks like it quality-made little hand-held machine, I still would not recommend it unless you’ve got a specific targeted use for it. And please don’t buy it for a bikini line trimmer or you’d end up looking like you just stepped out of a Friday the 13th sequel!
  3. I saved this trimmer machine review for last and wanted to post it on Friday the 13th to show how “unlucky” this jumbo colossal joke has wasted more growers’ time than any other trimming machine on the market. But I couldn’t wait, so its Monday the 13th and I had to warn you all big growers not to waste YOUR time on this disaster waiting to happen. I didn’t buy one to test it because is a direct “Frankenstein” auto-trimming machine and an obvious rip-off of Tom’s Tumble Trimmer. It came out 2 years after Tom’s and at its heart, is a duplication of Tom’s mesh tumble trimming system. I know guys who bought into it and I wish they would post here, but they told me it does work and does do everything it claims to do but they still regret buying it! Why? Because of what makes it a Frankenstein version of Tom’s with all the extra add-on time-wasting gimmicks. Its main claim to “fame” is that can trim wet or dry buds using a Co2 freeze and not only trims Buds but separates and collects the resin. But with all the extra time and work you have to take to do it...it’s just NOT worth it because Tom’s does the same thing without all the time-wasting gimmicks. Hell, Tom’s even has an optional CO2 kit too, but its for ultra-sophisticated resin-focused collection to make extracts. If you want it, you got it, because Tom’s is designed to keep 99% of the resin on your Buds and trim where it belongs but if you want to go to the extra steps to take all of the resin off your Buds to make concentrates you can. And you can do it faster and easier with a Tom’s Co2 kit then having to pay the big price tag on the “Original Resinator”! The only thing “Original” about the Original Resinator is its name! So again, don’t waste your time on this rip-off contraption because it costs almost 3 times as much as a Tom’s even though it does the same things in twice the time!
  4. What got me into the TTT2600 was grower friends of mine down in Southern California. I dropped down to visit from BC one summer to check out the surfing and the latest cutting-edge new gear the growing industry had to offer in some of LA’s top grow shops. These grow shops always had wild new stuff for sale way before it was advertised up in Canada. My friends told me about this new dry auto-mated trimming machine called, “Tom’s Tumble Trimmer” and invited me to check out theirs in action in the middle of one of their harvests. When I went into their curing building were it was set up all I could hear was the satellite radio playing and people talking while they prepped the plants for trimming. I was surprised to see 3 TTT’s going at the same time because I didn’t hear them. Up close they sounded like 3 dryers drying laundry. They sure didn’t look like dryers though! Basically they were mesh drums on metal stands that were tumbling on metal stands that looked like office furniture. Through the mesh I could see the Buds. “That’s it?” I asked. My friend smiled and said, “These baby’s are so simple, they’re too good to be true, but they are!” They only cost just under $3000 which is a fraction of what all the other commercial sized auto-mated trimmers cost. After, all the grow shops I went to had a TTT on display. I bought a TTT2600 and took it home to Canada. It came in two boxes and I got it through Customs easy. After putting it together which only took me 10 minutes, I plugged it in and turned it on empty and watched, listened and learned. The first harvest of mine I put it to the test and it was amazing. That was 4 years ago. My TTT2600 worked so perfectly, we ended up buying 4 more over the years as our operation grew, and my first one is still running and looking like brand new. The most important thing was the trimming job. My Buds came out looking like they were trimmed by hand! Just last year we tested our Buds trimmed with Tom’s at an independent lab. We gave the lab untrimmed Buds so they could test and compare them to Buds from the same plant that had been trimmed with our Tom’s. The lab found that the trimmed Buds had 99% of their crystals, resins, THC (32%!) and terpenes content still on the Buds compared to the untrimmed Buds. The results were so amazing, that over the last year we tested all our other machines with the same lab and none of them came even close to Tom’s for not stripping off all the good stuff in the trimming process! Here’s all details of what the TTT2600 does: Functions It’s a Dry trimmer and removes small leaves from flowers gently and efficiently while preserving structure and aromas. System trims, separates flowers and extracts pollen/kief with interchangeable Mesh Nets. Capacity One drum load can process 3 - 6 pounds per 3-5 minute cycle which adds up to 24-36 pounds per hour! Specifications Powder-coated steel frame with high-torque 150-watt DC motor with variable speed control, food grade aluminum drums and axle, two mesh nets for trimming and separating, 151 micron net for pollen/kief extraction, clear funnel flow bag and retractable dust cover for viewing of process. The mesh nets are made out of Tom’s patented medical/food material and NOTHING sticks! The trim falls through the mesh and is collected at the bottom and all the sticky resins, trichomes and terpenes stay on the Buds where they belong. Buds are trimmed as they bump together by the tumbling action created by the rolling mesh drum walls so there’s no blades to worry about. Dimensions (Including frame, motor and dust cover): 34.2” x 43” x 60”. Features Gentle Super Quiet Fast Effective Safe Minimal maintenance Easily Movable Users The TTT2600 is ideal for growers like me. We’re processing 250-300 pounds or more a day with EACH of our Tom’s! Maintenance Minimal maintenance required. Mesh Nets are machine washable but we’ve never washed ours. The Pollen/kief screen can be washed by hand with alcohol but why bother? All we needed to do was lubricate the zippers after every harvest with beeswax or other organic lubricant. They recommend aerosol cooking oil spray but we prefer spraying all-natural hemp oil on the zippers. Warranty All parts are covered by warranty for replacement for one year. There’s no guarantee because our Tom’s Tumble Trimmers have been working perfectly ever since we started using them—which is a lot, 4 times a year! Assembly Some assembly required. Directions included. And like I said, the whole process only takes 10 minutes! Shipping Ships in two unmarked boxes, total 106 pounds (129 lbs. Dim weight). Optional Accessories (additional charges apply) Liquid C02 Infusion Kit Additional Mesh Nets Additional funnel flow bags Caster wheels There’s no other Trimmer I think I’ll ever try now because our Tom’s Tumble Trimmer 2600 does it all. If you’re looking for the perfect trimming machine, I give Tom’s a 5 Star rating and highly recommend it because it does all the trimming work, so you won’t have to!
  5. GreenBroz is everywhere. Like God. Or at least seems to be everywhere because they have an office in several major cities across Canada and the US. They will drive to your grow just to give you a free demo no matter where your grow is! That’s service, and you haven’t even bought one yet. That’s why I call them, “The God” of automated dry trimmers. But they’re hoping you’ll buy one on the spot after seeing how great it works! When I called them up to order one, they thanked me for calling and started asking me all kinds of questions to book a demo appointment. I told them I wasn’t calling to book, I was calling to buy. I told them, my demo is going to be using it over and over again every harvest to see how good it holds up because of course its going to work perfectly in a one shot demo. The thing costs as much as a car but you don’t see car dealers driving to your place hauling in the car you want to buy! Actually the machine is not as much as a car. It costs between the price of a motorcycle and a small end car: $10,780 plus taxes. Its a beautiful thing too...as far as automated dry trimmers go. Its the fastest machine I’ve ever used, clocking in at trimming 8-12 pounds of Bud an hour! And while its working, you can hardly hear it! Basically, it perfectly trims Buds by rolling them gently on a blade the size of a vinyl LP record so the end result is each Bud in your 12 pound load looks exactly as if they they were hand-trimmed. Here’s all that comes with buying one: 8-12 Pounds Per Hour means you’ll make pure profit WITHOUT having to pay hand-trimmers by the hour for hundreds, if not thousands of hours and all the other hidden costs of hand-trimmed labour. Adjustable Speed Setting allows for a perfect tight trimmed bud and lots of trimming shake for further project profits. 30-Minute Timer lets you walk away when you need to, with the convenience of never having to worry about over-trimming and unnecessary waste. LED Work Light lets you see your trim job in progress with perfect clarity without shadow or glare in full or dim lighting. Top Quality Lightweight Precision Stainless Steel Blades equals less moving parts, for faster, easier dismantling of blades for rapid thorough clean-ups in 10 to 15 minutes. Stainless Steel Stand on heavy-duty cart wheels enables smooth rolling durable portability to any work station in your facility. Bud Bagger Chute for quick convenient bagging. Bin For Trim Collection ensures your product Buds are completely separated from the trim for fastest sorting speed. Adjustable Side Table For Trim Tools keeps those little extras immediately at hand and organized. Forward / Reverse Switch means you control the trimming process and not the machine. Motor Only Uses 40 Watts (Power: 115v 60 Hz at 40W.7 Amp) so your operational energy costs are minimal. Silent Running lets you trim in peace, talk with your broz and listen to music without any stressful, irritating mechanical noise to drag down the work vibe flow. Housing is made out of HDPE, which is the same material as cutting boards: it won’t hold microbial or bacterial growth so your Buds are always Dispensary-ready and perfect. Blades are made out of food grade stainless steel for Buds trimmed to Medical Standards. Adjustable speed setting lets you control the blade rotation speed up to 20 RPMs protecting the original contour and shape of each Bud identical to the best hand-trimmed LOOK in the industry. Weight: 65 Lbs. on certified 500lbs. “silent-running” coasters for trouble-free mobility. Dimensions: 56″ x 33″ x 27.5″ For the immense volume of product our compact machine can handle, it won’t “hog” your work area. Full-size trim compartment shatter-resistant viewing glass lets you SEE your Buds being trimmed to perfection. TEN year manufacturer’s parts and labour warranty so you’re fully protected. Most importantly, faster efficient trimming at better quality then hand-trimming means your Return On Investment increases by 1000%. I was totally happy with it because I could totally see where all the money in the high price tag was going. I was so happy with it after a few years of using it I was ready to buy a second one until I found a TTT2600. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is a deceptively simple-looking machine and its not as fast as a GreenBroz but it trims perfectly like the GB at a fraction of the cost. What hooked me on Tom’s over the GreenBroz was that it didn’t need any maintenance or cleaning and that made up for its slower trimming speed compared to the GB. With my GreenBroz we had to over-haul the damn thing after every harvest, cleaning the resin and stripped tri’s off, replacing blades and various parts that would break from wear and tear. This all added up in time and money spent that you just don’t have to sink into a TTT. And the TTT doesn’t strip off tri’s and resin. Your Buds are always at their maximum potency. So if you like constantly tuning and tinkering with a high-end sports car more than driving one, and don’t mind paying the high price I would highly recommend a GreenBroz.
  6. Way back after I'd already accumulated 3 Trimpro trimmers, 2 of them jammed up right at the end of one of our harvests. While my team got down to cleaning them up, I went shopping for a new trimmer from an ad I saw in Cannabis Culture magazine. Back then Cannabis Culture mag was the top selling Pot Magazine in Canada and we growers liked it more than High Times which we also got. I liked it more because I met the owner Marc Emery back when he ran a used book store in London Ontario Canada. The book store was just a front for a massive growing operation he had going in the top 5 floors above the store. Marc wasn't just growing weed, he was developing his own line of seeds. When he got big enough, he moved out to Vansterdam (Vancouver), became fabulously well to do from selling his seeds on his own magazine and the rest is history. So when I needed a new trimmer and saw the "Mean Green Trimming Machine Pro" model ad in his mag, I trusted it right away and called them up and ordered one. Their delivery was super fast and it was shipped out way before our next harvest. The first great thing about it was, it was ready to go right out of the box. It came with extra stainless steel blades that where patented and never needed sharpening so you could swap them in when ever you had to take the original blades out for cleaning. When it did need to be cleaned, it was an easy 10 minute job. It's 20" patented diamond plated drum kept the blades sharp and never needed cleaning itself. Compared to the other bladed trimmers I bought later it was quite and sounded like a clothes dryer tumbling a load. It also had cool electric controls and timers just like a dryer. It cost me close to $15,000 with taxes and customs charges but was worth it to us at the time, because it never broke down. After bucking and shucking all we needed to do was throw in a load of dry Buds and it would perfectly trim 4 to 7lbs an hour which was pretty impressive. It even had a pollen screen and drawer to collect it and over-all it did pretty damn good by us! I'd recommend it if you could afford the high price, but it seems that even though they have a website, the model I bought, the DP20PRO is out of production or out of stock and you'd have to call 'em to order one if they still had 'em. Looking back, now that we got 5 dry Tom's Tumble Trimmers (TTT) I'd never recommend the Mean Green Trimming Machine for several reasons that make Tom's a better buy: *The TTT2600 is a way better buy at only $3000 with taxes and shipping. * The TTT2600 never breaks down AND NEVER NEEDS CLEANING/MAINTENANCE * The TTT2600 can perfectly trim 4-6lbs an hour and even though it ain't as fast as the MGTM... * The TTT2600 is faster in the long run cause there's never any down time for cleaning. * The best thing about the TTT2600 is that it keeps over 90% of the resin and tri's on your Buds! * Any that do come-off are on the trim/shake which is collected in a bottom kief bag. So even though the Mean Green Trimming Machine did great for us, its obsolete now and I wouldn't recommend it.
  7. While checking out internet grow shop stores I came across one called,"The Indoor Grow Store". I was looking for lights but the first page to come up was an ad for another mechanical trimmer. How many of these things are there? I know my spelling and grammar aren't too hot, but this is a forum and I'm just a guy, but this store should be more professional to make sure the writing on their site is straight. There were so many writing mistakes on this ad, it made me distrust what they were trying to sell. This ad was for a hand-held trimmer and the price in big giant numbers was $349.99. It doesn't even say how much and how fast it can trim, just a bunch of generalities about how great it is...yada yada yada. You'd think if they went to all the trouble to hire guys in China to build this thing for mass production they could at least take the time to tell you specific things that would make you wanna buy it. But for this reason, I'm not wasting any more of my time trying to figure out over-priced junk and neither should you!
  8. This is a copy of a copy of a BAD IDEA. So why did my girlfriend get me this as a birthday present? She thought it would be funny. The look on my face when I opened the box was funny. Saved for all time on her iPhone. I wish everything worked as well as our iPhones. I know one machine thing that works even better, but I'll save that for later. I wanted to throw the thing across the room like a basketball but I'm not prone to violence. Especially on my birthday, so I set it up in my basement. My basement is my fun zone. Half is set up like a party area with 400sqft of couches, a bar, a little dance floor, a big screen TV and stereo system and the other 400sqft is my secret grow room where I test out new strains to see if I want to mass produce them on a large scale in my grow op. I was just ready to do a little trimming on my nice big fat Buds from my latest experimental strain, "Trainwreck". My experimental trim with my new G-LEAF 16-Inch Bowl Leaf trimmer turned out to be a trainwreck! The colas were so huge I couldn't even fit them in! This 16" little monstrosity failed for me right there. It's definitely designed for the newbie hobby grower who's the kind of lazy dude who thinks he needs a machine to do everything he could do by hand. This "machine" is so dumbass stupid I wouldn't even call it a machine cause you gotta crank the thing by hand for 10 grueling minutes to trim a quarter of a pound of smaller sized Buds. I can hand-trim a quarterpounder of Buds in 10 minutes. Like all the other bowl trimmers, the solid blade turns under the barbecue grill base inside the bowl. The bottom half of the bowl and grill are quality stainless steel to catch the trim. The crank and all the other metal pieces are stainless steel too. The top half is a clear plastic dome that houses the hanging tumbling plastic strips that turn the Buds where the leaves are trimmed off as they stick through the grill. That being said, it actually did nice job of trimming but because it took longer to trim those Buds than by doing it by hand I wouldn't recommend it. And if, as a hobby newbie grower you did manage to produce some nice sticky Buds, the striped tri's and resin from the trimming process would build up on the inside of everything and your plastic dome wouldn't be clear no MO! I just trimmed one plant worth of Buds with it and the resin build-up was so bad, I cleaned it by scraping all the good stuff off just to make a tiny wad of hash and then threw the thing out! The machine, not the wad! And the price? It was a present remember, so I can't tell you, but whatever it costs that'll be funny too! If you're dumb enough to not believe what I've explained to you here and go out and buy one on eBay or Amazon, (cause they're too cheap to even have a website) you deserve what you get.
  9. The Spin Pro Manual is another trimming machine company I didn’t call up and buy as soon as I read about it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. It’s just too small for my needs. I think I saw the ad for it in Maximum Yield and when I went to their web site I was pleased. They tell you right up front that its for small to medium projects. They provide great info you need to determine whether you actually need one or not and that’s cool cause its not salesy. They provide great pictures and their wording is funny cause you can tell it came out when Pot was highly illegal in most states in 2009. In fact, this is one of the first products I’ve ever seen that isn’t salesy enough—not in throwing more bullshit at you, but not providing enough info. What they do say is this: “The Power Of 20 Scissors In One Small Unit! Used for the removal of protruding leaves and roots and for the preparation of plants for essential oils, for the mixture of flower pedals for aromatherapy and potpourris. The spin pro trim’s with just a few small turns of the handle. The simple design, with no electric parts makes this unit virtually unbreakable.” They don’t tell you if you can trim wet or dry either. And that’s it. End of story. So what’s the price? A whopping $699.99! In the corner of the picture of the “Original” they have a “Read More” button that doesn’t work. Beside the Original they have a picture of the “Spin Pro Electric” which is the same thing as the original with an electric motor for people too lazy to make the “few simple turns” on the original! And what’s the price of the electric? An even more whopping $849.00! Both prices are a show-stopper right there because for that extreme amount of cash, for that teeny tiny little thing, they don’t even tell you how much you can trim and how fast. Just for fun I checked in at Tom’s Tumble Trimmer website. I’ve never been there and just kept ordering more right off the phone cause my Tom’s work so perfectly. So I was curious to see if he had a little dinky model for tiny hobby growers like I started out as... On his website he does, and its a table-top hand cranked version of the large 2600 models I bought called, “TTT1600”. Tom’s price? Just $449.00. I say “just” because it does a whole hell of a lot more than the Spin Pro for just over half the price. In fact it does everything that my mega large Tom’s TTT2600’s do! I wish I had’a found it when I was just deciding to expand my hobby grow 20 years ago and “come out” as a small time commercial grower with 50 plants in my basement! Even with just 50 plants hand trimming all those Buds myself with my girlfriend was getting to be a pain. Tom’s powerful little TTT1600 can really trim too! It came out in 2013. It can perfectly trim 3/4 to a pound of Bud in a 3-5 minute cycle which amounts to 1-6 pounds per hour! What’s more, if you’re into trimming wet his powerful little workhorse can do that too with a CO2 adapter! Its got a catch bag for the trim so you can get into Bubble Hash and Extraction and has a patented non-stick food-grade tumble mesh drum if you’re planning to sell to the medical gang who worry about chemical and blade shavings contaminants from other trimmers. He’s even got a quiet electric motorized one too that’s a dry trimmer/separator/kief extraction system for $899. With 50 plants, that’s the one I would’a bought cause it’s truly automated. And all of Tom’s auto-trimmers don’t even need any cleaning or maintenance... So the choice is yours. I still think its easier and faster to just hand-trim your Buds if you’re a hobby grower with just a couple or few plants than go to the expense and cleaning and assembly time and trouble of using a Spin Pro. And if you ARE a hobby grower planning on going commercial and are pushing 20 plants or over, you know where to go...
  10. Here’s one trimmer I didn’t even buy: The Clean Cut Leaf Trimmer. It's definitely not for commercial growers of any large-scale size. Notice I didn't say "automated trimmer". This stupid thing is more trouble than its worth! I found it by accident surfing on the web and I wasn't even looking for trimmers. It's got no website, just an ad on Amazon and some stupid You Tube videos. I say, "stupid" because the person—I can't tell whether its a guy or a gal—keeps saying, "It's definitely worth it..." over and over again. Must have been stoned while shooting the video! It's a sphere the size of cooking pot. The bottom half is green and the material its made of is unknown. It catches the trim which falls through a grill that looks like a small barbecue grill. The top half is clear plastic with a hand crank sticking out the top. The crank turns a wheel of metal arms attached to the crank with a small axle. Attached to the arms are these silicone strips. The demo Buds look wet and it doesn't say if its a wet or dry trimmer so you're left wondering and imagining it can trim both wet and dry. When you hand-crank it, the silicone strips gently tumble the Buds and the grill breaks off the trim which falls through the grill and collects at the bottom. A hand with painted finger nails hold up the end result which only looks as good as a rough hand-trim job. By the time you take it apart to load a few ounces of Buds, crank it for an unknown time and then take it apart to get the half-assed trimmed Buds out and remove the trim I could have done it quicker just hand-trimming the Buds myself! The male voice keeps saying, "Its so worth it at only $170.00—better than paying a couple of hand-trimmers to touch all the tri's and resin off your Buds". The guy who thought this piece of junk up must be one lazy fucker to think he needs a hand-operated machine to replace two hand-trimmers to trim the Buds off a couple of plants he could have done him or herself by hand for free. Ridiculous shit! It's not even worth my time comparing to my favourite all-time automated trimmer, "Tom's Tumble Trimmer" so I won't. If you want a laugh, just type in the name, "The Clean Cut Leaf Trimmer" on Google and see it in "action"!
  11. For some reason, the Triminator XL Dry, automated trimming machine sounds like a brand of beer to me. For most people I’ve talked to, it reminds them of the Centurion or Twister trimmers simply by the “clone” design and what it can actually do. The Triminator XL Dry can trim 60lbs of Bud in one shot if you push it on account of the fact they they have very large tumble drum. When we read the instructions though, they recommend breaking up the load to get a better trim. Well, yeah, but that was a let down right off the bat because in contradicts their sales pitch. The Triminator XL Dry is also self-cleaning. We got one of these just for fun to see what it could do and yes! it is self-cleaning but after a year we gave it a pressure wash (because they recommend it) and after that it didn’t work so hot. It squeaked and sounded like an old jalopy rolling down the road! It still trimmed like it did when it was brand new though. We lab tested it as well and it does strip off about 20% of the trichomes. This is easy to test yourselves if you wanna invest in the cost of the lab test. All the lab does is compare one of your Buds trimmed with the Triminator XL Dry to another Bud off the same plant of the same size left untrimmed for the lab test and repeat the process 10X to get an average. But for the dispensaries we sell to, they can’t tell the difference and say all our Buds look hand-trimmed and that’s the main thing. But the thing is, we just don’t sell to dispensaries any more. Our main customers are now extraction companies who make exotic THC and CBD oils and they buy our Buds in bulk...and the trim too. They buy our trimmed Bud for their top-of-line potency oils and use the trim for their milder oil recipes. We sell to them more because they give us better prices then the dispensaries who tell us they sell more oils for vaping then Buds for smoking anyway. The Triminator XL Dry does make a wet trim model but we never tried it after getting our Centurion Pro cause it does both and we prefer to trim dry. I think this is a good idea though because a lot of producers prefer machines sold exclusively for wet trimming. It’s tumblers are also coated with a non-stick patented chemical and that’s supposed to keep the resin and the trichomes on the Buds which as I said above does work to about 80% which is great but...we didn’t sell the loads from our new Triminator XL Dry for medical-grade oil production because we didn’t trust that coating chemicals wouldn’t leach off into the Bud. With time, like Teflon that fancy coating flakes off and goes sticking right onto the Buds! And when I get around to it I’ll get this theory of mine lab-tested as well but that would mean running my Triminator XL Dry for years until I could see flaking starting up on the drums. So if you’re still around on this forum look out for that cause I’m the kind of dude to be thorough like that. Triminator XL Dry should test this themselves but they’re probably afraid to. Another thing I like but don’t like at the same time is that the Triminator XL Dry brags about its patented “lubrication free technology” which sounds great but doesn’t follow through. Remember I said after we pressure washed ours it started to squeak? We actually phoned them about this and they offered to pay us to send it back to test it so we did, but that still shouldn’t have happened. I think I’ll phone ‘em back and tell ‘em to keep it so they could test that long-term and the flaking of the non-stick stuff and it’ll be interesting if they accept my offer. I’ll tell ‘em I’ve written a review here to remind them cause they’d didn’t seem to mind when I called ‘em and mentioned I’d be reviewing their machine on Open Grow the first time. Their confidence is a good thing but... If you check their site, they have a testimonial where a buyer says 1 Triminator XL Dry takes the place of his 5 other trimming machines but I highly doubt that. And my girlfriend just reminded me to tell you all that yes, I have 5 Tom’s Tumble Trimmers and not 4 like I said here in an earlier review. We’re just getting so much bigger every year with so much plants that I got 5 of Tom’s –not because just one can’t keep up, because they do at 60lbs an hour! We prefer Tom’s simply because they do a better job plain and simple. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer does NOT need lubrication either and our 5 are quiet—so quiet that running together at once they make less noise then any one of our other trimmers. Tom’ Tumble Trimmer doesn’t use blades, and has a mesh drum. This mesh is specially patented and no resin or tri’s ever stick to it! But it’s NOT coated with a suspicious chemical shit. The mesh is patented because its a solid medical-grade material and the whole thing is composed of it so it won’t flake off and is 100% safe food and medical grade material. Our medical marijuana buyers buy from us with confidence not only because our Buds are grown 100% organic, but because we use a Medical Grade certified Tom’s Tumble Trimmer which is 100% safe for medical grade trimming. It also trims our Buds perfect like hand-trimmed for our dispensary customers. And the really cool thing about Tom’s is that its got no guarantee! He doesn’t need one! We’ve been running our 5 Tom’s for four years straight every harvest and they still work like brand new! And check this: that’s without any cleaning or maintenance ever! His dealers have never had a return, or one complaint and if they did, they know Tom would back his amazing machines and fix any problems free of charge. So I would not recommend you go out and buy a Triminator XL Dry like I did. I got the $$$ to spend and just like buying stuff to see if it works in my operation. So do most other large commercial growers but with times like these they gotta watch their pennies (where-ass I’ve already made mine a million times over!). The Triminator XL Dry works great over-all but wanna know why I wouldn’t recommend it? They actually make it hard to find out the price! (I couldn’t find easy myself) They don’t post it on their site for all to see and you gotta phone a dealer to find out. So since they seem to be embarrassed about their price I won’t tell you what it is here either. But what I will tell you is that its a whole hell of lot more than a Tom’s and even with the 2 Year Warranty they got, its just NOT as solid, simple and dependable as a Tom’s will ever be!
  12. I guess the boys in Quebec, Canada really got all worked up after the Trimpro came out and started copying it to try and build their own auto-trimmer and company. Many tried and many failed until the Centurion Pro finally came out late in the first decade of the new millennium. For some reason they didn’t advertise at first in the two Pot Mags I was reading religiously at the time or I woulda snagged a new one the first year they came out like I did the Twister Trimmer. By the time I did notice one on display at a trade show back around 2011 we already had our Trimpro’s and Twister going 24/7 during harvest times. The Centurion Pro was sitting pretty on display and from a distance it looked like a souped up show car engine all chromed up. When I got up closer, that chrome turned out to be polished aluminum and stainless steel (I think they paint them now). I ordered one right on the spot! I didn’t mind the high price tag after dumping 20 Grand into the Twister cause it was still a better price back then. They’ve gone up in price since then and now the Centurion Pro “Silver Bullet” goes for $7,596 which is still a bargoon for you get. It’s basically a tumbler that uses a shitload of self-sharpening stainless steel blades. You’d think it was designed to polish rock its so tough. Everything is either stainless steel or polished Anodized aluminum. What it does do though, is trim almost to perfection. The reason for all the aluminum and stainless steel parts is that its designed to trim WET or dry buds! That’s why I got mine—to trim wet plants because our heavy horses we use to plow our compost fields (yeh, we make our own dirt premium soil too!) love gorging on the waste stems and stalks! We could trim—are you ready for this—90 to 110lbs of wet Buds an hour with our Centurion! Dry Bud, only 18-22lbs an hour. Either way, just one of these puppies does the work of 25 fucking hand-trimmers! So in just the first week of one harvest it paid for itself and kept on trimming. And the really cool thing about the Centurion is that it does a good job of saving trichomes. The stainless steel tumblers are coated with a Teflon-like substance called QuanTanium so the tri’s and resin won’t stick to the tumbler! They claim 40% more tri’s are saved compared to other auto-trimmers but a claim is nothing without proof. I would highly recommend this machine if I hadn’t discovered the top-quality Tom’s Tumble Trimmer. I still use my Centurion to trim a few wet loads so I can feed the wet waste to my trusty horses! Why would say my TTT’s top the Centurion Pro has five reasons: 1. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer 2600 model can trim over 60lbs an hour dry which is what I prefer. 2. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer 2600 model is almost 2 thirds cheaper at a little under $3000. 3. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer trims our Buds to perfection and they look identical to hand-trimmed Bud. 4. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer saves MORE resin and trichomes so over 90% stays on the Buds and trimmed sugar leave shake. We’ve lab tested this, so that’s a fact! 5. Tom’s Tumble Trimmer uses a patented mesh tumbler so NOTHING sticks to it! And more importantly, this patented mesh drum is 100% tested safe for medical marijuana trimming so our Buds remain ALL-ORGANIC for the medical marijuana buyers who buy tons of our Bud for the CBD oil industry. The whole Tom’s Tumble Trimming machine is built American top quality to last cause our 4 are still going strong without cleaning or maintenance like brand new for the last 4 years! So if you like to trim wet and are willing to pay top dollar for high quality durability that will last, I recommend you check out the Centurion Pro, come to your own conclusions and see if its what you need.
  13. "Do the twist!" Not! The Twister Trimmer is not that old...but I honestly don’t know why they called it that. Catchy? They started up in business 10 years ago and that’s when I got mine in 2008. As usual, I didn’t go to their website to check it out, I just phoned them up and ordered one as soon as I saw it—the T2, advertised in High Times. They made ordering easy and fun and the delivery was lightning fast. So when we got it out of the box we were really impressed. I think these guys are Canadian as well but they don’t brag about it. During the first year of harvests, we were all pretty impressed with the operation. It trimmed 20lbs an hour easy with no muss or fuss. We followed the instructions before we ran our first load and were diligent about the cleaning and maintenance. Unlike our Trimpro machines, it was a breeze to take apart to clean cause it didn’t require any tools, just opened up with latches and screw downs so it didn’t slow us down. Like any machine though, even if its well-maintained, we had to order some new parts for it after our second year of use. That’s always a bit of a downer but it served us well never the less, and we still got it for old times sake even though we don’t use it anymore. What started to bug us about it was the speed. With a name like “Twister”, you think a tornado of trimming. We thought we could get more Buds trimmed faster with all the extra heavy-duty machinery, but that didn’t happen. We used our old Trimpro’s and Centurion Pro to take up the slack. I can't wait to tell you about the Centurion Pro tomorrow. And speaking of Buds, the T2 did cut ‘em up a bit like the Trimpro did and they didn’t quite look “hand-trimmed” but our dispensary customers never noticed or complained. That’s why we love our Tom’s Tumble Trimmers: we were shocked when we could get 60lbs an hour done so easy with each of our 2600 models! And the price is a steal at just under $3000 grand! Unlike the T2 and the Trimpro, our TTT’s are nice and quite. All 4 of our Tom’s Tumble Trimmers running at the same time make way less noise then JUST ONE Twister 2. Our Tom’s run so smooth there’s never, and I mean NEVER any maintenance or cleaning that has to be done. EVER! We just spray a little hemp oil on the zippers for the loading/unloading flaps and its good to go. It doesn’t use blades either like the T2 and Trimpro. Just a patented medical/food-grade “Non-stick” mesh drum which tumbles the Buds to perfection and no resin or trichomes ever stick to anything and they just stay on the Buds and trim shake where they belong. This is why we think we’ve found and ultimate trimmer cause our Buds always come out looking hand-trimmed. So if you want a nice dependable auto-mated trimming machine for your big operation and don’t mind the high price tag of around $20,000 grand for one noisy machine that only gets 20lbs of Bud trimmed an hour and like buying “Canadian quality”, then the Twister is an auto-trimmer you might wanna check out!
  14. By 2010 I was up to producing 2000 plants worth of Bud every harvest year long. Split between my greenhouses and winter converted mine shaft, that’s a lot of Bud. I’d moved up my family and close friends to create a solid team to help me run my “growing” business. The plan was and still is, we all share evenly in the profits. And the profits were BIG! This was the year a new auto-mated trimming machine came on the market called the, “EZTRIM Wander Trimmer”. We had already went through several other big machines which I’ll get to in the next few days. With all the cash to throw around, I thought we’d try out one just for fun. Fun it was! It turned out to be the biggest joke in auto-trimmers we’d tried yet! We got a Twister and a Centurion Pro set up and we were getting fed up with all the cleaning and maintenance hassles so when the EZTRIM Wander Trimmer came out I knew we could handle our current trimming load in case it didn’t work out. And it didn’t! Finding an old gold mine shaft in the valley where our greenhouses were was perfect luck! I got the idea way back when I was still in Ontario when the government had set up its own grow opt to test the feasibility of growing in abandoned mine shafts in northern Ontario. Our fucking government! Go figure, eh? As it turns out medical users of their product said on the news then that the government product was inferior to the Black Market stuff they were used buying! They refused to use government shit, even when they were getting it FREE! The mine shaft idea was good, but the government didn’t know shit about growing! In case you’ve always wondered about this mine shaft growing stuff, in BC mining companies used to just bore through solid granite right into the side of a mountain on a horizontal plain! All we had to do was move right in, set up a big bio-diesel generator for our “indoor” lighting and heat for the winter and we were all set to grow 1000 plants with 4 harvests through the winter. We were set for water cause when they built that horizon entry shaft they broke open a spring of pure fresh mountain water. That’s why they abandoned it even before they started mining cause they figured all that gushing water would have flooded out their machines, and miners creating a safety risk. For us it was perfect cause it created its own stream to one side of the shaft floor against one wall which ran right out under the entrance door joining with an outdoor stream further down the mountain. After our first winter harvest in there, we got the EZTRIM Wander Trimmer going. I’ll tell you right now, unless you’re a small hobby grower who’s too lazy to hand-trim your own Buds and likes fussing around with stupid machines, DON’T BUY ONE! The damn thing cost over $1600 CAD and could only trim—are you ready for this?--ONE POUND AN HOUR! What a joke! Each of our 5 Tom’s Tumble Trimmers we use now trims perfect “hand-trimmed-looking” Buds well over 60lbs an hour! The EZTRIM Wander Trimmer is so stupid, you even have to buy an extra vacuum cleaner to suck up the trim and do at least hour of prepping and bucking before you even get to trimming! To add insult to injury, they say right on their site that to operate this little half-assed machine it takes two people! Honestly, it BEHOOVES me to think anyone in there right mind could imagine they could make any money producing and selling these dumb-assed machines. Hey, I know I’m pretty harsh with this review, but I call ‘em as I see ‘em!
  15. Don’t get me wrong. The Trimpro is a good machine. In fact its a great machine. It’s made in Canada and was designed by a French Canadian dude, Pierre Mercier who was big on QUALITY. When I bought my first one and then my second, and my third as our operation got bigger, that’s what I got: great consistent quality and to this day, even though we don’t use ‘em anymore, they never broke down. Quality of design and workmanship is the reason why, but the Trimpro has a few other great features that benefit the commercial grower. It kinda looks like a jet turbine engine standing vertically on its end, cause it was designed and built by a jet engineer! To this day its marketed as a “flower trimmer” even though it was built specifically to trim cannabis flowers! On their website, they even go to all the trouble of listing the flowers it can trim. Whoopy! But really, who ever heard of trimmed flowers? I thought that’s what florists do by hand! Weirdly enough, they promote that fact on the “Original” which costs approx S1800.00 but don’t hit on why I liked using it: it can virtually do everything: trims buds, flowers and the whole plant! That means folks, I used it as a bucking machine as well! The problem with this was of course that bucking my plants with it, speeded up the blade wear and tear and I was always buying replacement blades. It has a trim leaf collector bag which we used extensively as the first step in making our great hash. But the site itself isn’t very user friendly and is very cold and “scientific sounding” and misses talking about what matters most to the grower. Here’s a quote to show you what I mean: “The fluted design of the grate facilitates the plants movement. When combined with the dimmer on the motor regulating the whirlwind velocity plus the height adjustable six (6) blade assembly, the operator is always in full and precise control of the Automatik XL and the finished product.” OK, the operator is always in full control, so why not just say that and explain how and why after. As you can see when you get to their site, they’re big on pictures. This is good cause you can see just how complicated these things are. The whole time I was using them, I was always wondering when I was going to have a break down. Quality workmanship is why that never happened. But the key reason I got tired of it and was lured away by all the other new auto-trimmers as they came onto the market was the hidden cleaning and maintenance needed to keep the thing running smoothly. When I say “hidden” I mean you not only have to keep the blades clean and sharp (and you can’t sharpen them yourself—you gotta keep buying replacement blades), you’ve gotta clean off all the sticky resin that builds up on hard-to-access bearings and axles. The resin has valuable THC and CBD which all gets wasted when you clean it off! And to clean it off, you gotta take the whole thing apart practically, to do it. That’s A BIG TIME SUCK boys and girls! So if you want a high quality auto-trimmer that needs as much servicing and maintenance as a jet engine because of all the resin it sprays everywhere while trimming, go for it. All that resin build-up means of course that those blades are a lot harder on the Buds and if you don’t watch VERY carefully, your Buds will come out looking “Frankensteined” like they were trimmed by a machine which is the last thing you want because that also means the harsh blades drastically reduce the potency of the Bud cause you end up chopping of lots of the good resins, terpenes and trichomes! This is why I was so elated when I finally started using Tom’s Tumble Trimmer: NONE THAT EVER HAPPENED! My Buds stayed perfectly in tact with full 32% THC potency while at the same time, all looking beautiful as if we’d hand-trimmed the whole lot! And we’ve been achieving these miraculous results WITHOUT EVER HAVING TO CLEAN ANYTHING and do any maintenance what so ever on our Tom’s so they really were my, “dream come true” after I started using them!
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