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  1. @ZenShade LAD is Lemon Alien Dawg and about SA I am not sure, but it could be Skunk/Agfghan ...
  2. @santero Thanks for your reply. Well it's just that I liked eskobar's Shiva Haze a lot and missed out on the freebees he did with Amnesia Haze x Blueberry and so on.
  3. @santero I hope Eskobar gifted you some of his fathers too For example his alfa male Amnesia Haze (selected from several packs of Soma Amnesia Haze).
  4. The new site looks fine, but some colors added to the background (sides) would make it a whole lot easier on the eyes to look at
  5. @ Mr Goodfellow I was thinking out loud. There is no need to freeze our precious seeds. Just keep them cool for a while in the refrigerator. I am sure Cristalin has given the seeds a winter period
  6. Fresh seeds that have not had "winter" sometimes germinate badly. Could this be the reason ...
  7. Congratulations to the winners and a Merry Christmas to all ...
  8. San's 'Magic Beans From The North Pole' ...
  9. Yes it's the same product, just another packaging that's it.
  10. The strain description I have is in Dutch, so I hope this will do ... Barrie84 volunteered to do a translation from Dutch to English ...
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