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  1. Thanks for your appreciation @gardenartus but you know maybe not only the CBD helps me to get rid of my depression, its because there"s some other people like you who are concern in my feelings and my struggle in life. I hope that your doing fine now
  2. I have a depressive disorder for many years now. It started when my mom and dad got a divorce. And i am the only child so it's really hard for me to accept it. Everyday i wake up i don't know what will i do or should i continue my life. Luckily i have this friend who introduce me the CBD at first i don't know what will be the effect of this. But i tried taking it and it really helps me a lot. I'm taking 100mg of CBD as well same as yours. So now i believe that CBD is the best solution. And here's more info that i read about it https://www.worldwide-marijuana-seeds.com/blogs/marijuana-news/marijuana-the-best-solution