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  1. Mr-W

    Ghetto grow 2018

    Damn bro in a few more weeks you Will need a chainsaw to cut them down. It will be a chainsaw masacre in your yard When you start cutting down those trees. Looking Damn good bro
  2. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    A few buds from my private bubblegum stash cured for 4 weeks now I just love the Sweet smooth taste and increadible relaxing high.
  3. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Thats What I ment bro short internodes lots of flowers and shoots. I am a happy man so far. It Seems adding nutrition the way I do now pays off
  4. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    21 days of bloom. Temp levels Nicky between 23 off and 27 on. And humidity 45-65% so my ladies are having a blast at the moment showing off all kinds of little golfballs and even trichs start showing inmeadiatly so I cant wait to see them evolve in big buds( hope so, the signs are there) even Frankenstein is popping out flowers like crazy as If She has to Make up for all the riddles about her growth. Still guess She just revegged Nice coloration all over and buds popping real close to Eachother my little clones have Some shock issues in colloration But are also popping out all new leaves amd start growing. I wait a few more days to decide where to top them. 1 is a little slow But also She is coming around. greets W
  5. Mr-W

    Paps 2018 run

    Sorry to hear that bro. But When people are involved mistakes are made nothing wrong with that. You can Still teach Some on here good luck man till soon
  6. Mr-W

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    @Mr Goodfellow can use it then to decorate is chrismasherbs
  7. Mr-W

    Beach's Backroom

    You know its unique right? To catch a canabis guardian gnoom in Action. A very rare sighting because they Normaly work at night together with the sandman and toothferry. Very Nice job or is it my herbs causing these sightings I have
  8. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Little update. The decolorarion to light green has stopped and the Almost look equal again. Right below is lighter because of the lamp I have outside of the tent. 1 thing is clear my freak shows the same flowering as the rest But its more obvious due to the strange open leave build it has. My wish is that her buds wont show freak symptomes because leaves never will end up in my J’s
  9. Mr-W

    Collie's Weed

    Somehow all this info is forcing me to get a notebook Hahaha. Tell me If you repeat the proces like you say Whats the goal of that. Breeding clones over and over just selecting the most beautyfull ones to reproduce the most beautyfull DNA amd stack it in Every new run to build up the wanted genetics?
  10. Mr-W

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    I want to see him beat them with these christal sticks. They Becomming all blue white and sticky.
  11. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Tnx mate they are growing very nice indeed I am a happy camper
  12. Mr-W

    Ghetto grow 2018

    Exactly Thats why meditereanian palms are doing so Well. Hardly No frost. And Maybe men helpes Mother nature a bit with the CO2 But the’ve proven throug ages that global warming is quite an usual thing. So by farming as much as herb( one of the best CO2 fighters) through all seasons outside we contribute in enormous ways
  13. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Young girls need to me tought they are clean amd smooth and have to take care of themselfs so i showed them Some lower part trimming. Make sure Every nutriant Goes up my little cloned sister are starting tot als of more and more and oh boy am I glad with the warm outside weather for them to just grow
  14. Mr-W

    Ghetto grow 2018

    If you Make it till christmass She will be all snowy through winter and blossom in may. Just cover the roots with hey. Hahahahaha
  15. Mr-W

    Ghetto grow 2018

    Bro you only need to take off the buds When She is done and put balls and lights in it and decorate the living. WoW. Nice work.