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  1. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    These little nuggets feel rockhard bro. I am realy looking forward to these little ones.
  2. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Cleaned out the garden now my big girls are washed an drying. Washed as many leaves of the clones by hand and the girls rearanged in the tent see all the black gouieeee those are dead bodies.
  3. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Everything is out to dry. Now time to start to clean up the clones and the tent.
  4. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Tonight the other two wil go down. Guys. Tnx for the kind words.
  5. Mr-W

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Bro she is gorgeous. Nice job. Smellycat oh smelly cat do so mate. I think you will find your perfect mommy
  6. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Wel i think i just need to love them leaf by leaf and kill as many as possible because in this stage i wont use any more pesticides what so ever the freak was a little heavy
  7. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Indeed @HUFFnPUFF i rather see lions and tigers instead of this kind of zoo 2 out of 4 are down and washed. Cleanup has started.
  8. Mr-W

    Growing Just Cozz

    Its a beautyfull plant mate. Realy impressive
  9. Mr-W

    Growing Just Cozz

    Woow look at those Colors. Nice work bro.
  10. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    @SiCKNeSs yes bro a whole freaking zoo in just 2 weeks.
  11. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    The big ones arent pregnant but siddering a lot. The clones have to stay for at least 3 to 4 more weeks.
  12. Mr-W

    Guess right and win a cookie!!!

    White widow?
  13. Mr-W

    pretty projects in progress

    Ok so 9,5 weeks bloom and i screwed up bigtime Somehow so i am forced to chop the big ones. Got myself a freaking zoo inside the tent. Mites lice white flies and now rotting the trichs are still a mixture of clear milky and Amber and its freaking frustrating and dissapointing and yeah yeah Some of you did warn me. But time to save the remaining bud wash them get rid of the freaking zoo work out a new plan pop me Some new Seeds and hopefully by christmass i have Some healthy trees around W
  14. Mr-W

    Ghetto grow 2018

    Woow thats Some real Bud porn there. Sitting front row to see your new grow room come together.
  15. Mr-W

    Short winter grow

    That looks like a lot of potential sibbelings