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  1. Do you have a description somewhere how you make that raisin with the vac oven and the dry ice?
  2. Welcome back bro. Always Nice to start out with Some eyecandy. Niceeeeee
  3. This is more of a nescesary cleanup after all the bug. But looking forward to see new ladies comming She is a good smoke and a report will come soon. W
  4. Tnx @lumatekfan i cant wait to start everything up again.
  5. No more pictures from this grow. They are all down and put in jars so i can have a decent christmass smoke. In the mean time i am to bussy to start up again but the time i have i am gathering new things to get my next run going. Plan. A 45w led armature for popping and let them devellop a little. 10 selene regular seeds from Sannie buffer tablets batmix Lava meal micorihza and 16L pots as endgoal. Bacto, Bac and PvP and no bugs this time after i cleaned out and decontaminated my tent. Keep you posted and hope to post Some Nice pics
  6. Ofcourse i will write a report when done. I hope iT will be a great smoke to. Cant wait to taste iT.
  7. 9 weeks in Seeing a lot of milky and Ambers also is comming along just fine.
  8. Very Nice growing mate. All those good looking females you have going on. That la Nina is swelling so Nice. You are having a damn christalized christmass mate.
  9. Yes indeed they are all sparkling very Nice and cant wait to taste iT. No his is different. They look a like and cant wait to compare the two isnt that right @Sunnyvale
  10. Very very Nice looking buds you have there mate. Looking very solid and white. a master in making budporn.
  11. A little bud update with 2 weeks to go most is still clear so Lets wait and see. -W-
  12. 49 days of bloom on the clones and the big ones cut and dried. 295 grams off 4 plants and due to all stress and horror iT may not be the best but iT tastes smooth and a very Nice uplifting clear high with a relax feeling overal. Maybe not how the high of a true AH should be but i am glad i didnt had to throw iT all away. The buds arent that big but i am satisfied about their devellopment becouse the smell so Nice sweet lemonlike and are way much more compact then their moms so i have to give @sannie credit because these are the first i have grown sannies way and iT seems they prefer this. The clones picked up Some of the stress of the big ones but cleaning out the tent and al the leaves seem to have worked and the look a lot more healthy then their moms in the same period so i have high hope the will manage to grow the full needed period. I have been very bussy lately but i try to keep you posted. Greets -W-
  13. Tnx mate for explaining. Looks good
  14. Bob the builder would be jalous mate. All looking very Nice. And that growroom in progress is making me jalous. How does that stacking experiment works? Is iT to increase root growth?
  15. Thats looking as a candystore. Cant you change the name to sunny’s sweetness. Your plants look so increadible and those ouzbeki buds are ones i am jalous of. I get myself Some more popcorn mate.
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