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  1. On 2/21/2019 at 2:28 PM, Mavaca said:

    Have you got any wiring picture on how to setup Step transformer with a Fan? 

    well if you want to "hardwire" it, power cord 0-230 in, 0-(pick one according the speed you need) to the fan. You can plug several fans at different voltages at once, depending the power of the transformer you have. You'll just need to move one wire each time you want to update the speed

    you can use a button too for easier setup. this solution is not dynamic.


    and the "high end solution"


    green = ground      black = 220        blue = 0        brown = your custom voltage for your fan

    the relay board must be plugged to any platform with controlable GPIO  ( ESP8266/32, Arduino, Raspberry, BeagleBoard etc...) and talk to a temp probe

    I picked the ESP8266 because 2€ is so cheap for making wifi network object. i use mozilla internet of things as a getaway for ESP8266 because theres a nice code free GUI for setting interaction between objects. several boards dedicated to own subsystem can talk together (meteo, fan, lights...) so can work on the meteo code without reseting the lights. Don't bother about managing lcd screens, leds, cabling keyboard when a smartphone or an old laptop can do the job. For now i just have the core functions developed because i don't have time for working on (big)datalogging and machine learning wich was the initial purpose.


    the thing i like most about those platforms is that you get access to many  options that would cost a LOT of money in growshops.51weNjHLjlL.jpg.4fd637dacd32ba1838e4e55a21d040e1.jpg

    this optical CO2 probe cost  17€.

    For meteo stations from retail, i've found out that even top brands always use poor components for temp or %wet measures. mines are cheap and a lot more accurate.

    Resistor based speed variators are the stone age. they f***k expensive fans in a couple years, and they dissipate the extra power into heat, that mean if you run at half power, you still spend for full power so less weed/watt


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  2. 3 hours ago, Justcozz said:

    I don't think most people that hear a fan running automatically thinks "exhaust fan for weed". I also think running at night is better for stealth. A slight hum of the fan is no big deal, and may be better than pumping all the odor outside while there are people walking around during the day.  

    please don't take it badly, but we don't live in the same world.

    My government put hardware snitch in electric meter that record the electromagnetic signatures of the electric stuffs people use at home. My meter is on the street, i did not have choice, but some people are still fighting against the poor pay per installed guy.

    Now on my bill its written 99% lighting. Now when people get busted they ask you to pay for the weed you grown 3 years ago because now they can prove it.

    I'm seriously thinking about setting up an offgrid solar system for spoofing it. i would sleep better ;)

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    the green one smells mango, very strong

    for the purps, its still hard to describe, i will have to wait for curing to know.

    soil is 25% coco fibers, home-chipped wood manure (3years old with wild trichodermas), mixed with 50% new cow manure and old soil.

    not many choice in brands here. i use house & garden at half strengh, the soil base with the budXL and PK13-14 , a drop of acid. i will try the multizyme on next run. i ve always considered the budxl as a taste improver, but could it slow the rippening?

    I'm thinking about re-using this substrate for that next run, with 50% new manure again, but i think i'm too hight already in substrate volume, still have many nitrogen, i can't flush it efficiently so i have leafy buds. i use modules of 1.20mx1.20 with 1 foot of substrate for 12 plants in same pot. not the cannabis cup winner setup, but jobless.

    About harvest, well Sannie says 12, i'm on early 11, trichomes still clear, so i wait, but i come every morning with hope. i feel that the green one with mango smell will need 1 week more than the purps. i took sample popcorn buds on each pheno because i can't wait!! i m drying it now. i have great feedbacks from that mango bud, but i still have expectations for the purps.


    13 hours ago, MouseE said:

    Great log man and loving the pics. I just finished a fem kf harvest and the bud is almost ready to smoke. I wish I went Regs as they are killing everything else in my tent so I wish I could have got a stud or a real female but both phenos I got were very similar and very dank. They also finished VERY quick. One pheno was around 9ish weeks I wanna say. It finished 2.5 weeks before some of my more indica strains like Afghan skunk x shack.


    You by chance got some insight on your noice mod? I'm just starting my first stealth grow (one not 12miles out in the middle of no where) and while I'm on the top corner of the tip corner apartment building (no one uses my stairs, rec pot is legal, and I'm sure my neighbor just assumes my apartment smells like weed cause I'm a cook and a hippie, so that means I smoke weed. My downstairs neighbors are teeekers but I have an out draft, which means the wind blows the smells from my apartment to thecdumbstair 3 stories below me. But maybe I should be concerned about my downstairs neighbors hearing my fan? I was planning on running my lights at day (even it will hurt temps a lil) just so it's running why most ppl at work rather rhencsleeping thinking (what's that subtle sound?)


    I cut the cfm in half at my 5x10 cause it seemed overkill and way too noisy. I can't tell if I'm being too paranoid or not paranoid enough. 

    I have 250mm x 10 meters line. i think =10inches connected to insulated sheath. i made a woodbox for the fan and the 1st meter of sheath that was still noisy. I bougth a step auto transformer. (don't use cheap resistor based fan variator, and frequency variator would not work because fan engine have capacitor)

    looks like this


    you feed it with 0-230 and you can have 190 ,  170 , 120 or 80v to downspeed your fan. cable it with a big rotating button, or enslave it to a raspberry pi with data probes and you will have top technology for a few buck :). im planning to add dsl to the batcave for live monitoring / alarms

    carbon filter is inside the growroom. its dayrun because i'm not living on site, i just come for watering when i can.

    With that 3 tricks, fan at 120v, still pushing hard , i bringed people at 3 meters from my growroom, the kind of people who knows what are fans mades for, and that mango does not grow here, nobody noticed anything.

    I won't  comment too much about outside my room on public place, but from my experience, if you cannot be sure 100%, you will have sleep problems, anxiety etc. last run i had small electric fire on a low grade power plug. i couldn't sleep until i replaced the whole electric network... with this hobby small problems can become real drama

    About your fast pheno, i feel a bit jealous. but without the usb magnifier i would have said "ready" already on 3 phenos.


    Anyway if someone else wanted to pheno hunt the killing fields,  i would advise to use several seedpacks if you really want the flagship pheno. But there is magic in every pack. keep in mind this is not the usual backcrossed female seedpack with fake boobs. Treat her as if she could become your wife at the first run because this lady deserves it

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  4. Week 10/12


    They are on water since 10 days already

    the #green mango, still green, still mango, still clear. The 2nd green one, without the mango smell, is ripening faster.


    the #purp is taking a nice floral smell since a couple weeks, but still hard to describe as my nose is spammed by  the volatile mango terps from the #green as soon i open the door. Fortunatly i have an oversized carbon filtering line, i tweak voltage to keep noiseless. don't mess with safety


    I spotted the first amber trichomes and my starving stash box wonder if this one could be ready before week12


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  5. Hello everyone.

    This is my first grow with Sannies seeds and Killing Fields

    I got 4 females and 6 males from my 10 pack. Ive let the first tiny clones of each plant bloom in open pollination for sexual identification of parents, so i got 4 seeded buds for a pre-smoke test already (not really positive). I killed all males during their sleep.



    Sorry for all following pics that were taken under hps

    So i dropped clones in my homesoil and scrogged them


    Stretch 2 weeks


    Early flowers


    week 3+


    week 4 unleashing anthocyanin


    week 5


    week 6


    Now week 7 stretch included



    Temp range from 8°C to 23°, RH 60%,  light is 600hps/1.2m², soil is mostly cow manure, coco fibers and re-used soil from last grow. about 30l per plant. drinks more than 10liters/m² every 2 days with normal nutrients, PH fixed, no bugs.

    Temp is a bit low by night, i waited a bit too long before switching to bloom,probably did not defoliated enough, but no real big problems

    I'll try to describe the 4 phenos i have

    • First one is the deep purple, quite dense, sativa leafs, smells nothing yet.
    • The second one is less purp. sometimes grey and low smell.
    • The third one is a green one, with wider leafs, and smell mango since first trichrome popped. very strong sticky smell. Less dense than the purps, and more leafy.
    • Last one is green and smells nothing yet. probably the less interesting. all his clones had less vigor in rooting or growing period than #1#2#3



    here is #3, the only pheno with nice mango smell.


    And the #1 , most eye candy but smells hemp


    I still have about 5 weeks to go but i seriously doubt that "sour berry grape cream" terps will pop from nowhere next month. To be honest it may be the first time i see some so exuberant buds with a so shy fragrance.

    I know its early for concluding about this grow but I still have the 4 moms alive and i need to free some space as i have an army of KF clones to repot.


    I'm not familiar with killing fields but, to me, for now the only interesting one i got is the "wide mango green pheno".

    The 3 others don't smell sexy weed. from my experience, if it doesnt smells good at week 7, it will never do.

    I'm very surprised because my potential keeper absolutely don't match strain description, previous grow reports or other smoke tests from various websites. So i don't know what to think about this strain because i was expecting some sour cream berry that most people seems to get.

    So for now i would say i'm 25% happy with my grow. I will try to update with more pics next month. I can still aim the bud of the month picture if temps stays low ;)

    Hazy wishes




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  6. Yes its a small breed, about half size of todays cow.

    This calf father died long time ago. Its from frozen semen. I follow a breeding map from a farmers group for keeping this strains as diverse as possible.

    Mines have real dog mind, always following me, asking for apples/leafs/herbs  I discovered recently they LOVE beer. Now they run when they hear glass clattering


    They are IBL, but i have the "Princess" and the "Tough girl" phenotypes. Still wondering for the calf.

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  7. 12 hours ago, saxo said:

    bon soir ,aya welcome aboard

    rare cows?? what "strain" you got,if i may ask?


    That's some "Bretonne Pie Noir" (race_code029)

    Was a very popular "landrace" cow before 1960 in west of France with about one million cows

    in 1970, most farmer switched to the well knowed PrimHolstein with her 30liters of milk/day

    In 1990 there was only 1000 BPN and only 12 bulls left

    Now growing again because this cow (10 liters/day)has the best cream% and butter% wich is ideal for making top cheese (im not talking about cheddar :wacko:)

    Adpated to full outdoor and more resistant than modern cows, they also eat very little.

    A 2/3 year cow can be transformed into 400Kg of streaky meat with marbled fat. Fortunatly i never tried as i only got female babies until now. Probably the hardest task for a hobbyist farmer who love his cows, but great lesson to teach the value of a steak.




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  8. Hello.

    growing since 90's. im living in France, unfortunatly one of the most repressive country about marijuana in EU. Here its forbidden to present the cannabis under a positive light.

    i started my hobby with 3 mystery seeds from the bag probably from NL. At this time, no growshop, no internet, only this sun dried and densely packed african landrace full of seeds.

    I could Self those 3 seeds by accident and grow during 3/4 years the best buds in the university, that what gave me the motivation to keep going a few years.

    around 2010 i  lost my seed collection box due to an accident (some original lao , thai, afghan i could get from travellers and myself, and thousands other rare seeds like more than 30 peyotl strains lost)

    That really affected my will to continue and i had a 10 years break with growing.

    I own a small "hobby farm" with veggies, fruit trees and a few rare strain cows, 45N


    Every year i output a few cubic meters of black wormy compost from hay/cowshit/fresh green matter, wich if a lot too much for my vegs.

    I spent the last month setting up a clean indoor growroom , and rooting random clones from friends. Not the best choice, but may be enough for a test run. I will post a few pics, but i dont think there won't be much to say about those (OAseeds). I ordered some Sannie for selecting an indoor mother.

    I would like to grow outdoor, but altough i have a big land, i dont have so much available quiet spots ( neighboors, hunters, hungry cows are the most dangerous predators..)

    I will probably try the HybridFromHell collection outdoor next year. I want to play with Guerilla Gold genetic :)


    Best regards



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  9. Hello

    A friend of mine is living in Thailand (7N)

    This year, the Thai law about Cannabis and Kratom will change, with a reclassify from cat2 to cat5 with will make thailand safer than France for smoking

    They also approved growing medical for export in a few provinces.

    My friend would like to grow a few small stealthed plants

    -Must have low smell, because locals may need more time to realize law changed.

    -Must be feminised, no herma to avoid accidental pollution. There is other growers in the area.

    -Fast and small prefered

    The only strain i know that fills criteria is the Northern Light #9 from Sagamartha. I think automatic strains would not perform great with 12/13hours of daylight but i may be wrong.

    Do you know some other available strains that would match, especially for the low smell?


    Best regards


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