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  1. @groene vingers If anyone would be interested in my made for fun hacks since I'm not a breeder just like to make seeds for fun to see what comes out of them then I'd be willing to sell some on seedheaven. Excited to test out boudica x cheeseberry haze x huckleberry space queen which will be next in line and vanilla haze x huckleberry space queen will be tested first feeling like a mad scientist lol
  2. I feel you on that I wanted to try the kinky cheese but by the time I had ordered it was gone first strain I tried from esko was boudica and I was hooked on his stuff also tried Aztec rain and chocolate rain great stuff I was able to get some cheeseberry haze but sadly only one survived so I used her to at least make some seeds with a huckleberry spacequeen male that was amazing I haven't had a chance to test those
  3. Why did kinky cheese get so low it sounds delicious well all of them do lol but that one caught my eye.
  4. @Indicalicious I feel you on that I wish I could do the same but I'm stuck in a really strict state I'm lucky I can squeeze at the most 3 girls in a small space. I'm looking forward to seeing the pollination and how that goes i was going to try and pollinate this time but I only had girls not such a bad problem to have but I still wanted to make seeds to play with oh well next round hopefully lol. I'll be back to see what you update in a few weeks good luck and best vibes
  5. You're doing a great job on those beautiful plants
  6. I forgot how long it had been since I posted but I'm happy to say it's a beautiful bushy monster at this point ... boudica is ready to flower but her sister Jalisco haze isn't ready yet but she's almost there looking very pretty as well they are both in octopots and they're the best I'm grateful for the information around here I read a while back several members on here talking about how great they were and that made me go ahead and give it a try and I have zero regrets will be buying more for sure. If some of the members that recommended octopots come through here I want to say thank you for the information it has made things way easier for me
  7. That's always a good problem to have lol well at least I know it's going to be good and I can't wait
  8. Popped some boudica for the first time and was hoping some of you guys here could give me some advice and tips or what to expect so far they are coming along nicely I'm very excited to see what I end up with if I don't mess up lol
  9. That's too bad some will be gone but I'll be looking forward to the upgraded stuff will honeyhoohoo be in the shop? Thanks for all that information poldergrower.
  10. Thanks Mr g I didn't know they were going to discontinue the blackberry haze what's the reason for that? I'm hoping to be able to get polar bear, t.p.r , and atomic jam is all I'm missing and need to get an extra pack of hod some great smoke there but a lot of their gear is great stuff.
  11. Will all of NAW seeds be back in the shop? I still haven't completed my collection of NAW gear so I've been waiting on placing an order till you guys are back in the shop.
  12. Hey San I received your package just wanted to say thank you so much I appreciate your kindness I wish you nothing but the best in your life and projects
  13. Welcome back misterdirt I'm mostly a lurker and just pop up here and there on posts lol but can't wait to see more grow reports and some of those brilliant posts oh and enjoy your new home you're lucky to be in a med state I can only dream about being in a med state one day.
  14. Great job indicalicious everything is looking great.
  15. I'm glad to see the naw crew is still around merry Christmas to everyone and best vibes on the new year! Also thanks naw for the chance at some nice gifts. I'd like these 3 -Blue Shaze x Airborne jack -Girl Scout Cookies x Airborne jack -Blue Hammer F3
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