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  1. That's too bad some will be gone but I'll be looking forward to the upgraded stuff will honeyhoohoo be in the shop? Thanks for all that information poldergrower.
  2. Thanks Mr g I didn't know they were going to discontinue the blackberry haze what's the reason for that? I'm hoping to be able to get polar bear, t.p.r , and atomic jam is all I'm missing and need to get an extra pack of hod some great smoke there but a lot of their gear is great stuff.
  3. Will all of NAW seeds be back in the shop? I still haven't completed my collection of NAW gear so I've been waiting on placing an order till you guys are back in the shop.
  4. Hey San I received your package just wanted to say thank you so much I appreciate your kindness I wish you nothing but the best in your life and projects
  5. Welcome back misterdirt I'm mostly a lurker and just pop up here and there on posts lol but can't wait to see more grow reports and some of those brilliant posts oh and enjoy your new home you're lucky to be in a med state I can only dream about being in a med state one day.
  6. Great job indicalicious everything is looking great.
  7. I'm glad to see the naw crew is still around merry Christmas to everyone and best vibes on the new year! Also thanks naw for the chance at some nice gifts. I'd like these 3 -Blue Shaze x Airborne jack -Girl Scout Cookies x Airborne jack -Blue Hammer F3
  8. I just noticed sans gear on seed heaven seems like I noticed too late and I missed a few of them... that sucks but I still got two packs hoping all goes good as it's my first time ordering from seed heaven. Hey San by any chance will chocopuff be back in stock?
  9. Insane looking cola I never seen anything like that you did a great job on her
  10. Thanks for the information baqualin all of you have helped me make a decision I'll be ordering some silverfields sounds like a strain I must have. If anyone has more recommendations of sannies gear or others feel free to drop by and share your suggestions I always like to hear what others recommend. I agree please do tell Mr G if you have used the SF pollen on your girls
  11. Thanks Justcozz that was very helpful and that Sifi Blaze sounds like some great smoke if the happiness and joy came from silverfields it's definitely something worth me looking into.
  12. Hey Sunnyvale thanks for all the information looks like 2 votes for silverfields I think I'll make a choice between jackberry and silverfields ill look for some grow and smoke reports on them and decide from there since I wouldn't want to bother sannie I'm sure he has more important things to deal with.
  13. Thanks Sunnyvale that was some much needed information I will also look into silverfields and then I can hopefully make up my mind already
  14. Thanks Papalag I appreciate the suggestions you gave I was leaning towards sannies jack but I remember reading somewhere that it can be a little on the paranoid side is that true or can anyone chime in on that? I would like anything that does not make you paranoid since I suffer from anxiety that would not be a good time for me.
  15. Hey San amazing plants you got there I've always enjoyed watching your work you sure always put on a great show with very beautiful plants
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