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  1. Strains I do , I dont grow Skunk descendants anymore (except Western Winds but maybe one day also not anymore). Thai 82 Oaxacan Nepali landrace Garhwali Jungli Pahari farmhouse Kerala Old Swiss landrace Old austrian landrace german landrace Malawi Ethiopian landrace Congo Panama and about 20 more and none of them will be for you, sorry but you are not my kind of people :)
  2. a last thing... if you think that the price of cannabis seeds for drug use will stay this high you are insane. the price will plummet down because it isn't illegal anymore. look at hemp and the prices of that. or any other plant for that matter... a few euros for thousands of seeds. someday also for cannabis drug seeds especially if they aren't stable like they are for every other plant like vergetables, they are stable and nobody would buy such shit that is offered in the cannbais market... unstable, mold prone, different sizes and leaf forms and highs in a "variety"...please... don't make me laugh
  3. what also is funny that the strains that we all use came from people that also cared a shit about who got the seeds and were compensated with minimal money equivalents by the first "breeders" of "western" strains. they grabbed the seeds for a few cents for thousands of seeds, sometimes fucked up the strain by poorly breeding them with something else to create for example skunk which is a poorly bred strain that gets mold easily and is unstable and then claiming they are the best breeders of the world. Sadly they forgot that the "strains" they "created" were bred over hundreds and thousands of years by peasants and people of a completely different than the money grabbing background. Never acknowledging the true "creators" of the strains and the real origin. And then they have the nerve to sell 10 seeds and be put on a pedestal by a gullible community and world that believed their stupid stories. And then some other people take those stolen strains and mix them together and think they are breeding more "strains" while only shuffling skunks together... and then they dont want to give away those seeds for free or to "non active members".... quite funny when you think about it.
  4. i couldnt care less if someone who is not an "active" member (whatever that is and how the " in-crowd" defines that... no you are a bad boy, you only said that sannies seeds are the best 300 times. you dont belong here...) wants free seeds. thats the idea behind it isnt it... give freely... and i would give more than 10 seeds cause thats the biggest crime in this game. to sell only 10 seeds. at least 50 so you can select a bit. something goes wrong... runts... 10 seeds... what a laugh. there is a free spore collective that gives out magic mushroom spores for free/ postage and the objective that you give something back if possible. why not like that ? it is sad that the capitalist, monry grabbing , greedy think and do that rules the world now has also taken over the sacred plant. nothing is sacred anymore and evrryones the same
  5. best and underrated beastie boys album, milestone
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