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  1. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp


    I am also growing Ouzbekistan and so far I can say that they look good and it is the first Indica variety that I have grown that really is a variety. The plants really are all alike and have their own varietal characteristics. And the female ratio is also very high. I really like what I see, I hope the high is also good. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to Cristalin for top breeding. Very good in my opinion!
  2. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Ok, I have made a plan and if everything goes according to it, then I will be finished growing all my untouched varieties in about 3 years. Not too bad. And I will throw out Kali Mist in my grows. It isn't how it used to be. I bought it some years back and it was just sublime. Best incense taste and smell on the plants and the smoke and the buds and everyting. The high was the best. It had a kind of tranquility and trippyness with clear head etc.It was my favourite. Then I sadly lost her and looked around and last year decided to buy new packs. Doesn't resemble the plants I knew at all. They now smell of grape or something and the buds smell like menthol/mint. The incense is completely gone. Only in the smoke you can smell it. And the high is different. The tranquility and underlying calmness is gone. Now it is trippy but somehow paranoid and doesn't do it for me anymore.
  3. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    Open Grow @ the movies

    apparently longest fight scene in movie history.
  4. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    Michoacan (1)

    Hi yesum! I hope it is alright that I write here. I have a question. I read on another forum that the Michoacan is your favourite. Is it still your favourite and is it the Chapita de Michoacan from Cannabiogen ? Best wishes
  5. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    Open Grow @ the movies

    Another great show with some really unbelievable creative ideas and social and media critic. the day today
  6. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    So when did you start smoking Cannabis?

    I started at the age of 16. Oh no... it's all coming back to me now... I had great times and I had really bad times with it the first few years. I didn't smoke much. At that time there wasn't any weed around but we only had hash. Morrocan, Lebanese, Syrian, Afghan, Pakistan, Nepal, blonde, green, brown, red, black, pollen. In the beginning it was hilarious in hindsight. we often went to a guy in the city (I grew up in a small village) and he had hash and let us smoke with him in his room. He was maybe 35 and he had cool friends, really great people, really originals. One was 60, one was a refugee from Kurdistan also around 60, some guy around 50 and then we, the younger ones all around 16-18. Most of the time he had only a gram or so to smoke for ten to twelve people and it was just awesome. We would sit around his small room, all cramped in, anticipating the joint that was about to be built out of 0,2 g for ten people. And still it was great. I don't think we felt much, but that didn't really matter, we had the time of our lives. After smoking we often went to a pub just around the corner and he sometimes started singing (it was a live pub with live music, blues and jazz mostly) and oftentimes overdid it and just took the mic and started singing. He had a really great voice, like Sting and he looked like the singer from Simply Red. Great Times. He died of Aids a few years ago, another one of the older ones killed himself and the others are probably dead now also. I think I am going to cry now.
  7. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Yeah, fun it is. And it surely is better than throwing the money out of the window for stupid things like food or clothes. Just joking. It's not that bad (yet).
  8. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    Open Grow @ the movies

    This is probably one of the best comedy shows ever produced, perfect dialogues, perfect characters at least in my view. If you don't know it give it a try, Peep Show. Here is a little excerpt :
  9. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    I am now ready to admit it.... I need help... I am very sick... I have bought another 5 varieties and now I have seen 6 more I will have to buy. I now must have at least 30 varieties waiting to be grown and if I make more seeds with them someday I will have probably a hundred. I am very sick. Please help me!! I am a seed hoarder, pollen chucker and a seed buying addict. I need help. Please give me money, so I can buy more seeds!!!!
  10. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    Open Grow @ the movies

    Bad ass fight scene. But beware, it is not for the faint hearted !!!
  11. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Hello again :),
  12. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    Hash Fruit

    So... a update on the taste and smell. The smell is still like it was, just a little more like cured bud and there is a bit of anise detectable now. The taste is not the best in the world, goes a bit in the direction of Peyote Purple, but not very much. The smell when burned is just how I like my weed. Incensey, a bit frankincense and spicy, crisp. I tried another plant and that one had a different buzz than the one I described above. It was not as energetic, but had also a very deep creeper kind of high that took you to a land where everything feels just fine. Warm and content, completely relaxed. I melted into the couch and all my muscles relaxed. Also perfect. With another plant the Peyote Purple came through a bit more at the end of the journey and made the experience a bit less positive. Still I am absolutely impressed by Hash Fruit and it is now among my top strains, one of my favourite highs I have ever experienced. For me it has a really satisfying high with a "cutting through" effect I had only previously known from sativas like Haze. It cuts through every other high and mood with its own distinct high.
  13. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    Hash Fruit

    It is a hell of a smoke for sure. I can't find anything negative about it. Just great. I toked a second joint and then went outside. It is around freezing here at night and the sky was clear, the moon was out, a few little clouds moved around the moon and it was magical mystical. This is definitely a keeper.
  14. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    Hash Fruit

    Hash Fruit is from Cannabiogen and it is a mix of Peyote Purple and Sandstorm. It was grown in a guerilla style, so I can't say much about yield per 100 cm² but I suspect it would be good. The buds are very dense and hard and the plants gave round nuggets of pure joy and fun. It is a true pleasure to smoke Hash Fruit. Although Peyote Purple is in the mix and I don't like the high of Peyote Purple it doesn't show here at all. Appearance: Very pretty plants with a nice light-purple color glistening in the sun like they want to say: "Lick me, come my darling, lick my glands and ye will be lifted to heaven so joyously it will make your eyes pop out of your head. Kiss Kiss, i love you!" Dried they also have a high bag appeal, nice. 9,5/10 Smell: Hash Fruit has a sort of sharp pungency but not annoying. I can't really describe the smell. It is more on the bright side, floral-fruity, a hint of overripe pear and kind of like alcohol vapor. I like it. Cured will follow. 9/10 Taste: Will follow. Smoke Report: I haven't smoked for one day prior to testing it the second time. First time was the same. I smoke almost daily in the evenings mostly to give you a perspective on my tolerance. The high is just great. It has a very nice progression. Total creeper weed in the best sense. It slowly progresses from slightly goofy and giggly with a positive vibe to an all out "party what the fuck is going on?fuck it... let's dance" kind of vibe of manic proportions. This stuff on a party or with friends or even strangers or your worst enemy... would be the best 3 hours of your life. But not only the very good vibe, a nice euphoria, completely no paranoia, anti-depressant on the border to full blown manic and the energy are great. It also has a philosophical edge to it, thoughts come easy and I can ponder a bit, solving the biggest mysteries and two minutes later the next problem awaits to be solved. It is relaxing and energetic at once, just perfect. I can feel it in the face, upper arms and chest. No head pressure at all. It makes everything feel just right, very nice in the head and in the body. I can't say anything else than that it is perfect in its own way, I have other highs which are also perfect in their own way, but this is now surely also with me till the end. Duration is about 3 hours for me, 2 almost full power. 10/10
  15. flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII