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  1. So they only got 5-6 weeks of flowering in and they were still good? Holy cow!
  2. Thanks for the info @Hill-Billy and @Mr Goodfellow . Do you have any recollection when they started flowering though? I'm just trying to figure out whether I have a chance finishing them in a greenhouse at 50.5 N. A pic would be great for sure.
  3. @Mr GoodfellowSo how did they do outside where you are? I'm dying to know. I have some young Uzbeks that are really looking good so far. If you did grow some outside, could you please share the approximate latitude *edit I see you may be around 38N * and the date they started flowering? *edit You are right in the same latitude as this plant is from I'm guessing. Only your elevation could screw it up hey? Ha ha ;D * Thanks for your work Cristalin. So far I can tell that these plants are exactly as you have described them. They don't really stink in veg so far either, which really helps out with my situation.
  4. How did these turn out? Were all your plants kushty's? Haven't heard of that one. Latitude?
  5. How did this turn out? It would be great to see some updated photos, as I got this as a freebie
  6. Thanks, it's a challenge to get good info about growing non-autoflower strains at the upper latitudes.
  7. Oh man, sorry to hear that. Did the Turkish Landrace get close to finishing or were they not even fast enough? Do you mind me asking what your latitude is? I'm at 50.5 and was thinking of making some Turkish crosses for next year.
  8. In the description it says that the seeds are from an old collection and a , "secret touch of USC". Is the secret touch something other than Afghani, or is this a pure Afghani line? No big deal either way, as I'm really excited to grow them, it's just interesting to know. Thanks for your hard work!
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