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  1. Thank you for the "welcomes" guys . Thank you for the suggestions Sacred Plant Warrior. I was thinking to add compost too because I say to myself: normally plants grow in dirt, so if I want to grow them in a more" like natural "manner possible (obviusly indoor is not natural but..) I can add it to the cocco so I can have the benefit of cocco but not impose to the plan a too much different medium from the natural one.. But, like you say, for the start, maybe better stick to a "classic" approach =). About the pots; it's not something like : more roots space = bigger plant ? About light: good point, so maybe I don't need a too much big pot see I don't want my plants grow too big
  2. Thank you for all that infos Hempyfan ! So it's not about increasing the growth rate of an healty plant ?
  3. Hi, Have anyone ever used or heard of the use of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) for improving growth rate of plants (Generally speaking) ?
  4. Hi, After few years of just be a "standee" I would like to start an indoor grow; but probably I not go to start it until next year (Flat-mate problems) so just starting collecting infos and suggestions I have already buy my set-up: - 1.20x1.20Grow Room - Lumatek dimmerable ballast - 400w Gib Xtreme Bloom - 400w Gib Grow (I don't have buy a neon Set-up yet) - 3 x 250w led grow light cree cob/leds (Probably go to use just one) - In-line 220m3/h extractor -Smart-pots 5 gallons -Medium: mix of cocco-perlite-compost -Strain: Not sure yet -Nutrients:Not sure yet (Probably just dry blood, bat guano and Ripen for flushing) Have a wonderfull day all ☀ Mimmo P.S. Sorry my not always good english =)
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