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  1. if its sandy i would want to ad as much as organic material, ash will just leech
  2. what do you mean you dont like spam
  3. i even recycle my wires, untie at harvest, put in a shoebox, use next time, its just plastic and iron, no need to trow it away
  4. ha thats oooooold!
  5. so hamme, what youre saying is, these plants will start to develop their own emotions after 4 years
  6. indeed, the people are the victim of the government funded growers and their state sponsored companies must be hot in there? Oooooh
  8. trix, been there, mustve been good cant remember a thing
  9. real cbd is better, its butter vs plastic im a bit weary about hemp before cannabis, as it only destroys our flowering ability if dont lock everything behind a layer of hepa filters, think cali has some laws about that..
  10. how long did the sp run for? and i think a hps bulb is a lil too much for a quick dry sir
  11. you want some 80+ humidity all day all night? i got plenty!
  12. isnt it the other way around? america going to the 'gedoogbeleid' we had in the 70's? = its banned butyou can still do it? isnt the usa in the same the dutch are in? its a fed illegally state legally semi regulated market, but unlike anti tax usa, we dont pay tax we both have this illusion of the right to grow, which can be comprised by anyone from the feds to your landlord and the dutch have not been a in progressive political climate for the past 20 years
  13. Just got my first soybean harvest, 3 pods will be germing those beans to theyll be ready when the sun arives next month, def gotta get more into beans will be replacing my 2m x 30cm regular old strawberry bed with new fancy colorful ones, that means i have about 50 strawberry rootstocks i can pot up and leave around town on parkbenches free food!
  14. it should do very well in the native french soil, with its high clay and mineral content, if you can keep them on a dry spot it should be very close to the uzbek region, if they were so repressive id say give it a shot
  15. if you really want to go veg n flower in open room put a wall on the right, using the slanted lower part to veg and left to flower, having a wall (maybe those bookcases will even work) will still block the light
  16. love beetles, guy few blocks away got a candy red one, and hes neglecting it i dont think i ever smoked in a car even green van in the back
  17. clones? lotsa cbd has high thc no cbd when tested
  18. dayum thats a nice kitty cat
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