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  1. Some of them are missing photo's, It's a shame I've read most of his stuff just shame the photo's are not there.
  2. Hempy has given me ton's of information I'll be doing test soon
  3. Thank's mate! You got any pictures of your stuff and the process? Seen a lot of your pictures have been removed from topics etc... Would the ratio you posted be perfect for a 3 day flood? 2.5KG RW - 10L Foam - 10L Pballs? I've also got a supply for Rockwool Cubes 1cm x 1cm could this replace the rockwool granulate and be used the same Over and Over I've been speaking to @Hempyfan alot about this with different ratios etc... I've also sent you a message about the way you flush after all this time I think I understand what you mean HA HA.
  4. Sorry to bring this old topic up but can anyone help me Hidronesia says : 1/8 BAG OF GRODAN Granulate 10 liter soft foam, 10 l polysterin ball´╗┐ for making 27 liter mapito Can anyone help me out with the calculation's. My tubs are 35L I want to make the same ratio as he's put up. The bag of Granulate I have is 440L so 1/8 of that would be 55L Seem's a lot to then add 10L SF AND 10L of balls Or does he mean he will ad 7L to the d 10L SF AND 10L of balls? Anyone?
  5. Spoken to @Hamme Hydro and rather than get rid of the Mapito and go with coco, I'm going to stick with Mapito and start again this time I've been given more information to help me and I will do Pohot's not autoflower. Will update this when I've got the new seed's and will start a new topic.
  6. What EC do you use? Is it the same PH as Mapito? Do you have anything under them or do you place them on the plastic flat will this stop the root's? Do you use T5'S? I'm going to order some Rockwool cubes now, and a new small tent with a T5 light and stuff and some new seed's. Are you going to be sticking around if I need more information?
  7. @Hamme Hydro, I'v grown in Coco before hand watering. I have a mentor to teach how to grow with Coco on another sit and learnt from there but I'm really set on the Maptio. I know you start your seed's on rockwool cubes but how do you water them is this stuff I can find out in your grow topic?
  8. @Hamme Hydro Do you think I could use flood and drain on Coco?
  9. Hi, Guys. I've pulled the plug on the grow. I'm starting a new one in a few weeks but it's going to be with Coco and looking for a Mother plant So I can clones in this system will update once everything is rolling.
  10. Thanks for the input, I think I might restart the whole grow and get some female seed's and go from there.
  11. Thanks mate, Want to nail the Mapito then in another tent run something organic and go from there.
  12. Hi, Hempyfan My starting water is 0.7EC, The feed i've been feeding them now is 1.1EC. Should I carry on with the 1.1EC or go with the 0.8EC you said with the new tank? Or should I restart the whole grow again with new plant etc? Have you heard of this super soil that you can grow in with just water as all the nutes are in the soil now that sound interesting
  13. I've heard about this super soil or something and you can run the whole grow with just add water I would be really interested in that if you have any information or is it a myth
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