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  1. Hey Spunk, nice to meet you.
  2. Haven't been around for a bit. Summer's the busy time. But I have a leave it the fuck alone patch here and there...a couple actually. Island ravine grows. Hardly watered other than rain. Total testament to Sister Cannabis. These Cheese cuts came off a plant that grew to maturity in an octopot. Chopped it down and regenerated it as a mom in an octo, got a bunch of cuts and put them outside in May. Turns out this strain is wildly photosensitive and they went into flower! So veg was slowed down and they're short, but flowering now looking forward to a few weeks of packing on weight. Getting frosty now...didn't think it would happen since, what, this is this plants third round of flowering. Damn.
  3. hey LaVieEnRose, nice to meet you.
  4. i veg in 3 gals & bend, tie and pinch. Clip every top about 7 days before flipping, which I'll do in 6's with a res change. Shift from TVF to Flowers and blooms. Once budding kicks it's on to garden of eden. Have to pray things don't grow all up into my lights. Lol. Nothing I don't love about the octos. I've even tried to fashion an octo-like system in 5gal buckets with a huge net cup filled with soil over a layer of stone. Once the roots hit water there things rock...but the octos are still better because of all the thought and problem solving all built into the design. I'm finding that i dig Promix as @gardenartus has spoken of...easy to get caught in the trap of thinking the soil has to provide all this nutrient but really things are best when the roots can dive right for water/nutrient mix. The solid medium can than do what it does best: act as a filter and solid source of energetic grounding and motherfucking goodness. Anyways, all that happens is I end up with monsters that want to eat up all the light in my 5x5 flower tent. It's crazy.
  5. What up, Ted. Have fun, it's a wild ride. And welcome!
  6. I thought so! There is literally nothing about growing in octos that I don't love.
  7. Been growing in octos for a couple of cycles now. Love them. Actually beyond love them. I certainly right away noticed how they shorten veg time. But I'm getting the sense they shorten flowering time as well..., at least in comparison to breeder notes about expected flower time. Is that a normal thing? Or do breeders estimate on the high side for flower time so they cover all the bases? I notice the shortened flower cycle even waiting till there is a good bit of amber present. Definitely not jumping the gun on harvest.
  8. No testing for me. Mostly outdoor guerrilla experience previous to the last year so weather largely determined my fate as I live in a northern clime. No testing indoors either as I'm just waiting for all the signs to line up and checking the wonders of controlled clime.
  9. jodykwik

    Weird night

    Sssshhhhcarrrryyy. Note to self: DO NOT knock on Toker's door.
  10. Welcome, Redman*. I'll be joining you outdoors in the spring.
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