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  1. Hi quick question my plant seems to have stopped growing? As in it’s been doing fine on the windowsill for July up until 2 weeks ago where I then put it in this box and changed the lights? It’s like the buds haven’t grown at all?
  2. Weird question...what would happen if I was to make a 1ltr bottle containing water glucose and sugar? And feed my plant? It might be a daft question sorry...
  3. Okay thanks guys ッ I’m lovin all the details coming from this page :)
  4. I killed the male about 3 weeks before the female started to flower? Also what is revegging? And also what’s the chances of germinating the seed?
  5. i’ve been doing some research and could it be that my plant is there a hermaphrodite?
  6. Wow okay so the smell is a good sign then and should I try taking the seed out? Or leave it?
  7. Also can anyone tell me what this is? There’s only one on the whole plant?
  8. I’m a first time grower..I have a question....the plant I’m growing is a lemon haze but for some reason the plant smells like a dark chocolate or somewhat coffee smell?
  9. Thanks guys for all the info I’m slowly learning as each day goes by
  10. Hi until I can get the led lights Iv got 2 60watt halogen lights on...will this be okay?
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