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  1. Holy smoke. Stay safe. Hope your network getting this out and getting your pay is safe and strong. You're an instant legend with this grow!!
  2. This thread is my happy place. Thank you all growers for being keepers of the sacred herb.
  3. Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today. Lovely plants, gro-migo!
  4. Oh, and if anyone is wondering why the Thai Gold (Thai IBL X Guerilla Gold) is flowering so early, it is because I'm subtropical, so when she went out at the start of June, it's only about 13.5/10.5, enough to make her induce flowering already. She's on day 86 of flowering, plus 27 days veg (like about 15 days indoors, then outside in the rain). The Jack Herer is an auto, she vegged for almost 5 weeks before showing pistils, now total age of 84 days old.
  5. If anyone is interested, here is the Thai Gold (I call her "Miss Thailand") from La Buena Hierba now, getting close to harvest time, actually, these photos are from 5 days ago already: Top cola: And her bestie, Jack Herer Auto (I call her "Lady Jacqui"), also from LBH: With her 16" colas getting juicy: Getting that guerilla sativa party time together!
  6. Nice full poly tunnel, great work. You're doing light dep for the forced early flowering?
  7. Thanks @gardenartus and @Gardener Here's hoping that there are no typhoons in the next few weeks, as it's that time of year... Will update at harvest.
  8. From some tester beans given out at AFN by La Buena Hierba. These are guerilla grows. This is sub-tropical summer, temps are up to 37C during the day, down to maybe 27C at night. RH down to maybe 50% during the day, up to 75% at night. But have heavy afternoon showers every 3-7 days, each time is 20mm-80mm of rain, very hard. RH will spike up. The rain here is also acidic, due to nearby industry, pH is like 4.8 to 5.7. So the Thai Gold is a very yellow, acidic lockout (until I added dolomite lime), but the Jack had dolomite from the start. They can handle the high heat and heavy rains. Harvested a nice little Jack a few months ago, that sat in flower during the spring rains and high RH of 80%+ with no mold. Thai Gold (Thai Landrace X Guerilla Gold), day 69, flowering day 40 Jack Herer Auto, day 40, flowering day 3
  9. Not so long ago saw someone on another forum growing on of these Freak Shows indoors. For outdoor stealth, it would be excellent! Most people think of the leaf when they think of the herb, not so much the bud. So could get a good veg on very stealthily... The question is, of course, what is the actual flower product like?
  10. Love the grow 'n' show, grobro! You're going to have some fully jars of lovely herbal joy.
  11. Fantastic work, @MisterDirt, sir. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. There are some gems in that jungle, for sure. Hope your cuts are doing well, for when you come back for a repeat on the keepers.
  12. Two weeks later and nothing. I am NOT having any luck with these seeds at all..................... And I've been 12/12 from 3 other strains I've dropped in the last two months............................................................................
  13. Back to Killingfields, let's see if I can make it happen this time... Dropping 2 beans (for now):
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