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  1. Thanks for the post. Just really hoping those new Kf fems are just slow in the post. Have been so looking forward to growing some of Sannies' gems...
  2. Last attempt with the remaining SJ and Kf. Back to my old trusted germination method: Soak in H2O with a few drops of H2O2 for 24-48 hrs. Then straight into a small pot. Using some nice potting mix, mainly peat with a bit of perlite. But also have a home mix of potting mix, coco coir, with some organic amendments, too. Both the Kf and one SJ already started 5 days ago, but no sign of sprouting (yet). Dropped the last 3 SJ two days ago, and waiting for signs of cracking. (Started at the same time, already have 2 DP Charlotte's Angel CBD and 1 SS Sweet Pure CBD already a few days up.) In the meanwhile, Sannie was awesome enough to send out some replacement Kf fems. But after almost 6 weeks, no sign of them in the post. WFT? What is it with my luck on these.................
  3. A5 x Malawi, that's gotta be some serious tropical sativa ganja there! How many weeks in is she? You using 12/12 or less light time to induce and finish her faster? Ace Seeds?
  4. Beautiful scrog field there Hamme! And nice to see another five on the way. I found that DE works well on top too, against things like fungus gnats. But... they try to get in the holes at the bottom of the pots, too, which is annoying.
  5. If you watch Wizard NPK on Youtube, they're doing a small (4 plant) pheno hunt on some Cherry Wine "hemp" seeds. Interesting range, IIRC their beans may already be F1 crosses.
  6. I just dropped a bunch of beans, none of those ones though. Two fem Killing Fields and a reg Jack, for my THC run, and two Dutch Passion Charlotte's Angel and a Sweet Seeds Sweet Pure, for my CBD run. Still having slow germ on the Kf and Jack, while the CBD beans have split and 1 cm tails already showing. I may drop some of the nicer Safari F2, Sativa pheno, if the Kf and Jack don't pull through.......... Thinking about giving the rest to the people at the smoke shop in town. But, this country is major anti-herb, and it's risky, don't know those people, and probably is watched by the law.... WTF? Anything but spider mites, anything.... Maybe she's just pissed she now knows her mothers have them, and doing a bit of psychological projection back at ya. Just ignore. If you wanna be super cool, give her some nice real clean clones from your own ladies, when the time comes. No harm done. She'll know it isn't anything personal. Growers helping growers.
  7. Just discovered a long forgotten bag of various seeds in my fridge... One seed tube with 6 seeds marked S Af -- some F2 crosses of Mandala's Safari, Indica/Afghani pheno mother. Weak looking seeds. One seed tube with 10 seeds marked S Sv -- some F2 crosses of Mandala's Safari, Sativa pheno mother. Okay looking quality. Two seed tubes with 16 seeds marked T -- have no idea what these are! Unknown mother (photo? / auto?) and Safari F2 father. Strong healthy looking seeds. Had totally forgotten about these, so had no plans for them. Maybe I can find a nice little patch of open garden in the city somewhere and drop some in...?
  8. I grew out the Auto Sweet Skunk from Sweet Seeds in little 2L pots under cheap lights. Small plants, but extremely sticky and crystal coated, and also very fast, as in 8 weeks seed to harvest (could have cut earlier!) Mine was more of a pungent skunky aroma. High, quite balanced, leading to sitting on sofa watching movies. Very good! Plan to soon grow the rest of the beans I got.
  9. Nice. I did a Sweet Seeds Auto Jack 47 outside a while back too. Was probably the best of that run, eight different strains. Yield and high both very nice, considering conditions... meaning, was terribly wet for the last 5 weeks of flowering, mist, rain, fog, clouds. Was grown near the coast, sub-tropical, mountainside jungle... She got a little bit of bud rot up top, but so did almost all the other plants. (Far too wet!) Would definitely grow again. There's now a Sweet Seeds Auto Jack 47 XL version just out....
  10. Happy days! Those Sour Claws are going to be chunky. Keep 'em shootin', cowboy.
  11. Love a nice retrofit grow space! Pity about that. Hope you throw down some more beans to make up for the loss.
  12. Beautiful baseball bat buds! Perfect for a good old SoG!
  13. That's a relief. Will keep in mind when I get around to growing out my remaining Charlotte's Angel beans.
  14. I remember getting the cross examination on what I was sending once. "Letters, business letters"... I'm getting a few goodies sent to the post office in another country (about to move!), as no address there yet. Get paranoid as fnck whenever I do this. Though a while back, a friend from [another forum] sent a bunch of beans I won. Just straight in breeder's packs in a plain envelope, no "stealth". Free the herb, brothers and sisters, and save us a lifetime of paranoid stress!!!!! PS: stay safe!
  15. Beautiful plants there @BeachBud! Like your garden, nice and clean, on the perpetual. Those Phuuuu IPAs have some crystals, for sure. What's with the "krinkly" down leaves? I had a DP Charlotte's Angel photo that did that from young. Worse than what you had... Didn't know if it was too much watering, so experimented with less watering, then more. Didn't seem to change a thing. Any ideas, if I encounter it again?
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