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  1. You can "cut" the pollen with flour or something like that. Gives you a larger actual quantity, but as you just need 1 single pollen grain per calyx, it doesn't reduce chances of successful fertilization. I generally use a little paint brush, dab it in the (cut) pollen, and brush it on my selected branch(es). My herb is for myself and friends, so I don't care about a stray seed here or there in other branches. But otherwise I then bag and tie the chosen branch, using a paper bag. Just 2 days is enough in my experience, then bag off. Best of luck with the seed making! Your plants look fncking awesome!
  2. From Clarke's Marijuana Botany: Biology of Pollination Pollination is the event of pollen landing on a stigmatic surface such as the pistil, and fertilization is the union of the staminate chromosomes from the pollen with the pistillate chromosomes from the ovule. Pollination begins with dehiscence (release of pollen) from staminate flowers. Millions of pollen grains float through the air on light breezes, and many land on the stigmatic surfaces of nearby pistillate plants. If the pistil is ripe, the pollen grain will germinate and send out a long pollen tube much as a seed pushes out a root. The tube contains a haploid (in) generative nucleus and grows downward toward the ovule at the base of the pistils. When the pollen tube reaches the ovule, the staminate haploid nucleus fuses with the pistillate haploid nucleus and the diploid condition is restored. Germination of the pollen grain occurs 15 to 20 minutes after contact with the stigmatic surface (pistil); fertilization may take up to two days in cooler temperatures. Soon after fertilization, the pistils wither away as the ovule and surrounding calyx begin to swell. If the plant is properly watered, seed will form and sexual reproduction is complete. It is crucial that no part of the cycle be interrupted or viable seed will not form. If the pollen is subjected to extremes of temperature, humidity, or moisture, it will fail to germinate, the pollen tube will die prior to fertilization, or the embryo will be unable to develop into a mature seed. Techniques for successful pollination have been designed with all these criteria in mind.
  3. Nice work there. Hope your guerilla season goes well. I have a few CBD photo fem girls out in a nice spot, hidden in reeds / grass by the river side... And a couple of photo regs that are under lights but will be going outside very soon. All the best for the weather and other guerilla factors. Keep blazin' !
  4. Looks like a great set up there! Hope the shadows behind the house don't get too long in the late season... This last picture, I love it!!!!! You just need an automated irrigation system when you hit flush....
  5. I have been thinking about this lately, because I grow in sub-tropics, where middle of summer is about not quite 14/10. A lot of places we see "Plants need 12 hrs darkness to flower." But, if you think about it, this is obviously and clearly not true at all! E.g. take a strain given as 8 wk flower indoors or late September finish outdoors. Well, if it only started to flower on the equinox, Sep 21, then it finishes in 1-2 weeks? No, it obviously doesn't start flowering then. And if you count back 8 weeks from end of September, let's say start of August, how much light? So I did some checks with various time zones and strain information. Seems to be that counting back the total flowering time from harvest, for most temperate climates, then it is about when light cycles are 13:40 / 11:20 light / dark. In a lot of places, that is maybe late July or early August. For me, middle of summer is almost exactly this daylight length. And I know that photo plants will pretty much flower straight away, if they are mature / old enough. Back to your question, "When to flower?" For now, just leave them naturally outside. They'll keep vegging until early August or so (I don't know your longitude...). And start flowering when on a bit less than 14/10. Different strains will certainly vary... this is why equatorial sativas go for months, because light isn't their critical factor...
  6. Not full bloomed, but a few ladies in the guerilla wilds... That's hard to spot, as I'm right over it before I see the white pot. Charlotte's Angel (I think, may have mixed with an auto...) On the right, tallest is the one flowering already, about 60 cm = 24" tall. So maybe grown 35 cm in 8 days, 4+ cm per day, about 1.75". Here she is up top. She looks about 10-14 days into flower, and got her stretch on. But has a little more height to put on yet, maybe another 10cm = 4". She has four main colas up the top. A couple of little branches below. Sweet Pure (I think) The next one is about 53 cm = 21", good stretch going on, too. But, no pistils yet, so she's definitely going to get some height on her! She has four main colas, plus another two colas, then a couple of branches below.
  7. Gorgeous! That's some fine growing, looks like fire!
  8. I like that framework. You top and LST out around that circular ring?
  9. Last few never germinated. So all I have at the moment are a couple of nice Dutch Passion Charlotte's Angel CBD and Sweet Seeds Sweet Pure CBD fem photos, a nice Sweet Seeds Sweet Skunk Auto, and a bunch of F1s I made way back from Top Tao somethings... these are all doing well. And on the way, should have some nice La Buena Hierba hazy autos, Jack Herer and Copacabana Haze, Dinafem's new Auto Cookies and more Sweet Seeds either Gelato Auto or Jack 47 Auto. Looking at getting more of those SJs and Kfs, but got a bit burned last time............................ the make up Kfs that were sent never came through either .....
  10. @JetDro -- santi, bro. Much love and good vibes to you.
  11. @hybridhygro-- that Cherry Vanilla is dank. Are you the HybridHygro with the old YouTube channel? Loved some of your work there, excellent material!
  12. Thanks for the post. Just really hoping those new Kf fems are just slow in the post. Have been so looking forward to growing some of Sannies' gems...
  13. Last attempt with the remaining SJ and Kf. Back to my old trusted germination method: Soak in H2O with a few drops of H2O2 for 24-48 hrs. Then straight into a small pot. Using some nice potting mix, mainly peat with a bit of perlite. But also have a home mix of potting mix, coco coir, with some organic amendments, too. Both the Kf and one SJ already started 5 days ago, but no sign of sprouting (yet). Dropped the last 3 SJ two days ago, and waiting for signs of cracking. (Started at the same time, already have 2 DP Charlotte's Angel CBD and 1 SS Sweet Pure CBD already a few days up.) In the meanwhile, Sannie was awesome enough to send out some replacement Kf fems. But after almost 6 weeks, no sign of them in the post. WFT? What is it with my luck on these.................
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