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  1. Fantastic work, @MisterDirt, sir. Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. There are some gems in that jungle, for sure. Hope your cuts are doing well, for when you come back for a repeat on the keepers.
  2. Two weeks later and nothing. I am NOT having any luck with these seeds at all..................... And I've been 12/12 from 3 other strains I've dropped in the last two months............................................................................
  3. Back to Killingfields, let's see if I can make it happen this time... Dropping 2 beans (for now):
  4. El Chupa has lockdown with 10 kg of herb. Stay safe, amigo.
  5. Keep the updates going. Inspiring work! Don't forget the big cola pics!
  6. They went out, followed by a couple of days of cloud (good!), lower temps (not great, but shouldn't be a prob), and a good rain to soak that soil. Hope to check on them after a couple of days. If they are still surviving then, should be good for a while. Want to top, keep them low, just about when they are showing sex. Other friends growing LBH strains say sex at about day 25 or so. So, maybe another week or more from now. Photos, maybe, if the site is okay and safe.
  7. Sweet!!! Any full-plant photos of the Moby Dick XL Autos and Moby Dick Autos? That CJ7 is going to be very tasty.
  8. I had 6/6 germ, but one died and another is weak, but surviving, both of the same strain. The other 4 are doing nicely on day 10 (?) today, popping 3rd set of true leaves. Planning on planting out tomorrow, the site has been amended with a range of organic fert, high PK + Ca chicken fert, another 3-5-5 fert pellets, kelp meal, mycorhizzae, worm casting pellets. Wish me best of luck for the plant out, people!!!!!
  9. After some legal troubles, time to get back in the saddle. I am saving my last Killing Fields Fems for now, and dropped 6 of @La Buena Hierba's regs. 2 x La Gasolina Auto; 2 x Jack Herer Auto; and 2 x Thai Gold Photo/Semi-auto Germed fine and 6/6 100% out of the ground on day... let's call it day 4, first true leaves all out. Back to near my old location from winter of 2017-18, and will plant out prob within a week. Found some nice natural soil, excellent sun exposure and should be fairly hidden. Spring temps are pretty good, high up to 28C and low of maybe 16C overnight.
  10. Ok. Sorry about the seedlings.... Hope you can find a few gems. Good chance with the Ammie, Critical Jack and Kolossi!
  11. Is this first grow out a from-seed run, with pheno hunting? Then, ... running cuts from the best phenos? How many beans do you pop per strain, and how many phenos selected from each? Just curious on the numbers game to find the best.
  12. Oh, wow, this is so good! We want to know everything about this grow. Keep us posted (and tagged)!
  13. Heading over to check it out! You're a Dinafem fan, I see. ;-)
  14. Thanks for sharing @elchupacabra Awesome to see a OG member going full scale like this, showing us how it's done.
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