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  1. Autos also do well with a nice start inside, then put out (ideally into the full summer sun). Lot of quality auto cultivars that -- in terms of quality of the flower -- can match most photo strains. Dinafem are strong on autos, as are Sweet Seeds, Dutch Passion. I'm about to try some La Buena Hierba strains, Jack Herer Auto and Copacabana Super-Auto, from some tester beans he's sending out. Good times ahead!!!!
  2. Cannot comment on that exact mix, but I have seen others do well with coco + perlite and organic powdered amendments. I think that the soil is easier for buffering, and has nutrients from the start. Low quality coco can be a problem to buffer, and would have to wait until organic nutrients are available. But some amount of coco is great for aeration of the growing medium.
  3. Nice. How long did she take from seed to harvest?
  4. Nice starter space, but just wondering about a couple of things: Autopots grow big plants, so your ceiling height is going to max out very fast! 1000 W in that space is going to get very hot, and would also need distance between bulb and canopy. Def have to dial down the Watts. My first grow was before tents were popular. I cordoned off an area of my room with panda film (reflective, black outside white inside), about 5' X 5'. Just taped it to the ceiling and let it hang down. You can cover serious floor space with a 1000 W, but even just 4'x4' would be great. (Anything less, like 3'x3' may need to turn down the Watts.) All the best, ZRex! You're going to grow some beauties!!!
  5. Sounds right to me! Usually for temps, wait until after there will be no more frosts, and ideally temps always about 10C (--> 50F). But in South Cali, May 15 should be just fine! Your compost sounds good, plenty of time to break down, and the clover on top for N is a great idea. Only thing in So Cal I'd be thinking about is water levels, but the clover will also act as mulch to reduce evaporation. 24 plants -- sweet! You running all ladies, or going to make some momma-pappa action down there...?
  6. Yummy! Infused sugar sounds like fun, but I try to keep my sugar intake low. I can do my oil in coffee or smoothies, or just straight, it's got an ok flavor. But I could do the same with honey. I would love to find a nice way to prepare so it's easy to carry when flying internationally... ;-) But I also get worried about consequences, and never do it......................
  7. I like this honey infusion idea, and must try it sometime. My oil making skills have improved a lot in the last year. But this would be great, because I usually put the oil in my morning java.
  8. Maria's Lazy Bhang Lassi Recipe: Buy a (mango) lassi Add a dropper of de-carbed oil Enjoy! Haha, just kidding! Cool recipes, peeps!
  9. Nice. I have grown out guerilla C-4-matic, G14 and Green Crack from Fast Buds. I thought the smoke on the Green Crack was the best, yield too. The C-4-matic had a nice color on her calyxes. The G14 was small, but I think just too wet in my location for her. Maybe Sannie can extend into some autos....? If I can get some of these SJ beans going over summer, and get a boy, will try to cross with some autos from Jack Herer lines... ;-)
  10. My last good run was autos. Last 4+ weeks all in the rain, fog, mist, all day, every day, except just one day... Had some Sweet Seeds Cream Mandarine XL, lovely head cola, dense and thick, beautiful aroma, but a bud rot magnet due to her density. Best couple of plants in terms of size and bud rot resistance were a Ministry Blue Amnesia Auto, DP Auto Mazar, and Sweet Jack 47. All the Fast Buds strains were quick, but not great yielders. The Sweet Seeds were also quick, better performers over all. So, yeah, what you'd expect, the taller sati-dom's just did better in the wet. That's outside, also had a nice little indoor micro grow, with some CBD strains. Want to try some more Dinafem, like their Auto Amnesia XL and Auto Haze XL, and had some nice Heavyweight Jackpot's that I won elsewhere. So want to try more Jack Herer variants in the autos, and Haze / Amnesia autos. That's why I've come to Sannie, not for autos, but for some awesome JH and other Haze cultivars. This summer, my challenge (outdoors) is to avoid the big typhoons...... which are a matter of when, not if.
  11. Give them time, the special kids are often shy.... ;-)
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