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  1. Almost 7 days since bean drop. Nothing out of the ground yet, and most not cracked. Going to miss my indoor start window if this continues... noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks! Ganja Goddess and Siva always in my court! These beans are slow to germ... 3 days in, one Jack is germing well, but yet to pop the soil. The other Jacks are germing slowly... The Killing Fields, just burst the shell, barely... The Jack Candys... no sign at all. Hmmm.... not sure why. The spongepots should be ideal environment. The temps have been pretty much perfect, maybe 25-28C, a bit of light and sunshine filtered through cloth. Waiting for the beanz to pop. Growers hell... :P
  3. Sannies' Jack, Killing Fields + Jack Candy - Tropical Guerilla Grow Just did a bean drop for the official Maria tropical guerilla grow in my new location. The "tester" run was here, but I haven't even checked on them since putting them out... Have been eyeing up Sannies' seeds for a long time. Love the work he has done with the Jack Herer, creating his own F9 IBL Jacks!!! And then a few other Jack crosses, like the Killing Fields. Plus got Jack Candy (NAW) for freebies. 3 X Sannies Jack F9 (photo, reg) -- from Sannies' Seeds 2 X Killing Fields F8 (?) (photo, fem) -- from Sannies' Seeds 5 X Jack Candy (freebies, photo, reg) -- from NAW (through Sannies') Decided to drop 10 beans in total, prob going into 5 pots (2 beans / pot). Leaving me with 7 Jack, 3 KF for future grows. They're in little sponge pots, which Sannie recommends and I got sent with order. Beans are: JC -- JC -- JC -- JC --- JC -- SJ -- SJ -- SJ -- KF --- KF -- In they go! Soaking in a little Bacto for healthy start to life. Have saved a little more Bacto for transplanting. Can check out some of Sannies' strains in his photo gallery here. I'm not going to end up with anything like that in this wild guerilla grow, but nice inspiration! Sannies Jack (reg, photo) is Sannies' F9 IBL from Sensi Jack Herer. Hasn't been crossed with anything else. So can be considered inbred line by now. Goes for about 11-13 weeks, supposed to be much more stable than Sensi Jack. Sannie seems to have bred it for single stem SoG or topped ScroG growing, especially at 12/12 from seed, or maybe just 1 week of 18/6. That's a reason why I think it should be good for my tropical climate at about 12/12 to 11/13 right through the grow. Killing Fields (fem, photo) is up to about F8 by now, I think, so almost IBL. Originally a cross between The One and Sannies' Jack. The One is itself Blueberry Sativa X (Killa Queen X NYCD), so has a lot of the Jack also in the Killa Queen from C99. The Blueberry gives the purple pheno, I guess. If you search on Open Grow forum, there is an amazing thread from the breeder on his selection and breeding process. Excellent learning material for any wannabe pollen chuckers like myself, haha. Jack Candy (reg, photo) are freebies only, seem to be a cross that hasn't made it to the shop, just freebies. Is Jack Hammer X Head Candy. Jack Hammer is Jack X Amnesia Haze, and Head Candy is Killa Queen X Blue Hammer. NAW breeder Poldergrower says it'll run about 11-12 weeks, sativa dominant pheno, pineapple flavor (maybe from the Jack?) Assuming that these plants can make it through to harvest, or at least a few of them, should be able to get some females, and maybe a male, to make some crosses. There's enough Jack Herer in all three strains to get a nice Jack cross somewhere in there. Let's see. Now... have a shopping list: Cups for seedling growth. Will do "insta-planters". Soil mix, local stuff, a couple of bags. Some kind of pots or bags, maybe just 5 pots / bags @ 5-10 L each will be ok. Nappies -- to rip out some polyacrylate crystals for water retention. If possible, but not urgent: Some kind of bloom fert / nutes. No idea what at this point... Love ya all! MJS
  4. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    Thank you @jodykwik! You'll find indoors a lot of fun -- with lots of control! Thanks, @rampageZA, here's hoping!!
  5. Maria sanchez

    Jackcandy any info

    My question too, since have some Jack Candy regs as freebies. Thank you @Poldergrower Valuable info. I'm going guerilla with them, so feeding will be very light...
  6. Maria sanchez

    Any outdoor experience near the equator?

    Interesting. I did a run of Mandala Safaris outside in the sub-tropics. One garden area got mowed... But the other produced a couple of females, that grew to be about 24" tall. They were also in poor soil, with heavy rain / fog / mist / humidity 80%-90%... Mainly both single stemmers, with a couple of side buds. Photos in the tropics are a bit like autos, quickly flower and finish.
  7. Maria sanchez

    Advice for Strain / tropical climate

    Hello @Aya Interested in your post, because I'm growing in similar location to your friend. And I have some experience doing outdoor grows in the tropics elsewhere. Yes, NL does have low smell, but... You really want to stick with sativa and sativa dominant strains. Two reasons: Light cycles: Outdoors in Thailand is naturally from 13/11 to 11/13. That means outside plants will naturally be on a "flowering light cycle". Indica plants will have no time to vegetate, and flower immediately. I did some photoperiod NL plants outside in sub-tropics, they finished in about 10 weeks total, not very big plants at all. Weather / humidity: Depends on season, but apart from Dec / Jan / Feb, it can be quite wet and humid. Indica buds are dense, and will easily get bud rot. Very bad. My most dense plants, indicas, get bad bud rot outside. So, I'm now trying sativa dominant plants that flower in about 10-13+ weeks. And aiming to finish the grow in Dec / Jan or so. Going to drop some Sannies Jack and Killing Fields mid-October. At 10-12 and 11-13 week strains, should be finished about end of Dec to early Jan. Perfect to end up on low rain / low humidity, avoid bud rot, higher crystals. Or can try some long flowering auto plants, that go for 70-90 days. Lots of breeders have these now, like Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds. I can recommend all those breeders / seed banks. For small plants, just use small pots. And pinch / trim / LST / HST to keep size in control. Depends how small you want, but no more than 10L perhaps. People in Thailand know what ganja is. It's a native here. It was just common medicine until the stupid War on Drugs ... They are now wise enough to know better. Laws changing. Time is coming. Grow safe, stay safe.
  8. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    Send me your Great Ganja Goddess Goodness, sista! You do any guerilla grows, girl?
  9. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    I haz my beenz. Tey haz arrived! 10 reg Sannies Jack 5 fem Killing Fields 5 reg Jack Candy Have to plan my grow. Have a short window from mid to end of Oct to germ, sprout and get them out. Will start them in the spongepots, of course. Then... ? Not sure if I want to drop them all or not. Prob not. Because have fems and regs, may do 2+ seeds / sprouts per bag / site. Maybe three or four big pots / bags / sites. Each one put in 1 x Kf, 1 or 2 x SJ, and 1 x JC. Best gets 3 or 4 females, prob 2, at worse 1. And gives room for some plants to be poor starters... (And leaves me with some beans to play with later...) How does that sound? Haven't grown here before, so don't know what success rate will be. Don't have any fancy soil, nutes or whatever (so please don't "suggest" it...) Can maybe get a 10L bag of local compost mix, and throw in a bunch of local dirt and some sand... Don't know if I should put them in big bags on site, or put them in the ground. The ground here... a lot of paddy / rice fields, so much ground is partially flooded now. And a lot of reeds, which also show how wet it is. Obviously not good for canna. But this is rainy season, which is about to end, and will have low rainfall by Dec / Jan. And digging holes... takes time and is a security issue here. Lots of people. So maybe just clear some weeds / reeds and put in a big bag with drainage holes. Should prob try a few variations, increase chances of at least one bag working ok. So, in bags or in the ground? I'm in South East Asia. Light cycles from 13/11 to 12/12 down to 11/13 throughout the year. That's why went with the Jack crosses. Sannie seemed to think they'd do ok in this when I ordered and emailed him. And I know he often grows at 12/12 from seed. Any tropical growers want to throw out some pearls of wisdom? Please do! I should prob start a sep grow journal / thread for this... I actually tried some testers, germed a month ago, and planted out on the roof of an abandoned house two + weeks ago. Must go check on them to see how they're doing. They were some unused beans from last grow. Photos and autos, CBD and THC strains, all fems, Dutch Passion, Sweet, Dinafem, Heavyweight.
  10. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    That's my 2nd to last location, did another grow about 100 km from there, but now in completely different corner of the globe. Great place for a couple of things: remote and free from people, clean air, lots of space. Terrible for other things: massive tropical storms from July, Aug, Sept and into October, and heavy rain, fog, mist all year. Best to do spring to mid summer grows. Which is the season of those photos above. Thanks. But far from home.... Thanks!
  11. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    Okie... maybe you have the wrong thread. But welcome to OG.
  12. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to learning from you all. And many of the great breeders here like @sannie
  13. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    Hi @gardenartus Thank you. These couple weren't too bad. Had a bit of mold on almost all of them. See the skies and weather in those photos? That was the best day of the month until harvest. 28 out of 30 days rain, fog, mist and cloud (in mountains). Yes. Two X chromosomes here. Noticed the heavy smell of testosterone on this forum.... :P Have been stalking your posts and grows here already..... ;-)
  14. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    Here are a few plants / buds from a couple of grows ago: DP AutoMazar Auto FB Green Crack Auto SS Cream Mandarine XL Auto SS Jack 47 Auto
  15. Hi there OpenGrow crew! This is Maria. Just got an account here after lurking for maybe a year. Was drawn in through Sannies work, which looks so impressive. I used to grow about 20 years ago. Indoors. First with sativas local to my home area, breeding for indoor, maybe to F4 or so. Then crossing those with Dutch strains like NL, Silver Pearl and Afghani. That's when Dutch hybrids first started to appear in my home town. Had some real nice F1 and F2 hybrids, esp with my local indoor sativa X NL mother. Got out of growing for a long time. Back into it two years ago. This time doing mainly autos and some photos. Outdoor guerrilla grows, in a new location, sub-tropical. Found that with near year-long 12/12 light cycles, photos grow like autos outdoors. Even did a winter grow outdoors. And recently finished a very cheap and easy indoor micro grow. That was mainly CBD plants, some CBD:THC, some straight THC. Was doing Sweet Seeds, Fast Buds, Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Heavyweight strains. Now in another new place, tropical climate. Want to try some long sativas outside, just like 12/12 from seed. Sannies' Jack (reg) and Killing Fields (fem) seemed like a great option. Waiting on some beans in the post now. Will have to do some prep work for the guerilla garden. New area, still checking possible sites. Will be a challenge, not expecting too much out of it. Just a little herb as a result will be fantastico. You can see some of my other grows. Just Google or whatever Maria Sanchez and Autoflower... (AFN). Love and hugs, MJS