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  1. Maria sanchez

    Trapper's corner

    I like your 3 x 3 plant set up. Keep 'em untopped, straight up. But filling the space perfectly. What's up top? 600W? 1000W? Looks like HID with that natural color...?
  2. Maria sanchez

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    I'd love to "like" bomb ya, but already liked out today and system won't let me hit any more....
  3. Maria sanchez

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    Those sound like they'll be great crosses. Hope they're stable enough to work well with. Though... a few unexpected mutants are always fun, haha. The Pink Floyd is from Mr Nice? You buy direct or at their auction?
  4. Maria sanchez

    Shoeless's Shoebox

    You still running this basic set up? BD450 in a 3x3, four plants in 5 gal cloth pots? How long vegging on average? (Diff for sati-dom / indica-dom?) Topping / LSTing / or straight up? Sorry if you've already covered this... long thread, haha!
  5. Maria sanchez

    Shoeless's Shoebox

    Beautiful plants and flowers there, @Shoeless. Those little Afghanis are doing well, too. Think I'm going to skim through the whole journal because I like your style.
  6. Maria sanchez

    sugar punch

    Good for you. 1000 W in a 5x5 sounds perfect. Gavita? Would love to run of those. Please keep sending those pics in to us. (Stalker)
  7. Maria sanchez

    Diary of a breeder part two

    @sannie -- this super macro is crazy, like some crystal or glass sculpture. Love your work, brother.
  8. My most successful method of germ over the years and grows has been soaking the beans for 24+ hrs, then into soil / medium. I've done germination at high 20s+ many times, never a problem. Sometimes used the tissue, but... not a big fan, really. I read them stories about Jack Herer and Ed Rosenthal. ;-)
  9. Maria sanchez

    DSC03000 red poison auto (day 61).jpg

    Lovely. Sweet Seeds have some nice autos, that's for sure. Did a Sweet Skunk in a little 2L pot, topped once. Small plant, but resin for days. Want to grow the next one like this, single cola.
  10. Maria sanchez

    First organic soil attempt with Kinky Cheese result

    Looking lovely, my dear.
  11. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    Hope you're doing well, @Mr Goodfellow
  12. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    Haha, no soy filipina.
  13. Maria sanchez

    Hi there OpenGrow crew! -- from Maria

    Hey @Collie Weed, Yeah, it was super wet and humid there, weather reports saying 85%-95% throughout flowering, insane... I used cloth pots (smart pot style, local cheap ones), knowing that it would help dry the soil. Putting them in the ground not good, make it even wetter. I've left that place, so don't have that anymore. Did a winter grow outside about 50 km away, on the flat, out of the mountains. A few little plants. Coco easy to find there, true.
  14. Hello Sannie, So glad you took the time to respond. It's really appreciated. No wonder everyone here loves you!! The seeds were not deep at all. Just about as deep as a seed is long, maybe less than 5 mm. They weren't tightly put in place, and the cover of spongepot is quite loose on top, never pressed down. I don't use a heating mat, because it is already very warm here. Temp range about 25-28 C over 24 hr period. If anything, it may be a little too warm, as mentioned above. The fact that it happened with all three strains makes me also think it's not the seeds themselves. Perhaps it's the spongepots, or the bacto, or a combination. I would usually just do another seed drop, using my trusted methods: 1. 24 hr soak in RO water. (Usually seeds crack by then.) 2. Into soil. OR. 2. Into wet paper towels for 24-48 hrs (maybe if they haven't cracked in the RO water.) Last 3 or 4 grows have had about 90% success rate, and only failures were seeds that others had problems with too. It was a documented "grow competition" on another growing forum... (many others had seeds from that breeder that failed). But... my short time frame to germ and start the plants before planting outside guerilla grow is now passed. I'm in a new country and place, and maybe not here long enough to set up a better indoor garden. So I may have to wait quite some time, next year some time, for my next grow. (Though there's a small chance I'll be in a "legal state" then!!) May get back to you on the extra seeds -- you are a very, very generous man!!! Love and hugs, Sannie, ~MJS