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  1. BIG indoor plants! They look the picture of good health. What are those lights, some kind of "quantum panel" LED?
  2. Nice run! That back middle purple lady is just lovely! Any bananas? Since these may be selfed seeds from the Platinum OG buds, right?...
  3. Good haul. No ideas on the hash making, my skills only go as far as RSO. Want to try the bubble bags with ice method on day though. You keep in plastic or glass for cure? I always go glass, or something else non-permeable.
  4. Looking beautiful. You're going to have a very full tent there by harvest time! Keep us posted and lots of pics!
  5. Lotta fun! Love these little solo cup grows. Seem to be all the rage in the last couple of years. Congrats to anyone who can bring any plant to maturity!
  6. Oh, yeah, prob a foliar during late flowering would be the culprit then... 52-56 days is pretty fast! So, must have been close. You keeping the post-cure as flower, or concentrates? Make some racy oils?
  7. Hey there Sacred Plant Warrior! Yeah, I'm also on AFN, but under a new nic there now. Old nic has been changed there too. Give those autos a try. Some of them now seriously kick ass. =============== Fall is here and winter coming. Which around here means daily temps of around 15 C - 22 C or so. In other words, not very cold at all. I've done winter grows here outside before, just a couple of little ones hidden in the long grass. So... thinking about doing something with my fairly good sized stash of LBH's auto reg beans. Have taken out 2 seeds each of three strains -- Auto Jack Herer, Auto Copacabana Haze, and ... something else! Am thinking of doing something super simple: Just prepare 6 of those little coco peat seed starter pellets, drop a single bean in each, and then plant them out. There are some urban gardens around here, which tend to be not much worked over winter. And let nature do the work. Maybe nothing happens, no germination or just can't survive without care in the wilds. Or maybe something does grow. Just for fun. Need to be careful though. I now around here that the Law will put up cameras around discovered gardens. And the Law now knows who I am. Maybe just grow them and watch from afar, but not tend or touch them, so they can't pin anything. In my dreams, maybe the auto regs will seed and start a wild landrace, haha!
  8. Looks like a sweet cross. C99 / Jack and Durban go well together. Fast maturing sati-dom deliciousness!
  9. Welcome to OG. It's a cool site here. A bit different from lots of other forums. More experienced heads and connoisseurs, not so many noobs (myself excluded). So you'll get advice from people who know what they're talking about, rather than some dude who just read it on the 'net or from a cousin of a friend's colleague... Best advice is just to go do something. Give it a try. Read, ask, listen, give it another try. Learn from successes and mistakes.
  10. Nice work, amigo. Those colors look sharp. Don't usually see that kind of sharp purple then cut to bright green. She's getting near chop chop time? Can you give her a little freeze and bring out the colors even more before the knife??
  11. Bummer. But better early than the dreaded that-which-shall-not-be-named. What was the issue? You have super high RH (like me)? Still, with the Wappa, it's pretty fast, right? So 7 weeks....? Those earlier photos at 6 weeks are already pretty damn chunky. I guess the chunky makes the rot more risky, too, huh? More pics!
  12. Gonna be some phat buds! Looking so healthy and happy. How many days you think they'll need until chop chop?
  13. All looking so beautiful there @Hamme Hydro Hydro Ammi and Dirty Lemons, hee hee...
  14. @FoolOnTheHill -- have any pics of these as they finished? Also wondering how long they take to finish up? Are you thinking of ACE Seeds Auto-Malawi-NL for the cross? I have a bunch of La Buena Hierba's Haze/Sativa dominant auto regs. Hope to do a bit of match-making, but have to lay low for a while, had some trouble with the law recently....
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