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  1. that blows thanks for the info though HnP
  2. One of my favorites and looks like the pheno I ran for quite a while! Wasn’t super strong or overly sedative, but nice head change and relaxed my back muscles like no other plant to date perfect med! The taste was choco creamy slight fruity background. Has anyone furthered the genetics etc ; where has E$KO gone? Just curious as I’d love some fresh CR and I haven’t seen new stuff since I grabbed Chuckys Bride and that’s been a while. Nope Jalisco Jaze was last, but still want some CR and hope E$KOs good.
  3. Agreed! I tried 4 or 5 different vendors Blue Cheeses when I Started growing. I must have gotten lucky with a Big Buddha keeper better than the Blue Cheese I was originally looking for which was pretty good. Best Blue Cheese anyone I know has tried in fact. We got 3 more packs to find the same pheno or a comparable one as we’ve ran her for over 10 yrs I believe(I think it had just came out). Didn’t find one out of like 30 fems ; so she’s still rock’n. I’ve thought about getting a spacedawg male to hit her with then use a male from that to start working a bx, but it takes a lot of space to do it proper. I’ve had a strawberry cheesecake that was very similar slightly less pain relief and weak stems though and a regular cheese that was very tasty and good pain meds not sure the breeders on those or if the Cheese was original clone. My guess would be probably a nice pheno of Big Buddha Cheese as it also had strong stems, less lanky, and tight heavy nuggs. Theirs is crossed w/Afghani I believe(if memory serves)
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