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  1. KF 3 plants bought this seeds in 2019 special action
  2. https://www.gpled.eu/nl/ works good for me -i have no ties to this company-
  3. toerist123


  4. 8 weeks small bud in microwave very stoned pistells brown 70 procent trichomes mostly clear black colored fan leaves
  5. The Mrs. came out of the room where I am drying the bud and said it stinks like rotten blueberries. I replied "isn't it wonderful" but she just made a face and walked away. No appreciation for the finer things in life...lol. it smells rotten indeed fruit , blueberries ? dont know hash in the background earth , wood....
  6. mine is 6 weeks 12-12 and smelling like rotten fruit and hash
  7. got 1 too 4 weeks 12-12 at the moment
  8. @wisecalyx i m no specialist in talking about flavour and scent. scent and flavour match and are great.... flowers,fruit en some other scents also strong is the word....the smell once dried this sour n kush stands out its in my eyes as good as chocolate cheese-potency-taste-smell
  9. first one was seed the 7 this time are clones of the 1st
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