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  1. I'LL BE MORE THAN ELATED TO HAVE THAT ISSUE ONE DAY. IT WILL ME I CAN GET A SURPLUS GOING FINALLY. i git one stoner dream come true = a whole pound of weed lol. now to pine/dream on a 5 lb surplus . ha Well I did find a system that should get the operator pound + per set up. I've been talking with it's maker, so yeah, new stuffing coming!
  2. You are most kind SPW! It is my first time running any of the Long Bottom Fighter series of freebies rom GLG. They are most easy to grow out even for a caveman like myself. I got more in veg just waiting to be cycled forward, but no space!
  3. Hey bigun, my wife and I wish the for the very best for your brother.
  4. I use a HLG's (QB120 (DIY)) $100.00 LED from my veg tents, it is one of the finest small light sources I've used ever. I also run a HLG (QB192 (DIY)) $149.00 for my early veg tent. Just a stunning light source for the money. IMHO. Tiny current, tiny price, BIG results! I'm still learning their longevity.
  5. 3 Headed Dragon she got a bit to go.
  6. I've always been a HPS/MH grower. Had to learn how to disassemble security lights, remote the ballasts, and add some bulb wire length to them. In 2000 a damn 1 k hps was with shipping was pushing $700.00 -$800.00 bucks a pop. Maintenance kits from industrial outlets, about $250.00- $300.00 I made the switch to digital ballast about 10 years ago. I bought a pair of 1 k's, and 3 Hortilux bulbs. One ballast went dark about 2 years into it. Hydropharm gave me a new one after it got sent back, and determined that it was a faulty, not due to getting it wet, or in a bad location. I also bought a returned LED California light House maybe, it just boils the bud out the plants. I have that with a 1 k for so long now. I had purchased a Black Dog LED to play with. Lovely growth patterns that are very obvious. It however went dark, and upon returning it, the company would not swap it, but wanted me to pay for an upgrade in LED drivers. When I spoke to them, I asked why I should pay another price for what the unit should have had in it. So that made me go out and understand the electromagnetic band and why LED is LED, going all the back to NASA files. About 4-5 years ago now, a garden I was paid to set up, with their supplies, hoods, a couple of 1 k hps, some LED's., and teach them some growing lessons. They area was very weird, but very workable. To pack it all in and to keep environmentals steady, I used a huge 10" Vortex, remoted to another room, to get it to fly proper like. Got it banging out buds, but with air conditioning running 24/7, the lights, fans, it was costing about $450.00 month in electric costs. Two years in to it running, they asked me to see about reducing costs if possible. I did the research, and we/they purchased about $3400.00 in various HLG LED's, for early veg area, the hard veg area, and the flower room. Yeah big bucks! We lost the AC totally, we reduced the Vortex from 10" to a 6", and we reduced the amount of plants we needed. So the book keeper/(growers wife) told me, she figures that by the end of this year, all the LED's are paid for by reduced electric bills, and the huge amount of buds well over what they cut regular before the up grade. So yeah, for me as an old guy, and since my sweet spot will be under major construction in the spring coming, I'm going to Phoenix everything I own as far as grow related, tents lights, pots, everything will be replaced with new tents, HLG LED's, new accessories, maybe a nice hydro set up in a dedicated tent, will be in play also. Keep your HPS if your more comfortable with them. However, LED can be on the same playing field as HPS/MH, IMHO. I love the ones I kept.
  7. There was/is a most excellent example of egg yolk types, in Kiss The Ground, from Rancher Gabe, as he shows his chicken mobiles out in his fields, after the cattle graze them.
  8. I'm usually the worst pest in my gardens.
  9. I cannot really see it well enough to say. But what I can see I do not recognize as something I've dealt with myself.
  10. Hey olsqueak, I got to thinking after our last PM, maybe I can show you my LED set up. Just remember, I use my light sources more to aid the timing of each tent to the finish times of the different strains I run. It is never perfect, but workable. I think the fiber measurements are in mm's, or cm's. My hanging of the fiber measurement shot is not very good. I was just showing how far from bottom of the LED to the tops between 60-70 cm's I think. I fix my lights, where for many years I moved them around, up and down, and with remote bulbs I could encircle the plants if I chose to. I do not dance them about anymore, set and forget. Just my way, not that it is the best, but works a treat for me. I hope this helps. 1st pic my LED in a 4' x 4' x 7'6" as it is sold. But on my fiber tape 48" is like 123 cm but the (side of the tent) actual measure is 102 so not a true 4' x 4' x 7'6" A flower tent, leftside LED, right side HPS, both fixed height. I hope this helps you!!
  11. He is ok. I exchanged a few emails with him elsewhere.
  12. Once I completed a grow thread, Bean Basement is a vibrant community, IMHO. Some get put off by the *Put Up or Shut Up* policy. Myself, I thought it a fine idea. After you registar, this gets you a few sections of the main forum. After you post a thread, and show a seed/clone grow to finished buds. It gets a you into the full forum. There may be other ways, IDK.
  13. DAMN, how harsh!! I know sooner or later I'll get my turn to face those wee harbinger garden terrorist!
  14. webeblzr

    The Onesie

    I cycled it twice, got 56 grams of dried bud, and some 5-7 grams of scruff for edibles. The second cycle, 60 grams of bud, and about the same for scruff. This was more of a bored tinkering fool quest. I recently retired this set up, and tore it apart and reused the wire frame to teach myself how to craft a shape and cover it with fiberglass to be used as a carry all on the back of my Honda scooter. Now, I'm using a modified laundry basket, that is enforced and painted over with truck bedliner to keep it stronger. Then it has bungees to tie it down, on a large rear rack, that was swapped out for the original smaller rack. It has worked perfect for 10 years now, but I know sooner of later it will fail. I checked fab shops, tin knockers, and a plastic forming service, the costs was just crazy expensive, due to being a one off item. So I enroll at You Tube university, and scour the fiber glasser's sites. I first formed the garden wire to the baskets shape, then I cut and fit pieces of Reflectix insulation, to the inside and outside of the frame. I then hog ringed the skins to the frame. Today I start cutting, fitting all the glass pieces, marking them for where they go, and maybe get the outside of it resin coated. Should this idea fail, I have a second plan, where I'll use a mold release agent, then apply thin multiple glass sheets to make an almost exact copy of the basket, and forget the wire frame. Like I said, I'm just a tinkering fool.
  15. Hey sunstone, I got 9 females from that packet. The longest went 22 weeks, the shortest was 18 weeks. The taste went from strong lemoney to almost nothing. One plant foxtailed like wild, the others not so much. The smells from these were also a mixed bag, the foxtailed girl, was putrid burning rubber, with lemons/spices, and rust. The buzz, from the foxtailed girl, is stunning. Not wake and bake material unless your in vacation mode, because your not doing shit, but grinning at the world. The others can help you dial into different mind sets: some of it is go go juice!! Not really speedy, heart racing, but more a focused, up beat feeling of I can get that done, kind of feeling. One, about 3 jars worth, has no decent smell, buds are very nice looking, when I sampled it, and thought not very potent, but a great edibles making batch. A friend going through chemo, was complaining his weed from our shitty MMJ program, was just knocking him out. I gave him a jar of this, and told me it was just fantastic at bring his mood up after chemo. He said it had him giggling by the time he got home from the 30 mile drive. It was great teacher for me, as I'm still struggling to get my organic grow profile more in tune to their needs. Apologies to smilestyle for hijacking.
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