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  1. Hey Indicalicious, Hypro Widow 13, she is just dried now, no cure yet. She sure produced some pretty colors, under the growlightaustralia LED's. Aussie bred, Aussie sun!! Her scent profile is not quite as strong as some strains I've run, but she does taste excellent, and gives us a beautiful happy daze! My wife really enjoys this one. She will clone by asking her to, so easy. I also had a HORRIBLE time as this was started when I was told we had a end date on construction being done. They were wrong by 4 months, so I had to hold these race horses, and they got ugly. After cutting away all my poor skills evidence, this what I jarred up. A most excellent strain for great price!! The Amnesia Star will be done soon. Sincerely webe
  2. well ugly needs represented too. 4 were started at flower switch on 11/26. A Killer Grape S1, a Honey Badger Haze, a Amnesia Star, one lost labeled girl, these have another few weeks, at best. I left enough space to add Mac Stomper after a few weeks. Then about 2 weeks ago put a Big Chillz in. She had recovered much better from the terrible hiding game I played with them for FAR FAR TO LONG! The LET (last tent ever) has amazing smells going on in there, buds are very sticky, very fragrant, and my GLA LED's are pulling some of the nicest colors I've seen on my HBH and she has been with me for years now!! Fantastic work prawn!!
  3. Pics from the space lab? That is very dialed in!! Lovely!!
  4. I take my ballasts, anything metal to the scrap yard and they pay me FAR better then trying to give them away. I've been a HLG fan boy for a long time now. However after a room I help out with, we packed it full of HLG's LED's the 550's were the hot lick then, we have had 3 that needed taken down, taken back to the shop. The first time, we picked out a new light kit, as the board was sent back. The second and third time, the shop had a box of drivers sent to it, and they swapped it out by the next day. BUT they sent a box of drivers to the shop, is there that many failures going on? Is that a big deal, maybe not, but the folks that purchased them, a left wondering. It does expose you for the 60 mile round trip. And the fact we spent $3800.00 on their top models, it shakes my trust in them. I went with growlightsaustralia, that prawn connery designed, and grew with. The 4- 750 wideboard kits, even with shipping made it a worth my while to run them.
  5. Damn Halforc that is a beauty!! Love some good basil also!! I do not know that strain, sounds delicious!!
  6. I found feather meal, will supply N late in flower, when added in in my mix. It just takes a 6+ weeks to start giving up the N value.
  7. I've not myself, but that cross does grab a hinney cheek. I still have 3 different pheneos from Dynasty, it is also out in 4 or 5 other gardens in my area. I gave it away, over the years. It is a stupid simple plant to love for a longtime!! Ask her, she clones it's self, forget her in veg, it clings to life, flower her out, she gives up, long fingers of delicious potent, buds. One a cat pissah, one is chunky girl, and one needs long glass nap, and BOOMBOOM, thunder. From maybe 3 different packets of beans from Dynasty. I think you found gold man! That will NOT be for the new smoker!! Great New Year gift for yourself.
  8. I did not know about Flow Forms, and now I've fallen in love with this concept to be mingled into my area, I'm rebuilding. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTIDNa2WVkA&t=1065s This is a chunk of a larger video, but about the 17 minute mark, is a Flow Form fountain? not sure what it is called. Have the best Holidaze you can!!
  9. Hey e$kob@r, man once again, I thank you for this information, and your time. This really has given me a lot to focus on!! Some new stuff to work on. And lots to look up.
  10. Thank you for sharing the information. The Dyna-Grow B1 myth, has many gold pieces in that one article. Kind of awesome really. Yeah man, I'm not looking to create a super juice. I'm interested in more roots early on, better rooting success when I take cuttings to root, and a healthier plant with LESS ingredients. I also FAILED real bad trying to root a branch on my Montmorency Cherry tree out back. All the rooting aids I tried did not pop any action in the pods. That was when I thought I could make a stronger root juice with. https://www.powergrown.com/ this where I got my raw powders from. They send some mixing information, and tiny spoon. I keep 190 alcohol in the freezer, and have some 99% lye what they suggested. I've been forced to hold my grow/plants in place FAR longer then I thought. I started last year to get ready for my hiding time, when contractors would be all around my grow area. Like just a few feet away. I flowered out everything but a very few plants, and cut them back to stumps, set up a small tent on 24/0 veg and waited. I built up a wall of *STUFF* basement items, making it very difficult to get to. Hell and I thought retirement would be easy, LOL. What was to be 2-3 months has turned into 8 months +. This is why I simply wanted a strong root system and not wild growth. So yeah, it's been a fist fight for me, saving these ladies without going to jail LOL! Thank you bunches man!
  11. I have just started to hang my LED's from GrowLightAustralia, in my hidden area, at least until the final inspection is complete. Should have been done by August, but here we are. Like a dumbass, when I was told, August would be a finish date, I started some beans, last of July.....so damn foolish. With the incentives, and a great shipping price, I was able to secure 4- 470 long boards, plug and play kits. https://growlightsaustralia.com/product/470w-plug-play/ These LED's are extremely well crafted. A true single hand use adjuster, dimmable, Mean Well drivers. It may have taken 10 minutes to assemble. I could remote the driver away from the board, I do like that. Deeper blues and more far red than I could find elsewhere. Super fine fit and finish to every speck on these boards. I did see the Buddies, an add on a bit like your showing, but flexible. https://growlightsaustralia.com/product-category/buddies/ and NOW Misterdirt, you got my damned mind running in circles as I relook at these Buddy add on strips. Since I still can not get rolling, just holding all these plants, in place sort of. I'm already completely in love with one GLA I got glowing, and I'm dedicating one to growing vegetables in my basement, along with holding my over winter plants, in that area also.
  12. DAMN that is some excellent buds!! Looks just like the SP I ran long ago now.
  13. Hey Halforc, sounds like you got a grip of rocking cool beans!! I sent an invite to Hyp3rid to come over to the BB site. They have some crazy cool genetics. I found them at seedheaven, and ordered 2 strains for later on this season...Oh wait, I do not have a season!! Well ASAP. I just recently, got to hang a couple of those GrowLightAustralia LED's. In like 30 seconds, I knew, that prawn connery did a most excellent job, of crafting these LED's. Lower blues, higher reds, than you can find, well I could find anyway. When reading over at PlanetGanja, I found prawns thread about the LED developments, the posted up the 3rd party test results, and when I got to go through their LED offerings, I choose the kits. The kits take maybe 7-10 minutes to set up. Their suspenders are awesome, a true single hand adjustment. My plants, if you want to call them plants, that I planned on holding for 4-5 weeks has gone into 5 months, so they are ugly as fuck, bugged out, scraggly. I first mixed up a batch of home made bug juice, a pulverized clove of garlic, a tablespoon of detergent, tablespoon vegetable oil, half gallon of water, dunked them, and I repotted them, cut them back, cleaned all the scruff off, then flicked on the GLA. The next morning, they looked a bit better, and by the 3 day, ready to brawl, and get their revegg on! Got 2 more to hang after final inspection, and got the 2x2 aqua trays and 20 g reservoirs all ready for restart. Take care halforc!!
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