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  1. Oh yeah, a fan leaf will root, but when I did it, they just stayed rooted fan leaves, for a month or so. A novelty for sure, but just another *charge* for 50 if found in my state.
  2. WooHoo, I got a packet of Santa Maria x Chocolate Rain F2 & Amnesia Haze x Chocolate Rain F2 coming!! I was always a day late or a dollar short when these were listed here before. I can not crack anything open until I cycle some stuff through at the moment, as I have 10 + cuts2clone plants under a quickly hung LED on the outside of my tents right now. I even had to turn down a very nice offer, from an inmate that wanted to gift me some cuttings, as they are also overgrown, or under spaced, how ever you want to see it. Thank you San and SH. PS: my 9- SFV78's are LOVING the 12/12!! I was never in a 18 week flowering relationship before, so I'm loving the uncharted waters, but fearful of time bandits diminishing the nutrient profile, and decided to top the pots every month, with what I think is a half portion for the 3 gallon pots they are each in. I'm still reeling they were freebies! The first 9 weeks of flower, they are under 1k hps, then 9 weeks, under my big ass LED on the other side of the tent. The run of 9's. Anyway, I got to let a few hundred lady bugs into the wilds of my tents this AM. Stay safe happy and healthy folks!!
  3. I pulled out 2 killer lemon haze plants last evening, that are ugly with deadies hanging on it, but dang the buds are sweeties. The killer grape seem to be maturing very quick as I think she has been in flower only 50 days or so. When I scoped her last night, she was well into 50% clear/cloudy, white hairs were gone last week, when her smell got to me, picking deadies. The queen Bee's are maturing very quick also, a very stout, thick budded ladies for sure, also with stunning aromas when touched. I also got 9 of the SFV78's in flower on 1/2/20 for a nice 18 week flight, in my organic mix, 9 weeks of 1 K hps, then 9 weeks under an LED. If I can manage the nutes proper like, this will be my longest flight ever!! Love a good challenge, so far they are alright. There is one stand out that is *different* from the others, #9. They are all in 3 gallon pots now, and it's the big wait now.
  4. Oh wow sunnyvale, that one is far nicer than mine is!! Lovely plants sunnyvale!! I'm using my first batch of self fertilized coco coir/Pro Mix medium with Dr Earth organic offerings. I think I have to many Nitrogen additives in it. Oh well mixing up another bale today, so I'll rework it a bit.
  5. As a very young man, many years ago now, I built specialized equipment for a company that manufactured baking, food processing equipment, among other machines also. But what I remember when installing the giant mixers, the flour processing from train car to indoors, ,the proofers, the ovens, the conveyor's and all the belts, everything was geared towards knowing your exact amounts of every given ingredients, at every step of manufacturing those items. Whether it's bread, cookies, corn flakes, crackers, or pretzels, every item in exacting amounts. Heat, belt speeds, every movement means checking and verifying with constant on going tests. On the entire line, so yeah, when I read that blog, they should know every item, every step, every amount, and be backed up with running records. Canna cookies for retail should be the same as any baked item, with on going testing, not just for moisture, but for any contaminate, bugs, mice droppings, metal shavings, belt wear bits, and it goes on and on to assure safety of product. I've not been in a manufacturing bakery in 40 years so I'm sure equipment has become much more processing friendly. Everyone I was in had a lab set up in the processing room, and an expenditure many do not realize takes place. best to ya!!
  6. Hey ya wisecalyx!! Yeah man, I or we my ex wife was also ready let it go. Right before she passed away, and many years later, we were talking in her hospice room about that time in our lives, and she smiled as said we should have hung onto that ball of O, as I could use it about now, and we just giggled, at the absurdity of life. No chem drugs for me anymore, gave them up 25-30 years ago, and always encourage the young to find peace elsewhere. Weed was, and still does, save me from the only villain that still holds me hard, I got to always fight the alcohol urge, or in other words, the sugar addiction, and both are just as destructive as a ball of O, IMHO. Sorry to hijack, San!!
  7. Hey SPW, short note, I got laundry to do today. [hey @webeblzr glad that plant rocked your world. but how do u know what opium smells like ? ] TeeeHeee, well, back in the late 80's, I was building locomotives out in LaGrange Ill. for General Motors. As a kid from the Appalachian mountains I was well out of my element. I worked in the building where the base of where the loco was started at. At that time I was welding in the big ballasts to the floor plate that add weight to a loco. My fitter, was a young Mexican guy, that was supposedly linked to a well known cartel by way of an uncle. Over time, we would talk about stuff, and he was in fact related. However he wanted to be a regular working dude. Hence his job at GM. His wife and kids would come over for dinner or to hang out. He loved smoking weed as I did. One morning he came in rattled, he needed some money fast, he needed $500.00 ! I said that is a lot of money, he said, he has this ball of opium ( from said uncle) to sell for the money. We came to my house after work, and I put it on a scale, it was about the size of a baseball. Some quick calculations and I knew it was fantastic deal, and paid for it. In a month's time, I realized I needed that shit FAR FAR away my wife and I. Hell I sold the rest of that ball, for what I paid for it. so yeah man, I got a good insight to opium.
  8. Hey SAN, I had picked up some of the *Killer Grapes* on my last order, along with Killer Bee, and a couple of others. Once I cracked and tailed them, put them into medium, label them, and into my wacky weird veg cycle, that is designed to use the veg areas, to juggle my time, with flowering plants coming out of a tent 4'x8'x7'5" . Anyway for me veg time my only concerns, bugs, moisture of medium, and up potting when needed. And honestly, I tend to forget them as this strain or that one, until they go into flower. Add trying to keep cuttings of every strain, and being an old guy, I just tend to forget what is running, bit more so now, since I bailed on the Hawaiian adventure....but keep a couple floating in the mix as my fav's. SO, this morning I go down to tidy up in the flower tent, as it's an end of month chore I try to always do. I crawl into the tent, and realize it's a full on SANtero harem!! All San's stuff!! So I vacuum up all the floor litter, and grab my stuff bag,wire,stakes. So I start picking the deadies, yellowing, maybe a leaf here and there for lower bud exposure. There are a couple of Killer Bee's, a wonky diesel, and as I start to pick this really Dr.Seuss looking plant, that needed staked and wired real bad, as she is floppy as a hooker. As I start wireing her to the stake, I get an overwhelming blast to my nose, of Grapes and Opium so strong, it was a pure stench, gut gurgling stench!! OMG I was so freaking thrilled!! I just kept saying OMGOMGOMGOMG! I ran to get my wife, and I'm babbling about this Super sticky, super smelly, smaller sized plant, and how she has a couple of weeks to go IMHO!!! I'm meditating to the universe to let this be my grail girl I've been seeking, for a grape freak seeking friend. He spent almost $300.00 on a packet of GageGreens, Communistia strain as it was supposed to be a grape orgy, a few years ago. We got 3-4 plants from that packet, and none of them were CLOSE to this girls intensity, not at all. You sure as shit chucked this pollen correct man!! I know my tribe is going go phucknutscrazy for this!! BIG PROPS San!! I enjoy every strain I've grown out.....but grail plants...are as rare as an honest politician, and I know the Primordial Ohm is in this girl. Salutations Pollen Chucker!! Off to the PC Hall of Fame with you!! Sincerely webe I may have the KLH wrong, will check later on when I can.
  9. Well I tried. I made an account, but not getting something right, oh well.
  10. Lovely work!! Thanks for the Old school tip, I can not believe they are still working La Mano Negra lines!! I only traded a few e-mails with him before he passed many years ago now, and I did not have good enough skills to work long flowering sativas, he was offering back then. But now they are on my bean radar!! Best to ya!!
  11. I usually water/tea my plants in a 4 day cycle, either in 4 inch pots or 1 gallon pots, or the 3 gallon flowering pots, seems to work out to 4 days between water/tea addition. When I give them water/tea, I try and keep a cycle going, once from the top down, until I see some run off leaking into my saucers. Next time, I fill only the saucers, so I first fill each saucer so it's almost overflowing, then move to all the rest. Usually, by the time I filled the last one, the first one has been wicked up, so I go back and refill fill them, zip up the tents and forget them for 4 days. The third time, I pour a half gallon of water/tea in the top, and another in the saucer, and forget them for 4 days. I always have a solid rootmass at the end, for me, winnerwinnerchickendinner.
  12. All of my 3pakis came out with lots of color. Some were a bit nute sensitive, but the pink pheno, handled the exact same mix, without showing any leaf tip burn. I based my medium mix (MMM) partly on Baqlins recipe, and partly on a few other mixes I have saved over the years. I put them into mmm at 8-10 points, and did not burn them to cinders, a touch maybe, and some a bit more, but not to cinders. The 3pakis are a great plant for their beauty, fantastic taste, and excellent head candy. I'll be using some buds for medicated edibles, just have not yet. Lovely work!
  13. I was not going to post this, but it has helped us to reduce the the amount of sugar we use on a daily basis....but, it may not be for everyone. We started to infuse olive oil, with the same ratio we used in our cookies. I buy the best olive oil I can afford, and simmer it @ 140-175 F for 3-4 hours in a water bath, trivet in the bottom. The matter, after infusion, gets sprinkled into salads, with some infused oil and Braggs apple vinegar. Or whatever we are cooking at the end, sprinkle in some matter. Or at lunch a slice of toast maybe a slice of tomato,with some olive oil drizzled on it, and a splash of salt and oregano. Next will be a sesame seed oil, as we just love that unique flavor, then with a cannabis infusion, we are both anxious to sample that one. The only time I did coconut oil infusion, we used it for cookies. But now, I got to think about that for ?????something unique. I hope it helps someone to add some diversity to the goodies, without the sugary sweets many of us elderly folk do not need.
  14. Hey Dequelo!!! WOW I am so damn glad your still working the girls man!! I have not been around here to much, but I still like to read an follow one or 2 of the threads here. I'm still fairly healthy, and still deeply in love with my hobby, and I stay busy, well as busy as I want to be anyway. From back in our days at OverGrow, your ways I've adopted have made me a way better grower and I thank you for sharing your ideas all these years, and to me that was our only way to punch back to the horror of the senseless prohibition of a plant. Sincerely webe
  15. [I'd love to get that one, too, @webeblzr. I don''t know what happened with my last order. I didn't get anything I asked for, but I have 3 crosses. One I'm excited about, sort of.] You are most welcome to whatever I have going on man. I'll do an inventory today, as it is cloning day for stuff I started a month or 2 ago. Mostly all San's. And, I've been a lazy (gardening) mofo for a while, while fixing up the in laws condo, he's 93 retired Navy, wheel chair bound, she is 89 and trying to care give to him. It makes me feel human helping them. So I paint, patch, replace doors and floors since the wheel chair is a new thing in their life. New shower stall, step in type, so that means dry wall work, mouldings, and more patch and paint. He wants handrail pulls installed so he can be as independent as humanly possible, and I let him struggle...somewhat, until it looks like he is going to go tits over a tea cup. I did get him to think and dwell on something different than WW2, when I got him to watch The Pyramid Code a 4 part series, about 10 years old now. It blew him away, he watched it like 4 times after I loaded it up for him. I also gave him my copy of Robert Bauval's book The Egypt Code that he devoured in a few nights. If he stays in the Pacific during the war to long, he gets very forlorn of his life/lost buddies behind him....I just want him to look forward a bit more...to excite his thinking part of the brain. Sorry I ramble.
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