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  1. Myself, I do not have enough knowledge to work with harsh chemicals or the proper safety stuff someone would need, IMHO. I got this from their website on the safety sheet. I would just buy Jacks products if that is what your after. But what do I know, have fun, and be safe. General Comments: Little toxicology information is available for this product. Nitrate containing substances are potential allergens. Prolonged or repeated contact with fertilizer may irritate eyes and skin. Inhalation of dust may irritate nose, throat, and lungs. Prolonged exposure may cause weakness, depression, headache, mental impairment, anemia, methemoglobinemia, and kidney injury. Ingestion of nitrates can cause gastrointestinal irritation, muscular weakness, and blue tinged skin (cyanosis). Eye contact with urea powder may cause reversible corneal opacity along with irritation, tearing, and blinking as a foreign body in the eye. Skin contact with powdered urea may cause only mild irritation while ingestion may cause nausea, vomiting and possible excitement and convulsions. Inhalation of high concentrations of metals ( such as dusts containing manganese, molybdenum, copper, zinc, iron) over long periods of time (several years, for example) may cause damage to the central nervous system or affect the lung, liver, or kidney
  2. I purchased one of these maybe a year ago :https://www.ledgrowlightsdepot.com/products/horticulture-lighting-group-hlg-100-quantum-board-qb192-led-grow-light to supplement a 8 tube x 24" T5 Hydropharm as it would fit beside it in a veg tent I needed to over pack with plants for a spell. Perfect light, if it gives me a few more trouble free years. I also bought one their $99.00 I think the smallest they make, to play around with a single light cheap set up for a friend. Stunning wee light source. I also have a friend that runs Mars and loves the hell out them.
  3. Hey olsqueak, over on another site I go to, there are a few Humbolt seed threads. Seems many folks like their products. My tents are packed right now, so not much seed buying for me, but I still go looking around. I seek out whatever is not popular!! Very nice looking plants!! Will be watching.
  4. [I tried a new brand of worm castings, and now I have fungus gnats (and worm castings that include chunks of wood). What a deal! I got no wood at all with my old brand.] I've been very happy with Uncle Jim's, myself. It is close to me, and a decent price. I tried Lobster Meal, in the raised beds, the veggie bed, and the Asparagus bed. Most excellent. I also used it to make my next batch of my mix I use now. I can also get from the local health food store, buckets of their own compost. That will have a few bugs in it, but for $3.00 a 5 gallon bucket you self fill, it is a very good price. I've been cracking seeds in small cups of compost and they seem to love it. I was sure it would burn them to a crisp, if they would even pop....well silly me!
  5. They have a decent sale going on, I just do not trust the beans chance of a positive border crossing right now. And, there are SO DAMN MANY outlets here in the USA to use now.
  6. Hey Garden, since we had 4 cups of juice remaining, we used Pomona Pectin for the first time. Since it was not her *mom's recipe she was NOT into stepping away from it. The sugar was reduced by almost 2/3 !! That is huge to me. I will occasionally will use some of what we make, but once I knew how much sugar was in it, I really put the brakes on using it. However the Pomona was just perfect for my tastes. To me, way more berry flavor is present, not nearly as sweet, but better than the tart berry alone. A lovely Black Raspberry spread, that is very flavorful, but not overtly sweet. I'm going to go pick a bunch of blueberries to pack away in the freezer whole, this week .
  7. If this had been someones grow and show, I'd be interested.
  8. We made 18 jars of jelly from the juice, from 8 quarts of Black Raspberries, @ &2.99 a pound x 9 lb's or $27.00 and we still have 5 cups of juice to use. My wife as per her handed down recipes calls for Sure Jell. We picked for 1.5 hours, and did not make it to the end of the 200' long row, and maybe 4-5 rows of red/black raspberries. Such a beautiful place, well hidden back in the mountains, that many just do not know about! Acres of covered blueberries, as most pickers we there for those! Since we will give all of this away as gifts, I want to learn how to use Pomona's Pectin, for the last of the juice, and to use WAY....WAY less sugar for what we will keep for ourselves. Hell the more i think about it, this year we made Blueberry, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Black Raspberries jams and jellies, but we have not used/consumed even one complete pint of any of them yet. We just like to uphold some her mom's gift items (87 years old) she would make, like the jams and jellies, as she is just to elderly to do it anymore. She likes that we gift it out to anyone in the family that enjoys a particular type or kind. Also just to piss off the *SPREADERS* we wore masks as we picked. But we were not alone either, my guess, would be 75% wore them. Honestly, I do not give a care to who does and who does not cover the pie hole. Have fun everyone!!
  9. Today we go to one of the many orchards surrounding us, to pick raspberries today, some red's, but mostly black raspberries! $2.99 a pound. We have not have decent raspberries in ages. A nice place well back off the beaten path. We stopped in last week, to see if some were ready. They could be picked, but seemed very small to us, and when talking to the orchard workers, they suggested this week the fruits would be better. We got some decent rain, a few days go, so that should plump them. There are SO many small farms, in our area, we really do not buy vegetables in the stores much. I found a small scale, butcher shop, riding away from town, up in the hills. It's been there since the late 1800's. I get there early in the morning, open with no one there. A nice once a month visit, tops off the beef we get from a local farmer. Got some new beans a cracking, got some delicious buds packed away, everyone is happy and healthy, in our world. All I can do is wish the best to all of you, however you feel about todays health score card. Party On!
  10. I just started some Australian Deadhead, I'm a bit skeptical on the 63 days. I'm all prepared to go what ever time frame my loupe takes me. It would be crazy cool to cut them at 63.
  11. [ Now that smacks me in my ugly mug, good and hard! Damn, I'm getting addicted to the long lanky ladies.
  12. Oh yeah dieseldog381 !! And way out of my comfort zone as far as weeks of flower. We are really enjoying them. In the 8 or so plants, the range is some really unique tastes, and really diverse types of stone going on. I pounced on some Australian Deadhead, soaking them now, woo hoo Christmas weed!! Best to ya man!
  13. Just a few snaps, of Santeros work, Killer Lemon Haze, Queen Bee, and the freebi packet of SFV78 I got when I bought the KLH . The SFV78 has me seeking anything with Mullumbimby Madness in it. The one pheno, sported fox tails, and took 22 weeks of flower to complete. It is NOT for light smokers at all! My daughter in law, stopped in to talk with my wife about women's stuff. I had just started to prepare a smoke for us when she got here. I cut the joint in half, and went out to my shop, to putter & puff about, and give them privacy. My wife texted me, the DIL was having issues after partaking of the half I gave them. Once inside the house, she was on the couch, saying, OMG I feel like I'm soaring in the sky! We placed a cold cloth on her fore head, and called her hubby. About 2 hours later, we got her in their truck, she was floppy like a noodle, and giggling the whole time. Lesson learned, we'll keep this for the moldie oldies we know.
  14. Hey SPW, [U know relic is Professor P right ?] oh yeah!! I've only grown out a strain or so of theirs I did not care for. If we don't care for the smoke, it's always used for edibles, or oil, or give it away.
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