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  1. I read somewhere the aerial project, excluding California was a huge money pit, with very little return for the expense. Their investment was to get more narco dollars for the war on weed as big pharma ramped up the *use more opioids* campaign to prescribe opiates for everything from hangnails to toe fungus!! And a very productive campaign it was.
  2. I do not use molasses in large amounts when I mix up a liquid nourishment for the girls. I really do not measure it per se, but I know a couple of glugs is tablespoonish, maybe a tad over, IDK exactly. I mix that into about 9-10 gallons of water/tea, I have a well, so no worry of water sanitizing stuff in it. Maybe it just feeds the gnats.
  3. Alpaca balls go in the dryer, with washed clothes. Dryer sheets, get placed on top of my pots, and I water down through them myself. (great tip from shoeless, I think) I just up potted some 1 gallons to the 3 gallon pots I like to flower in. The damn things still had that god awful dryer sheet smell after a few weeks of use. I do not think the dryer sheets kill the wee root lice, but makes them hide from the stench they give off.
  4. Since we gave up dryer sheets for 4-5 years now, switching to Alpaca Hair Balls, that still work great. And we buy some stuff, in the big hoarders packages, and of course, we had just bought a double package of dryer sheets, like a few years worth....never opened. That is until reading this thread. I pack a few around inside the pot, and just water through them myself. Fuck they stink!!
  5. Hey Mr. Dirt, until I found a cross with some Mullumbimi Maddness in it, I did not enjoy many statives at all. The Australian Dead Head, my most recent find with it, is a fantastic first puff of the day smoke. It gives me no munchies, a very long lasting buzz, and I stay clear headed,(well as I can be anyway) and can focus on what I'm doing. My first experience MM was with SFV78 from Bob Green. Not being racey was what intrigued me about it. I had experienced all the other strains to make it, except for the MM, now I seek it out. And, my wife loves it also. I have not made any edibles with it yet.
  6. Hey dequelo, I hear it's hit or miss concerning messages, or much of the forum stuff for that matter. No new members in while. Not like when we joined here anyway. Still good folks around, but that does not help your issue. Just keep trying I guess.
  7. Australian Dead Head buds, snipping to jars. Honey Badger Haze 3 delicious stinkers!!
  8. Hey SPW, I ran into a file elsewhere, that has been compiled, a Drop Box file, about breeding. I'm not sure if it violates any site policies, (here) and I did ask permission from who compiled it, about distribution, and they state it's fine to share it. So I can either PM the link to you or some Mod can let me know if I can post it, without pissing anyone off. It's a doozie for sure!! Hell I've never been one to want to mingle genes, but this info has been fun to pick through. Like yeah, maybe my pea sized brain can get it!
  9. Glad I clicked the link, I thought catalepsy meant, rapid sleep induced by petting a cat, under the influence of THCP.
  10. Salutations Bug Bangers, I gave out these Honey Badger Haze plants (clones) to other gardens maybe 4-5 years ago. I asked to have some copies made, and totally had forgotten that godawful cat piss smell, that plumes from them, as you happen to brush against them in deep flower. And a shot of the Australian Dead Head top that fell over. You all have the best new year you can!
  11. I only exchanged a few emails with Bog, long ago, well before his beans were in a shop. Such a very nice guy. Very sad day for his fam.
  12. Hey BG, those plants taught me so much, and for free!! Best wishes Bob!! Since I was blessed with so many stuffed jars from this cultivar, I've been gifting it out to those I know are scrambling to make ends meet right now.
  13. Phone licking? Man, I'm way behind the times...and I'm ok with that. PA MMJ dispensaries are all online ordering only, and they bring out your order when you get there. My friends that use it, all complain of high prices, and hate the flowers. I do get preloaded pens from there, when I'm lazy and do not make my own concentrates. Phone Licking!!
  14. I made a soda bread with cheese an onion yesterday....but not medicated, this time!!
  15. SPW, I get it, from your PM, your do not see Todd as a breeder, just another chucker, that's cool. Do not buy the beans. I never went seeking Todds work, nor Mel Franks. What caught my attention, is how well he gutted, the screaming whiners, about where haze/skunks came from, and who did what to whom, with documentation, photos, receipts, and whatnot, when all they had was/is all random repeated nonsense, about that time frame. I just up potted a ONHaze x ONHaze with 1 or 2 of Zanzibars Amnesia Haze x Chocolate Rain along with a SSSDH x G13 x Hash Plant so yeah, I'm a hazyhoedown right now. Mel Franks 96 skunks, I found 2 distinct phenos, one has killer bag appeal, the other a bit greener, neither has that distinct skunk smell. In fact neither has any smell, even after a 5 month jar cure. The buzz is excellent!! And when I blend a bit of something more flavorful, with it, they are both enhanced while smoking the joint. I myself, do not feel cheated with my Todd purchases, and will probably buy more, if I feel something calling out to my genetic code desires.
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