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  1. 2nd year for our Asparagus raised pit. I started seeing heads poking on the 6th. I gave the pit some Dr Earth BioLive just a few cups, maybe 3 weeks ago to get the biologicals started. Then some molasse water, to feed the bio's a week later. Now I'll just watch and see. We are supposed to not cut them again this year, to build a better rooting crown, but damn they so delicious looking. Getting my Fig cuttings I started last year into the ground this weekend, 6 sets of 2. I do not know anything about growing them, but I did get to taste these for a couple of years. I know I got to cover them over winter, not wild about that, but I got to drag Plumeria in every year also. I qualified for the Moldy Oldie life time fishing license fee this year!! Been buying a license from 16 - 65!! Last one for me. Have the best day you can.
  2. Hey SPW, this is the brand I get from PAHydro. I think for $15.00 once it hydrates it makes a good bit. I like to hydrate mine in a scoop or 2 recharge, with a molassas kicker, got to feed the microbes. I can do 2-3 (maybe another also) trays with a block/perlite/sunshine mix/lava rock or may try hydroton next time. I would not have guessed I could clone in the stuff as it is CHUNKY, and I like CHUNKY! With the large size perlite it becomes super chunky, I do not think I took a snap of that bag, biggest one they had, like $40.00. But I dumped the rest into a trash can (unused) for storage. I have dozens of 1 gallon and a few dozen 3 gallon pots, maybe 15-20 or so 10 gallon pots and all will go to be outdoor garden supplies as I go to 2x2 trays. Here is most recent shot of the plant in the Outlaw, again light STARVED, and will be rectified. I just wanted to stay on point through this grow, but DAMN, I wanted to install the 1k digital ballast hps when it was finished working the big tent a few weeks ago....so badly I wanted to blow them up, but I did not. Asparagus, is best raw!! Our stalks are nice and thick, super tender when plucking them raw, and so far 7-8 of the crowns are poking up new shoots!! We did not expect thick stalks this year as it's only the second year since planting them. oh yeah, I think I figured out how to post chunks of the Breeding Info I got from Bean Basement in your breeding info thread. I'll try to pop some over today, if you still want it. You captured some great snaps of sweetie pie!!
  3. Hey SPW, love your set up! I only wish I had found coco husks sooner in my grow life. FAR, far superior to coco coir, IMHO. Coir, is wonderful, not slagging it, used many years now. I found, it to get *muddy* after a cycle or 2, or broken down if you will. I do not need to water/tea as much as it really holds fluid well. I can leave a plant standing in a saucer full of water, and the roots never seem to get the water logged look to them. I'm going to source out a skid of coco husk bricks, as my asparagus raised pit loves the shit!! Got stalks poking up yesterday!! Big thick purple and green heads pushing up!! The husks, alone would grow well. Being a cheap phuck, I like to extend my resources, so I bought and found using a bag of large chunk perlite works great with husks, then mix in a bag of Lobster compost or Jims Wriggler compost. This medium is used for every day transplanting, cloning mostly, then retires to the garden raised beds. I also am using it in my outlaw (hydro/organic) set up. I took some snaps of it last night, starving for more light, for sure, as I'm just using my wee veg light, and small LED for veg or flower, but it's not meant to flower out a decent sized plant like it is. This will soon be rectified. Looks like I can get a few runs from it, it's just not breaking down like coir does....so we will see. It sure loves the CNS I give it also. Organic hydro, who knew?
  4. Fantastic grow!! I've not run anything that big. When I did run a room, and we had 40-50 hours of trimming, I would fill clean garbage bags of lowers (branches), and stuff them in a chest freezer. After my buds were hanging, I'd put some good gloves on, and hand strip, the frozen branches, not cutting, just gripping and pulling, into a large tote, for edibiles/hash/oil. Probably not an option, but frozen leaf crumbles quickly and easy over snipsnipsnip. I did not have enough plants to justify a trimmer, but once a store was going out of business, I got myself a nice chest freezer, $200.00 that has only ever held weed for most part. Even my trimmings get frozen, so I can glove up, and crush a garbage bag of trimmings in a few minutes. Again, wonderful grow!!
  5. They are just blistering beauties !! Since I learned to grow in stealth boxes, cracking, bending, plastic dipped fishing weights, bonzi training wire, even splitting stalks was all fair game. You'd think it would piss them off, but off they grow, hardier than ever.
  6. They will be stunning I'm sure!! All the best!!
  7. Nope just got to be at SH right at the time of the seed drop, for me, by chance. They are delicious and hard to keep out of the curing jars to be honest.
  8. Hey SPW, yeah the Outlaw has really made growing fun again for me. I do not have near enough light in there. I do love the small HLG 65-v2 veg LED, and it's bigger brother, 120h-54a, tiny but powerful. For flower, however, way under powered, but I needed to get this out of my system, to know for sure what is capable from them. I also found out my old bones, can not relocate the flagstone patio as quickly as I wanted to. I'm still way ahead of schedule but DAMN am I a sore old dog. About half way so happy about that. Being new to the baking world, well I can heat up TV dinners well enough but new to baking breads, Cottage Loaf is a super simple beginners recipe from a dated Paul Hollywood book. I was also thinking about your root shots above, and I remember using those pots long ago, and got roots that looked liked yours. What I did was to use a Uni-Bit to enlarge the existing holes, and put some gravel 1/2" or so in the saucer, then placed the pot on top, to allow for more air flow through the coco as you water/feed. Coco can hold water longer than ProMix /Sunshine type mediums do. Now that I found coco husks and larger chunk perlite work great with organics or hydro, it's become my go to medium. It clones/roots as easy as regular coco coir, but zero compaction once to wet. It can not get to wet. The husks hold way more fluid, perlite keeps air flow, and I water/feed less often then the standard coir/promix I used for years. Just my thoughts man, you really have come a long way since we started swapping PM's. Best to ya man!
  9. Hey SPW, I run 3 sheet metal screws into the flange once connected myself. Nice set up!! My outlaw set up is still running, with maybe a month to go. And the big tent is down to about a month to go. It so sad in a way to see my hobby in dying out fashion, after working so hard for it. But change is good, and having a well window installed will help greatly with subterranean activities. The changes to coco husks/lava rock/LGC perlite/with a slash of sunshine mix, is working fantastic. I can raise them in the mix with Dr Earth organics, then put them in Outlaw, and finish them hydro with CNS juice. Once I install float valves, and rolling fed tank. I can let this system fly alone for a week or 2, maybe more. So I'll be living through others gro shows until maybe July or once the worker bee infestation ends. Lovely work SPW. Got to bake a couple of Cottage Loafs to be delivered by 12:00.
  10. Glad your safe Mr Gf!! I've been crazy busy this year so far. Still working for the same dickhead, myself. Getting ready to add an addition on, with a well window, so I got a lot of getting ready shit going on. A 25' x 20' flagstone patio I laid 20 years ago, I'm lifting back up, and storing the stone behind my pole building. I think I bought 7-8 skids way back then. I have some really nice big ones I dug around for at the quarry, from busted skids in a pile. They sure went down a whole easier, back then. But I got lots of time, grab a coffee & cannabis, and do it with a smile, a little every day, now that we got some decent weather. Take Care Mr Gf
  11. Yeah man, I was not seeing/paying attention this design glitch for a place that has low ceilings. The dude keeps asking if he should get the shorty, but man after your hassle, IDK. He claims to have skills in basic wood working, so after reading your trials and tribulations with a shorty and extension, I told him some places are way better to build to suite an area, then to jam a tent in there and not have easy access. A bundle of 1" x 1" x 8' and a bundle of 2" x 2" x 8' a sheet of foam, some Panda and game on. You'll laugh about this when your inbox is filled with bean beggar requests, and your rolling in both kinds of green!! Best to ya!
  12. IMHO, I'd (consider) to work in India, myself. The bribes will be cheaper, labor less, governing reg's much less. Logistics of shipping around the world is unknown to me, maybe one of the biggest items to figure out. In the USA, bribes are huge, state and local zoning issues can be as sticky as Tangle Trap. Best of luck in your endeavor!!
  13. DAMN, how harsh SPW. I never tangled with an extension...so Thank You for your information. Those insights will be filed away in my tent set up file. In the top, of the tent, I use one of the 2 slide in supports, I put the support tube through the 4 wire hangers on the LED, then reinstall the support/LED. Set n forget. You know SPW this info really helps some folks I've been talking with that have very low ceiling height and I've been trying to figure out how to use an extension in that environment. Now I know to 86 that idea right now!! So you saved me a ton of time. Thanks man. Sorry you had such a bitch of a time with it.
  14. Yeah Gary is good dude, his crew is also building some very excellent quality hydro systems there also. Takes 20 minutes to set up a 4 x 4 x 6'11" Gorlilla Lite tent, and about the same to tear it back down, to use later on. love them! The 4' x 8' x 7' hydropharm (actual width and length are larger than the stated tent dimensions, but not taller) was a bear to erect alone.....with a few inches at the bottom of the rafters, to wrestle the top over the frame. I'll be cutting up that one in a month or so. Might save the frame to see if it can be of some use out in the garden, before I take to the salvage yard. Damn I wish I knew you needed yo-yo's I got a whole bunch of them in a box, 1/4 rope and larger. I used them on and off over the years, but I find them a bit clunky to use. And once I found quality LED's, I had absolutely no reason to yo-yo.
  15. Very nice looking!! I might have a mission for some of those!!
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