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  1. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    A bit more on molds/mushrooms and fungi. https://owlcation.com/stem/Medications-From-Molds-Fungi-and-Health
  2. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    On saturday morning I got call from a friend that knows a decent boat captain out of Essex MD, and has had a trip planned for yesterday, Sunday, and he just got a call from someone that paid for a spot, and now was cancelling out, very last minute. He asked me if I had plans, and if not, the deposit is already paid for, just pony up some money for the captain and first mate, and fish cleaning. It was a fantastic day on the Chesapeake Bay. I packed a lunch, and some pickies to gnaw at, rain gear, but forgot my camera. Got picked up at 4:00am, was puffing on some Maui Wowie at 5:30, and on the boat around 5:45 or so. Was about 45 minutes to get to where the fish finder went off!! Fishing started off slow, but picked up, did some bottom fishing, then removed the weight, and just used big chunks of fish on a hook, using them more as lures, and got some very nice rockfish. Once trolling, we limited out quickly. Captain took his time getting back, showing us around the area. They cleaned the fish into nice fillets, and we was heading back and at home at 4:00pm. Was a great day on the water.
  3. webeblzr

    3 day darkness at finish?

    For myself, I will use *darkness outside my tent* up to a week or more, if needed, more for a timing task, if you will. I do NOT think they get frostier, nor do I think it is some type of advantage technique. It does, give me a bit more time to see the the trichomes ripen up to what I want, over cutting her early when my veg tent would be severely preggo and needs to pop some of them into flower, like right now. That is when I use the dark outside my tent. I learned by growing in small boxes, shooting for a perpetual cycle, so I started doing this many years ago, simply for timing.
  4. webeblzr

    Old Grow Pics

    Well after wondering if I was giving NGB up, I cut and pasted the initials and searched, and he made a post over on the new OverGrow. It has been 17 years since he posted up his how to thread!! WOW I really am an old phuck! WhoKnew!
  5. webeblzr

    Old Grow Pics

    Hey Gardenartus, Thank you for your kind words. it's amazing what you can make with a couple of bundles of 1x2's, 2x2's, 2 sheets of luan, one sheet of bathroom replacement wall coverings, a square, saw, screws and time can make. I think I had around $250.00 for everything, lights, fans, hardware, and you can run it wet or dry. I had great fun showing folks how to fly them properly instead of the years it took me get excellent results on a regular basis. However these box ideas were not mine, all I did was to change what I did not care for in another persons posted up idea, on OverGrow many years ago. I will not type out his whole handel as his thread went crazy when he first posted it up, back around 2000 or so. he was totally shocked how insane his thread went. It was the NGB Stealth Box. I simply made one exactly like his. However, in my given area of the USA, I had issues, and started to solve them one cycle at a time. About 5 year or so after working the first box, I made the second with upgrades! There are some ideas in there that are mine, in the second box, the flexible necks for the bulb placement did not work as well as I hoped for, but it was really nice to be able to bend the bulbs to the exact place where I wanted them to be....to dance with the plants if you will. That was also why in my excited hydro set up, and that was not my original idea either, but I could reposition my lights, to create and total envelope of light getting the bulbs as close as possible. I could never get my 1k's closer than 9 inches or so, before sever bleaching occurred. It sucked real bad when I was resetting their hanging position, and you forget one, and back into it!! That 600 blistered the backside of my shoulder the instant I leaned back into it once...just once.
  6. webeblzr

    Identify these little buggers

    Man that is harsh!!
  7. webeblzr


    Just beautiful work man!
  8. webeblzr

    Old Grow Pics

    Hey Gardenartus, my first box, but probably the 8th or 9th revision from the very beginning, when they were simply large shipping crates for big electric motors used in web printing presses. Did some dumpster diving to get a few of them. Then ripped them apart and redesigned, er well rebutchered them and cobbled them back together, and added utilities. They were so damned productive, and CHEAPCHEAPCHEAP!! The first 4 pics was a run around 06, using Serious Seeds AK47, not sold to me as an auto strain, but regular seed. When she started to flower under 18/6, I was like, WTF! Then it kept getting bigger and bigger and I think this was day 70, and it could have gone a lot longer, but other plants wanted some love too. I finally chopped it,it was in a sunken tote about 36 gallon tote maybe. A 150 hps mated with a 70 mh, in a huge tote that went through the floor of the box. The next grow box I made, from luan, foam insulating board, and white bathroom panels, cut and fit. I had made hollow walls to move stale air out and bring in freash air with soffit vents located throughout the box. With slide ports to adjust air coming in.I did many hours watching punk sticks burning in them to see the air currents and how they flowed, and it worked awesome!! Utilities on left top, left bottom veg area with hand made light kits Flouro's in veg area. from maintenance supply stores. Man I sold a few of these for while then. Had great fun making it. They died out when tents got so interchangeable, and flexible for many different spaces. Love to make them still. I'm just a hopeless tinkering fool.
  9. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Freaking Mercury In Retrograde, what a phucked up past 6 weeks....... Dots of good stuff here and there, but for most part I feel like I'm on fire running in circles! One problem after another, then compounded problems that gave birth to BIGGER freaking problems!!! Oh well, we endure to persevere.
  10. webeblzr

    Old Grow Pics

    Hey gardenartus, Yeah pretty much from 2000 or so. Vert horizontal or vertical. I did make bat wings for the verticals, on the perimeters of the grow when I ran 3400 watts with 400's, 600's, and 1k's. I was using painter tarps as walls back then for reflectivity, well my light meter decided that. But I've also used and dearly love the small bulbs, a 70w MH, mated with a 150HPS, in a 30 inch x 40 inch x 40 inch sealed box, and every 2 months cut and dried, 3-4 ounces. I cheated a bit now, I did fold a piece of aluminum foil and some fence wire to hang it above the 1000 watt bulb. Not so much to reflect light, but to reflect the heat, to keep from burning a hole in the top of my tent. That may not happen, but. That was a 6 bucket system, and 4 of the plants went to the darkside early in flower, and the last 2 went totally alien!! Biggest indoor buds I ever grew out...and the only time also. But it was like living with another entity as it needed constant high pressure air boiling in the inner bucket. AND, being hydro, it needed 24/7 solution flowing, recycling 50 feet away, then returning back to the buckets in that killer, 68 f-72 f temp range also 24/7 After my harvest, and the numbers came, it was time for me to quit chasing that, 2+ gram per watt shit I was so addicted to.
  11. webeblzr

    Old Grow Pics

  12. webeblzr

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Well well well, where to start, as you listen to Frankie, or not, a few snaps to end this endeavor. And a few words to think about. I'm thrilled, I decided to work Pua's seeds, are they real, are they fakes, I just do not give a rats ass about that, you folks that worry of that stuff, there were a few nuances to warrant those thoughts. I'm not into breeding enough to really have a grasp of all the bickering about them. WHAT I've grown out, is worthy beside every single plant I've grown out since 2001. Was every single one fire, NOPE! But they can stand tall to every breeder here at Sannies, or Hemp Depot. Also 2 cultivars under my belt from a house does not make me an expert concerning their company, but I'm in NO way, NO WAY disappointed with them . For Mr.GoodFellow, as I prepared them for culling, the aroma's are spectacular!! Each one, unique. The 2 Alenuihaha are a bit the same, but the A plant is WAY sweeter to the nose, more floral, maybe a touch of sandalwood and spices. The C plant, is more sour, metal, with a wet moss funky smell, so lovely!! The Maui Wowie, well I called her a skunk type of plant early on, and her structure and appearance is just that. Fat buds, super sticky, and her nose is so freaking unique to any skunk I've grown out so far. She is not raw skunk smelling at all, juicy fruit, with some deeper floral undertones, with a smattering of vanilla, and coconuttish. Yeah I know that's not a word, sue me. I absolutely loved running these plants!! I've given out cuts to every garden I know, I gave the B Alenuihaha plant to a good friend, to have an off site tester plant of sorts. She will be bottle fed, so I can get a comparison going on, to my crappy version of Organics. This where I'll ask you to enjoy, Thank You all for stopping in during this wonderful grow (for me anyway) and I will Thank Paumanaohana's crew, we had a few hiccups along the way, but it all worked out, and you all should be proud of your beans, well the strains I worked anyway. I really had hope, they and Sannie would hammer something out, and maybe have a few offerings here...or not.
  13. webeblzr

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Hey Mr-W, Thank you for dropping by!! Yeah, I'm a hopeless tinkering fool man. I use only big chunk perlite myself, the smalls have so much dust with them, you need to wash it out first, as that dust becomes mud and worthless to rooting. Cups are cups, but once I raised up the drain holes to the sides, that made a wee reservoir, they really started to blow out roots. I can snap a lid on the used ones, then into a milk crate type of open top box I have, then I place all of them into a large square tote, and dunk them in a H2O2 solution with a small pump swirling the cleaning juice, and cleaning the perlite also. Kind of a lazy way, but saves me bunches of time. I would put perlite in a old colander with a plate on top, and set that into my square tote with H2O2 solution. Take care all. I got some changes coming real, real soon!! Gotta love upgrades!!
  14. webeblzr

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    I have a bunch of 10/20 trays, so I poke cuts in these Get To Cloner's, tea them, and poke prepared cuts into them, all on a 10/20 and my humidity dome fits the trays perfectly. Just a quick lift lets you know how much juice is in there. Or, once every 3-4 days I put refill until the holes weep. I will give them daily or every other day a nice foliar spray. You could mix a bit, maybe half and half with vermiculite/perlite and not reflood as often as vermic really holds water well...sometimes to well, thus the mix. Thanks for stopping Gardenartus!! There is an idiot pooping all over the site selling crappy buds to growers of all nonsense. We need a spam exorcising.