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  1. Nice buddage!! I've not seen bud (live) in months now. Soo close, but not yet. You got a nice variety also.
  2. The beautiful ladies always make you dance to their music.
  3. Very beautiful plants Mrdirt!! Just remember, moonshine is just as wanted as it ever was, even with all the state of the art gizmo's, in the corporate endeavors, yet my acquaintances still pumping it out right after the corn and rye is cut and delivered, until they run out. I got my first shine from them in 1988ish, so yeah, crafted weed will always have a place IMHO.
  4. I picked up 5 grams of IAA, and 10 grams of BAP from PowerGrown.com there is a lot of free reading over there!! I got my grow chemicals at https://www.powergrowsystems.com/collections/nutrients there is a the whole grow, 3 product fertilizer bundled, from beginning to end, for years of growing for us small growers. I mean $20.00 for me, is golden, fuck paying for water transportation. I'm adding to mine some extra pulverized Langbeinite/humic acid, molasses, oyster shell, ReCharge.
  5. [Himalayan salt, Champaca Absolute 200mg CBD Bath Bombs.] Damn, and I just beat the old tub to pieces to get it out of where it lived for 65+ years. Now just a shower....area for while yet.
  6. My water value is 7.01, BUT it has 575 PPM's of particulate. I installed a much better whole house filter, and it's down to around 200 ppm's. PH Down, is printed on the gallon jug. It has lasted me for years now. When I ran just organic goodies, I gave PH the finger mostly. I just finished up the last of the first batch. I'm going to increase the usage up to 14 grams/8grams/14 grams, of the goodies.
  7. Hey GA, I saw a video your guy should see. It is a guy making large planters, from a perlite/concrete mix, all with tools and fixtures he made from house hold items. I'm not sure what number this is.
  8. A friend has his PA medical card, and bought some of the Arise buds. The buds were a bit hard, but had a real nice taste and smell, buzz seemed a bit subdued but IMHO, that comes from the state suppliers, just cropping, and not curing buds. PA system is just a sucked bone, selling corporate shit, at CRAZY prices! This same guy, either earlier this year, or last year, saw Salmon River in the store. He has sampled mine many times at parties or on Sunday football get togethers. He always loved the taste, smell, and punch of the buzz. When he got his store buds home, and sampled them, he was so disappointed, zero smell, zero taste, and about half the whack. Since the seed is sourced from the same Dynasty, then to me, it's on the grower. You Mister Dirt will rock these very well!
  9. Funny, I just had the urge to scream SPAM! JoeKing!
  10. WONDERFUL grow tacmann7!! Those look awesome!! For myself, I think your end time colors are perfect, as she is consuming the stores of starches in the leaf. I also think Mister Dirt was spot on with the K ratio, if I'm understanding some of this process, but without enouth K, to drive the bud building stage can look to be a N over dose. BUT that is just my opinion, and what I practice. I think for myself, I've been so over thinking, this organic or salt fertilizers, that we forget it's all the same chemical reactions, and roots do not care who drives, just feed me a balanced diet.
  11. I bought a box of Dr. Earth Humic Acid, I think it was $13.00 for 5 pounds. I used my dedicated coffee grinder to pulverize some, and some Langbeinite as both are chunky. I added a bit of humic into a tea ball strainer and into my tank with my cheapo nutes. Maybe $.10 worth.
  12. Lovely ski slopes!!
  13. webeblzr


    Hey tacman7, Thank you posting this. An excellent read by the way. The list of rich boron foods is golden!! We partake of many of those foods as just SOP when we cook and fed ourselves. Seems like another super cheap way to add some to our fav's also, just a couple of grams once a month should give them plenty. [It's no surprise that fruits like avocados, cherries and grapes are relatively high in boron. Almonds, and hazelnuts make sense, too. Its found in parsnips, beets and rutabaga (swedes) as well.] Love me some cheap effective ingredients!!
  14. It has been only a single feeding so far, so I peeked in around 6:00am, as I start my day, and I got to say, they perked right up, with such a low PPM @ 600 when I checked it after mixing. I gave solution to everything I still have from seedlings to MILF's I kept. They were all upturned faces beaming like I feed them the expensive shit. However WAY WAY to early to call this a win. I'm so excited to reboot Outlaw, and get this area jumping.
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