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  1. I'm complaining

    I lost a 10/20 full of tomatoes, as I thought I could leave them out while I went camping. Alas, they were not hardened off properly, and just cadevers when I got home.
  2. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Happy 420 everyone!! I'm off camping for a few!! Best to you all!
  3. Thai Stick, modern style

    Myself, I never made them. But after looking at that, I'd chose a bit different way myself. This would be a fun thing, and Herijuana would be my choice for the buds, rock hard and damned potent from the get go. The bundled 50 stick packages I got way back in the early 70's, were not gooey, nor overly sticky like a honey coated stick. Nor as thick that I remember anyway. Hell maybe they were not the real deal, maybe I bought the urban legend, and not the real thing. I would use cannabis stalks cutting 6"-8" then peel back a couple of stalk threads, for wrapping, but stop before you pull them off of the end of the stalk. A friend has me keep a few long as possible main stalks for beading, as she strips long strands off of them, for threading. Sometimes twisting a few together for strength. I do love their idea of using cannabis extracts over raw dog opium, and really I could never understand how they got that sticky thick dog opium to be so thin and workable. You are so right, this would be great for adult camping trips, something to giggle about around the fire.
  4. Cannarie's Trees

    Looks great man!!
  5. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    [I am curious if support here actually answers any emails?] Same here. But I never ask Sannie a question. I have asked questions but never hear back. Only Buckaroo Banzai and Hong Kong Cavaliers can do that!
  6. Back in The Saddle (outdoors)

    That is some fine genetics man!! Wish your project all the best!!
  7. Honey Infusion

    Excellant!! What temp do you set it at ?
  8. Cannarie's Trees

    Lovely grow!! Welcome to OG!! IMHO when I see yellowing in that stage, it's normal, to my way of thinking. No disrespect meant at all!! I do defoliate, at certain times only and not all willy nilly like. What I see on my girls, is the first leaf to yellow are the main stalk fans. Their only purpose is to provide a starch storeage system to give the starches back to the plant * if their nutrient levels fall to low from getting goodies up through the root system*. Since we are the food providers for indoor cultivation practices, we know that is not going to happen. So as the 3rd week of flower comes towards the end, I start to see stalk fans yellow. Yellow leaf is doing nothing but being useless, and off they come on my girls. About 6th week, the yellowing will start to work up the branches from the main stalk, with the biggest leaf usually giving up it's color, and off they come. I do myself, for the most part never remove green viable leaf....it may happen, but I have no desire to remove them. Great skills Cannarie, great grow show!!
  9. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    We have cookies packed away. Set up the new tent in the yard the other day, to make sure everything is there, disassembled it, repacked it away. Checked all the kitchen supplies, and replenished what was low. Taking the grandkids out for a 4/20 camping weekend!! Not like they even have 4/20 in their minds at all, but love the outdoors. Trout fishing, hiking as a section of the Appalachian Trail runs down right beside the campground. The kids will be bicycle riding. Running wildly about with the other kids up there, as the old folks smoke weed back in the woods. We usually go the last weekend in March, would have been fine for my old weathered behind, but not so good for them. We do not partake around them around except for discreet cookie breaks. The best time for me, early morning. I wake up early naturally, so I start the fire and a pot of coffee going, and have about 1-2 hours before anyone is moving about. So I get to enjoy having a blistering hot cup of campfire coffee, a nice joint, and just gazing into the fire, getting all of the days pieces aligned in my minds eye. But what I love the most is that roaring silence of the morning, occasionally interrupted by bird song, enjoying coffee and cannabis by a fire.
  10. PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Hello To My Esteemed Colleagues, ANd a big apology to Paumanaohana for my mix up. The above quote came from the 1st page of this journey. I was just checking the mail the other day, when I pulled out a package from Hawaii!! I had placed an order for 98 Aloha White Widow seeds, I however did not read the listing properly, and it was a PREORDER for 98 Aloha White Widow Feminized!! After a few weeks, I emailed them and ask what's up. So I'm asking for the wrong order, they are telling me soon. I would go to their website and could put a packet of regulars in a cart. So to me, they are not sending them. So I email some more, STILL I'm not remembering the FEM part, and they keep telling me soon. Anyway, they were on point and I was wrong in this matter. So when I opened the package and 2 seed containers rolled out! Now I really felt bad for the misunderstanding. They sent me free, a 10 seed package of Carmel Kona Coffee Cookie along with my 98 Aloha WW FEM's !! Since these arrived, I soaked 5 CkCC's and all 10 (some are going out to other gardens) of the 98's AWW Fem's. What is great, every one tailed and is in starter cups as I type this out!! Most tailed in 12-18 hours, a couple took the whole 24 hours. I'm thrilled for that!! Shows how very viable they are. I had placed an order with Sannie, to fill in my gardens calendar, and to stay on point with my garden plans. A pack of Blackberry Haze BX1 and Killing Fields F6 still waiting for them. Man, back up's ...you always got to back up .
  11. LED Variety by Tread

    WOW nice set up man!! Great looking girls!!
  12. Ghetto grow 2018

    Your plants are great looking man. I sure do wish some pain relief for you!! Earlier you asked about going right into Pro mix or soil with cuttings 2 root. I have no good reason to the 'why' of it, but if I used a bag of started mix, in the old pressed peat pucks, I could get at the TrueValue store, for a penny a piece, a bag of starter mix, was a couple of dollars, I would see numbers around 50% to root. Soil and ProMix, way way lower, 15%-25% guesstimation of ones that rooted to failures. Years ago everyone was using vermiculite with perlite, but in some mixes the vermic, will hold water , and some had issues from that...but it rooted better then soil/ProMix. I once only had perlite, and girls needed to be cloned, so I used an old square light diffuser from a 150 HPS security light I tore apart for the light source, filled it with perlite. I prepared the cuts, poked them in, and waited, almost everyone of them rooted...it was deep, could hold a bit of water in the base of it. I did use Rapid Rooters when I had a much bigger area, and more strains I did not want to lose. I also find a weaker light source seems to get roots quicker then a strong light. When I had to, I would cover a portion of my humidity dome, with a piece of shade blocker cloth, not fully, but shade it , that seemed to help some of the finicky hard to clone kids. You will get it obviously man!!
  13. Can anyone explain some LED science?

    I have a few sites tucked away to help me understand the the LED world, https://www.windows2universe.org/?page=/sun/spectrum/multispectral_sun_overview.html This is the one that made it all a bit more clear for me anyway.
  14. Ghetto grow 2018

    I have found over the years, to use perlite, and simple foam type coffee cups. Instead pf poking hole in the base or bottom of the cup for drainage, but to measure up about 2 inches or so, and poke 4 wee holes around the cup. I plop in a chunk of tea soaked BioChar, and just a bit of perlite to cover the bottom inch or so. Prepare my cutting, I half cut the leaf off, shave the base, dip into gel, then while holding the cut in place about center of the cup, and back fill with perlite. The 2 inch deep reservoir, will keep the ends in some wetted material, but it will evaporate before the wet becomes a rotting issue. So lift up the dome, dump in so water or tea, until it weeps out the side wee holes. I may fill them 2-3 times before rotted success. Rapid Rooters get expensive, and perlite is bone ass cheap, and so is cups.
  15. PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Yep so easy to make, I was lucky to have a couple of totes worth of stove pipe fittings laying about. Honestly it took like 45 minutes to make it, I simply used self tapper screws, and piece of sheet metal flashing you can get at any DYI store, and 2 hand spring clamps to wrap it, covering the slits for the placer gas to escape from, once they stop shooting jets of gas out of them. About 1.5-2.0 hours in the fire ring, before I saw the placer gas stop shooting from the slits. I do roll mine around in the fire, even turning it upside down once too. Since it's burning hot when you need to wrap it, lay out the flashing on the ground beside my fire ring. I drag it out of the fire, onto the wrapper, then pull the flaps around it to be clamped together to stop the combustion, by reducing oxygen to it. In 2 hours, after removing it from the fire ring, you can check out your BC. If it snaps I call that gold. You want to see the rings and structure in it. Once it goes to powder, I think it's to far gone for our purposes. BUT that is just what I think, and have no way to check it to science that I can find. I'm getting ready to make another batch, I'll try and get a few better snaps.