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  1. Hey silver surfer, thank you for them, they are going to run with some other great genetics, as I finally got all my duck/beans in a row, and working them into my grow calendar for this year. Best to ya !!
  2. [I just offered Z7 x Newberry seeds to Sannies, as freebies, and he answered yes! I will ship 600 seeds to him this week.] I just read this thread to get some back ground, as I just got a pack , and want to do well for them....and myself of course. Thank you for sharing them.
  3. webeblzr


    And the magic mailbox delivered!! Herifields,SalmonCreek,Spidebite V2,Newberry x Z7 x Newberry!! Oh what a great year!! Thank you Sannie and crew, and to the folks that shared their beans for freeb's, so anxious for this years garden treats.
  4. Hey Zanzibar, Congratulations for your 10 year seniority badge here at Sannies!! I was very happy when I made mine, I do not have a clue as why I felt like that, but I did. I've seen the wildlife change plumes many times here, some come, some go, it's the way of message boards, since I my time in cyberia. As I got to thinking about it, you did very well in your stretch of 10. I'll show you in a bit. I was bean dreaming a few weeks ago, and read something about a San seed drop at SH. An E$KOB@R tribute, of some SM x Choco Rain F2, since I'm running a bunch of SH gear now, and my first 18 week flowering girls the SFV78 in the 6th week or so now, and the Killer Grapes/Killer Lemon Haze seem to be part of my DNA now, so if possible, the E$KOB@R drop just needs to be here also. I do the dance, and out of the magic mailbox, comes a puffy, and once I get to my lair, I greedily open the puffy, as I know it holds treasure, 3 items, grab my eyeballs, and man did I get a big smile on my face, upon realizing, YOU, YOU Zanzibar have come full circle...I've not, in my garden. So man I'm thrilled to run your beans with E$KOB@R's tribute from San!! Good on you man!!
  5. webeblzr


    Dang, I got to run out to check my mail box!!
  6. Fantastic set up, for many of us, a dream unfolds!! [. Some of them definitely lost some root mass while untangling and moving them to the flower room. ´╗┐´╗┐This could have impacted their ability to absorb nutrients through roots. It did affect different plants to varying degrees. Next round I will be able to tell for sure, I will eliminate the root entanglement variable. ] I've not run hydro in a long time, but I always saw a stammer, when I would rinse medium off my young plants root mass, when I would set plants into my krusty buckets, that was only onto lava rock. I ran 24/7 with nutrients feeding the buckets, and as I loaded the room, that was all naked bulbs hanging, with a blend of 400's, 600's and a single 1 K back then. Plugging them in as the plants matured, and about 5-7 days I would see a huge growth spurt. That is why I think your root mass disturbance may be the prime issue. Freaking lovely work!!
  7. Hey SPW, sorry I offered no help, I figured you just wanted to use those, I used a pair just like that with my foam room 10-12 years ago now. I was lifting a 4' -8 tube T-5 light kit. I did figure out to get it up and down, but it was a bear. I tried a few different ways to thread it, so the lift pressure would be easier......FAIL, so it got smashed up high and forgot about. I have a big ass pile of the ones in the amazon link. I once found a bag of them for sale, I think down in Laurel MD at that shop. Since I quit worrying about adjusting lights up and down, or all the years of naked hanging lights, I'd spend so much time moving here, for the optimum usage, or over there for a while. I thought, damn man the grow area's are way over clocked for the space now, why do the dance? Then once I bought a great quality LED, I VERY quickly realized quality LED's do not need to be yoyo'ed at all, and very best results were to place them up as high as possible in my tents. For me personally, the day of HPS/MH is long gone, as I use up my spare bulbs and what not or give that stuff to one of the gardens still using it. Damn I got a big pile of decent stuff someone could use. Same with fans, thermometer have not used either one in 15-18 years now, and the real beauty of LED's was I can year round, with NO AC anymore. Best of luck in your grow man. I'm heading over to see about getting some of those Mel Frank beans before there gone. Ciao
  8. Hey SPW, when I used the light pulleys, I would first decide where my plants were going to sit, then find and mark the center of that area on the floor. Make your self a quickie plumb bob, tie something heavy a fishing weight, a couple of ounces worth, on a string, or the pulley rope, as the weight hangs down, raise other end up about where the pulley will hang, as you let the hanging plumb bob, down to the floor, then raise it up an inch or so to hang free, then move so the weight finds your mark on the floor where the center of your plants will be. Now fasten down the nail/screw, through pulley hangar, I always use screws, over nails myself. Put the rope through the center pulley, and let reach to the light kit, sitting on the floor, and fasten the rope end however you need to, so it hangs level. The other end of the rope will need to cut so you can raise them up, and tie off to a clevis mounted on the wall, or another nail to tie to, once you have light hanging where you wish. I hope this makes sense to ya man, good luck in your grow. However, https://www.amazon.com/VIPARSPECTRA-Adjustable-Fixtures-Gardening-Capacity these make life so much easier IMHO. Well not moving lights is so much easier to me. I never touch them anymore.
  9. webeblzr


    I grabbed one of those myself, with a salmon river og as a chaser.
  10. My camera is kaput so I can not show any snaps, of the Killer Grape buds. Just absolute eye candy!! Nose candy, and smoking her is a wonderful joyous ride!! The Queen Bee, is most excellent buds also, but I will sample her today. Stunning work!!
  11. The Orginal Starbuck's, lol! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhang
  12. I've been using U line for ages now, I use their seal a meal bags on a roll, I got my color coded Rubbermaid trash cans from there, all the bottle's and droppers come from there. Baggies of all sizes, I love this place. I never looked up small vials before. https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-19522/Jars/Plastic-Vials-2-oz probably to big for your need. But I may get some also. I have 1 male mauie wowie, and 1 female, born on the same day, so I'm clipping pollen sacks, and going to try and use a branch to make seeds on it.
  13. Oh yeah, a fan leaf will root, but when I did it, they just stayed rooted fan leaves, for a month or so. A novelty for sure, but just another *charge* for 50 if found in my state.
  14. WooHoo, I got a packet of Santa Maria x Chocolate Rain F2 & Amnesia Haze x Chocolate Rain F2 coming!! I was always a day late or a dollar short when these were listed here before. I can not crack anything open until I cycle some stuff through at the moment, as I have 10 + cuts2clone plants under a quickly hung LED on the outside of my tents right now. I even had to turn down a very nice offer, from an inmate that wanted to gift me some cuttings, as they are also overgrown, or under spaced, how ever you want to see it. Thank you San and SH. PS: my 9- SFV78's are LOVING the 12/12!! I was never in a 18 week flowering relationship before, so I'm loving the uncharted waters, but fearful of time bandits diminishing the nutrient profile, and decided to top the pots every month, with what I think is a half portion for the 3 gallon pots they are each in. I'm still reeling they were freebies! The first 9 weeks of flower, they are under 1k hps, then 9 weeks, under my big ass LED on the other side of the tent. The run of 9's. Anyway, I got to let a few hundred lady bugs into the wilds of my tents this AM. Stay safe happy and healthy folks!!
  15. I pulled out 2 killer lemon haze plants last evening, that are ugly with deadies hanging on it, but dang the buds are sweeties. The killer grape seem to be maturing very quick as I think she has been in flower only 50 days or so. When I scoped her last night, she was well into 50% clear/cloudy, white hairs were gone last week, when her smell got to me, picking deadies. The queen Bee's are maturing very quick also, a very stout, thick budded ladies for sure, also with stunning aromas when touched. I also got 9 of the SFV78's in flower on 1/2/20 for a nice 18 week flight, in my organic mix, 9 weeks of 1 K hps, then 9 weeks under an LED. If I can manage the nutes proper like, this will be my longest flight ever!! Love a good challenge, so far they are alright. There is one stand out that is *different* from the others, #9. They are all in 3 gallon pots now, and it's the big wait now.
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