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  1. webeblzr

    Sugar Punch

    [Almost double the odds to find that keeper girl...] when I ran a packet of them they were all keepers IMHO.
  2. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    [these people can get under your skin but just let it go it’s only a pot forum ] GA if I'm one who has offended, I do apologize. I hope you find peace somewhere kid!! You have no idea how watered down, and sugary sweet the forums are now compared to 1999, as this site is a very tempered, calm website, IMHO. Enjoy wherever your new digs are at!! Best to ya!
  3. webeblzr

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Hey baqualin, Thank you. I'll keep hammering away trying to find their sweet spot, not quite there yet.
  4. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    IMHO all packages of seeds should have a date they were packaged on, or at least the year. I'm tired of buying old beans, that have been lying about for ? who nose how freaking long!!
  5. webeblzr

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    I still have a couple of weeks to go for the first big 3 to be ready to cull. I really love the big assed pots those 3 are in, but the veg time, is a good bit longer, and I never really wanted these 3 to get that big. The next gen's are in maybe 3 gallon square pots, 3 of them went in a few weeks back. Now I added 3 more for the veg area, in past couple of days. Since I'm trying to figure out a feeding cycle to match their growth cycle, without over or underfeeding them, I'm really failing in flower. So, every 3 weeks I give them 1/2 portions of everything, with tea or water about every 3-4 day now in the smaller pots. My cuttings are most definitely staying green and perky longer in the 10/20's, using perlite as a medium, and a honey/kelp concoction as root gel, with a $.50 packet of yeast combined with a tablespoon of sugar dissolved in a cup of tepid water. In one tray, I used a styrofoam walking coffee cup, with a lid, and the CO2 emitted from the drinking hole. The other tray, I poked a hole in a mason lid, to fit a piece of tubing. Again, hot sugar water, is dumped into the jar with the yeast. Set everything on my heat mat 82F. It smells like bread is baking a little bit anyway. Since yeast is well a mold, be careful mold loves humidity. I hope your all loving life, and staying upright!!
  6. webeblzr

    pretty projects in progress

    Lovely hangers man!!
  7. webeblzr

    Short winter grow

    Just beautiful plants!! Very sturdy stalks too.
  8. webeblzr

    Pua Mana Hawaiian genetics Too LEGIT maybe not

    Since I've become a fanboy for Pau Mana Ohana genetics, their Carmel Kona Coffee Cookies are absolutely delicious, hard hitting, beautiful buds, hard, and so blazing!! Mine (plants) are still cooking in flower, but I gave some clones away, of these and some 98 Aloha WW, only the CKCC's was ready when I saw the gardener I gave them to. I did not tell my wife, about them at all. We always partake after she gets home from work. I'll be doing the twisty as she tells me about her day, since I do help cover sometimes when someone does not show up to work, if they need me, but I do not work there regular. So I know everyone there, she gets 2 cups of coffee ready as twist. I fire it up, an she's telling me about someone being stupid, and it had her so worked up, she is trying to finish the sentence, as I hand the joint to her, she keeps talking, I give her the bogart sign, like go ahead and hit it dear! She keeps plowing on and finally hits it good and hard, a heck of a pull!! She sits, forward a bit, looks over still holding it by the way, and her eyes go big, and she just exhales and sighs all at once, saying 'what the hell is this'!! Took her right out of that mood, into a 'OMG that is so freaking delicious!!' She never talked anymore about work that night!! That joint completely rearranged her brain, being happy, elated, very bubbly, like instantaneously, we just laughed so hard when we talked about how quick she changed. If you looking to go from pissed to perky, I found it! CKCC's will be living with us for a long time to come.
  9. webeblzr

    Whatcha smoking,smoked or are about to smoke?

    Seed vendor: Pau Mana Ohana Strain: Carmel Kona Coffee Cookies I have been running their genetics for a while now, however I did not grow these buds out myself. I always gift cuttings, well this time I rooted them before I gave them away. The plants I cut them from had to go into stall mode for while, giving them just enough food and light to keep them healthy but not growing. They are now a few weeks into a my flower tent, along with some 98 Aloha White Widows feminized. The other grower has some of this cut also, budded and cured, and waiting for me, when our schedules allow us to meet. This also a seed vendor, that has been beat on by a few folks, with claims of not sending the beans, to not being real from Hawaii and other claims, that I honestly just did not pay attention to. Their seed prices are priced higher with other genitics like Gage Green, and others. I will say this, once I purchased and received my package, I received some notices of some offerings in the 50% range, and some pre order items, I will be taking advantage of soon. I just love their work so far. We are in total love with their Maui Wowie!! NOW we are also totally in love with CKCC's as well. The buds are tight full and cut a bit like hash chunks. The smoke is intense, very powerful, delicious, and bit overpowering for some we shared with. Some took a few hits and politely passed after that. I've not made any edibils as I was gifted these buds. The way the end of the joint tars up, it has got be giving fine amounts of oil for the extractor crowd. Every single person we shared her with wanted some, or wanted to know about her. CKCC's will be with Maui Wowie in my garden for a long long time. Next up, 98 Aloha W W when I get it, or once mine are finished.
  10. webeblzr

    New to bubble hash

    Hey MM, again me personally, hash in it's loose state is more workable, no useable, like going into a joint, or into cooking items, or when we just wanted a chunk, I would just make sole hash, folding a couple to a few grams of loose into a small piece of parchment paper, or wax paper, folded up to make a packet. Then I put my socks on, the packet goes into my shoe, and I go about my day. In the evening it's usually a mass. Not as hard a pressed hash, but fine enough for us. If we owned a microwave I guess I could just heat and press it, but have owned one in many years now. and do not miss it. Trapping moisture may cause it to mold. For storage, IMHO nothing beats the refrigerator or freezer. I use uncooked rice in a wide mouth mason jelly jars, then sink my small packages into it and freeze. Weed, just gets, prepared, cured, and into the freezer, in quart wide mouth mason jars. I had shut myself down a couple of years ago, for a while. The only buds we had were stored in mason jars, sealed and frozen. Every jar opened to the exact freshness of the day it was sealed and put in. I never did build a dry sift myself. If I was going at it again, I would look into ultrasonic extractions myself. Best to ya!
  11. webeblzr

    New to bubble hash

    [ We don't have a good way to dry the hash other than pressing it with a towel on the outside of the screen. Also we have other size bags any feelings on changing the above ratio? perhaps 160, 73, 25 -or- 190, 90, 45] I have a heat mat for a pair of 10/20's to sit on. When I needed to dry my bubble bag extractions, I would lay a thin sheet of cardboard onto the tray, then my pressing screen, and then plop the goo onto them, set the temp around 80+ degrees or so, may change for colder or warmer times. But that really cut down on the waiting to dry time. I would hang my small sieve bags over the sink in a 5 g bucket with the bottom full of holes, and my 2 work bags (largest sieves) nested in a pair of 5 g bucket s, one has the bottom is full of holes, the other solid, on a chair, next to the sink. I can snap a pic or so if you can not visualize my poor description. Once I beat the contents in the heavy bags, I had bungees, hanging over both sets of buckets. I would pull the work bags from the bucket, letting them hang over a catch pan, and dump the lower bucket (no holes in bottom) goodies into the final bags, sitting the sink, letting the extracted water pass on as the sieves collect the goodies. So as it hangs, the stream of spent water slows down to a trickle as the heads clog the sieves, so you will learn the quick wrist snap, with a slight up and down motion, to make a jerking motion to make the water gush out as the heads are now dislodged a bit from the quick upward snap, more water will gush, on the down motion, then slow, so another wrist snap, WITHOUT adding any pressure to the sides of the sieves. NEVER squeeze your bags/sieves to speed that up, you just contaminate your pure bubble with plant bits from expanding the sieves. A quick snap of the wrist and water weight expels more, you just need to repeat it like a thousand times. Just my way, many others will have better or other ways to do this. Good luck!
  12. webeblzr

    Bubble bags

    I will add on more thought, when I enjoyed running the bags, and was showing some new gardening friends how they worked, one of the folks found a cheaper set of bags, that did NOT have the sturdy canvass sides on them. The issue was when we loaded them with ice and trim, we could not use drill with our bubble whapper on it. As soon as it started to spin, either very slowly or a burst to speed, the sides of the bag would start to spin also. So almost instantly it would wrap the shaft. So we wound up using a length of 11/2" diameter PVC pipe, peppered with holes around it, about 2' long to break into the ice/trim slurry, to get the heads to break off the leaf. What a slow, and labor intensive way that was. If I had NOT spent my $250.00 on BB's I would have been looking into ultrasonic extractions myself, or nice dry sieve set up on a rock polisher motor. I'm not trying to trash BB's, or anyones project, but wow, lots of work.
  13. webeblzr

    Chucky's Comin' For Christmas!

    Man it's so nice to see a DWC again! I have to fight the Juice Junky urge, there is something entranching about living/growing with a hydro set up for me. It was the most stressing 3 years of time, due to my tinkering fool side of me. I ran small bubbleponic setups, the hurtback no change system, and Krusty Buckets, with the plumbed extreme air system, I built from salvaged industrial parts. Lovely set up, excellent results so far. I'm anxious to see your show. Best to ya!!
  14. webeblzr

    Growing Just Cozz

    Freaking sweet deal man!! Very nice buddage also!! Looks like you are wailing away at it good and proper like, good for you!!
  15. webeblzr

    Harvest either today or tomorrow - last minute help.

    This an older harvest maybe 2005 or so. Gifted the beans, I called Bluezars, I cut a branch from the main stalk, give it a quick, deleaf trim, getting rid of most fans and some sugar leaf, and I keep those separate, sugar leaf goes to cookies, and fans get composted. I hang the trimed branch, on some poultry netting, or wire, or string pulled tight to dry, for 4-5 days works in my area, in springtime or if we have a wet fall I will run a fan in that room, but I do not blow wind on the buds myself but prefer the air currents to be just moving around a bit. Then after I feel a crispy outside, but squishy inside of the bud, ( roughly 4-5 days) I then snip the buds and clean them up a bit, again saving all that sugar leaf trimmings for butter making. Once snipped, then into mason jars, for the glass nap for 3 weeks minimum for myself, but the more you cure them the more all the delicious oils and what not mingle, giving you that stunning cannabis taste!! What you see was about 30 hours of trimming....and you do not see it all, just half the room. Just my way, of course many ways exist.