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  1. Hey SPW, [U know relic is Professor P right ?] oh yeah!! I've only grown out a strain or so of theirs I did not care for. If we don't care for the smoke, it's always used for edibles, or oil, or give it away.
  2. When I googled it, I almost fell off my chair man!! I just wished I'd have read it sooner....no not really, I need more seeds like I need a new hole in my head. However I got weak, when I found a packet of Australian Deadhead- Mulumbimby Madness/Nevil Haze x Casey Jones x 1 The SFV78's -Mullumbimby Madness x Thai 78 AKA 78 Golden Thai I got as freeb's from SeedHeaven I think crafted by Bob Greene, has just flipped our taste buds upside down. I only got one plant with the classic Thai foxtail buds, she went 22 weeks total. This girl is not for inexperienced smoker!! She SOARS you in to deep space, like slobbering on yourself kind of soaring, with gooed together lips from resin. I only ever had one chance to get Mulumbimby Madness years ago on the old Karma Genetics website, hosted in Australia. I just did not have any skills back then for long flowering cannabis. And did not get them, like a damn fool. I'm also growing out some of Todd McCormick's work, and just got a packet of ON Haze. Hazy Daz are here again!!
  3. I did a quick search for Relic, they have some crazy work over there!! Huckleberry Soda, dang I just do not have enough space! I swore I was not beaning until I cut some of what I got going on now, then all their clones!! Lovely work Baq.
  4. I'm guessing between 3/4's to an OZ. Cardboard does a good job for drying weed. I have an folded piece of cardboard that has a cover on it, kind of like a game board that is simply black in color. But it's sturdy, so as a lady is ready to cut from the pot, I snip all the branches from the main stalk. Take the board upstairs, I snip all fan leaf from the branches. Take them back down stairs, hang them on wire, 4-5 days later, I snip off the buds into masons. Being a cheap phucker, when I saw how many tric's I was losing on my black work board, from trimming dry, as they get brittle, as it once was my way also. I started to trim them wet, for way less tric's for the cardboard to keep, cause they just dont scrap up for shit. It's also why I shun plastic as a storage source, it just strips tric's off the buds. I'm thrilled your back in the grow game!! Enjoy your fruits of labor. Forget the size man, it's yours.
  5. Life goes on, mean while, back at the ranch.... I dug up all my old cinder blocks, well many of them, still about 30 + to go yet, that I used to edge around our garden area out back. I laid them down about 15 years ago, after disassembling and old block out building. I like to repurposed stuff if possible. All the roof trusses were either saved and use for something, or still stored up in the rafters of the pole building. So I'm looking where the base of this old building is at, it is still concreted, I was lazy and did not jack hammer it out way back then. I had planted some asparagus crowns we were gifted, maybe 3 years ago, right off the edge of the base. We got a few stalks, but they did not set there at all. Never cut new the first asparagus shoots with new crowns, oh yes I did! It was stupid. I started stacking the dug out cinder blocks, right on the edge of the old base. It's about 8' to 10' long, 3 stacks of blocks tall, maybe 3' wide or so. All my pots, mostly 10 gallon pots, I was growing vegetables in and were stacked over winter, are now dumped into the new raised bed. All my spent root balls now have a place to be recycled into grow medium. Now I've got buy either a truck load of soil, that can not get back to the bed, so either I shovel it off my pu truck, in the wheelbarrow, or shovel it off a trap where they dump the load at. Either way is not looking pleasant. As I'm pondering which way to go, I realize the other side of the base could be a stacked bed for Asparagus. So today, I'm digging out the last of cinder blocks, to finish this bed, and my crowns should be here this week. I called a nursery for ask about blending me a specific soil for growing asparagus, and how with the restrictions, I can get it. I sure as hell realized just how heavy these damned blocks get after a while, for my old ass, oh damn I'm sore as hell!! Without some pain, nothing gets accomplished. The old garden will go back to being lawn over the next couple of years. I was also gifted a compost unit, the the top screws off, insert plant matter, then it flips over to mix the mass up.Your wheelbarrow rolls right under it, you unscrew the lid, and it dumps into it. I really suck at planning shit properly, so I do redo stuff, until I like it, or it's a workable solution, or until I figure out another way. And DAMN!!!! The trout fishing this year is off the hook!!! I'm catching some beautiful fish recently. I believe the PA fish nurseries are letting more breeder fish go this year, more Palomino trout to. I'm usually a catch and release guy, but now into the freezer they go. take care all.
  6. [repros of old lines (esko & others) is what i'll continue to prioritize.] Well for myself, I'm finding such wonderful jewels in your offerings and others at SH.....and at such fine prices man. The Queen Bee's are just *slap your damn face delicious*!! A perfect plant structure, so easy to grow, huge buds, stunning nose to her. I'm cutting my last SFV78 to day, she went 22-23 weeks or so. I did keep each processed plant in separate masons. What a fun journey it will be to sample these at different ages of cure. They are all fine, some are very good, and with all the Thia showing through, on the last girl, she will be special. Heck all the cuts, I gave away, have folks smiling ear to ear man! Since the cost of these offerings have not been inflated to silly numbers like so many are today, I can give them away free. The Killer Lemon Haze, just a great plant also! Thank you san, and others at SH, for all that work, for a very reasonable cost.
  7. Crisis? What Crisis? That was a really good album. I've been trout fishing, riding my scooter on barren roadways, working the gardens, going for walks, either in the state parks, or the smaller local parks. Dog sitting for dogs that can not stand their humans any longer and need a break from them. The Hummingbirds are finally working my feeders regular like. My cherry tree, started blooming early this year, only to have a couple of nights of freezing, and many flower got burnt from the cold. It seems however the next batch of blossoms, are pushing past the browned flower petals...so maybe it will still be a good year for my single tree. 2 years ago we recorded 56 pounds of cherries, from that tree. A fooking huge amount of pitting, with a bent paper clip. But we love the tart cherries, and still have a few bags left in the freezer, from last year. Just cut all but one of my SFV78's, the last one is really showing her Thai genes, profusely blowing out white hairs @ 19 weeks of flower...so onward, with her. The samples I've smoked are not fully cured, and each plant, has similarities, their taste and smell's are different. Their buzz has you instantly soaring, with a nice blend of psychosis, and vivid colors, one of the strongest sativa's I ever smoked. All from a freebi packet of seeds, from SH, (Thank you Santero & Bob Green) it has been a wonderful divergence from the current crisis. Happy Pandemic everyone!
  8. DAMN man Papalag, that is some serious shit!! So so glad the hobby stayed hidden man!! Last week, my nose set off a silent alarm, I could hardly smell it, but I knew something was getting hot. It took me an hour of hound dogging, until I thought I was in the area. Sure enough, as I pulled on a plug a floro flickered, and I rewired the plug, with no issue. So that could have been me just as easy.
  9. I'm torn between the sweet cherry haze and the chocolate boulder......chocolate boulder for me!
  10. Those are stunning man!! I have 4 - Blue Dreams x Blue Berry Sativa's that just went to 1 gallon pots for while. I also have 3 - SM x Choco Rain's also just into 1 gallon pots. Stunning young ladies for sure!!
  11. Oh such a lovely plant!!
  12. Man I just read he passed. He was a blistering poet, song writer, and many other things. Man, his work just attacks your heart, mind, with a profound hammer. Such a loss, rest easy JP.
  13. In the past week, as we converse with family, friends, either in text messages or on line, the one question, I've been asking, is who do you know, personally with the bug? A lot of I've heard of, "I've heard tell of, or I've read of, but in our circle of friends and family, we have contact with, we do not know anyone with it. Friends in 3 parts of Florida, report no one they know. Alabama nothing. North Carolina nothing. I called a very good friend in Fish town Philadelphia, asking how his elderly parents are doing, fine, how about your wife's family, fine, do you know anyone bugged out....no we do not. We asked everyone in the family, in laws, ex's, and and their extended family's, all fine, and we do not know of anyone. We have followed the guide lines with out waiver, have not hoarded anything, my wife backed off going to her work to 2 days a week, 3 from home. Planting my extra tubs and extra pots and what not with food bearing plants, herbs, good stuff. Yesterday put out my hummingbird feeders, for the past 17 or 18 years now, damn they bring such joy to watch them. I know many folks are NOT doing well, and we wish the best for everyone. It's just seems curious we do not know one single case, in all the folks we know.
  14. Hey SPW, pahydro had a package to sell, $395.00, shorty Gorilla tent 2'.0 x 2'.5" x 4', and inline fan, a HLG grow/flower led, and there was something else, I can not remember now. Since it's only like 20-30 miles from me, I would take pilgrim prospect that is interested in DYI, and help them pick out a filter, some air handling fittings, medium/pots. So about $600.00 got you a complete grow. Damn Gorilla tents are freaking well made!! Most bought a pair, for that perpetual thingy. They are just banging out the cheap buds. The one guy, just told me all he grew out last year, is mostly packaged up and in their freezer, so much so, he shut his down for the next few months. Now these folks are not regular stoners, they wanted mostly gear for edibles, and they do little puffing. So when he calls, I'll give him a sack of cuttings, as he likes to root them himself, and they are set. They went from spending around $3,000.00 a year making small purchases, to a full freezer for about $600.00- $750.00 and it's ready to rock when they choose to!! Krikeys, when I went to buy my fist 1k set up, in 2002, they were $500.00 + ballast and bulb, and that was a decent deal for most. That drove me to buying maintenance kits from electrical supply outlets, then I had to Frankenstein them together, without killing myself. Only had 1 failure with the Frank's, and it was just a capacitor went south and smoked real bad. Keep punching man, your grow is looking good. Best to ya! Damn I got laundry to do today, and get more stuff planted outside today. Maybe I'll drag the Frangie Pangie and bucket bound Rose Of Sharon, I'm trying to bonsai, out of the basement to my crappy patio for the year. Stay healthy man!!
  15. Sure is getting packed in there man! Good looking swine man. Are you making a tent or did you buy one? I made one once with conduit, and panda film. I got the grow off, but it did become a bit of a hassle over time. My first was a cheapo, a tad smaller than 4' x 4' x 7'6" I was happy with it until I had to zip it up or down. There were strings hanging down where they installed the zippers, as you pulled the zipper handle, those strings would wind get into the zipper works jamming in every few inches. I used a lighter to melt them away from the zipper works, the whole way around it, inside and outside. Lots of ranting and cussing took place until I figured it out. Tents are so easy to stand up by yourself. My 2 - 4'x 4's I can set up in about 20 minutes. The pair of 4' x 8' x 7'6" those are a bear to do by myself, takes about 45 minutes or so to set one up alone. It's a bit of wrestling, but doable.
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