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  1. webeblzr


    When I see mostly cloudy with a few red's in the loupe, chop chop.
  2. webeblzr

    LED vs.....

    Videos do not do justice to any of them. Go to the store, and have them fire them up in front of you. With your light meter in hand, is the only way to buy an LED. When I had the store owner, fire up a 600 Platinum, the only thing missing was the angelic choir right at orgasm. I counted 12 floor tiles out from the light where my light meter was NOT PEGGED to equal outdoor sunshine. Not one other came close. As soon as my old 50 pound LED stops working, the Platinum's will shine here.
  3. webeblzr

    Some WA State Recreational Bud

    Dang ledfoot I really really thought med growers would just want to do this, or grow this way, as it is for patients. My wife and I have over the years removed as many chemicals from our daily use, as we can, and do NOT miss any of them as the naturals work wonders. One simple example, my granddaughter, recently had her first child. She is *now* aware of all the chemicals we surround ourselves with, as her baby, got a skin rash, and I told her it was her detergent, and gave her a set of BioBalls, you toss into the washer, and forget the detergent. The balls change the PH of the water, and that is what cleans your clothes. Should you have some hard worn, dirty items toss in a 1/4 cup of detergent as an aid for that load. For the dryer, add alpaca balls, and never buy dryer sheets again! I also told her about antiperspirant chemicals, we spray under our arms, and inches away from your heart, so we do not smell sweat?? That just makes me giggle a bit, as we use a stick of Thai Salt and one stick, lasts about 4-5 years, and you only apply it once in a while. The salt kills the bacteria that makes the sweat smell. If you use it to often, you may see a few red bumps. Simply wait longer between applications. For $5.00 over 4-5 years, yeah that's a deal. Now that I made the jump from the simple security of bottle nutrients for boxes of natural organic supplements, with some dinosaur vomit, the weed is a far better finished product. I just really hoped we could be,we would be better, growing stewarts than the corporate type growers that simply see a bottom line for all decisions.
  4. webeblzr

    Arthritis sufferers what do you recommend

    I have had issues with joint pain mostly in my hands, and found Tart Cherry Juice to help me over the long term. When I read in here someone is diabetic, I can vouch for the Olive Oil help, for not only joints, but I gave a bottle of infused olive oil to a lady with Chrons as she has tried every other idea other there, the olive oil fixed her right up. A simple 7 gram to 10 grams per quart of good quality oil simmered at 100F for a couple of hours, I do not strain mine anymore. Mix up a bit Of Braggs Apple Vinegar, with some for a fine salad oil. I do not cook with it but I do add some at the end of cooking for it's goodies. I'm going to simmer some with turmeric and Ginger roots to gather up some more goodies into it. Review suggests nutraceuticals as “cutting edge answer” to arthritis November 30, 2018. A review appearing in the November 18, 2018 issue of the World Journal of Orthopedics summarizes evidence in support of nutritional supplements in the treatment of osteoarthritis. According to the authors, 47% of those who have osteoarthritis use complementary medicines that include nutraceuticals, which have gained popularity due to their easy availability. “The chronic nature of osteoarthritis implies the use of pharmacological compounds with proven long-term safety, especially because current treatments like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics improve pain relief but have no effect on degenerative progression and can also cause serious side effects,” they note. While many foods and supplements may be helpful, the review focused on olive oil, vitamin D, curcumin, sanguinarine, and carnosic acid, a compound occurring in sage and rosemary. Olive oil decreases pro-inflammatory cytokine release and increases the synthesis of lubricin, a protein that lubricates joint cartilage. Olive leaf extract has been shown to stimulate the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, which also is involved in joint lubrication. Curcumin not only has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, but its metabolite tetrahydrocurcumin may improve glucose tolerance, thereby lowering the formation of damaging advanced glycation end products. Vitamin D has been found to be diminished in the serum of osteoarthritis patients. Research suggests that vitamin D deficiency is involved in the development of the disease. Sanguinarine from Sanguinaria canadensis (bloodroot), was shown in experimental research to slow the progression of osteoarthritis induced in mice. Carnosic acid induces upregulation of heme oxygenase-1, whose expression has been associated with cartilage preservation. For this reason, rosemary extract may be helpful. “These molecules, considered as natural dietary supplements, appear like a cutting-edge answer to this tough health problem,” the authors remark. “It is worth noting that a common positive element of all these molecules is their availability in nature, which represents a huge advantage for food and pharmaceutical industries, and their low side effects, allowing for a broad range of safe uses for the derived products,” they concluded. —D Dye
  5. webeblzr

    The Sannitarium Of Green Angels.

    Silly story: maybe 17-18 years ago, when I was running freedom buckets, my mentors told me to staple some chicken wire to the ceiling on my grow, so I could run multiple strings to hold up branches as we were vegging a long time to grow trees indoors. Being a procrastinator, I was vegging them for a while, and needed to support many branches, so I went to our local DYI store, Home Depot walked around and asked the store helper, where chicken wire is. His face went blank, he typed it in to the terminal, and said, very matter of factly, "we have no such thing"! I said, really it's in every garden center I've ever walked through. So real snotty like, he turns the screen, and says if you know how to use this, read this line, chicken wire not found. Well ok!! So as I'm walking away, some guy, is smiling and says to me, yo man, he is new, go right over there to the POULTRY NETTING in the garden center. I pick out the size of openings I want, and have helper dude, ring me out, and he says, oh I see you found something else to work instead of chicken wire!! True story. Hey HUFFnPUFF, any ideas I can help someone with, please feel free to them as I got them from someone myself.
  6. webeblzr

    The Sannitarium Of Green Angels.

    The cold has really slowed my wee ones down. with the last couple of days, I'm seeing them perk up and have some growth spurts. Some old and new pics. Some 98 Aloha WW I was trimming buds 1st day of new year, going for a glass nap. Some CKCC's with the 98 really 2 of my fav's!! On the trim board. I still got the PauManaOhana offerings going for while yet. The Blackberry Haze BX1 and when snapping the pics yesterday, I saw a plant, not sure which variety is going south. I'm going to toss up another small tent and finish her/him out for tincture making. They go in and to the left side. As I bring in others, they move to the center of the tent, a MW and an unlabeled girl. . Then they move to far right under the LED to finish, a MW and 98 . One quick snap of the upper veg tent level, with my bug encrusted self made yellow sticky trap....man they LOVE the yellow bill board!! And one last snap of the drying deck, I bring out a plant or 2 or 3 at a time, since they all never finish, exactly as I prefer them to be, using my loupe to scope them. Take care all.
  7. webeblzr

    The Sannitarium Of Green Angels.

    Mr Goodfellow, thank you for the early morning belly laugh!!! I'm ordering the carabiner now, excellent idea!!
  8. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    That was when I got started. But the stuff was so freaking hard to find. Back then the rednecks would beat your ass for talking about weed as shine was king. So you learned to be stealthy and tough. We sometimes snip the joints in half, if real gooey, lip coater stuff. Then bong the wee bits from the roached paper.
  9. webeblzr

    The Sannitarium Of Green Angels.

    Well I almost fell off the page!! Damn getting old is harsh....not as harsh as the alternative, so happy daze. I just found my camera, I had misplaced it for a few months, and just completed an exhausting search, with multiple bouts of fits and spasms, some raging slobbering cussing fits for sure. The Tundra ate it. If I had not been so thick, ( I can be profoundly simple at times) it is the first place I usually search, since it seems to dump my hoodie pockets out to eat the french fries, and floorboard cuisine between the seats of my 19 year old PU. BUT it has to fall in that place where my hand will not reach, so out to the shop to find my long fingers, or a magnet, hell bent wire would have worked just fine. That also means mr wanderbrain will start fiddle flucking with something else that cathces his eye, so I decide the scooter battery needs looked at, I'm charging the battery on the scooter....not the 4 wheeled type, yet. So I'm putting stuff away I should have done months ago by the way, but remember I'm searching for my camera, an hour later remember my plunger with the contractible fingers to get into tiny spaces for us old fogies. So I get into my Kennedy box, where I keep all my old steel working tools, precision instruments, micrometers, inside and out, depth gages, on and on and of course everything needs to picked up and looked with a fond memory....like I need that right now! There is my pick up tool!! Only 2 hours later, and the fingers grab the loop handel, and UREKA I can snap again!! OH crikeys, I've not updated Sannitarium in forever. Yeah, embarrassing as I was to take some snaps first and of course here I am fiddle flucking about some more!! The Blackberry Haze BX1 are finally into flower, with some more of the 98 aloha ww my personal favorite right now. I started pushing her out longer, as I've started to rethink the timing of our favs, and like others, have reevaluated when day 1 of flower starts. I always used day 1 of 12/12 or 13/11 now after reading multiple folks using the budding sets as day 1. So what I called the transition, the first 2-3 weeks of 12/12 I now do NOT count them, BUT I do feed them hard then. Take care all!! I'm cameraed now, will snap some photos tonight.
  10. webeblzr

    Baqualin's Colorado Grows

    Baq, one of these days I'll ride out there for while, I want to see My.Goodfellow also. I'll just start being a house mite/aphid for a while, she will gladly (read that as throwing me out) let me go ride off for a week or 2! I will come out, as I need to talk a well driller, and some excavators to get some prices, and of course I'll go see the zoning board to see what bribes I got to pay out, to build a shoebox on the biggest basement allowed by zoning.
  11. webeblzr

    Drum roll, please...

    What a lovely problem MisterDirt!! Just beautiful man!
  12. webeblzr

    Baqualin's Colorado Grows

    Baq I am thrilled for you!! I keep nagging the wife to sell here, and go west, to Colorado. I'm ready to build out there, she is not ready ..... soon maybe. Love your plan by the way. Best to ya!!
  13. webeblzr

    How long do you hold it?

    But this tar is good for you!! it's medicated.
  14. webeblzr

    Go Denver Go Denver

    Hey Baq, I got my first kit from a HighTimer mag ad back in 1979, and ruined it. Wrote to the guy, and he sent me another one for free, with personal hand written instructions, and told me, to follow it exactly. I did, and they were MILES better then the street shrooms were. But I had wee kids back then and worried they would discover it, so I quite growing them. About 10 years ago, got the hankering for some and wanted to see what is new.....OMG those psychonauts have been so busy!! The names and places were gigantic compared to the first list I got to order from. Once I got some spores, and built a space for them, pinned them, and fruited those, the potency was off the charts compared to the 80's and my first ones. Blazing colors, sensational body and mind ride, so clean, so crisp.....just spectacular quality. My wife and I dosed with them for a couple of years, and gave away a bunch to very close personal friends. Now you'll be able to dose without the 3-4 months of work, once you get to Colorado.
  15. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Hey SPW, pharmies get away with mass murder, Vioxx when Mereck could not get the results they needed to sway FDA of how wonderful it will be for humanity, they simply withheld that information, produced the drug, administered it, and when got caught, to keep someone from going to jail for killing some 70,000 unsuspecting partakers of the drug, they VOLUNTARILY pulled it off the market. So they make like 9 billion dollars knowing it will increase your chances of heart attack by 79% over the competitors drug, lied openly about the tests, only get fine a few millions dollars in a fine, THEY DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR DOING IT!!! Mass murderers walk in America....if your a corporate entity. The lovely read! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1779871/