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  1. webeblzr

    Pua Mana Hawaiian genetics Too LEGIT maybe not

    Thanks for posting that SPW, now I remember why I do not use other folks endorsements to make up my mind. If you stopped at page 7, do yourself a favor and do not read anymore, as every person posting looks and sounds stupid, all the back forth bickering and threats and shit. That speaks volumes to me that they (RIU) allowed that to go on for about 15 pages to long. I came away disliking Paumano and RIU equally. Kikeys it was like the falling days of OverGrow, all the sock puppets, and hackers, running the place, open warfare spilling out of the Shark Tank into the grow threads!! I'm more thrilled than ever to have and tried out the beans out for myself over being told what I should or should not purchase from others opinions.
  2. webeblzr

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Hello Mr.Goodfellow!! Well following the 2018 Scooter Cannon Ball, there was a grandfather, his son and his son, all Riding old Helix's, and I'm pretty sure they are from out west, so once they ride the 4000+ miles to Virginia Beach, they are riding back home to!!! The only mechanical issues for them was one every rider faces, tire changes. I really need to give this a run in 2020, and brush up on my navigation skills, as that is why this guy won and that one did not, who makes the least wrong turns for 10 days. My friend hauls like 6-7 bags of groceries in the trunk area. Hell you can even pull a small cart behind you!! Parts are cheap and plentiful, and if you get the Honda Service Manual for the year of the machine, you probably will not need a mechanic except for the occasional fix. Jumping on my BR even in the rain just makes me giggle like a mad man where ever I'm going. Slow Dumb Fun!! That is my motto on the scooter, accredited to the Soldiers Of Destiny scooter club.
  3. webeblzr

    My garden

    Lovely garden Toker!! This is the first year in MANY years I do not get mine going. We are taking this year to rework it completely and build tall raised beds, and shrink the size of it down. We find just a plant or 2 and we harvest enough to freeze or can for all year long!! We give away so much from it and it's still hurtful when veggies rot out there. Then the weeding gets awful also, so raised beds for us. I have some spare 10 gallon pots out on the patio, that have some lettuces, a tomato and 2 Poblano peppers going. Mr.Goodfellow, [ I have to find a cistern and some barrels for rain collection eventually] You may want to check with your county man, over in South Park, they are forbidden to use. They see it as stealing rain fall from everyone. Shocked the crap out of me when I read it. I looked at making a Gray Water filter, ( when we considered building out there) then using that for watering a garden. Hell maybe there is a beneficial orgasm that will eat detergents, leaving nice water behind now. OR start using the Eco Balls instead of washing machine detergent, then it's just ph changed water and dirt from clothing you need to filter. We gave up detergents for clothes washing, and use Alpacka Hair Balls for dryer sheet replacements. ANY place I can rid us of the use chemicals, we do it. Once we saw how much water/electricity we saved by washing dishes over the dish washer, we gave that the finger to....many many years ago. Take care.
  4. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Loved the dried beef recipes, but since my tart cherry tree is PUMPING out the Montmorency cherries right now, I would add a cup or 2 to that recipe for our hillbilly palates. I started to pick 4 cups a day, that started a few days ago now. Today and tomorrow will be huge amounts that will be that bright red ripe!! I know folks got the screaming runs of hearing about beneficial organisms, but the tree's leaves are bug hole free, for the second/third year in a row......yep just good ole nasty dinosaur vomit, poured around the base a few times a year. Pitting them...not so much fun! Having them packed away in the freezer, or as a case of tart cherry jam, is lovely. gardenartus, I give all my information away also. I do charge for supplies, but not for the work, if that makes any sense to ya. My state is just plain stupid with MMJ, so I'll get thrown under the jail house, if caught making and giving out items for folks. So, I'm very cautious who I work with, and sometime how, I choose to work with them. A couple of folks using my concoctions, have never met me...or never met me as how helps them. I prefer being in the dark of shadows, no not like Barnabas Collins, as I have no agenda, expect to show the great properties of this much lied about plant. That also looks like a beautiful back yard!! With happy feet!! LOL!!
  5. webeblzr

    Need help with ducting...

    The only way I got mine to be very quiet was to place my extractor fan into a plenum and pack insulation around it. Second pic with out the insulation from back side. This was in an attic area, and the pipes were located through a closet, that was between the attic and basement. I also made a wood frame to hold the series of filters and carbon layers for smell. One of my early on creations probably around 02 or something like that. many of us were just to freaked out to buy equipment back then. Plenums are at most bigger DYI shops, in the ducting section, just a flat box, with 5 sheet metal panels, maybe it was $40.00 or so. It worked great until I could get a proper Can Filter, and Vortex fan, over the yard sale Tornado I used there. best to ya.
  6. webeblzr

    What size pots to use in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent

    I fit 4- 10 gallon pots with over sized saucers under them. Myself, I start off clones in 4 inch square pots, that sit inside of a 10/20 trays. The 10/20's are paired, one nested into the other, top one has holes in the bottom, and second one is solid. They are common in green houses. Then into a 1 gallon pot, from structure building of the plant, during the 2 month wait of freeing up my flower tent, right now is a 4'x4'x7'6" . Then about a weeks or 2 from going into flower, they get put into the 10 gallon pots. If I build up to much vegging matter, I simply forego the 10's and do a 1 gallon pot run, fitting a bunch in there, for tent management mostly. For me the bigger pots means less visits to the room. Water/feed once a week, and just do time waiting for bud.
  7. webeblzr

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Mr.Goodfellow, I just did a quick USA search, for Honda Helix, there are a bunch out there in the $1000.00 range, meaning I would offer them half and see what happens. Many folks want their garage space back, many are just sick of trying to sell them at a higher price. But now that I know how bullet proof they are, I would jump on one of them in a heart beat for a under a $1000.00 parts are easy to get and cheap. Ask your buddy about them, they are ugly cool to me, and have some storeage. And the 65 mpg is not hard to like either. I dont know if your into scooter builders, but this guy, does some amazing work, out of Italy, I love his naked scooters. http://brmoto.blogspot.com/ Well, well, well, my Hawaiian Mayan Gold plant went to the hermi side, and was excommunicated from the flower tent. I wrestled with popping in another girl that would fill in that space. But since my late night hours are now mine again and NOT searching the internet for Scooter Cannon Ball 2018 blogs, You Tubes, pictures, and the scooter sites I go to, amazing race/ride, next one in 2020!! Some of those crazies are now riding back across the USA to get home. Making for about a 8,000 mile journey, on machines from 110 cc's to 300 cc's most on vintage scooters. All these guys and girls are bad-asses to me, even the folks that blew engines, wrecked, and broke ribs, just to test themselves. Anyway, what is happening in the flower tent the 2 Allenuihaha's are spreading out and the MW, is budding first and hardest!! Love it! I have however been a complete waste of skin to the young plants as they should have been shown some love a few weeks ago, up potting them, topping and just caring for them proper like. Damn I piss me off sometimes. Take care all, have a great summer!!
  8. webeblzr

    New strains / Restocking seeds

    In all the years on the web, sites come and sites go. Folks come in, folks go away. I've made up my mind, to learn to hear opinions, other than my own, to try and see another point of view. I've come to embrace our differences, over allowing another web entity's words to wreck my day. To make me so pissed off, I storm away. It's the internet, it's life, ugly and beautiful, a horrible lovely thing, it brings vast differences of the same old shit, it fills the mind like a lead balloon, it teaches as it dumb's you down, it's a twin celled universe, so why in the world would you let it piss you off? Why does everyone want all yin and no yang? Because we are supposed to HAVE IT OUR WAY??!! I love my time here in Sannies world, and I know it can go away in a blink of an eye, but I never dwell on that. Dont be so hard on yourself Sannie. Big projects will weight you down at times, and then other times that same weight is like spanish fly, running us around madly hammering on everything. You and your crew do a great job.
  9. Well myself, i could not stop my tears when I read this the other day. I still have a hard time even thinking of them. First, trapped in the horror of NOT being able to help, as YOUR child as they *goes away during the violence of the seizure*!! If you have never held someone just racked, solid as a board, jerking in uncontrollable spasms, as though thousand of volts of electricity is flicked on and off....on and off. I mean you catch yourself screaming for it to stop, for them, like it's some entity that will listen to you. They bite their lips, sometime their tongues. To then find an answer to slay that foul beast, and it's a silly plant!! I can not imagine how joyful they were, no I lie, I did see that on a ladies face who faced this horror, only her son's doctor was thrilled for him to find some peace, as his drugs were not working anymore. Then for some group of terrorist to rip him away from family and then to throw his mind and body back into the recesses and folds of hell, and let him be a living dead thing, just waiting for hell to consume him, those are not humans. Not in any shape nor form. Now I know why lady liberty stands blindfolded, she would be in a constant state of vomiting, knowing this happens under her feet.
  10. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Hey Gardenartus, I have been looking and clicking links for a couple of days now, as almost everyone in my list, is now a dead link. I think folks are now hording their information instead of sharing like we once all did. Even the BadKittySmiles info is not as available as it once was. I'm one of those jerks that will print our a recipe and then cut them apart to make the information like in stages. So I count on my links to get me back to solid information. Since I do not like in a free state, I just do not have the amount of seekers as you do. Some came and got goodies only to never seen nor heard from again. My MS lady is doing for herself now. And the young man with Epilepsy does for himself also. The vegetable Glycerin, I did use it to extract some buds, in a pint mason, sealed lid, then into a crock pot, water half way up the jars, 4 on, 4 hours off, shake the jar crazy like when cooled. I cycled that for 7 days. I then separated the bud, and soaked them in a smaller amount of PolyGlycol food grade, cycled like VG, to get all the goodies I could from it. Once finished, I blended them together, for a better taste profile. When I did a full extraction of bud, I had a miserable time getting the extract to mix with either VG or PG myself. Before SkunkPharm was stolen from greywolf, I asked him what I was missing. He told me I need to get a decent homogenizer and the one he listed was like $1200.00 and way out of my range to buy. I do have but since I did my big tear down a few years ago, a card that lists tree syrup to sugar, break down, agave, and it had all of them and the ratios to use for baking. I'll be damned if I can lay my hands on it right now. Sorry kid, when I do you'll have it. https://homogenizers.net/products/pro250-homogenizer?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=29765243920&gclid=CjwKCAjw6djYBRB8EiwAoAF6oaKC59_oMYPa2Q0L7Ay5--uCteFJ8EIcZ36GWm7ADJ3LL0kamO1jIxoC1vIQAvD_BwE
  11. webeblzr

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Since I'm showing some plants, I want to show my same 10 gallon pots with lettuces in them. I started these maybe a month to 6 weeks ago now. These are outside on my crappy patio I made out back with a couple of pallets of flag stone, many years ago, and I did not mortar it, just set them of a fine base of quarry waste. I used buttermilk and moss, turned into a slurry, and poured it between the stones. We have started to cut and use some of the pots growing them. As I'm washing and spinning the leaves, for the refrigerator, I noticed there was no bug holes!!! MINDBLOW! So I really start looking, no chewed edges!! So I go outside, and like really scope them out, all over....no bug damage at all. I go over to the pot with 2 small poblano, and tomatoe plant in it. I do see a couple of holes in a few in the tomato plant, nothing on the peppers/poblano. I had an old horse trough, with a small fountain and some fish in it, and I did not set it up this year, but the Hosta plants are still there. They show LOTS of bug activity, in fact it seems to me, the Hosta's are why the tomato has holes, as it's just a few feet away. So I have to go back to the idea, I've been reading about states, bugs are *called to plants, when the root system is deficient of beneficial organisms*!! I'm not quite ready to scream Eureka it's solved, but DAMN, it seems to me there is a correlation. Happy roots, better bug free fruits.
  12. webeblzr

    PuaManaOhana meets Appalachia E Komo Mai

    Hey Damar, WOW yeah that is close. We will need to palaver a bit sometime, I'm always ready to shoot the breeze with fellow cannabeings. Hey Mr Goodfellow, Oh man, as a kid, I needed to go fast!! Once my kids slapped me into reality, I gave up the fast cars and motorcycles, went droid, for 20 years, eat, work sleep. Around 2008 I started to see a bunch of small scooters zipping about. Found a local dealer, bought a used 150 cc Vespa knock off. I so fell in love with it...sort of. The china scoots are for folks that like to constantly tinker, or ride them very slowly with out pushing them much at all. In 2005 I started to see the commercials for the Honda BR, a school bus yellow color, then in 2006 a black and silver BR was offered in North America, and the line came to an end as sales did not do it for the bean counters. I was building my pole building at the time and was a broke assed bitch. So no scooter for me. Then my ma got and her husband got sick, he perished quickly, her not so quickly. But during that time I was care giving to her, about 8-9 months, ( I honestly have large gaps in my memory of that time) once her needs were taken care of, I would surf around looking at scooters, reading advice of others, I found a now defunct website called totalruckus.com set up for the Zoomer crowd, or the 50 cc Honda Ruckus. Then I found the Big Ruckus section, and all these cool cats are swapping their how to's, and tips and tricks they were doing. Hell I did not understand much of what they were talking about, but I knew I wanted one of those ugly freaking scooters.....heck at that point I needed something to raise my head above the hell ma and I were in. Then my 150, started to give me fits and became unreliable for me. I could always get it going, but I had no patience for the constant tinkering to keep it running. Then I found a used 2006 BR in Maine, for a price I could live with $3600.00 under 4,000 miles. I arrange coverage for Ma, and my wife I drove up there, bought the scooter, turned around, and drove home, about a 22 hour ride round trip. I've since bought a second one, hoping my wife would ride, but the bug never got her. I'm still just crazy in love with scooters in the 250-400 cc range. I also got to learn about basic motorcycle maintenance as I bought a full service manual for mine, and gave one when I sold my extra BR. Yeah man, pull the trigger, find a nice used one, get some falling down gear, and go have a blast. Ok since the ladies are not much to see right now during the transition, well before the buddage, still looking like moopie veggers. First pic, is right after lights out, on the left front is the HMG, directly in back is a Alenuihaha, right bedie is a smaller Mowie Wowie, and in front of that is the other Alenuihaha. Yes you are correct, there were 3 of them, I adopted one out, as a back up for some dumbshit I may do, so a card up my sleeve. Just more of the same tent in the next couple of pics.
  13. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Hey justcozz, that is a great story. He was very smart when offered to help himself to whatever!! I once took a small side job, to tear down a couple of walls and what not only to see once I got to the boards, they were all tongue and grooved!! I told the guy I was working with to go do something else, as he was rip and tear type of worker. I wanted to take the wall apart, and re-purpose the boards underneath the old Beaver board. When I took them to a furniture builder friend, to use his plane, he took one look at them and paid me far more than I ever expected, as they were Chestnut wood. Hell I did not even want to sell them, but had no immediate need for them. Hey MyGoodfellow, wow it's hard to think about being thrilled to make less than $2.00, but I was man, and I was not picking peaches, pears and apples. Hey gardenartus, here is my link, I used (for information on the product) when I made some cannabis drops for a dog with seizures. http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-vegetable-glycerin.htm I found a dang list somewhere that told you specific replacement amounts for the various sugar substitutes out there, and I can not see it right now.
  14. webeblzr

    Apparently the Borg are here

    The garlic soaking in a sealed water container for a few days, then poured through a strainer, stinks horrible, but it does work.
  15. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Thank you all for the kind words. Gardenartus, I used vegetable glycerin to make goodies for a diabetic friend. 60% the sweetness of sugar, and no sucrose. But it is expensive. Hey justcozz, [but when staining them, don't work in squares. Stain individual planks and/or full length rows at a time. ] That is how I did mine, so thank you for backing up my way. We both are just thrilled the way they came out, maybe for others the job would not have been ok. That is why I do not sell my floor staining skills as worthy enough, plus there are a bunch of folks doing that around here. When I was painting with a contractor, I got see some of floors done by the folks in this area, and decided, $6.00 a square foot, was just out of my affordability range. When I was a kid, one of my first real paying jobs was in a local furniture company, hell it was in my back yard. Nobody wanted to work in the Finishing department, it was blistering hot, and since bugs fly through the windows, they stay shut, while your spraying lacquer. It was crazy hot up there. I loved finishing wood. Back then your colors were powder, and hand mixed everything. Ole Cliff was a wizard touching up things to. He taught me so much, and I was making $1.90 an hour and that felt like a kings wages. We were the poor folks where we lived, so getting out to *work* was just part of my being. I used my first wagon, to walk the road out in front of the row of houses we lived in, picking up soda pop bottles for the $.02 returned bottle deposit. The community park was also across the street, and what utter pigs people in the 1960's could be. They would picnic, and just walk away from the trash. Literally throwing it on the ground, and it was common!! I worked Friday and Saturday nights running for the auctioneer, that is how I got a bike. It was so crappy it was left behind from a lot buyer. I asked the guy if I could have it, he just laughed sure kid it's just junk.....not to me.