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  1. Hey gardenartus, I meant no disrespect to FOTH, I have no idea in today's world if a handle is either of the 3 sexes, male, female, auto/trans. I try to respect everyone. There is room for everyone.
  2. Beautiful bud's Shoeless!
  3. Hey SPW, lawn mowers?? If my space was smaller, I'd go electric/battery op myself. Quiet, no gas and oil to mess with and store, much less weight to mess with. Just my $.02 The SFV78's are dripping with jewels man! I scoped what I could reach yesterday morning, and some will not go the whole 18 weeks to what my loupe is showing me. I'm seeing 4 very distinct phenos from that packet of beans. I got copies of each of those, and gave out a few to the more adventure minded gardeners I hang out with. Best to your harvest man!! I hope you get a branch breakers!!
  4. Hey, ya SPW!! Yeah man, San's Killer Grape is beautiful plant, so easy to work, I'm having a hard time getting her to clone, but they will root. A 8-10 week plant, not a big stretching girl after the flip. Just stunning structure, nice wide hips on her. Her bud, is delicious the instant it's dry enough for jarring! In fact, I'm gong to freeze my next jar with zero curing this culling. I did have issue with her about 7 weeks into flower of the first one, as I was removing deadies, and boofing up the surface of the medium, her stench would make my stomach turn from the explosive smell!! That was also thrilling for me, as I knew something wonderful would come from that over powering smell. I got 3 quart jars, not packed full, one is all lolly pops, and main cola, the others are all the rest. Trimmings are just blended with everything else, for a springtime hash run. What I'm smoking on now, has a great cure to it, it taste of creamy grape desert, with hits of vanilla, and a perfect floral finish that is not over powering but perfectly scented. It has become, one of my personal favorites, so we only partake of her once in a while. Super relaxing, my wife loves how it leads her into a nice frame of mind to nap, or once some recovery time, after some puffing, get into doing your chores, with a bit of a lunatic smile, as the mind can wonder. LOVE THAT! I gave her to every one of the gardens I help with. My Killer Lemon Haze is also a delicious strain, bit different structure, taller, typical Christmas tree structure, clones by asking her, lovely lemony taste, very very nice head and body stone blended perfect for us. I really wished I would have much better growing skills, but I got what I got, and do the best I can. Man, it's great to be alive and growing !! I'd love to post up some photos of them, I'm not feeling that anymore, here anyway. Stay safe, SPW!!
  5. [fool is a fool when it comes to being sympathetic or just plain kind to people, LOL. but that's ok, i like his projects and his knowledge. all good stuff comes at a price.] Yeah the lousy demeanor is why I read very few of it's posts. I'm sure I've seen some of it's work, but I ignore most posts by it.
  6. I know there is basically nothing I can do about it. I just wanted to whine a bit about it. [So I googled my handle I use for social media and found my comment I left in a pornhub streamers chat on a meme website] I have no fucking clue to what your going on about with this comment.
  7. I Googled my handle a week or so ago, and found this posted on Leafly. I did not remember making an account on Leafly, as I read it. I remembered back a few months ago, one the site mites got booted out of here, running around blabbering about paumano. That was when my pics were stolen, I think anyway. I did try and get Leafly to remove those posts, however being a cut n paste cannavine, they just need content, where ever, HOWEVER they get it from. The real disrespect is to pau, their genetics do not need a scumbag to enhance they already tattered reputation, by such cowardly acts....and thieves are cowards. I guess I'm in the big leagues, as my work has been stolen and used elsewhere. How can they steal our pics? Alenuihāhā review Share Save Webeblzr 5 months ago follow 5.0 Picked up some 'alenuihaha from Pua Mana Ohana Seedbank website when I placed my order for Caramel Kona Coffee Cookies. Boy am I glad I did!! ALE is huge, covered in crystals and smells like a troical candy commercial filmed on a beach in Hawaii. Both CKCC and ALE will be around for years to come. Helpful (0)Report Form and method FlowerSmoke Effects
  8. Very nice work! When I ran them a few years ago, I could not get them to boof up at all, myself. BUT so delicious.
  9. Franks Skunk 1's 96 Todds superglue x ON haze Sannie herifields and silver sufer's 27 x newberry Dynasty spider bite v2 and salmon river Seedheaven Santero's sm x choco rain Seedheaven Zanzibar's Blue Dream x Blueberry Sativa every seed cracked open! Thank you all!
  10. No Thanks Toker, we'll pass!! News outlets do a good enough job with hysterical warnings. And we give them no time of ours. But please you all worry yourselves into exhaustion. Every since I was born, some THING, was coming for me: 1960's, gave us, desk diving, to save ourselves from an atomic tan from the Russians. Bell helicopter and few others were in need of some orders, so whip up the stories of the Asian Commies taking over the world.....yeah right! 1970's, then terrorist, blowing up bakers, then starting blowing up, military bases. Picking on tourist and what not. 1980's, oh yeah the great devil worshiping all across the world, stealing little children for satanic ritual, AIDs feed us fear for a while Then tons of cocaine started sweeping ghettos in America, then the rise of cocaine babies and a generation of addicts will be our downfall, and who can forget the McMillan Case, where every on of us following went insane as the trail exposed how the day care center run by a family would rape, molest, the children,!! Only to find out NOTHING HAPPENED TO THEM, they simply told psychologist what they wanted to hear, then added fantasy to it. Oh yeah, 1984 was and end of time scenario since Orwell wrote a book??? 1990's was all about brown folks coming to kill us as they hate our freedom. And it was great place to scatter 9 tons of depleted uranium as weapons. 2000 terror works so well, America needs some, Kansas city bombing, World Trade center TWICE, 93 and 2001, then SAR's and H1N1, Mad cow, Round Up, there is SOMETHING always coming for us......ALWAYS. We live in the most war happy nation on Earth. That is accomplished with fear and steady diet of it. It also needs to just sway 5% of the mass to cause the herd to stampede. The only war we gave up on was the War On Poverty! As stoners, look at how easy it was to make a plant that was used for thousands of years, and by many cultures of the world, when some dickhead in America decided to turn the public's mind to make it a demon weed, in 1930's, and here we are ALMOST 100 years into that campaign and there are still bitches whinning about the effects of devil weed, when botany exposed the lies, and the teller of the lies as incompetent!! We are such an easy herd to control man. just my $.02
  11. Hey ya Mr Goodfellow, if you wanted information you spent time in a library. Now a days, you carry a whole TV station, a whole library, in your pocket without thinking about it!! I'm very blessed in this world, and in my weed world, more than overly blessed. In the past few days, every bean I processed, has cracked open, and got dirty. And I cracked a bunch this year!! In fact they are calling me, "time for our morning shower" !!
  12. Oh yeah saxo, they are rabbit food. I'll put a bunch back in my garden that looks like a weed patch right now, and with in a few days all gone. Or I''ll collect a tote full and crush them by hand and scatter them about back there, like dried canna chips!! Then the whole garden web chain gets some. But yeah, I'm struggling with the early yellowing, and I'm sure that hurts bud size. Got some killer good things popping for the year right now also. Being able to run something from Mel Frank, is a canna blessing to me, as I purchased their (Ed's) book in 1978, and it is still with me, tattered, torn, chunks falling out of it. That was also the year my first child was born, so it's some universal OM stuff happening for me, a circle completing, my ouroboros if you will.
  13. Man my plants do not look nearly as nice those!! The SFV78 at 10 weeks. Damn come on MAY!!! Thank you again Bob Green, if you see this, I wish i could do better by them. I'm loving my time with them.
  14. Hey SPW, I must admit, the more folks run to a strain name, the less I interest I have in it. I have come to prefer the off the beaten track type of makers myself. Many years ago, that was why I used Hemp Depot so much back when. Then I did run into more than a few strains that either the seeds did not crack open, or poor growth if they did. Those damned Criminsom Crush seeds a friend insisted he had to have @ seriously to fucking expensive price per packet, and then working in lots of 3 we got like 1 decent plant!! Then just recently I went to his house, and trashed his ass with San's Killer Grape, and said see, you do not need to spend all that money for a grape taste, you just got to go mining for them. Of course I charged him $300.00 for a cutting of it, as he begged me for my jar. That is a lie, I wanted to, as he just throws money at whatever catches his eye, and I got to plan out every step to save a few bucks.. No, I do not cheat at all, I did give him a beautiful cut of her. And, I gave it to a friend of my wife, as she went OMG'ing crazy when we shared her with her. I thought I saw mole posting up on OG last week. I do not know him at all. I just moved my SFV78's to the LED side of my tent. They went into flower under the HPS, and will finish her last 9 weeks under my old HEAVY AS HELL, LED . Damn I've grown to love that light. Bitch weights 50 lb's, and is pasted up as high as I can get it in the tent, it is one powerful mofo. Man I spent $240.00 on my first set of micrometers back in the 80's when I was basically a printing press assembler apprentice. Man I was a broke assed bitch, had 2 kids, a Money Pit for a home, as that was all we could afford. As the years went, I had purchased thousands of dollars in precision tools, and regular hand tools. I only got pounds once from a pair of plants, and that was running the freedom buckets, and that god awful Thomas pump 24/7 365. It is a difficult task indoors. I also found another great documentary The Endless Question, and Quantum Field Psychology, mindblow stuff!!
  15. Hey gardenartus, the ones I have installed in 4 places now, are just kicking the stuffings out of the hps/mh 's I've replaced them with. A statement I never would have thought possible. Once you see that AC was no longer needed, and the bud harvests WAY up, electrical costs WAY down, I'll never go back.
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