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  1. webeblzr

    Led COB light humidity flowering

    Hey olsqueak, very very nice grow!! Looks most excellent man!!
  2. webeblzr

    Just started new set-up, new grow with Cobs

    Well that is a very very clean set up. Usually I see some water splashes or wet saucers, or a bit of medium from pouring water in on the pots. Super sterile looking, for a few months of growing. Your set up is amazingly clean for a full cycled grow. Big props!
  3. webeblzr

    Coop seed run clone only or discontinued strains

    Once upon a time, there was Charity Auctions popping up on all the boards. So n so got popped by LEO, everything gone. Folks that has spare seeds, sent them in to be auctioned off. I never had spare seeds, but with the CA's you could pick up some really nice offerings for reasonable coinage. My first 4-5 CA's went fantastic, very viable seed, some more potent than others, (back when all my seeds needed to be grail plants) some were odd, some got killed off, but it was fun. Sometime around 2007-2008, the boards started blowing up about Charity Auction fraudes. Lies about arrests, lies about seed quality, lies about what really happened.....and it struck this board also, and it was my last time I ever even looked at one. Now you almost never see them, due to phuckheads trying to get something for nothing. All I'm saying, yes put something in place to keep those that pilfer from doing that if that is even possible. I have zero interest in being involved, but I am excited to see how you fine growers work the beans, and see what stunning plants can be made!! I really hope this works out for all involved. Have a blast with it!!
  4. Genetic engineering is the direct manipulation of an organism's genome using certain biotechnology techniques that have only existed since the 1970s.[2] Human directed genetic manipulation was occurring much earlier, beginning with the domestication of plants and animals through artificial selection. The dog is believed to be the first animal domesticated, possibly arising from a common ancestor of the grey wolf,[1] with archeological evidence dating to about 12,000 BC.[3] Other carnivores domesticated in prehistoric times include the cat, which cohabited with human 9,500 years ago.[4] Archeological evidence suggests sheep, cattle, pigs and goats were domesticated between 9 000 BC and 8 000 BC in the Fertile Crescent.[5] The first evidence of plant domestication comes from emmer and einkorn wheat found in pre-Pottery Neolithic A villages in Southwest Asia dated about 10,500 to 10,100 BC.[6] The Fertile Crescent of Western Asia, Egypt, and India were sites of the earliest planned sowing and harvesting of plants that had previously been gathered in the wild. Independent development of agriculture occurred in northern and southern China, Africa's Sahel, New Guinea and several regions of the Americas.[7] The eight Neolithic founder crops (emmer wheat, einkorn wheat, barley, peas, lentils, bitter vetch, chick peas and flax) had all appeared by about 7000 BC.[8] Horticulture first appears in the Levant during the Chalcolithic period about 6 800 to 6,300 BC.[9] Due to the soft tissues, archeological evidence for early vegetables is scarce. The earliest vegetable remains have been found in Egyptian caves that date back to the 2nd millennium BC.[10] I think there is sensible GE, and nonsensical GE going on today. The idea of injecting weed killer into my food grains just feels/sounds bad to me. Creating giant animals, no thanks. If cannabis lovers, had not, started selective breeding, we may not be here at all! And, I remember my early years, smoking 10 times more back then to get the same buzz that 2 hits gives you today!! I do NOT profess to know all about it, but it seems to me that GMO makers need the gov to help them cover their butts, and make it more available to you and your family. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/12/21/2018-27283/national-bioengineered-food-disclosure-standard It's a bit wordy, but clearly shows you how disinformation is way better for Monsanto/Bayer and all who process that shit, and consumer be damned. So IDK.
  5. webeblzr

    Blueberry Quintessa CBD

    Lovely work folks!
  6. webeblzr

    How do you clean your jars

    Caveman here, I've not cleaned the inside of my jars in over 18 years, swapped out the lids a few times. I never pack buds in mine, just place the buds in and use as many jars as I need. But over the last 18 years, I must have bought 20-30 cases of mason jars, from jelly size, pints, mostly quarts wide mouths, and a couple half gallons cases.
  7. webeblzr

    Blueberry Quintessa CBD

    Welcome to Sannies, lovely offerings!! I jumped on 3 of the offerings, Peyote Pancake, Blueberry Sativa, Blueberry Quintessa for the blueberry trinity.
  8. webeblzr

    New Sanniesshop

    Damn, very nice new site, and new offerings. I have spent weeks pouring over another breeders huge list of offerings, and can not pick a single one. I come in here, and see 3 choices instantly, as you can not find better seed, for the price anywhere, IMHO. Blueberry Sativa, Blueberry Quintessa, Peyote Pancake I did get tired of growing out blueberries a few years ago, but miss that sever bitch slap effect they can offer. So it's a Blueberry orgy in a few months.
  9. webeblzr

    Help..my GG is frying/dying?

    The only issue I had with vermiculite is to NOT water as often, as it really holds water. I did find it to clone with a bit easier than perlite, as it does hold water.
  10. webeblzr

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    WaknBak before snow shoveling...and then a top off right after.....with a big assed cup of black coffee!! The hula girls are a giggle fest even moving snow.
  11. webeblzr

    Wk4 black afghani

    Both look excellent!! I got the TriplePaki also, but at the unimpressive stage right now.
  12. webeblzr

    No Till Raised Bed Methodology

    Hey Halforc, Thank you for replying. I'll be using this for my vegetable garden, since I do not like live in a free state. I got to keep the ladies in the the dark, in unseen places. When I saw this garden for sale, I loved the idea, but it's way out of my price range. The wife and I are getting to the age, if we can garden upright, we will be doing it longer. Last year to so, we let the weeds get away from us, so looking at raised beds. We have deer like many places got rabbits, so the fence above is needed for that and vine running plants. Thanks again.
  13. webeblzr

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    Lovely colors, and unique to what I know.
  14. Dang Baq, that site is offering the same LED 550 V2 @ $100.00+ LESS than my local shop, and he swore I could not find it cheaper.....chaching!! It's one of the first LED's I've seen I would bet money it's brighter and with a bigger foot print then a 1k hps. These are going to be my replacements of 1k's as they die off. Thanks for the link!!
  15. webeblzr

    No Till Raised Bed Methodology

    Hey Halforc, I to have been looking into raised beds, how tall are yours now? This is what we going to copy, and I'll put my own stank on it, as I can by a lot of vegetables at all the farmers markets for $1900.00 they want for that beauty. I still have some skins from my pole building to use for the sides. But I think 30" to shallow, and that is why I asked Halforc the depth of his.