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  1. DAMN that is some excellent buds!! Looks just like the SP I ran long ago now.
  2. Hey Halforc, sounds like you got a grip of rocking cool beans!! I sent an invite to Hyp3rid to come over to the BB site. They have some crazy cool genetics. I found them at seedheaven, and ordered 2 strains for later on this season...Oh wait, I do not have a season!! Well ASAP. I just recently, got to hang a couple of those GrowLightAustralia LED's. In like 30 seconds, I knew, that prawn connery did a most excellent job, of crafting these LED's. Lower blues, higher reds, than you can find, well I could find anyway. When reading over at PlanetGanja, I found prawns thread about the LED developments, the posted up the 3rd party test results, and when I got to go through their LED offerings, I choose the kits. The kits take maybe 7-10 minutes to set up. Their suspenders are awesome, a true single hand adjustment. My plants, if you want to call them plants, that I planned on holding for 4-5 weeks has gone into 5 months, so they are ugly as fuck, bugged out, scraggly. I first mixed up a batch of home made bug juice, a pulverized clove of garlic, a tablespoon of detergent, tablespoon vegetable oil, half gallon of water, dunked them, and I repotted them, cut them back, cleaned all the scruff off, then flicked on the GLA. The next morning, they looked a bit better, and by the 3 day, ready to brawl, and get their revegg on! Got 2 more to hang after final inspection, and got the 2x2 aqua trays and 20 g reservoirs all ready for restart. Take care halforc!!
  3. Damn, I had no idea BL made one for soil. I love my BL for juice measurements. I do not know what happened to Hanna and their hand held readers. Mine was very expensive and only lasted a few years before stuff started to weird out on it. When I contacted Hanna, they wanted more to repair it than I was ready to go in for. Now my BL has lasted more than 3 times longer then Hanna did and was about 2/3rd's cheaper. When I was working in a test center many many years ago, Hanna products were the go to for the smart folks. I just made stuff for the smart folks.
  4. Due to costs raising faster than the depleting bank account can refill itself, I've had to get creative with window treatments. We had set aside $1000.00 for treatments. That was due to where we get them from, making a count and sizes of the windows, and what prices were at the time, right around the covid containment time frame last year. I choose to wait as that is last step items. We should have had a 20%to the plus side of that estimate. Well that was then and this is now. Same place, same window sizes, and the cost is now around $2200.00 . Since other unexpected items popped up, I really do not have the money to lay out. So, I gather up, my cheap ass side of me, and go hunting. I find a company that sells window films. After my initial sticker shock wore off some, I find a discount area, just my style, so as I rummage around there, I find some small rolls 35" wide, for $3.30 a foot, and another 36" length, but $6.00 a foot. Cost me like $45.00 for the rolls, and $15.00 for their application kit. I got 3 windows covered top and bottoms, with perfect privacy. It took about 2-3 hours, after I figured out a system for a cutting table, a wetting area. So easy to use, and when I'm not a broke assed bitch, I simple peel them off and hang whatever up. This project has me exhausted, and little bit insane right now, so I had my daughter bring me her dog over for a few days for a play date. And he is ready to go play ball now.
  5. Oh that meat rub makes me want some. We have been cutting way back on consuming beef, chicken, pork, turkey. Not eliminating it, but eating way way less portion sizes. But a good rub still makes any size portion so much better. Infused is just an amazing idea.
  6. webeblzr

    Focus Question

    I take crappy photos myself, but I just wanted to say, those are nice ski slopes man!
  7. Hey San, I did see you mentioned on their website, and that was why I sent my query your way. I just got to gawking about at SH, and did not recognize the handle. Hell I swore off bean buying as I got enough to work now. But sometimes you run into the unexpected, or the unusual, rare to see both boxes ticked. It took me 3 days to pick 2 of them. I was trying to sell off a couple of items to buy his line on SH, then I went to his site, and realized I need to sell something way way more substantial to have all of his offerings!! LOL! I had to try the SAWA Natty and SAWA IBL, but every offering is so unique to warped wee mind anyway. Thanks for your time San.
  8. Thank you GA, yes and we both just enjoyed the first use of it this AM. It not finished, as there was an issue with the doors as I unboxed them. Well lots of issues, but none concerning poor workmanship from the crew. This "aging in place" addition, has me exhausted keeping up with all the shipping issues, the supply chain disruptions, and of course that weird area where new construction meets the old house. We are both very flexible with almost every item that needed reconsidered for various reasons. Since my wife keeps books for this company, and has for almost 10 years now, we have complete confidence in not being over charged, or have excessive add on's to purchases. It's a basic 5% add on for stuff they order for this project. A time and materials job, so it's a tight rope for them, to do it correctly the first time. They also have not had a customer doing the gopher runs. That way, the brains stay working, and the old retired dude can play fetch, pre-paint moldings, patch and sand, and finish paint after they leave for the day. It is so easy to allow yourself to get all pissy about every wee hick up life pukes on us, we have used a different approach, we discuss it, decide on what ever the options are, and move forward. Bellyaching and constantly whining about every day current events, or every day, hassle's of life, is just delusional to us. Get pissed, smoke one, and giggle at the absurdity of it all. This rock has been spinning for 5 billion years now, and whiners change what????Not a fucking thing.
  9. Hey San, can you give up any info (non threating of course) on the Hyp3rids group. I'm salivating over each of their offerings.
  10. Hey GA, I'm a hopeless tinkering fool, at times. Most kind coming from the all around most craftiest person on this site!! Since I could not place my hands on the ones I made long ago, I cracked out a couple this morning while waiting for a mason to stop in for an estimate for some chimney pointing and brick work where the rear entrance door was. Anyway, I'd not bitch up good panda film just to make these as GA's painted jars are way cooler to me. But I got a seal a meal, cases of mason's, and a lots of scrap pieces of PF.
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