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  1.  Hey San, not sure if this one is yours or not, but I had not seen this one before on SH. -Mullumbimby Madness x Thai 78 AKA 78 Golden Thai-  A thai and aussie will make fire!

    But my eyes popped out when I got my order and it was in there.


    I just wanted to say the taproot will not stay in the shells. I placed them in a bit of H2O2/water, wrote the time, date, and what they are down. 

    I trimmed up a finished SugarPunch, went out cut the grass, came back in, got a shower, slipped on the garden shoes, and went down to finish off some things, and I don't even know why, as it was like 5-6 hours later, but as I looked in the shot glass, 2 of the taproots were poking out already!!! The next morning all but 2 did not crack.

    I've seen 12 hours taps MANY times in the past 20 years....but 5-6 hours, I did not think that was even possible!!

    I'm also very happy to run  cheetos and chief wigwam .

    Since I'm not  an auto fan, I'm going to run the freeb, DAP late phenos, I got, to see what the auto-buzz is all about. Thanks again!

    best to you all.



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  2. On 3/29/2019 at 5:57 AM, Toker said:

    That's insane

    The Holocaust was a personal choice...


    For fucks sake, how do you jump from a jack shack to the Holocaust? That is just a sad jump..

    And,, how many women did they find chained and held against their will there, Mr. Dirt?

    Myself, I have no idea, I did not read all the story, nor do I care....unless there was victims found, then I'm all in with the disgusted crowd.

    Just to fucking clarify this nonsense, I've never used a 1-800-call me for sex talking service.

    Nor have I ever visited hooker, nor had one come to my room in all the years I traveled.

    Nor do I have a porn list, not now, or on any of my computers since 2000, and I did not own one before then.

    Which Holocaust are you babbling about, the American one that was used against the indigenous tribes here for their land, game, furs and pelts, timber? You know, when our forefathers, traded diseased blankets form Europe's hospitals, to soften them up for trade, that was a choice right man?

    Or maybe Hitlers fascination of American history, and why he sent agents to understand how the American Cavalry moved so freaking many indigenous families, so far, with so little food?? Maybe helping to bloom  the idea of the Jewish Holocaust? That was a choice to right.


  3. We all are broken vessels, one way or another to someone else's thinking.

    Some used pre loaded mediums, some hand blend.

    Some hate autoflowering cannabis, some hate regulars, some hate feminized.

    Some like to drink in dive bars, some want to pay for a more classy atmosphere.

    Some eat canned tuna, some would never eat nothing but fresh killed tuna.

    Personal choices are the spice of life... and they are all different, does not make them wrong.


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  4. I found them on Goldenseed.net however, the site, seems old and not updated. All the dates are stripped from the *Testimonial* section, that causes me pause.

    I also can NOT get an email to anyone there, no phone number to call, but you can registar, I did however get to difference's in cost of the seeds.

    So right now, it looks to me to be a clickbait site.

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  5. 23 hours ago, Justcozz said:

    Great idea, but I’m leasing and not 100% sure I’ll be here next year.

    Oh hell yeah man!! I completely understand that!! 

    Of all of the United States, I've been to or in, either working, or as an Army brat, or simply wanderlusting, the northwest area,  I'm totally ignorant of, I'm sorry to confess.

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  6. Stunning garden man!! WOW just WOW! I posted over in the other thread about possibly using local farm animals to be fenced in your pens, to let them work the soil and give up their fertilizers for a summer. But your way faster having it tilled up already!! 


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  7. Just a gobsmacking view Justcozz!! And that garden will be stunning.

    Maybe you could offer a local farmer, to allow a cow, or some sheep, or goats, to hang out in that pen for a season, and let them hoof till it and fertilize it for you at the same time. Yes you loose a year of vegetable growing, but it is much easier on the back.

    Lovely lovely place man!!

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  8. Hey Justcozz, wow that is a huge garden!! We had ours about that big for years, but we can not keep it properly anymore. Hell I could weed for 5-6 hours a day to keep it proper like. We found if we planted more than 2-3 tomato plants, the amount of work, to can them, or prepare them to be frozen, was a lot of daily work. Then with all the other items,....overgrow.

    We are downsizing our garden, and going raised beds, and just growing our favs. There are so many garden stands around, then all the CSA's, we just did not need a a big garden anymore.

    Here is my BIOchar knowledge, but I think Hempys would be better for your issue.

    But my understanding is that you want the wood to burn to a solid ash if that makes any sense. I did use a small stope pipe fitting stove,  hand made, so it's a silly looking item that works well. Not practical for your garden. As you need to extinguish the burning wood, by covering it, dumping dirt on it as it burns, to keep the wood from going to fine ash. OR going to a couple of 55 gallon sized steel barrels, with some torch work, maybe a couple of welded on tabs. Or a barrel with a locking lid dealy, so you can slap it on to stop the burn, when you want it to.

    Some slits around outside of it, will let the placer gas escape from the wood, and let you know when the gas is reducing, and you cover it.

    I've also well before I knew about biochar, would pile up my yard cuttings from trees and ornamentals, and burn it, and rake it over the top. I use my long reed type grasses, as next years walking paths, to block some weeds, and keep adding organic matter, into the garden. 

    I would move my vegetables  sections each year, and keep one section is the compost/pile area. In just a couple of years, and soil is so fertile, and full of life, I do not add any fertilizers, except for working root balls, into the soil from the indoor grow areas. I'm sure there is still nutes in there.

    Shot of the char, it snaps, and with a bit of squeezing, crumbles, but not to to a fine ash. Then my char maker, with the extinguishing sheet wrapped around it, to stop the burn, after I drag it from the fire pit. Probably not as perfect as it should be, but workable.

    I then load my fresh char into a bucket I cut the bottom out of, and riveted screen under there, and it fits down into another larger tote, that I had premixed up a strong dose Extreme Microbes, and let it soak a for a couple of days, (do NOT forget the tablespoon or 2 of molasses) with a airstone bubbling constantly. So simple, and when I see a $40.00 price tag for a few pounds at the grow shop, I just giggle a bit to myself.

    Man enjoy that garden!! I suck at it but love the damn thing.

    6 2 2018 006.JPG

    6 2 2018 001.JPG

  9. I'm not sure that tobacco alone, unrefined before the companies add the 107 chemicals, and the reworking of tobacco, to increase the nicotine a few hundred percent.

    I also smoked at 12, it was not an issue in our home at all. Like drinking, it was not an item I got berated for when using. NO BUMMING cigarettes from mom and dad, that was taboo, LOL!

    I started with Kool NON filtered, as they were cheaper in that wee country store, maybe 35 cents a pack.  I also bought my first pack of rolling papers OCD papers, at that wee store, and they had NO sticky strip on them back then. Then I found a can of Buglers, that had tobacco and rolling papers altogether!! BUT Bugler papers were like rolling with book paper, but they did stick together better than OCD's were. Extra spit keeps papers together long enough to smoke a self rolled.

    I quit in total maybe 4 times, the last has been more than 10 years, maybe closer to 15. I do not think about it, and keep in my head, all the ugly hacking I'd wake to every morning. Maybe, just maybe I slayed that dragon, but I always crave the evil fuckers. I've woke up at night, thinking I'd fallen asleep while smoking....and I do NOT ever remember smoking in bed.

    Best to you all wherever you are in your struggle with that demon.

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  10. Oh damn, I did not see these replies, I am sorry.

    I first got educated about poor food quality, back around 1980. My son was born on May 20 1980, by the summer, something did not look right about him. Upon a check up, the doc was concerned about his body was not growing properly, and he started to ask us what and how and when we feed him. 

    The doc was leaving the profession, he was very direct, very forthright, and very unforgiving concerning the AMA and how it was changed during his time as a new doctor to where he was back then. He in fact, told me point blank, to stay away from standard medicine practices as he felt, some THING has changed, and it /is not to be trusted the way they sell it to be. He gave me a list of books to read talking about plants and nutrition. Books about food processing, and what is done to it. How they created so much Franken Food, that the human body, is no longer able to discern organic proteins to manufactured ones. Now looking around at today's world, he may have been correct.

    Ultimately, we spent Christmas and New Years, in Intensive Care, with our son, and they said it was Cystic Fibrosis, and the outcome was going to be bleak at best for him. However, it was not the case, it turned out to be a NOW simple milk allergy, but it was so rare back then and unlooked for. 

    So all was well for us, BUT, now I did not trust much of anything being spouted  in the USA. 

    That was how it started for me, just searching for truth, and it is in VERY VERY short supply in America. Business can out and out lie to you, and when folks get bitched up from it, the courts will take their side. Corporations are just another type of Mafia, to squeeze money, anyway possible, and then to be up held as some grand design for the betterment of humanity...it's a grand illusion. You know, like politicians care about you and your well being.


    Dinosaur vomit, was coined by a lady in the midwest, in a comment section of the VitaMix website. Back after my ma, passed away, I got her VitaMIx, and very powerful blender. So I was looking to purchase a new blender vessel,  and since mine was quite a few years older, I was reading in the comments section, looking for comments about others replacing theirs.

    I read one about a lady, using a second vessel, to grind up kitchen scraps to make faster compost!! MIND BLOW IDEA!! So very  very simple, why did I not think of it!!

    I thought pouring nasty ground up veg matter, around the base of our outdoor plants, would be hideously ugly, and it is for a couple of hours, but the next day, it looks like nothing really, some drying up veg matter.

    So now all these years later, I brought it indoor, and my hula girls were DV'ed, and now I'm running a cycle with out it...and it's going back in ASAP! It works wonders with all the beneficial organisms I add. I'm seeing about a 1/3 less plant size this run and the only variable I changed was no DV.

    So that is my blahblahblah!! 

    scrap bucket weeks worth.JPG

    2 cups water.JPG

    fill about 2 thirds full.JPG

    it all gets ground down.JPG

    ready to use.JPG

    fresh hurl.JPG

    fresh hurl in compost barrel.JPG

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  11. 22 hours ago, gardenartus said:

    Have you ever seen the grave yards in New Orleans? They are really cool.

    No Garderartus, I have not. The only time I was down that way, I was working, in some horrible hot factory on some of our equipment installed there, that made paper towels. We had talked of driving over that way, but the heat in the plant, averaged around 110 F in the morning. They had what looked like wee guard shacks, throughout the main building, that was air conditioned, so if you felt wobbly from heat, you could step into one, and cool down, unless it full from other melting people.

    Down by the equipment, it was CRAZY hot!! That was a long long week. We just wanted to get to some tempered air up north.

  12. Just fasten a piece of chicken wire/poultry netting in the ceiling, and tie off of it with the green plant tie, then it always there and ready to hang some bud. With a S hook attached to one end, it makes for fast hangars. I tried the yoyo's and did not care for them at all. That is a great issue to have man!

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  13. In our small town, there was a small house, for rent, and it was really cheap compared to most everything else. It was 1973 or so, when I went to look at it, I had never realized it was a hold over grave yard from the segregation days, or a grave yard that would only plant folks of color there. 

    The grave markers, were very crude, almost like there was a wooden box that was used as a mold, then a 1 inch thick concrete mix was poured into them, and then whoever simply scratched the name in with a stick or nail. All were very crude, most so hard to read the names were lost to time.

    The house set right in the graveyard, and we had folks tell us it was the caretakers house, but I think it was the whole deal, funeral parlor, and keepers quarters.

    I never did know for sure about the house, as it was a small 2 story, and hippies had lived they well before us.

    I sure wish one of them had taken an art class, as their psychedelic scrawl drawings sucked! And were very hard to paint over.

    I never saw any type of apparitions  while living there, now did we get many visitors.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Toker said:

    What an ugly beast, like driving around in a greenhouse lol

    I always thought moniker went to the AMC Pacer, as it looked to be a rolling greenhouse.

    I did not own a car at 12, so it would have been a 49 Nash 4-5 of us got running back in the junk yard, and would drive it around the logging roads.

    It was a way cool car, the seats would lay back to make a big bed of sorts. Looked like an upside down bath tub.

    We could NOT help ourselves to NOT  drive it on the roads late at night here in the Appalachians. The first winter, after we got it running, we got all smoked up, and drinking Rock n Rye and we would take turns, trying to roll it over, back in the junk yard, OMG we would laugh like crazy. We never did roll it over, but we did knock a few trees over.

    Back then, we only got patrolled by the state police, and never saw them.

    My first car was a 70 Triumph Spitfire, that was flood damaged. So it was dirt cheap. It had like 6 inches of stream vomit covering the interior, and under the bonnet, and in the boot, was a thick carpet of the same stuff. But a couple of weeks of seat disassembly, and cleaning, rebuilding the Carb's, and swapping out a few parts. I drove it for a couple of years and sold it for way more than I paid, even being a flood car.

    Now that was great stoner car, well when it ran great, she would have hissy fits on occasion, cough, sputter, slow way down, smoke, shudder, and then all of a sudden it would pass, and she would run like dream, never fast, but nice and steady...for a while.

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  15. Excellent boxes tacman7!! I love them!! I love the green house also!!

    When I found my example, it was more a basic lay out for me, it's bit to gingerbread for me, I'm way more Neanderthal than gingerbread, LOL!

    3.8% Neanderthal according to the DNA folks!! 

    I also have not really considered a greenhouse to cover mine, and I was just going to grow vegetables anyway. No outdoor wacky tobacky outdoors for us, way to many eyes....and the cop shop is a mile + from me.

    Again man, great boxes!!

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  16. 15 hours ago, Toker said:

    I be a gal then lol, not much into alcohol

    Yeah me to, being a drunk at 12-13 years old, going to school drunk, fighting, hate filled, blind rage. 

    17 totally demolished cars,  oh that was being a man.

    If weed did not find me, at 13, a grave would have.

    It still took me a few years to get ahold of alcohol. I just hate that part of my life, I do even know that person now. He hangs on a nail in a wall in a closet I've sealed up, I hope forever.

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  17. My first love, of cannabis growing was my first box I made from electric motor shipping crates, I went dumpster diving for 20 years ago  now.

    And, I need some thinking activity, as the winter doldrums are attacking me right now,  well one other reason, to show a lurker, that you do not need big lights, big area, or a pile of money to grow dakine. 

    It's a very simple enclosed grow area, I made with scraps, and box of free light bulbs from our local electric company, you get by asking them for the bulbs.

    So with some garden fence wire, a 3 gallon pot and saucer (screwed together) add some Reflectix insulation, silver tape, and 2 construction wired sockets you would use to daisy chain some temporary light on a construction site, and 2 salvaged the cords from a pair of fans that went belly up once upon a time. 

    This is the first of 3 of the Onesie Group that will be a complete system, clone/seedling Onesie, veggitating Onesie, and a flower Onesie.

    I have the plant picked out to start off with. It's a bit to tall, so my first cutting is a topping really, and that will be where the veg Onesie will be needed, and once rooted and ready for shaping the clone Onesie will come on line.

    Each of these will have a hard backed foam constructed outer cover that simply lifts off each one. These have not been made yet, as my pick up is still full of snow.

    Honestly I do not need the covers, since I need to do some cutting, training with some recuperating time.

    Organic nutrients, mostly Dr.Earth stuff. I'll be starting various jars of fermenting concoctions, fermented kelp, fermented garlic bulbs, and a fish hydrolysate. I've got a small hydro set up rolling around in my wee brain that may pop out also.

    So some pics of my silly cheapo Onesie.

    The last pic is the light source for the clone Onesie, when I make it, in a few days. We'll see.

    Onesie 006.JPG

    Onesie 008.JPG

    Onesie 002.JPG

    Onesie 010.JPG

    Onesie 011.JPG

    Onesie 013.JPG

    Onesie 015.JPG

    Onesie 017.JPG

    Onesie 016.JPG

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  18. What the world needs, is a stoner retirement center. If you can not piss hot we do not want you! Meditation and gardening, to live my days out like that, would make the last 50 years of secrecy and shadow walking worthwhile to my old simple mind.

    Find an old motel complex, fence it in, and renovate it. As long as I can move and garden, I'll share with those that can not. Just a mind dream.

    Best to ya Baq, I'm pulling for you folks.

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  19. 16 hours ago, gardenartus said:

    Do we humans have electric shit in us? ha ha ha if we do mine is really F ed up! lol

    Something I've been reading about. I'm beginning to see/understand the universe is vibration, since we are made up of stardust, why would we not be fine tuned with vibration?

    As I said, I'm new to this psychonaut thinking. I still go back to what Cesar Milan tried to teach us about dogs, you do not need words. You need strong energy, a guttural bark, and simple touch, to bond mentally with them, well in experience anyway. And I got a long way to go to understand it all, if we ever do. 


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