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  1. Hey Halforc, I to have been looking into raised beds, how tall are yours now? This is what we going to copy, and I'll put my own stank on it, as I can by a lot of vegetables at all the farmers markets for $1900.00 they want for that beauty. I still have some skins from my pole building to use for the sides. But I think 30" to shallow, and that is why I asked Halforc the depth of his.
  2. webeblzr


    Looks succulent to me. I do not know that strain myself.
  3. I could not afford to buy any land on a water way anywhere. However out towards Hartsel, we found a small chuck. I picked there due to coming up with 200+ hits as I searched for the best trout fishing. Then I found some desperate folks trying to get out from their small parcel, they bought on a whim....so yeah, I did the same thing, bought it on a whim back in 2000. 450' from the South Platt, Spinney Mountain Reservoir, Antero, and Tarryall all in about a 60 mile circle or so. Damn I got to build something out there, and now that a stoner grower fishing flash mob is coming out there, I really want to come out!!
  4. Frigging mail selfies? What is next grain silo selfie's as grain is being loaded?
  5. I'm still using a 6" Vortex after all these years. I have a 4" also. You can cover it with Fat Mat, Dyanamat or even cheapo roof patching like :https://hardwareonlinestore.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=productdetails&virtuemart_product_id=57167&virtuemart_category_id=58505&gclid=Cj0KCQiApbzhBRDKARIsAIvZue_Z6wVRjeR81Kscfjt2b8C9KtfE_KigXMu_WDCn6Z3ndado0OvwolgaAh5TEALw_wcB I just installed a garden for some older folks, and when I turned on the Vortex, pushing into the filter, the wife, was unhappy with the sound. I had a pieces of FatMat left from restoring the interior of my 1971 Karmann Ghia. I also, stapled a few layers of insulation (got to love the Hello Fresh super insulated box they send your food in) in the between the rafters and the fan/filter set up. Then peeled the backing from the cut pieces of FM onto the Vortex. Super quiet, even with the speed control all the up, and however, it runs perfect at 1/4 speed. I also like to use ridged stove pipe and fittings , over the slinky accordian type of piping myself.
  6. WOW man, I've not been in here in a while, man I love your growing skills and breeding knowledge. Just stunning work man!!
  7. I do not really come in this section to much and did not see this until this morning. I hope to NOT sound like a Magpie, when I say, wow what a very nice gesture towards the community San. I'll be anxious to see some of these grows this year. I ran Jeffmans Killer Queen x something (I'm old and forgetful) a few years ago, and loved that girl. The only GSC strain I ran is from puamano, and I love her also. So yeah, San's cross will be fire for sure. Happy Yielding!!
  8. Damn sorry to read of the rot man, I felt that shit myself. When I had my juice junky addiction, from what I remember, it's solution temperatures and stagnation of solution, that equal root rot. From around 65 F to 72F solution temp is golden. At 74F, springtails start forming, if solution is sitting still with no movement, the biofilm will start to go from good to bad, or oxygen eating. Then it cascades, rot covers the biofilm, and it dies, the roots get covered in slime the bad kind, and soften the root tissue, so now the springtails and other aquatic life forms eat the roots, their excrement, and the ethylene gas from root detris decomposition, feeds the entire system downfall. Well that is my understanding of the events to build root rot. A uv sterilizer for an aquarium and small submersible or powerhead for currents may help slow down root rot man. Best to ya.
  9. Hey Bootlegger25, one of my early ventures into world of clandestine adventures, was to help out on ol Pappy Jacksons still when I was 12. U'mm da memories of CO2 homestyle production devices. This is my first grow box, around 2001 or 2, I cycled it a couple of times, then added the 5 gallon, camping water storage bag,or bladder, that could hang, or simply placed on top of my crappy scabbed together grow box. It's a simple yeast/sugar/water mixture, with and airstone hanging down inside of it, to wee aquarium pump outside of the bladder. As the CO2 is generated, I added a length of tubing 3/8th's maybe, from the pour spout, and the small handle to control how much water came out. That became a crude way allow the CO2 out while still building some pressure WITHOUT the bladder splitting and vomiting it's contents. I ran it a while, until I could pony up the cash for a tank and proper controller. Where as it did work, you reach a plateau, and your not really injecting CO2 properly. Properly would be to shut off all exhaust fans, drive up temps, initiate CO2 to about 1500 PPM's for about 15 minutes, exhaust and recycle during lights on. Lights off, no stomata open and no place for CO2 to do it's thing. Well that is my rudimentary understanding of it.
  10. Happy 1k Post's!! Back at you, wish you all a blessed year!
  11. WOW very nice structure to them. Good call on the early flip. When I ran some Punto Rojo's years ago, I did not flip soon enough, and well she went tall lanky and branches going everywhere. I did poorly with mine.
  12. I lived in the FT.Knox area in the late 60's as an Army brat. The freaking mosquitoes we so bad, a weekly event was to run behind the fog truck, as they fogged the housing area for mosquitos. Like 30-40 yelling screaming kids, just completely engulfed in that fog, running behind the truck, covered in bug killer. I can not believe we did that week after week, like it was an amusement park ride!
  13. Hey baq, on a visit to the local grow shop a while back, I had the kid flip one on. It was instantly so freaking bright, I found myself, backing out of the huge light foot print. I did NOT have my light meter on hand, but you can count tiles on the floor, and each was 12"x12" I counted 8-9 tiles back from the edge of the light assembly. It was an experience, to see that shine man!! They are on my list of must have equipment, as I rid myself, of magnetic/digital ballast. So bare bones, and utilitarian, kind of like my PS250, a rugged ugly thing most would walk past, however for me, I love oddities.
  14. ["Senior Frosty Technician´╗┐"] Dude, I freaking howled!! OMG, so cool!! Thats me too.
  15. WOW experienced a fantastic Christmas this year!! Cannaclaus, was able to give away a little over a quarter pound, of Maui Wowie, 98 Aloha WW, Carmel Kona Coffee Cookies, Honey Badger Haze, and Huckleberry Space Queen to family and friends.And stoner cookies. Gave cuttings out to the gardens I helped launch with MW,98 aloha, CKCC's. This year is my first in a while to have extra to gift away. LOVING the jump to organics!! Only one wee hiccup, I gave cookies to my granddaughter, and she did not tell hubby they were hot ones, he did not tell her he was attacking them, and he went down, while holding on tight to his beer, (what a trooper did not spill a drop) so the beer took the fall for the fall, as not everyone there was in the fold so to speak. LOL! It was more like he just slide down the wall to a sitting position, beer in hand. It was a giggle. Wakenbake next then cooking for 15 hungry souls, I do love this rebirth time of year. Wishing for you and your's all the best possible outcomes for the new year. Sincerely webe
  16. [1-4 ml per liter, should I use the max dosage?] Not sure. I'm not one to run anything except my lights at full bore myself. My 1k's I've only been able to get them 9 3/4 inches from leaf, before bleaching them. As I'm teaching myself to use organic fertilizers, I mix them in 1/3 strength batches. This may change, as it's in a state of flux right now. I'm using lava rock in my pots with the idea that silica will break down enough with adding any....but I may be full of fertilizer. Best to ya!!
  17. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5362598/ I'm no expert, but when I use silica, that is not a always looked upon as a needed item, in the plant health world, there is a lot information showing it does help with leaf turgor. Since I'm supposing, lights on, leaf gives up it's water, that can also happen with to much wind on your girls, that can cause folks to over water, or add more addaments. Silica will help the root system also, and MAYBE your reused soil is needing some. If I missed you use it, sorry. Wish you the best.
  18. It's rare for me to fit more than an oz per quart Mason Jar . But we can food so I have like 10-15 cases of quart, pint, and jelly jars. I have a few half gallon sizes, in fact yesterday, I sliced up a head of red cabbage, 5.10 lb's, weighted out a 3% salt pile, 1 oz of caraway seed, and ram packed all 5 lb's into 1 half gallon mason jar. What a lovely color it is. In 2 months it will be delicious sauerkraut, using our good friends, lactobacillus, our gardening freedom fighters.
  19. Hey bootlegger25, my TP and Heri's are coming along on my regular timeline for new beans as far as growth goes. Smaller than your are now. I usually see slow growth from bugs in the roots, but your are 7"-10" so I doubt bugs in the roots. Then temps are my next item to check out, this time of year anyway. Are the temps dipping low at lights off, maybe? If you gave them food, I usually do after 5-6 points, but at 7"-10" they are usually well established by that size, but I have over dosed my plants and they did stop growing for a while. Just my thoughts, and I'm sure the smart folks will offer ideas I'm forgetting. Best to ya. EDIT: I just saw in another thread, you flipped on the 13th, some strains will just stand there as they do not stretch at the flip, so I'm thinking the TP needs a long veg time first. I do not understand the heri, as when I ran her years ago, she stretched out pretty good. Anyway good luck.
  20. U'mm all are great!! airborne jack x airborne jack girl scout cookies x air borne jack gorilla glue x air borne jack
  21. Just blistering hot work NAW!! So many wonderful new rides, it's a carnival of head candy and it's medicinal too!
  22. Fantastic work everyone!! WOW!! Just freaking WOW!
  23. Yeah, I think I have the whole alphabet soup of brain quarks, not just OCD, but also, scatter brain, old guy brain, brian wave re-veb, and just plain ole simple brain. Have fun folks!! Embrace your loved ones, even if it's just your plants. Forgive, Forget, and move forward. The Heri ward is moving upward today, new digs!!
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