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  1. Hey HD, nice scrog ya got going on!! Hey to the other PG troopers! When I had my room running, I always had a scrog cart going, filling any space I could. A friend was chair bound, but had a sweet little hidden spot. I was able to make the system fit and the carts rolled, between himself and his wife, works great for them, cropping fall/winter only.
  2. Hey Wpw, Excellent artical, thanks for sharing it. I can say this about N, in my lastest endevor. I have been useing PBP nutes, coco coir, in my gardens, I have been running sativas, Columbian Gold Buds, and they seem to have a hatered for N in flower! I really have no way of reducing it since it's premixed. I have been trying concoctions, of Liquid Karma, KaBloom, BlackStrapMol, all in very small amounts. Their coming along, but not any where that I'm used to. With 4 months of flower time, I better find their sweet spot!!
  3. Hey Deq, Very nicely laid out!! Beautiful job!! Beautiful girlies also!! Stay safe and healthy man!!
  4. Hey Holidiver, Deq, maverick, wpw Thank you for your kind replys!! It's very nice here. I'll need a few days to get my bearings, on posting pics and such, but this does look like a wonderful spot in time.
  5. Hello All, I have been lurking for some time now. My esteemed colleague ( I always wanted to say that) Dequelo, gave me the heads up about your site, and the fine folks here. I'm an old guy, that in 99,2000 time frame found OverGrow. I was teaching myself how to operate a computer, how things worked, forums and all was like learning a new language for me, but hear was a place I needed to be at, really good grow info, and help a click away!! I built a NGB Stealth Box, and still to this day, I change it, sometimes going back to what it was, but mostly finding out how to get more from less. I also, have a box, that works well for full cycle, tiny HPS/MH lights for power, small blower. Then a full blown KFB set up, for a few years, soilers for a while, ProMix for a while, now, I'm loco for coco coir!! I'm in the middle of learning to grow pure landrace Sativas right now, and my plants dont look so nice, but the learning curve is starting to make sense to me. I have never had such lite feeders!! A real eye opener for sure!! That thread is at EYE. I am behind the Iron Curtain here in America, so we live in fear, for our hobby, and for the fruites of our labor. Kind of ironic when your in the *Land Of The Free* can buy tobbacco that kills 2-3-400,000 a year, or Alcohol that relieves humanity of 150,000 souls or so a year, to a plant full of medical wonders, that will put me behind bars, that NEVER KILLED A SOUL....EVER!! BUT this does build prisons, lawers, judges, polictians and now America has her prisons listed on the stock market, how utterly horrible for a free people. Well if you got this far, good for you!! I usually bore the nunnies out of people!! Hey, smokem if ya got em!! sincerely Webe
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