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  1. You are doing all that is Required. Maybe the soil is not absorbing the extra moisture. I suggest you to change the soil or add some and which might help you in tapping the moisture.
  2. Hy i am using Bestva 2000W double chip Led for my indoor garden. i covers 7.8' x 7.5' and suffecient for my small little plants. As the outdoor conditions are not suitable so i am artificially creating the environment. But these LEDs get warm after 4-5 hrs of long usage. so any other good alternative.
  3. Our state have already allowed the citizens to grow upto 6 plants in the garden and for personal use. i am trying with my first, but plant is very delicate. I grow this much indoor conditions and periodically taking it outside for brighter sunshine. Now thinking about placing it outside as the weather is perfect for plantation.
  4. i am also using 2000W leds for my marijuana Cultivation the cover area for lights is 7.8' x 7.5'. They are pretty cool but i am in view of changing this as this make the room environment a bit hot.
  5. Hey @robin hood you have an Excellent plant. i tried to grow it in my yard but never be successful in growing that much big.
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