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  1. Dogtowns

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    Hi santero, did you make an f2 from the guerrero? And do you or anyone have seeds from the michoacan to make an open pollination?
  2. Dogtowns

    Diary of a breeder part two

    Hi sannie, plants looking lovely and awesome macro shoot! Can watch that macro for hours and hours, mouthwatering!
  3. Dogtowns

    Jalisco IBL

    Hi opengrow, this year I planted 2 Jalisco IBL and both get females. I germinate them end of may (didn't have the opportunity this year to start earlier) and they begin to flower by the end of august. I pollinate some side buds of one plant with Nepal Highland, Chitral, Mazar I Sharif, Erdpurt... to have some new crosses. All seeds we're fully matured and she was harvested last weekend. She turned purple by end of october when temperature drop. She was grown at 51 latitude.
  4. Dogtowns

    Colombian Gold 1972 Question

    Hi Cristalin, are you going to make a reproduction from Colombian Gold 1972? Would be very nice! Did JahGreenLabel make the reproductions of Colombian Gold 1972 until he left? Thanks