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  1. Hi @Cristalin how old are the CG72 regseeds selling? Would love to hear some info about the 'Swiss Project' all best Dogtowns
  2. Dogtowns

    Oaxacan IBL

    Thanks santero, that's why they a hard to germinate... but I will try my best...
  3. Dogtowns

    Oaxacan IBL

    Thanks Misterdirt. Waiting for santero's answer I'm trying to popping some right now for the outdoor season, but they're hard to germinate. I used some sandpaper and put them in an mixture of liquid vermicompost, em and an extract made from willows at temperature around 26°C. Now they are in coco and I'm hoping to germinate some soon. Hi MrGoodfellow, sannie should have some Jalisco left. Just ordered some from him and I think he might have some Oaxacan and Aztec rain.
  4. Dogtowns

    Oaxacan IBL

    Hi @sannie, how old are the Oaxacan feminized seeds? Thanks Dogtown
  5. Dogtowns


    Nice stash @JetDro How do you store them?
  6. Hi guys, do someone have seeds of Jalisco IBL, Oaxacan or Blueberry Sativa from Eskobar and planning to do a reproduction? Thanks
  7. Dogtowns


    Hi guys, searching so long for Mextiza and wasn't lucky to find it. Did someone made a reproduction of Mextiza stock? Thanks Dogtown
  8. Hi guys, this Blueberry sativa sounds amazing. Do someone still have some seeds left or made reproductions of this strain? Thanks in advance Dogtowns
  9. Hi guys, this Blueberry sounds amazing. Do someone still have some seeds left or made reproductions of this strain? Thanks in advance Dogtowns
  10. Hi Cristalin, that's fine. Can you tell us if the swiss strain will be available for this outdoor season (mid april to beg. may)?
  11. Hi @Cristalin, that swiss catch my attention. Can you tell more about the swiss and maybe you can show some pictures as well?
  12. Hi lumatekfan, I would rate them 6 out from 10. Will see how taste and effect changing when it cured for half a year. Personally I really like the high of the Jalisco, would totally recommend this strain. Sad that Eskobar didn't released the Guerrero and Michoacan. Edit: thanks Dieseldog381
  13. Here some shots from Jalisco bud after 2 months cure. Tested some bud and it gives me a smooth up-high, very nice for daytime or long evenings.
  14. Hey fatrasta, are these still available? Or did anyone make a repro?
  15. Hi santero, did you make an f2 from the guerrero? And do you or anyone have seeds from the michoacan to make an open pollination?
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