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  1. Hash, fruit, and sorry took so long to get back brother, been really busy
  2. Hey what's y'all., I haven't been here in a while been really, really, really, busyhavent had time to do shit! Anyways, I've been growing sannies freebies blockhead x Yumbolt x jackberry f2 or 4 dont remember. Anyways has anyone grown these out????!!!!!! What the hell is the flower time on these ladies? I have one pheno, that's done yesterday, but another that's got monster buds , the main cola is bigger than a football swear too God. But the trichs refuse to go milky. Anyone no about this strain, it's been a long time coming. I mean if its 14 weeks or more I wanna know so I can better prepare next time. Sannies gives no info on freebie strains. Wished they did.let me know y'all, I'll be waiting for your insight.
  3. Well I was giving everyone a week to week updates on my black afghani grow. Well I dont know if recently everyone got an updated sannies website but a month or so ago I did and it wouldn't let me send pics cause it said this is a suspicious site or something. Which is bullshit cause I've never had an issue purchasing anything so I'm clueless. But the black afghani grow finished fuckin great! Excuse my French! But I'm excited cause I got 4 rubbermaid containers of dank sticky ,stinky flowers! I'm so glad it worked out, but the triple Pakistan didnt turn out as good as the afghani. But it does have an amazing aroma to it and a very nice flavor. I have another phenotype rolling in flower as we speak and I might say it's looking awesome!!!! The buds are not as thick but 5x more frosty so far. Time will tell. And I growing herijuana for first time and harvest for that one is tomorrow. I hope everything I here about her is true. Shes also very frosty, and hope she knocks me on my ass.
  4. I started a triple pak to get to know the strain, cause I love me a hashplant! And this little girl is showing off its potential! I cant wait till the one I let veg starts flowering. This one is a result of about 2 weeks veg and is only a 1ft high but just covered in flowers and trichomes.
  5. Yeah bud, I just posted new pics this morning, and so far these girls have taken everything I've thrown at it! They are beasts! I love this strain, wanna breed to keep it! It's way worth preserving so far!
  6. Well the still is my baby one for testing other creations but I got my great grandfathers beautiful apparatus I use that's around 50 gal. And I usually push arou d 10 gal outta every run from that one. And it's awesome once you start you don't wanna stop, just like gardening, lol! Anyways, webeblzr, wait till you switch and it wont take long for the goodies to start coming outta that triple Pakistan. It definitely needs a nice little veg phase but who cares it's worth it. I have a couple more going, but that's another story, when I switch those, I'll start showing you guys progress on that also. And so far its way better than that little girl in the pic. Just wait and see, to be continued........ lol! Seriously though ill show you guys new updates for weeks 6. I think all the big changes this girl does is starting to happen. (To the black afghani)
  7. And I wanna throw this out there to, I started a triple Pakistan, but I was experimenting with it, just getting to know it, and threw it into flower a little to early but is definitely super dank!
  8. Next week I'll show close up of the trichome production which is off the charts for its age, and how the stems and leaves are starting to darken up! This is gonna be a beautiful grow!
  9. Ok y'all, here is my sexy ,sexy girls flourishing and doing great! I love this strain and to give everyone a heads up this strains cuttings root fast, it smell like rotting fruit, earthy, hints of coffee. Really nothing to complain about except why cant they just be done now dammit!! One little thing for anyone seeking this strain out , its kind da sensitive to slightly higher levels of "N"! I had slight nitrogen toxicity at the beginning but well taken care of after a couple flushes, but thought I'd throw that out there. But just keeping all y'all updated. I promised a full detail flower period and I intend to carry that out for all
  10. I was just wondering how I can start testing things out for suppliers, or do I just get the stuff?
  11. Like, what do you for in a male? Or is that in there? Lol. I'll just check it out, lol thank you.
  12. I'm starting to get into breeding, and I've already dipped and dabbed a little and made a couple really nice strains actually. Well how do I turn a strain into a f2 or f2 and so on?
  13. Thanks everyone! I'm only doing good cause of everyone's advice. I'll keep y'all updated next week or before. I took some cuts from these guys and they look great. It's like they aren't even skipping a beat. Nice strain I like it so far.
  14. I also am on a very tight budget right now, so I was thinking and I'm sure jm not the first to think of this but also in my spare time I like to make my own spirits, back in the hills by my place( hence the nickname bootlegger), and I was thinking that if the yeast I use devours the oxygen and greatly increases c02 production. So I mixed a batches up and let it start fermenting violently and set it in the tent. Well, needless to say my experiment seems to be working. I never had anything grow that fast up to now week 3. Just saying! Thought I'd throw that out there for people needing a boost but cant afford 500 dollar co2 system.
  15. I also have a triple Pakistan in flower but it's not really doing anything. These guys seem to need a nice veg time. But other than that they are very forgiving, and when switching to 12 they waist no time. But I have 2 more in veg that are looking sexy as well and 6 herijuana seedlings that are doing great. And this morning I germinating 2 Yumbolt/ blockhead x jackberry f2. Do alot of updates to be shown in the very near future !!!
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