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  1. i have 5 of them sprou 3 and keep 2 for next grow...
  2. hey @KomaKreations how you goin.. let us know how plants are develop. ?
  3. Eso gente... Hello people i come with some update. all seeds are on the main veg room with others big plant in a small corner not the best place under the 1000w hps + few chinesse led panels... 1.5m from lights. heri #3 Koma's blueberry/killingfields the most vigorous Durganchitral x bluehammer the last ones to sprout. 100% germination rate. sj #4 the ugly and slow one... the Family sj#2 the best one
  4. last night job.. clonning some Jaliscos jaze.. critical mass mr nice and some "american clasics"
  5. Absolutely the most powerful sativa vs the most powerful indica... saludos i will need some lucky, special with the germinatio and fenos.. the line well sannies classics SJ and Heri... hope a elite clon come from. saludos!!!
  6. eso saludos amigos... well first seeds start to come out from soil i am so exited. Really impressed with the germination rates and vigor.
  7. Hello Opengrow this is Ganjafarmer from the other side. First i want to say mi native language is Spanish (Español) so not the best English for me. I be come a real sannies genetics fan. Real genetic treasures for the real cannabis grower... my firts try was 3 years ago. I keep a mom (f2) from eskos jalisco jaze... just for tell something the most vigorous plant in my room... next to a few costarican elites clons, real strong branches real rose/haze smell just like the description "haze come en many forms" real special plant for me. I am a breeder enthusiast so i chose sannies for my next breeding be cause ss have regular seeds from various amazing strains. Seeds take 15 business days to arrive. i decide to sprout 50% of seeds now and the other 50% on a few monts... so 15 seeds: 5 sannies jack f9 5 Herijuana ibl 3 bluberry/killingfield 2 durgan chitral/blue hammer I put seeds in water for 24h, 13 of 15 sprout. (dc/bh do not) Next, seeds go to a Canna profesional soil in 16oz cups. all seeds show 2-3mm root tip. and... this it, now just waiting for the First babys comes out from soil... i will try to update once a week. saludos amigos
  8. this bluberry must be the Blueberry sativa?? Saludos.
  9. few weeks ago pay by CC... last two days a friend try to do it and was imposible... CC just say "error"
  10. i chose blueberry/killingfield as a freebe ufff just waiting...
  11. if you have rain and almost 12/12... you will need real sativas like ace seeds guatemala, bangy haze, panama... in small pots to keep them small.
  12. the clasic buds from og. og color and og leaves.
  13. two year ago pic. now i grow in other location but whit small plants to keep then away from curius... sativas plants love sun here... Indicas needs indoors 18\6 be fore go oudside.
  14. Jalisco jazef2 (back) peyote purple/deep chunk (front) cover with a rustic roof to.protect them from rain. Jalisco Jaze f2 bud amnesia feno.
  15. hello... some jalisco jaze pics under rustic roof to protect them from rain. Tropical climate 10° N
  16. hello! you will have a lot of fun with sativas like SJF9 and KF just give a lot of soil! local sativas x NL a resipe for succsest. saludos.
  17. hello Maria. tropical guerrilla.. where are you? sorry for the cuestion... just curius about b cuse i am in the tropico to. Saludos.
  18. eso eso maes... pura vida nice to be wellcome here hope can i give visual material.. grow in the tropico is diferent... i have a indoor room just for grow up seeds clonnig and keep moms.. saludos.. pic: me working at growroom white Russian (cuban cut) grow up to be sexual mature to go oudside. (no sexual mature no party here...)
  19. hello friend. new guy here but 12 year growing indoors and oudoors. Im from North side of Costa Rica almost 12\12 here. (10° N ) looking for a great jack herer i found sannies jack fisrt try 3 years ago but no one pops also get Jalisco jaze from esko great strain amazing flavor i have a f2 keeper 11wks mon named "roses cut" bcuse taste like red roses.. Last week i order 1 pack sannis jack f9 1 pack herijuana ibl and 5 blueberry\killingfields as freebe... come by dhl just waiting pura vida compas saludos!!!
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