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  1. Dry sift Frisian dew, sticky stuff . last pic is with led light. Greetz red
  2. Did a first smokey yesterday, and it's nummy indeed .
  3. Dry sift Critical+2.0 (outdoors), cold material, gentle shake around three minutes.
  4. Aloha, We had a very wet (late) summer in dutchieland, what a contrast with last year. The harvest is quite less, and especially the Frisian and Durban buds are about 80% fluffy. The Critical surprised me with about 60% fairly compact buds. All three were harvested between 10 - 16 October, with the fluffy part i'll be making hash in different ways. Frisian dew; 172 gram Durban poison; 98 gram Critical + 2.0; 71 gram And a few pics, in order like above. Greetz red
  5. Hey all :-]! The Hollands hope is gone, she was poorly flowering, hardly any trichomes. Yesterday i took down the Durban poison, found a fungy-spot on two branches, forgot to take a last picture. Two plants remaining, Frisian dew (purple) and Critical+2.0. The trichomes of the Frisian are mostly milky, want to harvest her next week. Will need some luck, the weather in dutchyland is wet and cold. The Critical will need at least two weeks, thats gonna be a challenge. Greetz red
  6. Goodmorning,not much time at the moment, so just a few pics. Greetz red
  7. Thanks for the reactions OG friends ! @islayhearts Sometimes i use the word, but unfortunately i live in a much colder climate.. And a picture of the Frisian dew, she is in week four of flowering. Greetz red
  8. Aloha, time for a sign of life :-]. I'm just ten years clean from melanoma with metastasis, that's great news. But the last six months i had two operations for a squamous cell carcinoma with aggressive behaviour. This is the reason why i'm barely active here at the moment. It's nasty crap, but i'm gonna fight like a devil, and win this battle! There are still four lady's in the garden, in order of appearance; Frisian dew Durban poison Hollands hoop Critical + 2.0 Greetz to all, red
  9. That looks nice and healthy . I'll put my chair down.
  10. That looks sweet man :-]. Wish you a prosperous season!
  11. Goodmorning, have been very busy lately and not active on the forum. That's going to change, because i have a few weeks holiday, so it's time to start the green hobby again :-]. Allready germinated two seeds on 15 April, one auto jack and one Ams. Because of the low temperature the Jack stayed very small, and is starting to flower slowly. The Ams didn't stretch a lot, she will be fimmed next week, and darken at the end of June. There are also a few seedlings; Hollands hope - Durban poison - Frisian dew - Critical +2.0. From now on there will be updates regularly. Greetz and all the best! redman
  12. Greetz and all the best! red
  13. Hey there, time for a few summerpix again . There is a Goldrush witch i gave to a friend and a few garden-creatures. The mighty hungry and thirsty big plant is a Ricinus Communis. My mother collected a few seeds during her holiday in Greece, nice and big colourful leaves :-]. She liked the heavy soil-mix i gave her, she grew like a devil.
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