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  1. @FoolOnTheHill Thanks for the tip, is indeed a much nicer view :-]. But how do you fix that small space when you insert several pics at the time? Sorry for asking, but i'm realy horrible with computers. Greetz red
  2. For now just a few pics, in the weekend more info. Greetz red
  3. Aloha, a short update with some pics. The pictures are from 12 Juli, in order of appearance; Somari x Madchem - Critical + 2.0 - Ams. Since June 18 they go in the shed at 20:00 and out at 08:00, first day of flower July 1. And the Critical + 2.0 - Serious 6 in 65 liter. Removed a few balls last week from the first three, due to a light leak. That's solved, since then no male growth, but they are checked regularly. All the best, greetz red.
  4. In order of appearance:- Serious 6 - Critical+2.0 - Fat Banana. 12/12 schedule:- Critical+2.0 - Ams - Strawberry Akeil (freebee serious seeds) - Somari x Madchem (freebee Sannie). All the best, greetz red
  5. Aloha, outdoor playing time ! Dropped the seeds on May 13 in 1 liter containers and they were up between 4 to 6 days. The first week of June they got bigger shoes, and at the end of week two topped/fimmed. There are three in 11 liter containers, two of them will be transplanted in 65, and one in 40 liter. There are also four plants in 20 liter containers, they are on a 12/12 schedule since June 18. Guanokalong soil, complete organics, lavaworm, maerl, mycorrhiza, bacto.Blackstrap melasse, GK grow/flower, calmag and guano extract. The pics were made in the morning (hard light) had to adjust light/dark a little, next time afternoon-pics. Wish everybody indoor/outdoor, a great green summer! Greetz red
  6. Blueberry, very cold short shake.
  7. Hey OG friends :-]! Sorry for the late update, had a very busy time, and my camera broke down. The two plants gave 128 gram nice and compact nuggies, and i'm very pleased with that, because they didn't get a lot of tlc. The yellowing started at the beginning of week 5, and that's to early. At the moment i'm preparing for some outdoor-fun, and from september till april i'll do my very best to improve my indoor skills.
  8. Day 45 - Day 15 12/12 - Day 4 flower (this is the correct info, found my notes) I killed the Shiskaberry because i dropped one of the Blueberry's on her.. Besides that it's going well, for now some pictures with led-light, next week a few without, in real they are a little darker green.
  9. @Sacred Plant Warrior Thanks, and indeed i'm very happy to have the opportunity to grow outside every year :-]. The advise from G-tools was specific for my situation, but when i have info that would be interesting for others, i will absolutley share it! Greetz red
  10. Hey OG friends, From now on it's 2 Blueberry, and one Shiskaberry, because i switched too late, it became much to crowded. The plants are doing quite nice, they only get water (ph 6,5) with sometimes bacto and molasses. Yesterday i cleaned up the lower parts of the plants, and broke the two head-stems of the Shiskaberry, trying supercropping with the other plants it went better, The two broken stems were only connected with a little bit of plant material, i decided to just let them rest on the lower leaves, and see if she's able to fix it herself. Tonight (24 hours later) i checked, and both of them growing to the light again strong stuff! Now a few pictures, also of one of the broken stems.
  11. Day 31/ Day 2 12/12 ( date of post yesterday was wrong). Picture is after some lst, some yellow tips on new growth, increased the distance between lights and plants with 5 cm (now 45cm) Greetz red
  12. Day 29, switched to 12/12 yesterday, the one on the right, is the Shiskaberry.
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