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  1. Please highjack my mind
  2. Ow yeah! Trip down to memory lane Nowadays it's strictly roots & dubmusic but man oh man! Fucking classics you posted @Poldergrower
  3. Yeah @Mr Goodfellow After two hits in the morning I have to do something like do the dishes or some other household activity. After that I start my workday and get into hyperfocus for at least 2 hours.
  4. Wake & bake this morning with Green Manalishi (appeltjesspeedpheno) in my new beaker bong from China. Which is an awesome bong by the way! That GM green apple pep pheno is a winner for sure! Makes me fly for a couple of hours. Great for sleep too!
  5. Interesting combination man!
  6. And what a perfect balance of amber and milky dude! Awesome!
  7. I too remember groene appeltjes pep! Loved it back in the day
  8. I had a blast yesterday @RhinoCBD I can't believe the amount of frost on that G-39 Also... I cal dibs on that Strawberry Blues
  9. I can't wait to taste that Honey Hoo Hoo
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