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  1. We brought Toby home last night after having his right hind leg amputated to remove an aggressive form of bone cancer. Luckily, we had pet insurance to cover the cost of it and for the chemo that follows...

    Going into this I felt he would have no trouble, but last night was tough on us all. Poor guy knows he is missing a leg, but hasn't figured out the one he has left works just fine yet. Plus he is higher than his daddy with the meds he is on (and on the same med's for sleep too- Trazadone- only at a much higher dosage). All this made moving him around with a sling under him a real chore getting him into and out of the house. He is 120 lb's and not helping at all. He will only stand on his own briefly.

    I removed the clear tape that covered his incision last night because it was saturated in blood from the trip home and getting him inside. Vet said to do it and they wanted it left open to drain... Otherwise, he seems comfortably numb. Not trying to lick it or anything. Don't know what more I can do for him but watch over him. We'll start massaging him today...

    We're praying for a better day for him! Up until this, he had never been sick a day in his 8 year life!




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