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  1. Hey everyone, This used to be my dream setup for years, I started building a few weeks ago and are almost finalizing things. So Bobby has a 12x8 (96Sqf) grow room with 4800 watts of Cob Led lights (3590 50% bridgelux and 50% Cree. I want to run a 21 plant RDWC system with I am going to build myself, the plants will be transferred into the room when their 4 weeks old (grown from seed) My idea was to leave them 3 more weeks in veg before I switch to 12/12, so a Grow period of 7 weeks. I'm not sure if this is too much or not for a Scrog and would like to hear your experiences? Another question is container size, I have 2 options 5 gallon pails or 12 gallon containers, which ones are you using or would you pick and why? Any other tips are welcome this going to be my first RDWC grow. Thank you!
  2. Hey all. Thank you for accepting me on open grow guys! My name is Bob 32 years old, growing since I'm 18 indoor and outdoor mostly with Dutch Genetics. I'm just finishing my new grow room which is 96 sqf room with 4x900 watt lights (Cob 3500K led in combination with 5 watt leds (3600 watt total and I'm currently working on a rdwc system for 24 plants. Any tips and suggestions are more then welcome.
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