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  1. 40% off Sannies Strains at the moment
  2. Brilliant, thanks a lot. Can't believe I couldn't do that last night
  3. Yeah, thanks...it was a shitty day as it goes. But, on bikes, sometimes it goes a bit wrong and the shit hits the fan. Been reading about people having Hermies with the Madchem, I'm wondering if they were triggered into it or whether the strain is prone to it. I'll still do them though, but I'll be extra vigilant and look for nanas. Seems they appear late in flowering, but by then they can't do any damage so I don't expect the crop to seed. Now, if it happens early on in flowering, that's a grey horse of a different colour
  4. I give up. I'm too damned tired for this shit at the moment
  5. Can't remember how to post videos
  6. Hello folks, long time no chat I lost interest in everything and got off the ride for a few months, after seeing another mate killed in front of me. But enough of that, I've finally pulled my head out of my arse and climbed back aboard the ride, and now I'm raring to go. Dunno what to grow though. I'll probabaly do 20 Madchems to start, seeing as they're nice and quick. Although Sannies Jack, Killing Fields, and Silverfields are in front of me and looking at me longingly I'll start a diary in a couple of days when I germ them. It will only be iPhone pics though, cos I don't own a camera. Let alone know how to use one
  7. Fred West and his wife Rose were doing that before it was cool.............. Though the pair of them were sick, murdering bastards, though!!
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