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  1. Fred West and his wife Rose were doing that before it was cool.............. Though the pair of them were sick, murdering bastards, though!!
  2. You can get pills for that.
  3. No worries, if I get one like that I'll just make oil out of it.
  4. Forever as in, Miss Cherry Forever. If you've ever seen the film Porky's, you'll get it.
  5. I've got a pack of these to germ at some stage, seeing all that leaf made me cringe.
  6. I won't be making any videos. I would if I had a camera that did time lapse though, from start to finish would be cool to see. I'll just do a Grow Diary on here, I might do a Grow Diary on UK420 as well. That way, Madchem will reach a bigger audience, and should show more results on Search Engines for anyone that searches for Madchem in the future. I just don't get why there isn't more about Madchem, cos it sounds like a banging strain. Mind you, so do the others.
  7. Yep, searched on here and read the posts, there isn't that much about it unfortunately. Even on the rest of the web, info and pics is pretty scarce. Some strains are popular everywhere, all over the web, but Madchem for some reason stays under the radar. Oh well, let's see how mine turn out!!
  8. Do any of you folks know anyone that has grown Madchem? I can't find much about this strain at all, I'll be popping some soon but would like to see what others have done with them.
  9. @Toker Hey Toker, after all that the credit card got declined because of my bank and their poxy security protocols. Funny that, cos the order for Black Afghani went through just fine, credit card an' all. Anyway, I've got 20 Madchem seeds on the way now instead of Herijuana. I did a bank transfer cos I can't be arsed with credit card payments to China, had to pay my bank £10 for the privilege though. Bastards.
  10. Have a look here, https://www.dhgate.com I buy bongs from here for a fraction of the price they cost elsewhere. Chinese knock offs, but it's just a bit of glass and gets you just as stoned as the expensive ones. If you look around the site you'll find variations in price, shipping times, and shipping costs. I always go for the free shipping ones, takes a bit longer but costs nothing. I bought a roor rip-off for what would cost you Americans about $18, the genuine version would cost about $130 to buy.
  11. I wasn't really interested in buying any strains from other breeders, I wanted a quick crop of Herijuana so I chose those. I don't usually bother with feminised seeds anyway. I'm using small pots purely to save time rooting out a bigger pot, I need weed quick because I am going to run dangerously low. I'll get the same amount from lots of small pots as I will from a few big pots, only quicker. As long as I get around 25oz I'll be happy. I grow for two people who batter bongs all the time, so this feminised grow is just to fill the jars. I'll get some regulars started in a few weeks as well though.
  12. Just ordered 4 packs of Herijuana feminised, I need to get a grow up and running quick. I'll be doing a grow diary for 20 Herijuana feminised and 5 Skunk Afghaan x Jackberry feminised freebies. So, 25 plants in 3.5 litre pots grown organically in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent. That's 4ft x 4ft in old money. Above the canopy will be a 600 Watt Metal Halide for vegging, and then a 600 Watt Sodium for flowering. I was going to use 16 x 6.5 litre pots but decided against the extra vegging time because I need bud, QUICK!! I haven't got the time to go through the selection process with a load of regular seeds at the moment, because I'm moving house in 3 weeks. Hence wanting to get these delivered and in mud as soon as possible, that way they'll be around 2 weeks old and nice and easy to transport to the new place. But I'm still gonna order the Black Afghani when they drop, and do the other 4 regular strains that I got from the shop alongside them, in my quest for some mothers. This feminised grow is all about getting me some smoke, quickly. When I'm in the new place I'll put one of the bigger tents back up and then germinate the 5 strains of regular seeds. Then I'll order 4 packs of Madchem feminised or 4 packs of Madberry feminised, for when the small tent is free again. I'll run that as the small feminised tent alongside the bigger tents for regulars, there's quite a few feminised strains in the shop I want to try. Though I don't usually bother with feminised seeds cos I prefer the variation from packs of regular seeds, the feminised genetics in the shop are kinda hard to resist. Plus, the discount for buying 4 packs or more makes it a no brainer as far as I'm concerned, if you want a quick crop from seed.
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