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  1. Noah Fentz

    An Excellent Start To The Day

    Well, they landed. Won't be too long till these hit some mud!!
  2. Noah Fentz

    Hello Fellow Growers

    Hi folks, Just joined, first post and all that. I've been reading Sannies forum and shop for quite a few years now but hadn't looked in for quite a while. I had no idea Eskobar had stopped breeding, I'm feeling pretty annoyed with myself that I didn't buy any of his strains when I had the chance ages ago. Oh well, unless he has a change of heart I guess I never will get to grow any of his stuff now. I'm an organic grower. Well, as organic as you can be growing indoors, in pots, under lights. I've currently got some Blue Dream cross on 18 hours about to go in their final pots, but I've got some Peyote Pancake on the way from Sannies Shop. There's quite a few more in the shop that I'll get at some stage, but I have a ton of stuff to get through first. Anyway, that's enough waffle for a first post.
  3. Noah Fentz

    Lions and tigers and bears oh my

    Reminds me of Kiff, the one-armed soundman. He once fought a shark, you can guess the rest......... pmsl
  4. Noah Fentz

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  5. Noah Fentz

    CC payment at the shop

    Just got a phone call from my bank, asking if I recognise the last 4 transactions. I said yes, they are mine and not due to fraud. They told me that all restrictions have now been lifted off my card. Apparently they thought someone was using my card to pay for goods in China. Yeah, somebody was..........ME!! Well, I was trying to at least.
  6. Noah Fentz

    Where To Post?

    I intend to do a Grow Diary, or Grow Journal if you live over the pond. Where is the best place to post one, which section of the forum? Cheers
  7. Noah Fentz

    Where To Post?

    Thanks, gardenartus. Funny thing is, I was looking in there the other day. Sometimes I just can't see the wood for the trees.
  8. Noah Fentz

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    They knew Motorhead quite well, they recorded with Fast Eddie a few years back too. I was with them in Germany this time last year. Freezing cold, snow, and there's me going through the river on the way back to the hotel, because I was too lazy to walk back to the bridge and go the long way round. I woke up the next day and all my wet clothes were on the floor of my hotel room, and I was wondering why. Then I remembered going through the river. We were in a lovely little town called Esslingen am Neckar, not far from Stuttgart.
  9. Noah Fentz

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    A bit of Mongolian Metal. This is what I love about Cannabis, and other drugs, not that I consider Cannabis a drug though. The way it opens our minds to stuff that would pass most people by, not just music, all sorts of things.
  10. Noah Fentz

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Something I discovered yesterday while I was extremely battered and Youtubing........Indian Heavy Metal. Bloody fantastic!!
  11. Noah Fentz

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  12. Noah Fentz

    CC payment at the shop

    I was too lazy to go and get some Euros from my bank to send in to the shop, so I took the easier option. Next time I’ll post him the cash instead, the weather here has been rubbish too, so that’s another reason I didn’t want to go to the bank. I did ring my bank about my card being declined though, they said they’d do whatever it is banks do and to try again. Declined once more. So, bank transfer it is then.
  13. Noah Fentz

    Peyote Pancake F1

    I’m so glad I ordered this after reading about it. It looks and sounds sublime, oh man my mouth is watering!!
  14. Noah Fentz

    What New Breeds are You Running

    But currently I'm running a Blue Dream cross I got off a breeder I know. I can't remember what it's crossed with but it's absolutely banging. So is the Strawberry Diesel Dojo cross he gave me. Again, I can't remember what it was crossed with. Stoners, huh!! The Banana Sativa I got off him is another cracker.
  15. Noah Fentz

    What New Breeds are You Running

    I ordered Peyote Pancake, Sour Kush, and Herijuana IBL. All regular seeds. As soon as those Black Afghani drop I'll jump on those too. I dread to think how many seeds I've got stashed now.......and I'm still gonna buy more!!
  16. Noah Fentz

    CC payment at the shop

    My credit card got declined, twice, even though I rang my bank and told them I was paying for items out of this country. So in the end I gave up and paid by bank transfer instead. Costs more in charges for me but at least sannie gets paid. And I get seeds.
  17. Noah Fentz

    Freebees Sannie shop

    I chose Regular Blue Cheese for my free seeds. I've smoked plenty of the 'femini$ed' Blue Cheese from the usual suspects, but never grew it because I'm not really a fan of that kind of seed. I know the version I get here will blow it away, hence wanting to try it. I can't wait!!
  18. Noah Fentz

    Restock / upcoming

    Just ordered Sour Kush to go with the Peyote Pancake that I ordered the other day. When those Black Afghani drop I'll grab a pack of those too.
  19. Noah Fentz

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  20. Noah Fentz

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Yeah I love Metal, I like softer Rock too. And harder. Much harder. I also like Psychedelic Trance, Gabba, and Speedcore as well. Plus stuff like this............