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  1. Have a look here, https://www.dhgate.com I buy bongs from here for a fraction of the price they cost elsewhere. Chinese knock offs, but it's just a bit of glass and gets you just as stoned as the expensive ones. If you look around the site you'll find variations in price, shipping times, and shipping costs. I always go for the free shipping ones, takes a bit longer but costs nothing. I bought a roor rip-off for what would cost you Americans about $18, the genuine version would cost about $130 to buy.
  2. I wasn't really interested in buying any strains from other breeders, I wanted a quick crop of Herijuana so I chose those. I don't usually bother with feminised seeds anyway. I'm using small pots purely to save time rooting out a bigger pot, I need weed quick because I am going to run dangerously low. I'll get the same amount from lots of small pots as I will from a few big pots, only quicker. As long as I get around 25oz I'll be happy. I grow for two people who batter bongs all the time, so this feminised grow is just to fill the jars. I'll get some regulars started in a few weeks as well though.
  3. Just ordered 4 packs of Herijuana feminised, I need to get a grow up and running quick. I'll be doing a grow diary for 20 Herijuana feminised and 5 Skunk Afghaan x Jackberry feminised freebies. So, 25 plants in 3.5 litre pots grown organically in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m tent. That's 4ft x 4ft in old money. Above the canopy will be a 600 Watt Metal Halide for vegging, and then a 600 Watt Sodium for flowering. I was going to use 16 x 6.5 litre pots but decided against the extra vegging time because I need bud, QUICK!! I haven't got the time to go through the selection process with a load of regular seeds at the moment, because I'm moving house in 3 weeks. Hence wanting to get these delivered and in mud as soon as possible, that way they'll be around 2 weeks old and nice and easy to transport to the new place. But I'm still gonna order the Black Afghani when they drop, and do the other 4 regular strains that I got from the shop alongside them, in my quest for some mothers. This feminised grow is all about getting me some smoke, quickly. When I'm in the new place I'll put one of the bigger tents back up and then germinate the 5 strains of regular seeds. Then I'll order 4 packs of Madchem feminised or 4 packs of Madberry feminised, for when the small tent is free again. I'll run that as the small feminised tent alongside the bigger tents for regulars, there's quite a few feminised strains in the shop I want to try. Though I don't usually bother with feminised seeds cos I prefer the variation from packs of regular seeds, the feminised genetics in the shop are kinda hard to resist. Plus, the discount for buying 4 packs or more makes it a no brainer as far as I'm concerned, if you want a quick crop from seed.
  4. I'm just quietly sat here waiting for the Black Afghani seeds to turn up at Sannies................. I'm gonna do a Grow Diary when I germ the 50 seeds I want to grow, never done one before but always wanted to. I never had the time, but now I've got plenty of time on my hands so I'll give it a bash. The pics will be from an iPhone, though. So I won't be posting any 'EPIC' budshots like some of you guys, but I have been meaning to buy a decent DSLR Camera though for some time, but have absolutely no idea how to use one. Yet.
  5. After the Berlin Wall came down a load of these were imported to England, the Yuppies were all over them. They just love a bandwagon to jump on, then the novelty wore off and you don't see them anymore. The Nissan Figaro was another fashion item the Yuppies jumped all over. Did someone say sheep? pmsl
  6. I love the Mark 3 Cortina, my Uncle had a bright orange one in the mid 70's.
  7. One of these things was my first car, Rover SD1 V8 in 'baby shit' green. That is the colour I had, the car was modelled on the Ferrari Daytona. Allegedly.
  8. "Hi Black afghani seeds are on the road, available in the shop next weekend i think. Ciao" Excellent news, been waiting for these to drop. As soon as they get to me they're hitting mud with Peyote Pancake, Herijuana IBL, Sour Kush, and 10 Blue Cheese freebies. If I can get 25 females from 50 seeds I'll be a happy bunny.
  9. Well, they landed. Won't be too long till these hit some mud!!
  10. Reminds me of Kiff, the one-armed soundman. He once fought a shark, you can guess the rest......... pmsl
  11. Just got a phone call from my bank, asking if I recognise the last 4 transactions. I said yes, they are mine and not due to fraud. They told me that all restrictions have now been lifted off my card. Apparently they thought someone was using my card to pay for goods in China. Yeah, somebody was..........ME!! Well, I was trying to at least.
  12. Thanks, gardenartus. Funny thing is, I was looking in there the other day. Sometimes I just can't see the wood for the trees.
  13. They knew Motorhead quite well, they recorded with Fast Eddie a few years back too. I was with them in Germany this time last year. Freezing cold, snow, and there's me going through the river on the way back to the hotel, because I was too lazy to walk back to the bridge and go the long way round. I woke up the next day and all my wet clothes were on the floor of my hotel room, and I was wondering why. Then I remembered going through the river. We were in a lovely little town called Esslingen am Neckar, not far from Stuttgart.
  14. I intend to do a Grow Diary, or Grow Journal if you live over the pond. Where is the best place to post one, which section of the forum? Cheers
  15. A bit of Mongolian Metal. This is what I love about Cannabis, and other drugs, not that I consider Cannabis a drug though. The way it opens our minds to stuff that would pass most people by, not just music, all sorts of things.
  16. Something I discovered yesterday while I was extremely battered and Youtubing........Indian Heavy Metal. Bloody fantastic!!
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