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  1. Mavaca

    Mapito diy questions

    Thanks man. Do you think this nutrients could be used with coco or would I need to add something ?
  2. Mavaca

    Mapito diy questions

    Okay do you think this could also be down to the nutrients I'm using Yara powder salts? 2:1 Ratio Calcnit/Brown
  3. Mavaca

    Mapito diy questions

    So just to confirm Made the DIY Maptio 2.5KG RW 10L Bean bag balls (Not Micro) 10L PU Foam Put this mix in 36L tubs ran water over them of 1.1ec ph 5.5 then planted the seedling which was grown for a few weeks in same mix watered from the top after a few days going to water from top and I start to see yellow leaves and rust spots like the above
  4. Mavaca

    Mapito diy questions

    Yes, we set a tank of water with ec 1.1 ph 5.5 and ran 200L of water into 6 36l tubs
  5. Mavaca

    Mapito diy questions

    Hi PH in 5.5 out 6.4 ec in 1.1 ec 1.2
  6. Mavaca

    Mapito diy questions

    Thank you, Makes more sense now. I've not got clones so these was started as seed started in jiffy and then put in 0.7L plastic pots. They was slow growing but lot's of roots when i transplanted into the new pito Now the Yara brown and Calcinit I've never used salt's before at all, At first I thought it was a Manganese Deficiency but they was fine in there small pots, Then i put them in some tubs and bang they start showing yellow leaves and rust brown spots. Now that got me thinking maybe the PH was off in the pito here are some photo's below.
  7. Mavaca

    Mapito diy questions

    @hidronesia on that forum you say " @Lord last week u half the EC and change K to N.. with this u prepare for the next round if you flip the crates.. they will have "grow" nutrition for the clones at the top and you let 1 day the first watering in the room (1/4 not 1/3) and run to waste... this is the "new" way... we dont flush any more with tap water... like oldschool method..." Now is that Flood in to 1/4 and then drain that to waste? or let it sit there?
  8. Mavaca

    Mapito diy questions

    teply i've seen you comment saying you don't need the foam as after some years its gone out of the mix anyway. I've got 6 creates going to use 10l pballs to 2.5KG Rockwool Granulate i'm going to make a grow topic on here i tried this before but I had brown spots on leafs and yellowing I was using yara brown calcnit like racker use to.
  9. Mavaca

    Mapito diy questions

    @hidronesia seen this on another site @Lord Harrison from top you water with tap+ 1.0 EC nutrition... you plant in the clones.. if they are rooted enough in 3 days they reach the bottom.. if not you have to water from top till they are ready for the ebb and flow regime. Low Ec is good for haze strains.. but for others like a bit higher EC, the first round you have to understand how ur medium react in ur climate... how often and how high you have to water. hope it will help you hidro So this you mix up all the stuff in a tub using a drill then fill the creates then the first time you water it its with ph 5.5 and tap + 1ec from the top do run a mass amount. Also do you use bean bag fill or micro beads?
  10. Mavaca

    Can anyone help

    want to start new grow but with mapito but I've got 2 bags of rock-wool granulate from grodan that was given to me I can get hold of PU flake but i need to know the ratios i need to mix in the pu flakes
  11. Have you got any wiring picture on how to setup Step transformer with a Fan?
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