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  1. The Plants looking fine, in one or two Days i change to 12/12. One Crystal Candy have something i didnt saw before Just there (looks little bit burned)
  2. Day 35 The Plants feel great with Allmix. Crystal Candy Sweet Cheese
  3. SmokyHH

    Royal Queen Seeds

    Im searching something really Fruity.. a mix Orange/Citrus/Mango (exotic) but must be strong and a good yielder. Somango from soma should be like that.. I wanted try someday. Im bored of the same Aroma always. Lemon zkittle, Bubba Island Kush or Passion Fruit has a special Aroma..
  4. SmokyHH

    paradise seeds

    I have experience with Wappa, Delahaze and White Berry. Dela Haze, has a nice flavour Haze/Mango/Pepper and good Daytime weed. Beautiful frosty Nuggets. I growed Wappa 2 times. She is good yielder, one Pheno were special fruity the others more skunky. White Berry, i had 2 times indoor and 1 time Outdoor. The High is special and strong. I like it. Yield is avarage. But the Plants wasnt so stabil like Dutch Passion as example. I had always something different. The Strain Acid Sounds great.
  5. Week 4 Day 32 Today the Lady's were repotted in 11l and 14l Pots (Allmix). They will be happy. Looks good.
  6. SmokyHH

    Royal Queen Seeds

    I can not do anything with it but maybe i see that too seriously. A Thread is no place for me where i hang out and post things without any context. Except it has to do with the topic. I wanted to talk about something else. change. But whatever:) This is just about what's up in the Titel. Unrelated things to post I find boring therefore i ask why he posts that. Has something to do with respect. But its just a Thread no report. I dont care.. 1 Video of Biggi or 2pac on my threat is not Bad:) But a Thread for Music is better or everything is full with shit.
  7. SmokyHH

    paradise seeds

  8. SmokyHH

    Royal Queen Seeds

    Why you spam my Thread?
  9. SmokyHH

    Royal Queen Seeds

    I must say im looking for 2 Strains. Bluecheese, i smoked in Amsterdam and she were very delicious and strong. And Juicy Fruit. I had Juicy Fruit 15 years ago.. very Exotic flavour.. I never find again. I had passion fruit at last time and she is great but not so fruity how im looking for
  10. SmokyHH

    Royal Queen Seeds

    Thanks for the advice, sounds interesting. I know, I heard a lot of good from Sannies. But .. I do not pick a Mother. I use 4-5 Seeds and I want the best Pheno quality and stable Plants. A good harvest is also important to be cared for. I do not like it if the description of the Plants does not fit. I was not sure if sannies is the right Breeder. But you find less in German Forums. I also mostly use fems for lack of space. but I do not want to support seed banks like Rqs. I also had a good variety of them. Diesel Auto.. Expansive Dark horse seeds https://www.cannabis.info/de/sorten/strawberry-shortcake This strain Sounds good. But expansive maybe therefore i want. https://r-kiemseeds.com/en/producto/harybo/ I dont know the breeder but the varietie Sounds good.. The strains from subcool Sounds great! But here i have same problem:) Ans some People wrote the harvest is not so big I want try something different. I like growing different varieties. My experience with dutch passion was the best. How i said, not one phenotype disapoint me. And some Seedbank did it. I have critical orange punch , glueberry... Black D.o.g., bubba Gift, strawberry Akeil here.. And i Plan my next grow but i will use different varieties.
  11. Sounds very less but i think you use many Plants. I like LST with 4-5 Plants. I was thinking if i try more Plants to have a bigger harvest.. but i think its same..
  12. I always drive 4-6 weeks vegi.
  13. In the next Days they come into 11-14l Pots.
  14. Day 28 The Plants looking good. Today i gave them first time a little bit Algamix.
  15. SmokyHH

    Hello Opengrow, greetz from Germany

    Thank you Guys:) Im glad to be here