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  1. Bloom 34 They smell amazing. The flower looks good Indoor Zkittle#1 Zkittle#2 Westcoast OG#1 Westcoast OG#2
  2. Northern light Automatik https://www.royalqueenseeds.de/autoflowering-hanfsamen/125-northern-light-automatic.html a great strain .. The grow ran great .. good yield .. rock hard buds. mild aroma .. But delicious. high is also above average .. positively surprised by automatic .. was grown indoor.
  3. Bloom 28 Balcony My autoflower stay in the Box now. Is not long. A zkittle came out. My Lemon Ak comes in.. Zkittle#1 Westcoast Og
  4. I want to show you my Diesel Autoflower. That was my first automatik which i grew indoor and was pleasantly surprised. good yield. strong Weed. Yery resinous. Aroma were sweet.. with little Diesel Notes.. Nice Strain! Dryed Buds
  5. they advertise to come from the us .. so are the fake? https://www.humboldtseeds.net/en/about-us/ I think the prices are heavy. In the US, the prices seem to be much higher than here in Europe
  6. Hello my Friends.. Weather is Great Update. My Lemon Ak is beauiful! Bloom 1 3 weeks allmix and hungry? Im surprised.. And we love to smoke a delicious cuban;)
  7. My next Grow starts. The "Gypsy Widow" was the only variety I've ever had from Exotic Seeds, she was great. EQ: 80×80×180 Box 220-400 LTI 11l pots BioBizz Light/Allmix Strains: https://www.exoticseed.eu/products/malasana-cookies https://www.exoticseed.eu/products/jelly-bananen
  8. Bloom 17 Looks good.. Westcoast OG is nice.. they come outside in 3 Days... flower Looks nice.. And yes they are hungry.. very early.. Box Zkittle Westcoast OG#2 Westcoast OG#3 Balcony Westcoast OG#1
  9. Im not sure... i dont know if i should grow the autos indoor. But autoflower havnt quality like normal strains. We have 33 degrees.. One strain is outside again... Looks good. Lemon ak Bloom 1
  10. I consider if I should let the autoflower in the box. I wanted to start new. Autoflower are potent but sometimes have less problems with the quality compared to normal Strains. And the harvest isnt same.. even though i had a Diesel Auto someday she had a big harvest like normal
  11. the fan pans and goes on every 10min for 5min. I turn the Plants every Day. My LTI has less suction. Maybe therefore i have little spots they are too hot.. or something like that i dont know. When the Plant comes to the Balcony, the symptoms will disappear..
  12. The Soil (Biobizz Allmix) can only be salted. Or wrong ph. Or climate.. Because the same symptoms in the same place I had at the last grow too. for the first Time. Otherwise never. and the Plants are only 3 weeks in the Soil. I do not think that they need feed. My other plants look good. My LTI has no power left. He has been working for several years. I dont know... I put a small fan in the corner. My other Plants looks good my last grow... The same place. The Plant looks terrible. I never had this problems before.. but just there.. and nie again the same. Therefore im not sure..
  13. Bloom 1 My box is free so the Plants come in the Box for a few Days. But they come out again. Perhaps you can help me. I have weird symptoms on a Plant. I had exactly the same symptoms in the last Grow, exactly in the same place. since I use a new fan. the Plant underneath gets these Spots on the leaves. But only in the middle range. What is it? Hotspot? the other Plants do not have that. My two Zkittles looks nice This plant have problems. Leaves looks burned out. The leaves are really eaten away,but no pests.
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