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  1. Hello Guys, I saw Humboldt Seeds publish a new Strain "The New" and i was surprised about the price. Its really sad. In Europe you pay half for the same quality. In America, they sell seeds very expensive. Now they start here too .. Its the same with everything but i dont unterstand People they pay so much.. at the price, I expect more than 10 years of stabilized genetics:) The most Seedbanks do not sell stable genetics. Many Seedbanks increase prices. They all wanna be rich.. https://www.humboldtseeds.net/de/the-new/
  2. Flower 56 Part harvest Crystal Candy#2 Could be few more days but looks good. I have some little Popcorn Nuggets but Sticky and hard.. Aroma is really amazing! Sweet like candys..Strawberry/Watermelone really nice and special.. i like it. My climate is good (27 degrees on the Top - 24-25 degrees in the area below) But i have to renew my setup. I think something isn't perfect. Two Plants looking little bit bad. But the qualy is great. I smoked a sample and Crystal Candy is strong.. I will report later.. Part harvest - A few Days more
  3. Flower 55 Aroma is amazing Crystal Candy Sweet Cheese
  4. Yes i think same.. in the past they were less potent. Today they are as potent as normal. I like the growth, perfect for the balcony. I only have 4 hours of sun a Day but they are developing well. I'm still smoking Auto Duck from last year. Really good.
  5. slowly the weather is getting better .. no 2 degrees celsius at night more. I will start with 2 Seeds Zkittle more.. is better, i want a perfect start. The plants are only outside.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement:) But it should look like this... This is how my Grows look like: Lemon Zkittle/ bubba Island Kush Flower 41 I still have Criricsl orange punch from dutch passion and i miss it to grow:) different as sweet seeds.
  7. Slowly the weather is better... they are outside from the beginning, no empty Inside. But the Sun will coming in few Days
  8. Flower 42 Im disapointed. 2 Plants do not looking good! I never had flower like this. Can happen. But the Aroma is very very nice! Im not sure but at Dutch passion every Plant has a good yield or avarage. Crystal Candy i must say my Plants never look like this. Its a joke! Sweet Cheese
  9. Day 1 Ok.. The Ladys have 11-14l Pots now. The Weather is shit! 2× Zkittlez 1× Lemon AK 3× Westcoast OG
  10. Hello my lovely Friends, I start my new grow on my Balcony with Autoflower. I did not have time to buy Soil so they were put in small pots first. Tomorrow there are in 14l pots. Last year i had good Results with Auto Duck (Dutch Passion) on my balcony with less sun.. https://2fast4buds.com/de/seeds/west-coast-og https://2fast4buds.com/de/seeds/zkittlez-auto https://2fast4buds.com/de/seeds/lemon-ak
  11. Sounds good:) I got my package today. Looks very good.
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