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  1. Lemon AK Wonderful weed with a very delicious Aroma. Lemon/fruity.. perfekt Daytime weed but strong too
  2. Bloom 64 Harvest The Lemon Ak was harvested. Used 3 hours. Must say the AK is special! 2 out of 3 Westcoast og look good, have good-looking Buds, but they smell nasty after hay .. The two Zkittlez are good but only one is delicious. The other smells very sour, which I do not like. At Lemon Ak, I first thought it would be very leafy, but flowering has developed well. Despite pests such as aphids and spider mites. The flowers are rock hard! Covered with a white layer of resin and the scent is delicious and intense! Lemony sweet ..! Reminiscent of the sweetness varieties 15 years ago ... Very cool .. I'm curious. The flowers are definitely voluminous and hard .. The harvest quantity XXL ... The Lemon Ak was first outside and then came in the Box at the beginning of the flowering .. She was only 60cm tall .. I am very satisfied this year. The reason why I had them indoor was because they smelled too intense on the balcony. But it was a good decision. Lemon AK
  3. Bloom 83 Harvest The zkittlez is special. Good yield. The Buds are not very compact and hard, but also not fluffy. Looks good.. She stinks extremely. The Aroma goes sweetish / musky. Reminiscent of an Ak automatic I once had. Delicious! And very sticky .. Zkittlez
  4. Bloom 71 The first Zkittlez smelled slightly of Banana but also had a "green" smell at first. It has disappeared now and it smells better and better. Especially the bang is violently. But the last Zkittlez that still stands has a really special nice Aroma as described. It will be delicious. The Lemon Ak is incredible. Her Mainbud is almost as thick as a Coke bottle. Her Aroma is perverted. Go in the direction of Lemon but not so lemony. The resin development looks great. A branch has broken off and is dried for a few Days. The buds look very tasty. White crystals ... Real good varieties! Can also cope slowly ... Zkittlez Lemon AK Bloom 48
  5. Bloom 48 Harvest (Balcony) The Zkittlez (Outdoor) was partly harvested in 30. Juli and Yesterday the rest.. I'll make the update today. That was the last balcony plant. I still have a Lemon Ak out but nothing turns out. Looks good but she does not want to bloom .. The harvest quantity of the Zkittlez is good for the balcony. Have two medium-sized glasses full of beautiful light green buds sweet smelling of banana .. but also not particularly heavy and solid .. They still ferment and are getting better from the smell. Today I smoked the first sample and i was surprised. Very strong high, euphoric feelings in the body and a very strong clear head high .. but totally balanced and pleasant. I've been smoking Westcoast Og for a couple of days now and I like them a lot, even putting them on Cheese and Crystal Candy right now so they can keep up. The Zkittlez is more towards light green sweet fruity compact but slightly fluffy buds..Some are firmer others a bit more fluffy. The aroma has something of Banana and is really delicious. In the beginning it did not smell so good but it keeps getting better. One of the 3 Westcoast OG phenos is a bit herbaceous and the buds are leafy. At the harvest she smelled good. That was the other OG which was outside and was harvested first. She has been fermenting for a few days .. That's it Outdoor. Went very fast. I can not complain .. I only smoked 2 samples so far Zkittlez (Outdoor) (Harvest 30. Juli)
  6. Bloom 53 the next Westcoast OG is ready .. her Aroma is the same like the other.. Very intense and yummy. Lemon AK Zkittlez Westcoast OG Harvest
  7. Little bit komplex.. different to say and fermentation isnt finish yet.. but its something like pine/Diesel.. Very strong..
  8. Westcoast OG#1 Bloom 44 Balcony Harvest the smallest Plant is ready. Is not quite that much but I am satisfied. She smells very good and intensive, something like Diesel.. The Buds are rock hard. I am happy. Zkittlez Bloom 45 She looks good. Buds looks hard.. sticky.. nice. But i dont like her smell actually.. little bit like garlic..
  9. Bloom 40 I am surprised how fast they are .. they smell very good .. especially the Westcoast og. Zkittlez#1 Lemon AK (Bloom 19) Westcoast OG#2 Westcoast Og#1
  10. Bloom 34 They smell amazing. The flower looks good Indoor Zkittle#1 Zkittle#2 Westcoast OG#1 Westcoast OG#2
  11. Northern light Automatik https://www.royalqueenseeds.de/autoflowering-hanfsamen/125-northern-light-automatic.html a great strain .. The grow ran great .. good yield .. rock hard buds. mild aroma .. But delicious. high is also above average .. positively surprised by automatic .. was grown indoor.
  12. Bloom 28 Balcony My autoflower stay in the Box now. Is not long. A zkittle came out. My Lemon Ak comes in.. Zkittle#1 Westcoast Og
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