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About Me

Im a Grower from Germany, Hamburg. I love to work with Cannabis and watching them growing.


Strains which I have already grown:


Wappa (Paradies S)

White Berry (Paradies S)

Green Crack (HSO)

Delahaze (Paradies S)

Diesel Auto (Rqs)

Ak auto (Rqs)

Northern Light Auto (Rqs)

Bubblekush Auto (Rqs)

Green Rasta (Buzzer)

Amsterdam Plant (Buzzer)

Ägyptische Landrasse (Buzzer)

Gypsy Widow (Exotic seeds)

Ice Cool (Sweet seeds)

Mataro Blue (Kannabia)

Black D.O.G. (Humboldt)

Jorges Diamond#1 (Dutch Passion)

Lemon Zkittle (DP)

Bubba Island Kush (DP)

Auto Duck (DP)

Glueberry OG (DP)

Passion Fruit (DP)




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