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  1. Day 15 The plants were repotted in 3.5l... Orange Sherbert/Purple Punch Critical Orange Punch
  2. Hello I start my new grow with Seeds from Barneys Farm. Eq: 80×80×180 Box 220/420 lti 400 akf 3 ventis BioBizz Lightmix/Allmix Strains: Purple Punch https://www.barneysfarm.de/purple-punch-483 Orange Sherbert https://www.barneysfarm.de/orange-sherbert-475 Ciritcal Orange Punch (Dutch Passion)
  3. Bloomday 73 #1 Harvest The next one was harvested yesterday .. It smells and looks exactly like the first one !! Very homogeneous! Dutch Passion is amazing!! The amount is the same or more .. I still have an orange punch seed and will use it again the next time I grow .. Top strain! Already know .. The first two have a lot of dried leaves, I prefer to avoid that. Isn't bad just looks crappy. Have too little fertilizer again .. think there is more .. #1 Day 73 Harvest
  4. #2 (54g) I rarely thought with cultivated varieties that I would have to grow them again next, but I would have to grow Critical orange punch again the next time I grow them .. this is incredible !!!! The aroma is wonderful and reminiscent of Orange Bud .. The flowers are reminiscent of Orange Bud..Passion fruit was very similar but somewhat fruity. delicious!! Very strong .. I already love her. Alone the consistency of the buds .. Some are hard others a little softer but just great! I also believe that I have the same pheno 4 times! They all look the same and smell the same. Incredibly homogeneous .. Dutch Passion Many varieties like glueberry z b smell good, but in the long run I can't do it. Critical orange punch has this wonderful aroma that you can smell for months. Of the 4 seeds that were put on, all that were not hermaphrodite except for one Glueberry og. I have now measured 54g .. With a strain ..! Top harvest! I always underestimated my harvests. Instead of 50g I thought I only specified 30g. But I bought a scale. It may be that the flowers lose milligrams of weight, but they are already relatively dry ..
  5. Bloomday 68 #2 Harvest The first was harvested. I'm very satisfied. The Aroma is very tasty .. sweet slightly fruity and it has Aromas of Critical. #2
  6. Bloomday 64 Very nice Aroma.. I think i give them some days more, i will soon harvest two plants, the other two days later. They smell like Orange Bud.. with a little afgahn or critical note.. Very delicious.. #1 #2 #3 #4
  7. Bloom 27 Abnormal if the box is overgrown, the vegi was too long. But some shoots look good, some hardly get any light. I thought the few days when # 4 was outside didn't matter but it probably won't be that fat. They don't smell so intense, but delicious towards the Orange Bud .. #1 #2 #3 #4
  8. sorry that i am only answering now. The plants should actually only be brought indoors and then onto the balcony but they stayed in the box. 11l pots without to feed. from the beginning Ndl light and 12/12! from seed to harvest 73 days. very potent weed !! was a very tasty strong pheno .. i was surprised... it were my first Auto grow.. this is not northetn light.. its Diesel Automatik
  9. Bloom 17 Runs great .. At the moment they smell very smooth towards Orange Bud and they accelerate a lot .. I'm curious, really want Orange Bud phenos .. #1 #2 #3 #4
  10. That is also my experience, you are afraid that the Plants will blow up the box:) I bought Substrat too late. That's why i drove such a long vegiphase
  11. it is more difficult for me when the box is so full but me too... maybe it has to do with the power of the lamp .. have only 250w. Some shoots do not get enough light when it is too full. I have to find a mediocrity. I think 4-5 Weeks are good with my Setup. They get too big and have more leaves After 7 weeks Vegi. I'm not sure .. actually a long vegi is normal (natur) and you have more yield but its too much. It feel like, the plants are poorer to care for, if the box is so full because the shoots steal the light from each other
  12. almost too full, it feel like. I drove a long vegi phase, almost 7 weeks and i didn't really want it to. 4 weeks is better. Now i just have Critical Orange Punch, but she is nice
  13. Bloom 12 The glueberry had to go out because she had herms.. happened too often lately with me. I left an Orange Punch (# 4) outside the Box for a few days, she just came in and started to bloom now, but she will take a little longer than the others, they look very strong and good! #1 #2 #3 #4
  14. The grow has been going for 5-6 weeks and the flowering phase has started now. The Critical Orange Punch looks beautiful. BLOOM 1
  15. the grow is long finished. did not get to continue the report. I love the Malasana cookies
  16. Bloom 54 The flowers look very tasty .. i thought they would be fluffy but they are firm and compact. They smell very delicious sweet cookie moderately .. can really be associated with a cookie from the oven .. #1 #2
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