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  1. It is incredibly good to see you! I look forward to your grows.
  2. Doobious


    nice girls Great to see ya!
  3. Hey man! Great to see ya. I lived for about 12 yrs in Navarre...been back in Canada since 2010ish Found when I grew there buds got much more gooey...think maybe sea level and the humidity were the factors as I don't get those results here with the same strains (I was literally picking bugs outta my bud w tweezers and not all of em came away: they were that resined)… but growing in summer without AC was impossible. Cheers Doob
  4. and this one was chopped 4 days ago.. A HUGE yielder...Im thinking close to 4 ozs based on what the plant felt like when hanging (she was HEAVY!!)
  5. This was the next girl to get the chop (A little over a week ago) Pics were taken after the fact
  6. I have this Killing Fields female ive been letting veg with the intention of (trying to) getting clones off of her to use for seed generators.... or else ill just dust her lower branches. Cheers Doob
  7. I have jallisco IBL and Jallisco Haze that I intend to make seeds of and submit as freebees. Just have to wait until I get through my current seed making projects (Apollo 11 x Jackberry etc). Its a fun hobby to have !! Cheers Doob
  8. Hey Buddy great to see another Canuk here Cheers Doob
  9. Maybe you should parcel the grow off to its own thread....Others may be interested as well and never look here. Just a thought Im in regardless! Cheers Doob
  10. A grower after my own heart (and in the same country!! ) So what is the cross? Let me know when you have a grow or a smoke report: Ill grab a Tims and head on over!! Cheers Doob
  11. Thank you very much.... its a good pain to have. She was a great dog, lab spanial cross. For some reason she thought she was the guardian of the "pack", periodically came home with things in a great state of glee. These included a really large pork steak (she must have snatched it off of someones grill or plate by grill; it had clearly never touched the ground), a very fresh squirrel (I LIKE Squirrels and in a very non gastronomical way! I wasn't pleased with this offering! ) lol She looked so confused and disturbed as I threw each into the garbage (they were on separate occasions) Anyways back to plants... I shall continue forward and display what my results shall be. Beyond the grow that I was going to display here I was intending to make F2's as well as a few crosses to try and to send in as "freebee's" initially I was going to go with a Apollo 11 x JackBerry (and still figure to do so). I think that would be a nice strain to submit as it is one I would love to try myself! Ive included a photo of the strains I have on hand as well some Boudica F2's I could use as a cross with the A11's... any input will be joyfully received (the Green Manalishi is in flower now so its not a contender: Sorry)
  12. These 2 girls are getting the chop today. The trichs are mostly cloudy with a few clear and no amber. Could go another week or 2 but time constraints don't permit (initially I thought theyd be done in 8 weeks or less I didn't know they were sativa dom). 3 more are still going
  13. Sadly I had to put a dog down over the weekend that I had had for 17.5 years The seeds were doing great but got ignored for 2 days 8 just fell and shriveled (looks like drop off but isn't) seems the ones that stayed standing (for the most part) will survive (fingers crossed) 2/3 rds died Fk
  14. Grow began 4 days ago....all seeds sprouted and are growing in soil under a dome
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