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  1. excellent grow Cheers! Doob
  2. Just started a few seeds of a cross i made involving USC's Sour Kush male with a very nice Bros. Grimm Apollo 11 Female I expect this to go about 8 weeks of flower after about 6 weeks or so of vegging Will be grown in soil using Gen Organic nutes (for the most part) under a 1000 w HPS (flower) after vegging under florescent bulbs (may break out my LED instead), Broke surface yesterday after sitting in a cup of water for a few days until sprouted. I have around another 50 seeds of this cross... im looking to see how the combination manifested itself and to make a run of F2's Cheers Doob
  3. Nice grow! Im having no problems with size and i am currently under low temps (50s and 60s are the highest temps..... basement in canada) I am using 1000w HPs and 5 gal buckets and Gen organics nutes and no training..... they can be monsters with little encouragement Cheers
  4. I wanted to include this grow report from Abukief on Jalisco for my and others consideration
  5. Good Day All We are about 2 weeks later (a month in) and the girls are progressing nicely. Think i needed to add a bit more CAl/Mg as im seeing a fair amount of yellowing of the lower fan leaves of 2 of the girls.....1 shows no damage at all. Some of the yellowing has necrotised so removed the damaged leaves. Seed development is apparent on the girls...definetly wont be a banner smoke run. lol In the 1st photo is the girl with the great side branching...they dont travel at an oblique angle from the stem but bow much like a minorah... really like its structure
  6. So the plan is to make seeds to be sent in as freebees I figured this will serve to help others to know what to expect. They are nice yielding, GREAT structure....one has branches coming from the bottom that make it look like a shrub...never seen this in a MJ plant. The stems and stock are very sound..again perhaps the sturdiest stem structure i've encountered (make a great cross to Apollo whos structure isnt awesome: for example). The smell is very subtle (from touching the stock) there is a funk like sweat, but musk... there is something that makes me keep smelling my fingers trying to identify an element that is really nice....If i get a handle on it I'll amend this discription to include it Pics to follow
  7. Good Day All I had said i was receiving these beans (like a year ago) in the thread I made pertaining to sustaining Escos work.....and here it is! These girls went into flower on the 23rd of December and took about 10 days to show their sex... these photos are around 3 weeks in 1000 w HPS and soil grow utilizing General Organics Nutes (Vegan lol) All plants were fairly tall except one.... i used his pollen and then chopped him for space... I also have the Jallisco Jaze but wanted to start with these to see their traits b4 starting the JJ's Regards Doob
  8. Thank you all for the responses and observations I will gladly take whatever seeds you have of this girl... She is a very good plant to keep on hand Im wishing now i had crossed her to some Apollo 11s i had going....as it is i did cross a Sour Kush male (Sour Diesel x PCK) to some Apollo 11s i had on hand Regards all Doob
  9. It is incredibly good to see you! I look forward to your grows.
  10. Doobious


    nice girls Great to see ya!
  11. Hey man! Great to see ya. I lived for about 12 yrs in Navarre...been back in Canada since 2010ish Found when I grew there buds got much more gooey...think maybe sea level and the humidity were the factors as I don't get those results here with the same strains (I was literally picking bugs outta my bud w tweezers and not all of em came away: they were that resined)… but growing in summer without AC was impossible. Cheers Doob
  12. and this one was chopped 4 days ago.. A HUGE yielder...Im thinking close to 4 ozs based on what the plant felt like when hanging (she was HEAVY!!)
  13. This was the next girl to get the chop (A little over a week ago) Pics were taken after the fact
  14. I have this Killing Fields female ive been letting veg with the intention of (trying to) getting clones off of her to use for seed generators.... or else ill just dust her lower branches. Cheers Doob
  15. I have jallisco IBL and Jallisco Haze that I intend to make seeds of and submit as freebees. Just have to wait until I get through my current seed making projects (Apollo 11 x Jackberry etc). Its a fun hobby to have !! Cheers Doob
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