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  1. And now back to our regularly scheduled grow...
  2. around 41 days Still no heavy smell coming off, Id say its a great indoor strain w low odor
  3. This one is now around 37 days +/-
  4. I have a grow on display under NAW seeds titled "Green Manalishi Freebies" Cheers
  5. Poldergrower: Thats great to hear!
  6. Thank you maam. I was being slightly cheeky.. but not entirely! lol
  7. ah.. Thank you for the clarification. They originally were squat little beasts that expanded in size to fill the width of the pot...but didn't jump much; at first. lol The side branches shot out equally as quick. The side branching is strong but fell behind in the last few days with the main colas gaining dominance: Again no training is occurring... just selective foliage removal. This growth pattern is consistent amongst all 5 plants (as far as I can see there is little disparity that isn't accountable by their respective ages). The only thing i found odd is that they all are ladies. Cheers
  8. Do mine have more stretch than you are used to? that might be the way I raised em......
  9. Definitely didn't feel the love.......
  10. Justcozz: Beautiful results my friend! I hope mine finish as nicely. Congrats. How long did you allow yours to run and are the conditions roughly similar (as far as you can tell)? Ive never run GM or any G13 dom strain (to my knowledge) so these are all new to me. Cheers
  11. That MAY be the case then as I cant truely recall...... I just generally avoid fems
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