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  1. Doobious

    Hey all

    Just wanted to say hi to any who may recall me. Had come here to start a grow diary on Boudica an some breeding projects im about to start. Guess ill do that on Overgrow... just made an account (Im DOOBIOUS there now too) Cheers
  2. Crap...forgot to complete this!! Okay... not a fair run as I ended up making a HUGE amount of seeds to perpetuate this strain. Ive handed out about 200 seeds to local growers (I recommended this website to them so hopefully some will join and post their grows) the plants had a very sound structure... lower branches were plentiful and quickly grew to challenge the higher sites for light ( I think this plant would likely be VERY good for Scrog). The main stem of these girls seemed solid (recollection). The male's pollen production was REDICULOUS... ive had many males around before but this one suprised me at how much dust was produced when aggitated.... I was literally shocked. Im not sure how this will translate to the progeny or ifit has any releveance at all.. just wanted to make note of it as it was unexpected. I currently have a few Jalisco girls growing... they were started predominantly to verify that the seeds were viable. I intend to comment further on the lady I have currently around week 5 in Flower (and seems exactly like its parents).
  3. Sorry for disappearing. Life has a my a way of consuming my attention. Im responding to messages sent me..... Ironically I found a coffee can of Boudica Buds (seeded) that i had made a long while ago (when I first heard of Esco stopping and had a bunch running) So i have several hundred more of them (or thousands) than initially recalled Cheers Doob
  4. if you still ahve those shiva x c99   id be happy to do a seed run with them



    Let me know



  5. if you come back I have made 1000s of Jalisco seeds and am willing to share


  6. Boulie that is great to hear... I have some Boudica seeds that I made and will check to see if they are still viable...if so I think that will be the next seed run I make. Cheers all!
  7. Okay. I tested the Jalliscos and they are very vibrant and viable. Please send me your name and safe addy and ill get them out to you the majority of the rest I will send in to Sannie Be safe folks... this is the first time ive posted since the Corona Crisis..... Cheers
  8. I was able to do one run with Chocolate Rain. Iwas fortunate enuff to get a Strawberry Yogurt Girl.... She was amazing! If i could only clone worth a darn....lol
  9. I will make sure, one way or another that anyone who wants these will get them... it was my thought they would make a good freebee submission. Thanks yesum, its good to see you report on her here... thats also good to hear
  10. i have completed the Jalisco seed run...based on Santeros comments Im not sure that it will be desired... Does anyone WANT Jalisco? Personally I was taken by suprise at Escobars departure (for those who havent followed this thread from the beginning) and saw nothing happening to preserve the work he had done (For clarities sake, I am Flatransplant. I changed my name as Doobious is more to my liking) . Santero soon made it known that he has the "keys to the Kingdom" (lol) but it was clear that his priorities and time were not gonna allow the type of sustaining that i had hoped for (optimally: everything, now). I WILL make seed copies (im not proud: The man did great work and it needs to be preserved: in many instances) but that's not my focus (I like playing with crosses etc). Its good to be able to do especially if circumstances dont allow more ATM). Time is also a killer of seeds...so many of his creations are ticking away and need to be run...or will be lost (again straight runs are desired I would prefer HIS work and not necessarily a cross derived from Escos work... its not the same thing). Again Im aware of Santero's resources... but again Im not sure what he will release or when. He clearly has his own agenda (as he should. The man does good work himself!) So again: Is Jalisco desired? Cheers Doob
  11. excellent grow Cheers! Doob
  12. Just started a few seeds of a cross i made involving USC's Sour Kush male with a very nice Bros. Grimm Apollo 11 Female I expect this to go about 8 weeks of flower after about 6 weeks or so of vegging Will be grown in soil using Gen Organic nutes (for the most part) under a 1000 w HPS (flower) after vegging under florescent bulbs (may break out my LED instead), Broke surface yesterday after sitting in a cup of water for a few days until sprouted. I have around another 50 seeds of this cross... im looking to see how the combination manifested itself and to make a run of F2's Cheers Doob
  13. Nice grow! Im having no problems with size and i am currently under low temps (50s and 60s are the highest temps..... basement in canada) I am using 1000w HPs and 5 gal buckets and Gen organics nutes and no training..... they can be monsters with little encouragement Cheers
  14. I wanted to include this grow report from Abukief on Jalisco for my and others consideration
  15. Good Day All We are about 2 weeks later (a month in) and the girls are progressing nicely. Think i needed to add a bit more CAl/Mg as im seeing a fair amount of yellowing of the lower fan leaves of 2 of the girls.....1 shows no damage at all. Some of the yellowing has necrotised so removed the damaged leaves. Seed development is apparent on the girls...definetly wont be a banner smoke run. lol In the 1st photo is the girl with the great side branching...they dont travel at an oblique angle from the stem but bow much like a minorah... really like its structure
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