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  1. Hello

    Have any of you guys ever tried canuk seeds ? 

    Sanniesshop is my favorite. But i can't order from him at this moment in time. 

    Was thinking about making a cross with some cheese - canuk and super lemon haze - canuk ?  

  2. I love to make fried zucchine flowers 

    Just dip them in some batter 

    Actually goes well with a side of mapel syrup , as its like a pancake 

    Hope you get to enjoy some of those apricots 

    If not hopefully the little animals Will eat them up 


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  3. Thank you 

    i really love everybody and everything in a chilled out way 

    This world Is very counfusing to me but all Is good , i'll Just take no path 

    The wild dogs here are super relaxed  , way more than most pets and there is packs of them 

    I'm In Calabria Italy at the moment its where i come from , everything is ancient here 

    ancient churches right out my door and you can drink the water stright from the ground 

    I am missing canada though and my cat fluffy 

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  4. Last night i found a little sparrow on the street 

    Not sure what happened to him 

    I picked him up and took him home 

    Today we threw him up in the air and he took off flying free , into the sky 

    It made me feel really good and i miss him 

    Bunch of wild dogs and cats in the streets over here

    so its good i found him 

    Felt really close to that bird 

    over the years i have spent a lot of my free time helping Animals and im proud of It 


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